When Will He Propose? (10 Signs To Look For)

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In the past, women typically got married by the age of 22. Nowadays, this is considered extremely young, with the age of marriage averaging at around 30 years for many women. More so, guys have always decided that later is better, moving from their average marriage age of 24 to 36. 

Several reasons caused this shift, from the evolution of mind-sets to changes in the desires and aspirations of both men and women alike. While many of us women dream of getting married and starting a family as quickly as possible, others aren't in that much of a rush, seeking to achieve specific educational and professional achievements first, before settling down. None of these is right or wrong, mind you; you just have to do you

What Are The Signs He Will Propose

That being said, when it comes to commitment and marriage, many women in relationships prefer not to get into a situation where they're convinced their partner will pop the question, only to be left disappointed with still no marriage proposal five years down the line. You could've gone to get that French manicure in anticipation of his proposal, only to find out he wanted to lace his shoes on one knee. 

If you have found yourself in this situation, you’ll likely be trying to figure out if the proposal is ever going to happen, or anxiously looking out for signs he will never propose. Well, that's what I'm here to help with. Listed are some of the most reliable signs your partner might pop the proposal question anytime soon.

1. He’s suddenly extra serious about saving money

We know that everyone saves for rainy days. Still, you realize that suddenly, your significant other is saving more than usual, with no specific reason but isn't keeping it a secret either; he might just be planning a proposal soon. Weddings are mighty expensive these days; everyone knows this. 

Besides the marriage proposal itself, there is also going to be life after the service, when your new family needs to be nurtured and sustained. All these require lots of money; thus, savings are essential. Men, in general, want to make sure their future is financially planned out well before deciding to take a relationship to the next level.  

And yes, we know all about the price of engagement rings and those bejeweled gowns we all pin on Pinterest too!

2. It's a perfect time

Timing, concerning marriage proposals, is a sign every woman has to figure for themselves because every relationship is different. While figuring this out, be careful not to create scenarios that don't exist, simply because you feel your marriage bomb ticking away. 

The perfect time men get into marriage mode is when they have considered several factors and concluded that indeed, the woman they're with is the right person for them. Without the arrival at this conclusion, no man will be willing to propose; unless, of course, he’s been threatened at gunpoint.

You can’t deny that most men like to spend their younger days living it up, chasing women, avoiding firm commitment, and only having fun. Of course, there will come a point when they get tired of it all and simply want to settle down with a good woman, for the rest of their lives.

3. He's been thinking about marriage seriously recently

Your boyfriend's questions are suddenly and solely future related. He always desires to have conversations with a more serious tone. In the beginning, this might be shocking or odd but will look more profound, and you'll be pleasantly surprised. 

When a man wants to propose to you or sees a stable future with you, he's suddenly interested in what you see in your future, in the next five to ten years. He's always willing to listen to where you want to be, what you think about kids, being a parent, and your general outlook on life.

Besides talking to you about these, he might even get in touch with your family and friends for more in-depth insight into how you think and the things you wish for. Unless he's sure you will scream a yes from the top of your lungs, no man is going to propose. What’s more, in order to get that fantastic yes, your man will be willing to go to odd ends both with you and those around you.

4. He hangs out with your friends and family without you

He hangs out with your friends and family without you

If your guy hanging out too much with your best friend or meeting your family without you? Don't snap at him for sneaking around just yet; there might be some good news at the end of it all. Such shady behavior from your boyfriend comes with a lot of hidden motives, which is not bad but rather the complete opposite. 

When a man wants to propose to you and wishes to do something you will love, appreciate and remember, he will try as much as possible to gather all information about you, from the people who you're likely to share such information (enter your best friend).

If your man is always texting your best friend with one engagement ring idea or another or is running ideas by your family members without your knowledge, just get mentally prepared for a proposal you're never going to forget. Besides, which other two groups know you better than your family and friends?

5. He's been talking about commitment since the start

From the second he asked you both to be exclusive, he was looking for a long-term commitment. Relationships can indeed end when we least expect, for reasons we may have never thought possible, but in many cases, any guy who decides to be exclusive with you sees a stable future with you. 

When you meet someone you like and know in your heart is the one for you, there's no reason to wait around. And to avoid losing them, you go all-in by committing to them for the long-term. More so, when a man talks about commitment from the beginning of your relationship, it’s a sure sign that he’s going to propose; in fact, I don’t know what else is! 

6. You're attracted to each other 

Love isn't the only thing that makes marriages or relationships work, but it is one of the most important things that's needed. You both need to be attracted to each other before you can decide to commit for the long-term. Attraction can be emotional, but in this instance, we look at physical attraction because, against popular belief, looks do matter.

What’s more, the existence of physical attraction between both of you is vital because a simple ‘like’ after your first date won't help your marriage survive. Attraction, both physical and emotional, allows your love to grow and survive even through the toughest times that most marriages experience. 

More so, physical attraction doesn't mean you must be drop-dead gorgeous! Believe it or not, extremely beautiful people don't get into the marriage phase that quickly, simply because they don't look like they can stay faithful for long (stereotype much?). Remember, attraction does matter for marriage.

7. He's keen on your plans in advance

No, we're not talking about what you plan on doing in five years, but instead, your almost immediate plans. Will you have your regular coffee on Fridays at your favorite park, or will you go shopping with friends over the weekend? These are things your man will need to know if he really wants to make your proposal that huge surprising event you've always dreamt of. 

There's nothing like a surprise engagement; it is only a surprise for the woman because, in the background, a lot of careful planning has gone on to keep you totally clueless. And in most cases, you're only able to decipher the background work after the engagement ring is on your finger, where all his odd questions about where you'll be and where you're going next week suddenly make sense.

8. He’s suddenly edgy and nervous

Why won’t he be? He’s about to make one of the most significant decisions of his life! If he was extra cool about it, you should and must be worried. Probably the most significant sign a guy might let slip when he’s about to pop the question is in his attitude. 

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A general shift in his attitude and mood might be the only sign you need to know what something massive is about to happen. It is true that sometimes, your partner might be nervous or edgy because of something in the relationship. But if nothing is disturbing going on between both of you, it might only mean he's going to ask you to be his wife!

9. He's interested in weddings suddenly

He's interested in weddings suddenly

Your boyfriend used to avoid images on social media about weddings, engagements, and proposals. Still, lately, he's showing interest in wedding gowns, the engagement ring, and kinds of stones used for rings. Some men might even begin to show interest in attending weddings with you, simply because they want to study how you react to specific things. 

Some of these things might include your reaction to the music chosen, the décor and wedding themes, and generally how you feel about weddings. Doing this gives him a brief idea about the things you like and the kind of wedding that will make you happy. Patience is the best response for this sign, as opposed to forming conclusions before being sure.

10. He says you'd be a great mother

Women aren't the only ones with biological clocks. Those of men are always ticking too! And if your boyfriend is sending you a huge sign that he's ready to be a father, by commenting on his image of you as a mother, chances are he's about to pop the big question. 

Men begin to picture themselves as fathers at some point in their relationship, provided they're serious about a long term commitment. They look forward to being role models and taking care of somebody whose entire survival will be dependent on them. The biggest reason why most men decide to get married is to have children. You don't believe it? Ask the men around you!


How long should you wait for a guy to propose?

Approximately, according to relationship experts and many relationship enthusiasts, the optimum one should wait for a guy they love (and who loves them back) to propose is one year and eight months. If you’re gracious enough, you could add three days to that number, simply to be thoroughly specific. This was defined as the ideal waiting time when it comes to engagements around the world. 

How do you know when he is going to propose?

Most men start to act funny when they know they’re about to pop the question. Acting just a little bit weird is one of the most prominent signs that your boyfriend is going to pop the question because it’s a huge step he’s about to take, and he hopes it doesn’t blow up in his face. In finding final confirmation about your feelings towards him, he might go out of his way to tell you how much he loves you.

How long does it take a man to know he wants to marry you?

Men know exactly what they're looking for in any relationship they enter. Thus, by the sixth month, they've already made up their mind about whether or not you're the one they can spend the rest of their life with. One hundred seventy-two days is enough time for all men to decide if indeed the person they're in a relationship with is marriage proposal material.

How can I get my man to propose faster?

You're sure about your man's feelings towards you, but you want to make him pop the question already! You're tired of waiting, and you're wondering what to do to quicken the process. Work toward becoming his one weakness while giving yourself adequate time and importance in his life. Make sure to drop subtle signs that you have options, and may be considering a number of them too. That's enough to put a pep in his step! 

Why won't my long term boyfriend propose?

If a man isn't ready for marriage, he's less likely to propose, even if he's been dating you for the longest time. His apprehension may not be caused by you, but rather by his expectations about himself and the kind of future he sees with you. It doesn't mean he's stringing you along; it only means he's moving at a pace that works both for him and the both of you.

To Sum Things Up

If you are tired of second-guessing and making wrong conclusions in a relationship, leaving your heart sore and bruised, I hope this article will help. Realize that women are generally more ready for marriage than men, thus even though it looks as though your boyfriend doesn't care, he might be waiting for the perfect moment for him and you, before getting down on his knee for you.

That said; if you have any points you’ll like to add, feel free to leave a comment below and share with a friend you might also like to read this.

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