Why Do Guys Give Hickeys (11 Reasons Why They Leave A Mark)

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A lot of people think hickeys are just as bad as tramp stamps. However, they're others that count it as one of the most sexually romantic gestures. 

A hickey happens when someone sucks on the part of your skin for too long causing the blood vessels around that area to burst. It’s nothing serious and shouldn’t cause any harm, except your partner is a vampire (LOL).

You can get a hickey on any part of your body, depending on how kinky things get between you and your partner. However, it’s usually given on the neck.

A hickey is mostly a thing for high school and college boys. It’s rare to find a grown man who is particular about giving you a hickey in bed; it's understandable if it just happens at the moment. You're not the only one fascinated by the fact that men out there still give hickeys. 

We all thought it would end in high school, right? I did a little research and found that there’s more behind a grown man giving a love bite, and I’m sharing eleven of those reasons below. Don’t hold your breath. 

Why Guys Give Love Bites

1. Marking territory 

marking territory

Some men leave hickeys on a lady’s neck or face just to mark their territory. They want other men to know that you are sexually active and with a partner that knows how to satisfy you sexually. Such men don't feel comfortable with women who don't make their friends aware of their sexual relationship. 

He wants to be sure other men keep their distance from you; no man wants to share the woman they love. Hickey's are like a “your mine” tattoo and a way for guys to mark their territory.

2. He wants to experiment

For some, leaving a hickey on the neck is something new. They never tried it when they were younger and are just curious about how it works. Does it give pleasure, excite them or make you feel loved? Well, they’ll never find out if they don’t try it, right?

3. It’s childish

Like I said, giving someone a hickey on their neck or anywhere else is a bit childish. We’re all grown-ups; nobody needs to know about our sex life. It might be unprofessional if it shows at work. It’s a bit embarrassing to go around with such a mark on your neck. 

If your man believes that giving you a hickey would stop other men from showing interest in you, that’s not the way to go about it. Such a man needs to grow up if you want him to be with you. 

4. It’s unintentional

Sometimes, a hickey happens in the heat of the moment. When a man enjoys having sex with you, he could give you a hickey. It’s nothing personal, maybe the guy just bit a little harder on your neck cause it felt right at the time. 

A lot of things can happen during sex, and one of them is getting a hickey. Some women even feel like sex isn’t good enough without a hickey to show for it. For others, a hickey is a badge of good and intense sex. 

5. Signs of possession

Possessive men are more likely to leave a hickey on your neck. They want you to know that you belong to them and the desire to keep you. These types of men don’t want to see you hang around anyone and are easily jealous. 

Beware of men like this; the relationship is usually fun during the first months, but how many hickeys are you willing to take on because they would happen a lot? It's a good thing to have a conversation with your boyfriend when those bites on the neck occur more often than not. 

6. He likes you

You know he likes you and wants to identify with you when he gives you a hickey. Most men don't do these to random women, even though it's almost as bad as a tramp stamp, it can mean a lot to the guy who gives it. Hickeys are a way of showing affection to a lover. He could be overwhelmed by just kissing you and being in your presence so much that he leaves you with a little sign to show it. 

7. It’s a prey mark

It's like a prey mark, and a lot of men do it for this reason. They mark you to show others you're an excellent naughty target. This is one of the reasons it's likened to a tramp stamp. There are a lot of ways to deal with this mark. A cold spoon over it would do the trick, or you could wear a turtleneck to cover it. 

When a guy you’re having casual sex with gives you a hickey, then it’s either he did it unintentionally or on purpose. A hickey means what the giver says it does, and this guy may be trying to mark you as an easy target to others. 

8. A nice gesture

To a few men, it’s a sweet gesture to a woman; it shows her and others that he desires her a lot and wants to be with her. It’s almost like giving a woman flowers or a gift because you like and appreciate her. 

If you think about it, it’s a cute thing to do to someone you are in love with. It creates a bond between two lovers. As I said, you can never really tell what he means until you know how your partner thinks. Don’t be quick to judge him for giving you a love sign on your neck or anywhere else; it could just be sweet appreciation. 

9. He finds it sexy

he finds it sexy

Yes, they’re a few men who find that sign very sexy. They do it just for the fun of it. It’s also a turn-on for some men; they can’t have sex with you without giving you a hickey. Take your time with a man like this one, and be sure you match his sexual strength if you want to be with him in the long run. 

10. He thinks you like it

No one in their right mind would leave a hickey on your neck if they know you’re not into it. For this new guy, maybe his girlfriend was into getting hickeys, and now he feels you may like it too. Asking you might seem like an amateur move, so he takes the risk and leaves a love sign on your neck.

It’s nothing personal, if anything, guys like this leave hickeys based on assumptions that the girl they are with will like it.

11. He’s in love

It’s not called a love bite for nothing, right? Some men are so passionate about their partner’s and it shows in the way they express love during intercourse. Leaving hickeys on their girls’ necks could be a sure sign that this guy is so in love, he couldn’t help himself.


What does it mean when a guy gives you a hickey?

When a guy gives you a hickey, he likes you enough to keep a possessive mark on you. He wants everyone in your circle to know that you've taken. Other than that, he's an insecure man who's worried someone may try to take you away from him. 

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Why do people give hickeys?

Hickeys are like love bites, and people give them to show affection for each other. Hickeys are also given to prove sexual dominance over a person. It’s a possessive thing to do to a partner. If a guy does it to a lady, it means he wants to show everyone he loves her and also that she’s sexually active with a partner. 

Why do guys give love bites?

The animalistic nature in them wants to mark you as their own and keep away other men or sexual partners. These bites are given to women they like and want to be with; it’s a possessive thing. Some guys find it to be a nice thing to do and also a romantic gesture. 

Do hickeys feel good?

Well, it feels like someone sucking hard on your skin. It's not exactly painful, but it doesn't feel nice either. You hardly notice it after a while; the mark lasts longer than the pain. Some people say there’s a tingling after the bite, but you'd never know until you get one right?. 

To Conclude

This article has all you need to know about why men give hickeys. It means something different to everyone; from love, to being possessive, childish, or overly passionate. I would like to hear your thoughts on the issue. Please write it in the comment section and share this article with your friends as well. 

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