Why Is Communication Important In A Relationship? (9 Reasons You Need To Talk)

Last updated on June 8, 2022 by April Maccario

We always talk and hear about keeping romance alive, making sure intimacy remains, doing kind things for each other, and spending time together to ensure a relationship lasts. However, what we all know but like to push to the back of our minds for some reason is that being honest and talking with our partners is what leads to a healthy relationship

On the flip side, perhaps we’ve experienced or seen first hand what a lack of effective communication can do to a relationship.

Effective communication is one of the most important factors in relationships, and it determines whether the relationship will be lasting, or short-lived. 

But, why is communication important in a relationship? 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 9 reasons why it's vital that you and your partner have clear communication skills. So let’s go ahead and get into it.

Why Is Communication Important?

1. It reduces the number of misunderstandings

it reduces the number of misunderstandings

The main problem that will occur in a relationship that doesn’t have clear, open communication present will be that there’s an array of misunderstandings, every single day. Misunderstandings create conflict because neither partner can actually grasp the other’s opinion or reasoning for doing something. 

If there’s an absolute lack of communication, every task the couple seems to undertake together or every discussion they have will end in conflict, not because they actually disagree with each other and want to cause conflict, but because they don’t understand each other and don’t know how to communicate clearly how they feel.

When a couple can communicate with one another clearly and honestly, there are very few misunderstandings and therefore much less conflict and disagreement.

2. It increases happiness in the bedroom

Communication isn’t just vital for telling your partner how you feel about how the kids are acting at the minute or what you think you should do this weekend, it’s also for the bedroom. Obviously, you should be in a relationship with someone you find sexually attractive, and making intimacy and sex a priority is a must. 

However, without communication in the bedroom, it doesn’t matter how much you want to rip your partner’s clothes off or how often you have sex, you could be unfulfilled. 

Are you having the best sexual experiences you could together? Do you really want to try something new? Perhaps your partner does that one thing that you’re not crazy about? You need to talk about it.

If you clearly communicate how you feel and what you want in the bedroom, you can experience levels of fulfillment and sexual pleasure that you’ve never had before. So stop holding yourself back from better sex and just start talking to each other.

3. It increases trust

Trust is vital for successful relationships, and one of the only ways to increase trust is by increasing communication. Of course, you don’t need to tell your partner every single thing you do, where you go or who you meet, but if the lack of conversation between the two of you about what’s going on when you’re apart is causing problems, you need to talk more.

Not only is sharing what you’ve done when you’re apart interesting and gives the two of you something to discuss, but it also helps to improve the trust, as long as you’re not lying of course! 

So, tell your partner about your day, confide in them when things in your personal or work life seem confusing and tell them how you feel emotionally. Good communication allows for a deep level of trust.

4. It increases stability

If a couple can communicate well with each other, it increases the feeling of stability that both people feel within the relationship. By knowing how to talk to each other, how to open emotional conversations, and how to communicate disagreements in a calm manner, there’s very little room for instability in the relationship.

Both partners should feel secure in the relationship knowing that they’re aware of their partner's emotions and thoughts, and they’re not going to surprise them with anything that can’t be communicated.

If a relationship suffers from a lack of communication, each partner may be worried about how the other is feeling and they might never really understand why their partner acts in the way that they do. It can cause turbulence in the relationship and no one will feel the commitment and stability of it.

5. It clearly sets expectations

it clearly sets expectations

When there’s a lack of communication in a relationship, people may act in a way that displeases their other half, or they might even push boundaries without knowing. The only way that you can really please your partner and have a happy relationship is by knowing the expectations and boundaries, so you can work within them together.

For example, if you really hate the way your partner leaves dirty laundry on the floor but have never said anything to them, they’re never going to know that you want them to put it in the basket. You might think that this is common sense, but if it’s not been communicated it’s not common ground and shared knowledge. 

If you and your partner instead talk about everything, and as inevitable disagreements and problems arise in the relationship you deal with them by discussing personal expectations and boundaries, lines should never get crossed and you can both live a life that both pleases your partner and yourself.

6. It allows you to feel heard

Do you feel like your voice is being muted in your relationship? Or, do you feel lonely with your thoughts and worries? If you do, you need to work on your communication in the relationship so you can feel heard and supported by your other half. You should feel confident in your relationship and the communication skills you share with your partner to speak to them about anything and feel listened to.

Knowing that you are able to talk to your partner and discuss anything you need to, no matter how delicate or emotional, without them blowing up in your face or shutting you down is an incredible feeling. 

A couple with good communication skills should be able to open up to one another about pretty much anything and feel heard, respected, and listened to. This is validating and allows you to feel like you always have something on your side, which is what having a partner should feel like.

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7. It allows for peaceful confrontation

Communication is incredibly important when it comes to disagreement and confrontation. If there is a lack of communication in a relationship and a disagreement occurs, the couple will most likely argue, become heated, get angry and then finally after emotionally draining each other, come to some kind of conclusion. This is exactly the same when people aren’t happy with a part of their relationship. If this kind of confrontation is occurring, which is for a lot of people, this is not a healthy relationship.

Instead, when clear and honest communication is present, a couple can still disagree, but instead, they will be able to peacefully come to a conclusion, completely taking out the upsetting and emotionally draining argument stage - they will go from disagreement to conclusion whilst staying calm and happy. 

In addition, when one person in the relationship feels unhappy about a part of the relationship, they will feel comfortable enough to come forward and bring it up with their partner, knowing that peaceful confrontation and conclusion will occur.

8. It improves making joint decisions

In relationships with a lack of honest dialogue, two people won’t properly be able to compromise and come to a decision that suits them both when they both have personal differences. Rather than a decision being made, an argument will typically occur and emotional upset and stress will follow. In this kind of relationship, one person will normally take the lead and make the majority of the decisions by themself, even if it doesn’t align with their partner’s needs and wants.

Instead, in relationships where a couple is capable of communicating with each other, they will be able to come to decisions quickly and hassle-free, even when compromise has to happen. 

Each individual will genuinely listen to their partner, take into account their feelings and their opinion, and then share their own. The couple is then able to come to a conclusion that they’re both happy with and move forward. 

9. It brings the couple closer together

it brings couple closer together

Finally, communication just brings people closer. If you’re in a relationship with someone that you feel really listens to you, has your back, wants to work at things and make decisions together, you are more likely to feel fulfilled. Whereas, if you are in a relationship where you feel you can’t speak your truth, you can’t make decisions or it’s easier to keep your opinions to yourself, you will feel lonely even though you have someone by your side.

Having good communication in relationships isn’t easy, and you need to work hard and put in the effort with your partner to ensure you have it. However, once you reach the level of being able to talk to each other confidently, you will be amazed at how much better your entire relationship becomes. 

You’ll feel more heard, more supported, and closer to your partner, with a deeper connection than ever before. Once you’ve nailed the verbal communication, in time you’ll be able to understand each other simply by looking at body language or making eye contact.


What does lack of communication do to a relationship?

When there is a serious lack of communication in relationships, a couple will experience many arguments from misunderstandings, they might have a lack of trust, neither person might feel actually heard and supported and they may be unfulfilled. Lack of communication typically results in relationships where each person doesn’t feel able to talk to their partner, for fear of confrontation and upset.

Is conversation important in a relationship?

Conversation is extremely vital if a relationship is to be successful. Firstly, people need to feel heard and understood by their partner so that there is a level of understanding, support, and trust. Secondly, conversation sets boundaries and expectations for the relationship to exist in. Thirdly, better conversation means peaceful decision making, handling of conflict, and a happier and healthier relationship. 

What is important for a relationship?

Many things are important for a relationship, and obviously the most obvious is love - you need to be in love with someone to start a relationship in the first place. However, to make sure a relationship is successful in the long run, you need communication, trust, respect, and loyalty. All of these things take time, commitment, and dedication to work and exist.

How do you fix a relationship that lacks communication?

Communication is a two-person problem, and therefore both you and your partner need to agree that it’s something you’re going to actively work on. Try to talk to your partner honestly, discuss issues when you’re both level-headed, and make sure you walk away if you go to argue or have a heated conflict. Keep working on talking to each other openly in a calm manner.

What is the 48-hour rule in communication?

The 48-hour rule is one of the most effective and well-known communication tips. If something your partner has done is irritating you, annoying you, or upsetting you, give it 48 hours before you say anything to them. Most of the problems you have will not seem so important in 48 hours, and if you had acted in the moment you may have caused heated conflict for no reason.

In A Nutshell

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand why healthy communication is important within relationships, and why it can’t be something that’s overlooked. Try to communicate more and see how your relationship changes for the better.

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