Weird Things Guys Do When They Have A Crush (37 Weird Things They Do)

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Have you ever been in a position where you liked a guy so much that you did strange things you wouldn’t be caught doing on a typical day? When you no longer had a crush on him or after he became your partner, how did you feel? Embarrassed right? You probably laughed at yourself.

You may think it’s only girls who act weird when they like guys, but that’s far from the truth. There are things a man would do that wouldn’t just add up. 

You would even like to think all guys would be bold enough to straight-up ask girls out, but, in some cases, they are just as freaked out as many of us would be.

Guys who want to be more than friends will act funny or awkward around you, and that’s how you know he has a thing for you. Don’t get me wrong, some have mastered the art of being calm and relaxed, but many still don't know how to act when they like a lady. So what are these things they do when they like you? Keep reading to find out.


37 Weird Things Guys Do When They Have A Crush

1. He smiles a lot whenever you are around him 

While you may not be the only reason he smiles, you will observe that he does so a lot more whenever you are with him. It may be what you say that will make him smile or that he simply likes seeing your face and would suddenly light up from the inside. 

2. Eye contact is a thing for him

eye contact is a thing for him

When guys like you, they let you know through eye contact. If he is the shy type, he may be stealing glances at you from afar and avoiding it when you guys talk, funny right?. Some intense men won’t mind maintaining eye contact until you break it off. 

3. He gets nervous

One of the weird things guys do when they like you is to show their nervous habits such as nail-biting or even stammering. You may have been mistaking these acts as signs of inferiority or incompetence but it could mean the person is seriously interested in you.

4. His love language seems to be ‘touch'

If you are not a touchy-feely kind of person this particular sign might rub you the wrong way. Guys who like you wouldn’t spare any opportunity to touch you, and when they hug, it lingers or when you shake their hands they keep the hold a little too long.

5. He invades your personal space 

Yes, your personal space is for you alone but if you want to know if someone does like you, observe the person who always wants to share your personal space with you especially when you are sitting in a confined area.

6. He mimics your actions

I think they do this unconsciously, and you may have noticed this when you talk or hang out with your friends. If any of them like you, they’ll mimic your movements. For example, if you are sitting down and crossing your legs when they sit down, they’ll cross their legs too.

7. Difficulty with putting his words together 

One of the weird things guys do when they have a crush is stuttering or stammering when they talk. Sometimes it’s less of a stutter and more of just a blank stare in between words. They probably had a well-thought-out explanation, but once they see the lady, all the information disappears. 

A guy that would normally talk freely would take a while before communicating with a lady he fancies.

8. He spends a lot of time with you

If you really want to be sure this person likes you, take note of the time he spends with you. How many times does he visit you or help you with something even though it inconveniences him?

9. You’re his go-to person for advice

It doesn’t matter whether you have any experience in the situation, when someone fancies you, they’ll ask for your opinion on any issue in their life even if you guys are just friends.

10. He never allows you to pay for your meal when you go out together 

When he always offers to pay the bill even though he doesn’t have to, he’s probably crushing on you. 

11. He buys you things you didn’t ask for

Another thing a guy so into you will do is buy you stuff you like. You may have told him you can afford to buy it yourself, but he’s insistent on getting things for you. Talk about chauvinism. 

12. He will always talk with you at length

he will always talk with you at length

Whether you’re texting, chatting online, or talking in person, guys who have crushes won’t mind talking to you all night if they have to. He is not one of your girlfriends so you will agree it’s kind of weird.

13. He buys you souvenirs

Does this person have you in mind when he travels? Or on his way back from work? Maybe he saw something you admired two weeks ago, and suddenly he surprises you with the exact thing.

14. He doesn’t fail to tell you how amazing you are

You should know flattery from genuine admiration, so if this person is constantly giving you the latter, then he might just like you. He will make you believe it too, so watch out for that one.

15. They always remember

You probably talk a lot, and sometimes, you even forget what the discussion was about. However, if this person does like you, he’ll always remember even the little details you’ve forgotten. Stalkerish right?

16. He wants to hang out with you

Maybe you have several mutual friends you both hang out with most times, your crush will invite you for personal hangouts just to have you all to himself. 

17. He offers his help at all times

A good friend will be there for you most times but someone with a crush on you will offer to help you even at ungodly hours of the day.

18. He will give you hints that he wants to be your man

When you guys talk, does he keep asking if you have someone new in your life? Or maybe he keeps using the “If I was your man line.” I don’t know about you but it gets pretty awkward after guys say that.

19. He keeps an eagle eye on your activities 

While many ladies will love it if their boyfriend takes notice of every single thing they do, getting the same attention from someone with a crush on you might not have the same effect.

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20. He praises you a lot 

he praises you a lot

This sign is so weird because you’re not best friends and you’re not his girlfriend. His friends might even tease him a lot because of the way he talks about you.

21. He pretends to be interested in other ladies

This is a very silly thing to do when you like a girl, some guys will start pretending they like someone else. Sometimes, they’ll pretend to be into one of your friends, so you can give them advice on how to ask her out. 

22. He becomes reserved the moment you step into the room

When someone fancies you, they prefer that you see them at their best. So, even though they talk a lot, once you enter the room, they’ll act reserved.

23. He waits a long time before replying to your messages

Observe that close friend who takes a while to reply to your messages not because he is busy but because he doesn’t want to appear desperate. He probably thinks his feeling will show if he replies immediately.

24. He’s actively commenting on your page

You know that annoying/incredible moment when you find 100+ likes and comments on your notifications bar only to see that it was one person who did it? Your crush can do something just as weird.

25. He checks you out when he thinks you’re not watching

Guys also do this weird thing of checking their friends out if they like one of them. The funny thing is, he does this when he thinks the object of his affection isn’t looking. 

26. He hardly talks about any other girl

While some guys will act childish and flirt with other women in order to hide their feelings, others will avoid talking about other ladies because they want you to feel special.

27. He’ll act jealous

He will try to hide his jealousy but if you pay attention you will notice how he acts around guys who are trying to get close to you.

28. He’s intense

It can be a bit hard for guys to be fully focused on a girl but when they do, it can be scary. A guy with a huge crush will just pay attention to the lady he fancies and practically ignores everyone else.

29. He does all these little things for you

Guys that are crushing on a lady may try everything to impress her. Whether it’s buying her lunch, doing her homework, or just making her laugh.

30. He will act cheesy and a bit vain just to make you laugh

He may or may not be funny by nature, but he will always say and do things that will make you grin wider than the last time he tried.

31. He acts the hero

Did you get stuck in the middle of nowhere? This guy with a crush on you will pull all the stops to make sure you get out of there pronto. 

32. He offers great advice 

Whenever you have a difficult day at work, that particular male friend that calls to give advice and cheer you up all the time may be crushing on you. 

33. He looks at you in a special way

Even when you are with friends, this one guy gives you smoldering looks that show you he is thinking about you in a passionate way. 

34. He will keep in touch

he will keep in touch

A guy with a crush on you will always send you a message or call when you have been busy, or are ignoring him.

35. He will apologize first even if you were at fault

You can say most boyfriends will do this, which may be normal, but an ordinary friend won’t immediately apologize for something you did wrong. Your crush wants a chance with you so he will apologize. 

36. He will appear to be stalking you online 

He’s the first to like your pictures, the first to reshare or retweet and it’s like he pops up on every social media platform you are on. His weirdness is just to show he likes you a lot.

37. He acts like a big brother 

You may have had that one guy who acts all protective; he doesn’t let you walk close to vehicles, he drives you everywhere, he nurses you when you’re sick, and does a lot of brother-like things that indicate he wants to be more involved in your life. 


What guys do when they have a crush?

When guys have a crush on you, they may or may not be open about it. The ones who are open will make it known in clear words and actions while the subtle ones will show it in softer ways such as making themselves available to you always. 

How do boys act when they have a crush?

Boys with a crush on a girl will show it in their nervous habits, fidgeting and probably flirting with other ladies. They like you but don’t know how to show it.

How do you tell if a guy secretly likes you?

A guy who secretly likes you will do nice things for you and tell you it’s nothing. He will do things a boyfriend should do but tell you he’s just being a good friend. 

How long does a man's crush last?

A man’s crush can last until he becomes interested in another woman or until you tell him you can’t return his interest. It may take a while if he really likes you.

Do men like short girls?

Yes, there are men who like short girls. Some men think short girls are adorable, feisty, and worth the chase. It all depends on his preference though.

In Conclusion 

If you want to know if a guy has a crush on you, you need to keep your eyes and emotions open to take note of the signs he will show. These signs and his persona will let you know if it’s giving him a chance. Share this article and leave a comment if you enjoyed it.

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  1. There is a supervisor at my work that seems to be arguing with me over work all the time and then he sends me emails asking for an apology and praising my work. My friends at work think he is teasing me because he like me but I can not be sure.He does many of the things mentioned above ( once he called me in his office and while he was very professional and polite he “adjusted”himself in front of me !) He has not make any suggestion of meeting me outside of work so I don’t know if all these signs are coincidences or he is trying to “tell” me something. What do you think?

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