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April Maccario
October 25, 2022
Dating A Deaf Person (7 Tips For Dating a Deaf Person)
It may be hard for you to imagine but the truth is, deaf people are just like everyone else. They have complex lives with unique interests, hopes, humor, and personalities. Sometimes, when hearing people discover that their love interest is deaf or hard of hearing, they make the mistake of overthinking it. Just because a […]
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April Maccario
October 24, 2022
Bucket List for Couples (117 Bucket List Ideas for Couples)
Looking for the best bucket list ideas for couples?  You’re in the right place. Whether it’s a married couple's bucket list or an ultimate bucket list, there are multiple options available. With date ideas like getting a love lock, traveling to a different country, or learning a new language, you’ll certainly have bucket list adventures. […]
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April Maccario
October 24, 2022
Values In A Relationship (41 Relationship Values Every Couple Should Have)
Over the years, many of us have accepted the adage that says, "opposites attract." While this may true in some cases, it could also be misleading, especially when it comes to core values. For the most part, people are intrigued by others who are different from them. However, a partner with similar core values and […]
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April Maccario
October 24, 2022
Nitpicking In A Relationship (31 Tips To Stop Nitpicking)
All relationships start the same way, with lots of butterflies in our stomachs and blindness to our partners' faults and annoying habits. Our hearts skip beats, and we smile every time they are near.  It is a great feeling which, sadly, never lasts for too long. After this wonderful honeymoon phase, many of us settle […]
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Meet April

My name is April Maccario and I consider myself to be a big nerd when it comes to the inner workings of male & female interaction.
So much so, that I decided to study Psychology at University to give me a better understanding of the primary factors that drive...
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