What Do Guys Like When Making Out? (17 Things Guys Like Doing When making Out)

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Can you imagine how magical it’ll be to get inside your partner’s head during a make-out session and just do what he wants? That’s what I’m offering you in this article. If you’ve never had a make-out session, this article is for you as well. 

It's got everything you need to know about what a guy wants during a make-out. Before we get into the details, let's be sure you know how to make out. A makeout session is a term for intense kissing; it's more of hot and heavy kissing than actual penetration. Things don’t usually go south if you know what I mean.

It can become awkward if you're not doing anything right to please your partner. If you're lucky, you'd be with a man who has the patience to tell you what he wants; trust me, not every man is that patient. The good thing is, you're reading this article. 

What men wish to do during a makeout session isn't as complicated as rocket science. You can figure by simply knowing the basics on how to kiss, and use your hands and lips to pleasure your partner. Men enjoy making out with girls, but practically no one wants a sloppy or basic makeout session. 

So, what do men prefer when locking lips with a girl they like? Keep reading, cause I’m spilling all the tea on that.

17 Things Guys Like Doing When Making Out

1. Kissing

You may feel like this is a basic thing, but not everyone knows how to kiss. A sloppy one could cost you your reputation! Trust me, you don’t want to be tagged a bad kisser. Men enjoy a sensual, passionate kiss, where your tongue isn’t just rolling around their lips and mouth, but is actually neat and pleasurable. 

What’s a neat kiss you ask? It involves less spit and more expertise. Your hands, lips, and tongue should all be working together to give your partner a good time. 

2. Caressing

Caressing means romantically running your hands over a person’s body. I don't think there's any guy who doesn't enjoy caressing when he's kissing his partner. Caressing his back, shoulders, and chest area will turn him on a lot, and that's what you want, right? Sometimes letting him caress you is fun for him as well; it’s a two-way thing. 

3. Hair

Playing with a person's hair is very soothing if he's into that type of thing. Just gently stroking it while kissing him can turn him on quickly as well. Some guys want you to touch their hair while simultaneously caressing other parts of their bodies. 

Consent matters a lot, so watch his body language while you indulge in this type of sexual activity. Plus, while stroking his hair, pick a pace, and make sure you’re not hurting him in the process. 

4. Touching his face

This is tricky, and not a lot of men like it. However, it's a very intimate move when kissing your boyfriend. While your lips are locked, let your hands move from his chest to his neck, then to his face. Your thumb could lightly trace his lips as your tongue lightly licks lips, urging him to kiss you more passionately.

5. Receiving a hickey

A hickey is given through intense sucking on the skin until blood vessels burst on that area. Now, many men are into painful sexual experiences, so this can be a turn-on. Ask for consent before giving him one though, don't go about leaving scars on his neck when he isn’t into that.

If he doesn’t mind, mark a spot you want to give the hickey and lean into a comfortable position before giving your man a love bite. 

6. Taking the lead

taking the lead

There's nothing a man wants during a make-out more than being able to take the lead. Right after he gets your ‘consent,’ allowing him to make whatever moves on your body is such a significant turn-on. That's where his fantasies come out to play. 

7. Moaning

Men love the sound of a pleasurable groan when they are kissing and caressing you. Moaning makes them feel like you are enjoying what they are doing to you; it's the thumbs up of any sexual activity. Once he hears you moan, that’s like motivation to keep doing what he’s doing or put in even more. 

8. Sensual touch

It's important to be sensual and gentle while making out. Let all your moves be sexy and flirtatious. From the way you kiss to the way you caress his body, let it be done with affection. Men feel and notice these things. If your body shudders at his touch, he may feel you're not comfortable with him.

9. Taking things easy

Makeout sessions need to build up, and you can do that from having a conversation to flirting. When it happens, pick a pace, and a song usually helps keep the pace stable. If you're in a hurry, you won't be able to savor the moment with your partner or do anything he likes and someone could even get hurt in the process. It gets extra sensual when you take things slow and steady. 

10. Regular breaks

Kissing for so long without taking a break to catch your breath can be suffocating. They do not only want these breaks, they need it. Sometimes, the gaps are sexy because they give you time to pause and admire each other and maybe even do other things besides kiss so much. 

11. Close contact

They want to be kept close and held tight, so they feel wanted by you. You may meet a guy who gets so close it feels like he's trying to get under your skin; they enjoy hugging and tugging at each other so much. Keeping him close also means wrapping your hands around his back, waist, or head. So next time, make sure you give him that ‘I never want to let go’ vibe.

12. Guidance


Men love women who know exactly what they want, so they don’t when you guide their hands to your pleasure spots. Taking his hands to your boobs, back or butt will boost his confidence and deepen the kiss. If you want him to do anything else, don't be afraid to lead him on, they like that a lot. 

13. French tongue kissing

If it's a French kiss; you'd have to include your tongue in the business. While making out in your house or a were comfortable, using your tongue is paramount. 

Whether you're kissing him on the mouth or anywhere else, guys find it very sexy to feel your tongue on their skin. So don’t be afraid to kiss their neck, lick their ear lobe or even use your tongue to flick their nipple a bit.

14. Talking

So many guys enjoy hearing their partners moan during makeout sessions. If you're not going to moan, then you'd have to talk. Tell him how you feel, exclaim or ask him for something. Either way, don't just lay there motionless. 

15. An ass grab

There's no harm in trying this; just pay attention to his body language while you're at it. Even being slapped on the ass is a turn-on for some guys during a makeout session; you’d never know until you try. Use your hands to grab his ass. For many, it increases the pleasure on so many levels.

16. Eye contact

Maintaining eye contact is very important, apart from being another way to confirm consent; it's a very intense sexual move. It's people who have feelings for each other that look themselves in the eyes during makeout sessions. Guys want to look you in the eyes to be sure you're enjoying whatever they're doing and get turned on by the act. 

17. Head rubs

Don’t just focus on the kiss, make sure your hands move to different parts of their body. One act that could get him excited is a head rub. It’s comforting, encouraging, and pleasurable as well.



What do guys like when you're making out? 

Guys like to be touched when you're kissing them, especially on the head. Whether your partner is bald or not, brushing his hair or head feels good as well. Caressing his back is another way you can get him interested. Depending on how feisty it gets between you two, touching his boner over his jeans is equally sensual. Kissing his ears and neck is another move you can make to turn him on. You're in luck if he's got beards because stroking it is a game-changer. 

How can I please my boyfriend while making out? 

Before you can please your boyfriend, you need to get into his head about what he likes. This is why having a conversation is essential, talk to him, or flirt a little bit to find out his desires. Caressing your boyfriend's chest, kissing him on the neck, and nibbling his earlobes are ways you can please him. Other than that, let him take the lead during the makeout session, so he has room to play out his desires. Like I said earlier, men have different preferences when it comes to hot girl make-out sessions 

How do you tell if a guy is turned on while making out? 

If a guy is turned on when you're kissing him, he won't want to stop. You can also tell how he feels by the boner he has to show for it. Guys can hardly hide it when they're turned on sexually; their breathing increases, they may moan or hold you tighter. If he's turned on, his kisses will get more and more intense by the second. He'd try to make a run for your nether regions to get you turned on as well. 

Where do men like to be kissed? 

Men liked to be kissed on the lips, mostly on the lips, but you'd be surprised they're guys out there that hate it. Guys also want to be kissed on the neck, chest, and their ear lobes as well. Your kissing technique has to be top-notch to keep a guy interested. 

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Where do you touch a girl when making out? 

You can only touch a girl where she allows your hands to go. Grabbing her boobs is usually the first thing to go for, but not every girl is comfortable with this. You have to be progressive when making out with a lady, don't rush. You can touch her hair, touch her between her thighs, and caress her ear lobes as well. Remember, makeout sessions are not penetrative sex, anything beyond that has graduated to something else.


In Conclusion 

The above tips are paramount if you want to please your man while kissing him. Take your time and progress through the information above, and you're good to go. I'd like to read your opinions in the comment section below and please share this article with your friends as well. 


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