What Pet Names Mean to Guys (And 401+ Awesome Names for Your Guy)

Last updated on July 4, 2022 by April Maccario

Often, what pet names mean to guys depends on their preference and what your relationships with them are like. Some people don’t even like to be called pet names; they find it too cute or even ridiculous! What fun is there with that?

Are you struggling to find the best names to call your boyfriend or lover? 

Maybe you are wondering if you should even use a cute name with your man. It can be a tough decision to make, especially when you are just now starting a relationship with a guy. However, research says that using an adorable nickname is a sign that your relationship is strong!

That means you may want to try it before you knock it! Think about what kinds of names would bring the two of you closer together and have fun with it!

In this article, we are going to look at all the details of whether you should use pet names or not. Plus, we’ll cover hundreds of cute names you could try out with your man

Why People Use Nicknames

Many people find nicknames to be a cute way to show others they are loved and cared about. Maybe you just got married and want to call your new spouse “Hubby” or “Husband.” 

As you both adjust to the role of being in a marriage, it can be hard to get used to being called “husband” and “wife.” You may want to ease into nicknames like these as they tend to last.

Some people who just got married cannot wait to be called married nicknames like those and find them absolutely endearing. It’s like a sign of affection to show your partner that you care that they are now your spouse. A girl might find the term “wife” to be a little uncomfortable as she settles into her new role as a wife. She may just feel overwhelmed by her new life as a wife. 

Some people use pet names as a way to show one another that they love them. It’s a way to say, “You mean something to me.” By using the right name with your partner, you are telling them indirectly how you feel about them and your relationship. If you don’t like the name your partner is calling you, my suggestion is to get used to it or let them know you don’t like it.

Some partners are very sensitive on this topic, and people like this will totally understand if you find the name they are calling you to be offensive or off-putting. You have the right to stand up to your partner and let them know your feelings. They may find this refreshing as they weren’t sure how you felt about the nickname they gave you, so speak up and tell them your emotions!

Should You Use a Pet Name?

Cute names like “boo-boo” or “cutie” are great when you start bonding for the first time. You can be flirty with boyfriends by giving them nicknames or a term of endearment - your choice. 

You could start by trying out a name. See how he responds to it; he may snuggle up to you and love it! He may start trying out nicknames for you because he loves his nickname so much!

On the other hand, I’m sure if he doesn’t like it, he’ll let you know, so that you can stop using it. What you call a guy matters to him because it shows him whether you like him or think he’s not the one for you. If you can tailor the name you chose to be perfect for him, that’s the ideal situation. You want him to feel special, so make sure it’s a fitting name.

For example, if your boyfriend is rather large, you could call him “Slim” as a joke, but only do this if he thinks it’s funny. You don’t want to be making fun of him. Some guys don’t like being called pet names at all, so gauge with your man what he does and does not like, so you will know whether to use a nickname or scrap the idea altogether.

Why You May Want to Use a Pet Name

why you may want to use a pet name

If you have a boyfriend and like him the right way, you may want to give a nickname a chance! You may find that using nicknames brings you two closer together. Many girls find nicknames as a way to flirt with a guy they like. It’s one person’s way of saying, “You mean something special to me, and I want you to know it!” It’s also kind of like an inside joke - something very special.

Guys do the same thing. They give pet names to girls they like. It’s like when you were on the playground, and a boy pulled your hair. They find it a cute way to tease you. If you don’t like the name your man has given you, there may not be much you can do about it. If he thinks you don’t like it, he may use it even more because, like a boy on the playground, boys tease!

You could always try to tell him that you are not fond of the name he picked out for you. If he’s a sensitive guy, he’ll most likely quit calling you that, and he may even ask you what name you would prefer to be called. Then, you have the opportunity to weigh in on the decision to tell him the kind of names you prefer. Maybe he will call you “princess” or “goddess.”

When You Should Not Use Pet Names

Be cautious when using pet names, as not all names make a guy feel good about himself. You don’t want to call your boyfriend “hefty” if he is self-conscious about his weight. Instead, call a guy “handsome” or “sexy” if he is insecure about his looks. It might be awkward if you called your man a “horsie” or “giant” if he doesn’t fit a term of endearment like that. 

If you give him a bad name, it might change the way you feel. Good nicknames give bright and positive vibes. Maybe you tried calling him “tiger” or “sex machine” in bed. If you called him that, especially during sex, he might go for it, or he may be completely turned off. Often, using his name makes him feel desired, and he knows that he’s the only one on your mind. 

If you want to try a name like that, you are on your way up to romantic names, because names like that make men feel hot! In bed, using the right name will help him “become the man” every time (if you get my drift). He’ll feel pretty hot in bed, knowing you think highly of him! Always think about the situation you are in before calling your man his nickname in public.

What Do Pet Names Say About Your Relationship?

Many nicknames can bring you two closer together because it’s like you have your own secret language that no one else is in on. Some couples only call each other pet names when they are in private, but there are others who are comfortable calling each other nicknames when in public. Sometimes, this can be annoying to people not in relationships. 

This is usually because they are feeling unromantic because they do not have someone special in their lives. If you are around a group of friends and some are single, you may want to tone down the nicknames and baby talk, as it can really annoy your single friends who don’t find it remotely cute. Consider calling each other by your first names in those circumstances.

Using pet names is great for committed couples who want to share a bond with one another. A nickname can give you a vibe into your relationship - either positive or negative, depending on the name you choose. If you call each other “love,” usually that means that you are head over heels in love with one another. What a great way to express your feelings and emotions!

How to Pick the Perfect Pet Name for Your Man

how to pick the perfect pet name for your man

Some of the best nicknames for guys come from their actual names. Boyfriend nicknames can easily just be a shortened version of their first or middle names. Often, the best names to call your man show him you like him, but what you call your boyfriend is totally up to you. Keep in mind that the first name you give him may not stick. 

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You may have a weird nickname at first because you just don’t know each other that well. If you are head over heels in love, you may want to call your loved one “love” or “soulmate.” If you are comfortable in your relationship, he may want to be called “baby” or “handsome.” 

You can go simple and call your boyfriend “babe” or “baby,” but using more flirty nicknames may go well if your relationship is new. You could call your boyfriend “sunshine” or “moonbeam” if you are close to him, but calling a guy “silly” or “dope” might be offensive. Really, go with your gut and give a name a try to see what he thinks. He’ll let you know one way or another!

What Name Should You Call Your Man?

Some names are great for all guys. For example, using cute names like “honey” or “baby” work well with boyfriends and just as a general term of endearment. An amazing guy really wants to know you realize his potential and using the right name can show you feel attraction, so start using a name that fits his personality or best features. 

If you have a guy who is a teacher or something, you might call him “Teach” or “Professor” for short. For someone who likes to role play in the bedroom, you could call him “My Little Handyman” or “Mr. Home Depot.” Those are kind of cute names that show you appreciate the hard work he does around the house or in your yard. This is just adorable for couples!

If you are just starting out in a relationship, be careful with the names you decide to use. You don’t want to call him “Soulmate” or “Love” if you have not said, “I love you,” yet. Take things slowly, and maybe let the guy take the lead when it comes to cute nicknames. That way, you can determine if he enjoys this or not. If he doesn’t enjoy names, he won’t call you any. 

Unique Pet Names You Could Try Out

Are you wondering what names to call your man? I mean, exactly what do guys like to be called? 

That’s a tall order to fill because each guy feels good about himself in different ways. This list of names includes names that may or may not be appropriate for your man. It’s really up to you to try them out and see what best fits his personal style and preference. 

Finding the perfect nickname for your man can be tough, especially if you are just starting out, but this giant list should get you started in the right direction. What kind of things does he like? 

That’s a good question to ask yourself when coming up with the right nickname to call your man. If he is really into hunting, you could call him “My Little Hunter Boy” as a cute name. 

If he is a big fan of Top Gun, consider calling him “Maverick” or “Iceman.” Each man is different. You may want to tailor the name you call him by what his interests and hobbies are. You wouldn’t want to call a businessman “Redneck” in front of his business associates, right? 

Find the best name that suits your man in the perfect way. Trust your gut, and you’ll do fine!

  1. Ace
  2. Adorable
  3. Amazing
  4. Amor
  5. Amore
  6. Amore Mio
  7. Angel
  8. Angel Baby
  9. Apple Pie
  10. Arm Candy
  11. Babe
  12. Baby
  13. Baby Cakes
  14. Baby Daddy
  15. Baby Doll
  16. Baby Face
  17. Bad Boy
  18. Bad Kitty
  19. Bae
  20. Batman
  21. Bear
  22. Beast
  23. Beau
  24. Beautiful
  25. Bee
  26. Beefcake
  27. Bellissimo
  28. Beloved
  29. Berry Pie
  30. Better Half
  31. Big Boy
  32. Big Daddy
  33. Big Fella
  34. Birthday Boy
  35. Blessing
  36. Blue Eyes
  37. Blueberry
  38. Boo
  39. Boo Bear
  40. Booty Boo Boo
  41. Boo Berry
  42. Boo Boo
  43. Bootylicious
  44. Boy
  45. Boyfriend 
  46. Brainy
  47. Bright Eyes
  48. Bro
  49. Brown Eyes
  50. Bubba
  51. Bubblegum
  52. Bug-a-Boo
  53. Bumpkin
  54. Bunny
  55. Bunny Bear
  56. Buster
  57. Busy Bee
  58. Butler
  59. Buttercup
  60. Caliente
  61. Candy
  62. Candyman
  63. Captain
  64. Captain Amazing
  65. Captain America
  66. Carebear
  67. Carino
  68. Casanova
  69. Casper
  70. Caveman
  71. Champ
  72. Chaos
  73. Charmer
  74. Charming
  75. Cheesecake
  76. Cherry Pie
  77. Chunky
  78. Cherub
  79. Chief
  80. Chucky
  81. Chipmunk
  82. Chocolate
  83. Chocolate Cake
  84. Chocolate Cookie
  85. Chuckie
  86. Chunky Monkey
  87. Churro
  88. Cinnabon
  89. Cinnamon
  90. Cookie
  91. Cookie Monster
  92. Coolio
  93. Corazon
  94. Cowboy
  95. Cuddle Bear
  96. Cuddle Bunny
  97. Cuddle Muffin
  98. Cuddle Bug
  99. Cupcake
  100. Cupid
  101. Cutie
  102. Cutie Patootie
  103. Cutie Pie
  104. Daddy
  105. Dandy
  106. Daredevil
  107. Darling
  108. Dearie
  109. Diamond
  110. Dimples
  111. Dirty Boy
  112. Dollface
  113. Don Juan
  114. Donut
  115. Dream Guy
  116. Dream Man
  117. Dreamboat 
  118. Dream Lover
  119. Dreamy
  120. Dumplin
  121. Dumpling
  122. Dynamo
  123. Everything
  124. Eye Candy
  125. Fabio
  126. Falcon
  127. Fella
  128. Firecracker
  129. Flame
  130. Fluffy
  131. Foo Foo
  132. Forever Mine
  133. Fox
  134. Foxy
  135. Freckles
  136. Fruitcake
  137. Gangsta
  138. General
  139. Gladiator
  140. Golden
  141. Goober
  142. Good Lookin
  143. Goofball
  144. Gorgeous
  145. Green Eyes
  146. Guapo
  147. Gumdrop
  148. Hammer
  149. Handsome
  150. Handyman
  151. Hawkeye
  152. Hazel Eyes
  153. Heartbreaker
  154. Heartthrob
  155. Hercules
  156. Hero
  157. Hollywood
  158. Hon
  159. Honey
  160. Honey Baby
  161. Honey Bear
  162. Honey Bee
  163. Honey Bun
  164. Honey Bunches
  165. Honey Bunny
  166. Honey Buns
  167. Honey Cakes
  168. Honey Pot
  169. Hot Fudge Sundae
  170. Hot Lips
  171. Hot Pants
  172. Hotsauce
  173. Hot-shot
  174. Hot Stuff
  175. Hotness
  176. Hottie
  177. Hubby
  178. Hubs
  179. Hug-a-Boo
  180. Hugsy
  181. Hulk
  182. Hun
  183. Hunk
  184. Husband
  185. Hushpuppy
  186. Ironman
  187. Italian Stallion
  188. Jaguar
  189. Jaw-dropper
  190. Jaybird
  191. Jellybean
  192. Jock
  193. Joy
  194. Key to My Heart
  195. Kid
  196. Kiddo
  197. Killer
  198. King
  199. Kissy Face
  200. Kitten
  201. Knight
  202. Knight in Shining Armor
  203. Ladiesman
  204. Lamb
  205. Lambchop
  206. Lemondrop
  207. Light of My Life
  208. Lion
  209. Locksmith
  210. Love
  211. Lovebug
  212. Love Machine
  213. Love Muffin
  214. Lovebird
  215. Lovebug
  216. Lovely
  217. Lover
  218. Lover Boy
  219. Lovestar
  220. Lovey Dovey
  221. Lucky
  222. Macho Man
  223. Mack Daddy
  224. Magic Man
  225. Main Squeeze
  226. Maintenance Man
  227. Major
  228. Man of the House
  229. Marky Mark
  230. Marshmallow
  231. Marvelous
  232. Maverick
  233. McDreamy
  234. McMuffin
  235. McSteamy
  236. Meatball
  237. Meatloaf
  238. Mi Amor
  239. Mine
  240. Mister
  241. Mon Cheri
  242. Money
  243. Monkey
  244. Monsieur
  245. Moonbeam
  246. Moonbear
  247. Movie Star
  248. Mr. Big
  249. Mr. Casanova
  250. Mr. Cool
  251. Mr. Cutie Pants
  252. Mr. Cutie Pie
  253. Mr. Fix It
  254. Mr. Home Depot
  255. Mr. Man
  256. Mr. Nice Guy
  257. Mr. Perfect
  258. Mr. Right
  259. Mr. Right Now
  260. Mr. Sexy
  261. Mr. Sweet Stuff
  262. Mr. Thang
  263. Muffin
  264. Munchkin
  265. Muscleman
  266. Muscles
  267. My All
  268. My Babysaurus
  269. My Blessing
  270. My Boy
  271. My Co-Star
  272. My Drug
  273. My Everything
  274. My Fair Lad
  275. My Forever Man
  276. My Guy
  277. My Heart
  278. My Heart’s True Desire
  279. My Hero
  280. My Lad
  281. My Life
  282. My Little Cookie
  283. My Little Piggy
  284. My Love
  285. My Main Squeeze
  286. My Man
  287. My Nerd
  288. My One and Only
  289. My Panda
  290. My Prince
  291. My Savior
  292. My Soldier
  293. My Squeeze
  294. My Star
  295. My Sunshine
  296. My Sweet Prince
  297. My Treasure
  298. My True Love
  299. My Valentine
  300. My White Knight
  301. My World
  302. Naughty
  303. Naughty Boy
  304. Near and Dear
  305. Niceness
  306. Numero Uno
  307. Nummy
  308. Nut Job
  309. Old Man
  310. One
  311. One and Only
  312. Other Half
  313. Panda
  314. Panda Bear
  315. Panther
  316. Mi Papi
  317. Papi
  318. Papito
  319. Partner in Crime
  320. Peach
  321. Peanut
  322. Peanut Butter
  323. Perfect
  324. Pickle
  325. Playboy
  326. Poo Bear
  327. Pops
  328. Popsicle
  329. Poptart
  330. Precioso
  331. Precious
  332. Pretty Boy
  333. Prince
  334. Prince Charming
  335. Professor
  336. Puddin’
  337. Puddin’ Pop
  338. Pudding
  339. Pudding Cake
  340. Pumpkin
  341. Pup
  342. Puppy
  343. Pussy Cat
  344. R2D2
  345. Raindrop
  346. Red Hot
  347. Rockstar
  348. Romeo
  349. Roo
  350. Sailor
  351. Sex Kitten
  352. Sex Machine
  353. Sex Muffin
  354. Sex Pants
  355. Sex Pot
  356. Sex Puppet
  357. Sexy
  358. Sexy Britches
  359. Sexy Devil
  360. Sexy Pants
  361. Shining Star
  362. Shorty
  363. Shoulder Art
  364. Silly Goose
  365. Slim
  366. Snickerdoodle
  367. Snookums
  368. Snow Bunny
  369. Snowflake
  370. Snuggle Bear
  371. Snuggle Bug
  372. Snuggle Butt
  373. Snuggles
  374. Snuggly Bear
  375. Soldier
  376. Soulmate
  377. Spanky
  378. Sparkles
  379. Sparky
  380. Spiderman
  381. Stallion
  382. Star
  383. Struddleboy
  384. Struddleman
  385. Stud
  386. Stud Muffin
  387. Studley
  388. Sugar
  389. Sugar Booger
  390. Sugar Daddy
  391. Sugar Lips
  392. Sugar Pie
  393. Sugar Plus
  394. Sugar Puff
  395. Sunshine
  396. Super Cutie
  397. Superman
  398. Sweet Cakes
  399. Sweet Pea
  400. Sweet Stuff
  401. Sweet Thang
  402. Sweetest Thing
  403. Sweet Cake
  404. Sweetheart
  405. Sweetie
  406. Sweetie Pie
  407. Sweetness
  408. Sweets
  409. Tank
  410. Tarzan
  411. Tater Tot
  412. Teddy Bear
  413. Tenderhearted
  414. The Bomb
  415. The General
  416. The Kind of the Castle
  417. The Light of My Life
  418. The Love of My Life
  419. Thundercat
  420. Tiger
  421. Tiger Cat
  422. Tough Guy
  423. Treasure
  424. Trouble
  425. True Love
  426. Turkey
  427. The Twinkle of My Eye
  428. Twinkle Toes
  429. Valentine
  430. Viking
  431. Waffle
  432. Wolverine
  433. Wonder Boy
  434. Wonderful
  435. Woody
  436. Wookie
  437. Yummy
  438. Zeus
  439. Zorro


What pet names do guys like to be called?

Pet names are a way to build strong bonds with someone, and the right pet name brings a subtle romantic vibe to the relationship. The best way to show a guy you are into him is to call him something fitting. For example, you may call him “big guy!”

What does it mean when a guy has a nickname for you?

If your man calls you pet names, it may mean that he has grown really fond of you. Usually, guys only use a little pet name if they think it will make you smile/laugh. They want to know they are making you happy with what they are calling you. 

Are nicknames a sign of affection?

Yes! If your man gives you a nickname, it can show you exactly how he feels about you. Sometimes, you’ll want to be called anything other than “babe,” but that’s okay. Nicknames are really a personal preference. You may want to call him something that suits him.

Is giving nicknames flirting?

Yes! If he wants you, a guy will often give you a cute nickname because he likes you. When we use nicknames, we want to get closer to the person we are with. It’s a cute way of showing you are into someone when you give them a nickname.

Do guys like it when you say their name in bed?

The best time to call a guy a pet name is when it’s appropriate, but it all depends on the name! If your name is playful and cute, you may want to keep everything in the bedroom geared away from that name, since it’s not romantic or sexy. 

To Sum Things Up…

What is your opinion on the subject of using the right pet name for your man? Which pet names are your favorites? I’d love to hear all about your thoughts on the topic!

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