What To Text A Guy After A Hookup (27 Insightful Things)

Last updated on June 15, 2022 by April Maccario

Are you wondering what to text a guy after a hookup? Do you even need to say anything based on how you feel about the hookup?

Often, women become emotionally attached after hooking up with men. They feel a connection that may or may not be there. 

Of course, I’ve been in your shoes and wondered what to say or do after a hookup; it’s kind of a sticky situation to be in, because what can you say to make a difference?

You may need to think about how you feel and what you want after what happened. Are you looking for a serious relationship or just a casual fling? Really, the answer to that question will determine what kind of text you send. 

In this article, we’ll go over many possible texts you can send someone after having casual sex. Plus, we’ll review what a guy thinks after hooking up and how to keep him interested for longer! 

If you plan to have sex with a stranger, don’t forget to use protection and practice safe sex!


What to Text a Guy After a Hookup

1. Last night you rocked my world! Looking forward to next time.

last night you rocked my world

This shows you were satisfied with what happened when the two of you hooked up, giving him an ego boost.

2. I’m ready for some fun! Want to come over tonight?

This is a way to show that you still may want a casual relationship, nothing serious!

3. I still have goosebumps from last night. Want to keep them going?

Sending a post hookup text like this shows you want to have some more fun!

4. So, what are you wearing right now? I need an image to go with my dirty thoughts.

This is a great way to show him you haven’t stopped thinking about him and don’t want to!

5. OMG! I found a [song/book/movie/television show] that SO reminded me of you!

Send this text message if you want him to know you are thinking about him.

6. When can we do THAT again? I can hardly wait!

This shows that he did something right because you are ready for a repeat appearance!

7. I can’t stop thinking of you and all the fun things I want to do with you!

This is a great way to let him know he is on your mind, and you are open to new things.

8. You were unbelievable last night!! Can’t wait for the encore!

Give him an ego boost like this if you are interested in having another hookup with him!

9. Hey, hottie! How’s it going?

What a casual reaction to a fun hookup! Asking questions like this throws the ball in his court, making him responsible for if there’s going to be another chance to hook up.

10. Send an email or text with you wearing lingerie.

Be careful with this one if you don’t know him very well! You never know who he will share it with! If you trust him, a text like this can be very fun!

11. Are you interested in going out tonight? I have an extra ticket to [event].

This is the perfect “excuse” to text him to go out sometime; you are wording it in such a way that he is doing you “a favor” by taking the extra ticket.

12. So, I was wondering if you might be interested in another round.

It’s okay to text him this, especially if you are anxious to hook up with him another time!

13. I had a wet dream about you last night! Want the details?

This text will help you determine if he’s interested in having another hookup. If he’s not, he’ll most likely not respond to the message you sent.

14. Send him a hottie meme out of the blue to express your feelings.

What a quick and easy way to show you are a fun individual to be around!

15. Hit me up when you get a chance; I’d love to hear from you!

This is the best way to tell if he wants more out of the relationship or if you were just a one-night stand that he’d not really be interested in. 

16. I’ve been wondering when we can do that again!

What a great message to send, showing you want another chance to hook up with him!

17. I’m STILL turned on from last night. Can you help?

You could word this in many ways but just illustrates how horny you are and ready to meet your sexual needs by another individual.

18. I loved that!

i loved that

Let him know you had a really good time!

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19. What other tricks do you have up your sleeve?

Show the curiosity you still have that he can look forward to.

20. Have you been thinking about what we did?

Put the ball in his court, so you can see what’s going on in his mind!

21. So, I was thinking we could try this new thing!

This shows you are truly adventurous!

22. Wish I could see your naked body again right now!

Definitely tell him you are still turned on by what you did together!

23. You will never guess what I’m wearing (or what’s on underneath)!

Give him a mental taste of your sexy side!

24. That was, like, the best sex ever!! 

Build his ego up a little more with a message like this, letting him know you were ONE SATISFIED customer, and you look forward to a repeat act!

25. Send a selfie of you pouting, showing you miss him or want more.

I do this a lot; I think it’s a great way to show you are a diverse individual who has a wide range of personality traits! You can send a message with it, saying something like, “Wish you were here right now!” This is cute!

26. Send him something, and say, “This reminded me of you!”

If you are out and about and something catches your eye, and you know he’ll be interested, take a picture or tell him all about it. You may be able to get his attention with this one.

27. Say nothing

I strongly recommend that you just wait until he texts you - unless he’s very shy or probably isn’t the type to make the first contact. If you haven’t heard from him, he’s just not that interested in you, so it’s best to move on and find someone who will show you his interest. 

After all, don’t you want to be on his mind and have him chase you a little bit? 

How to Keep the Guy Interested with Texts

how to keep the guy interested with texts

Elite Daily has some great tips if you want to keep that initial spark alive with the guy you hooked up with. First, add some personality to your texts. Show him you can be fun and friendly; you want him to know there’s more to you than just the physical attributes, don’t you?

The second tip is to ask him questions and find out what he wants. If you throw the ball back in his court, it’s up to him to make the next move. You can just check that off your to-do list and not worry about it anymore!

Finally, you can keep the positive vibes strong by sending him videos and pictures of yourself. Don’t forget to ask him to do the same! Keeping the attraction alive like this is a surefire way to maintain the connection you felt with him!

What Guys Think After Hooking Up

What he thinks after you sleep with him will depend on the experience you’ve had with one another. Was it just a one-night stand that meant nothing, or did the two of you share a lot with one another? Maybe you stayed up all night talking or doing something meaningful and fun together. If you really got to know him, he may be looking for a way to stay connected.

What expectations did the two of you have when you were together? Did you get a gut feeling that last night meant more to him than you or vice versa? He may have really enjoyed last night but isn’t looking for a serious relationship right now. In cases like that, you are probably better off just being casual friends or dropping him off your radar altogether. 


What do you say to someone after hooking up?

Much of what you say depends on how you want the relationship to progress. If you don’t want to see him again, it might be best to say nothing. If you feel like the sex was phenomenal and want more, tease or entice him to make him want you more.

Can a relationship start with a hookup?

Yes! Even a one-night stand can lead to a serious relationship - post hookup. You may feel an intense initial attraction with the person, which can lead to an emotional connection. Therefore, if you hook up with a person, you just never know what may happen next. Keep an open mind!

Should you leave after a hookup?

After a one-night stand or whatever, you can leave if you feel it’s appropriate and a mutual understanding between you and the person you slept with. If you want to keep him guessing and make him curious, play a little hard to get and go ahead and leave early.

What do you text a guy after a date?

It’s a great idea to say that you had a nice time with him, even if that wasn’t true. At least you are being nice (by telling a white lie). If you aren’t interested, you should be honest with him as soon as possible, so you aren’t leading him on.

Are hookups healthy?

It really depends on the circumstances and your emotional attraction to the individual. If you can have sex without being attached, it can be a healthy way to release some stress, get exercise (yes, that’s true), and feel a physical connection to someone else. You may find other benefits, too!

To Sum Things Up…

What do you think are the best ways on how to keep a guy interested after sex? What do guys think after you sleep with them? What are your secrets when texting a guy after a one-night stand?

I’d love to hear what you have to say; please comment below!

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