Taboo Sex (7 Unusual Sex Acts)

Last updated on November 24, 2022 by April Maccario

For centuries, women have been required by the culture of the day to suppress their sexuality and adhere to what is publicly considered the acceptable sexual norm. 

For this reason, sex talk in itself has generally been considered taboos for a good number of people, both men, and women. More so, we all know that the forbidden fruit is usually the most appealing one. 

So, sex talk is whispered about in dark, quiet corners by teenage girls but the sound of their giggling can be heard for miles. Girls become women with the feeling of guilt for desiring intimacy the way they want and like it, hence tiptoe around communicating their fantasies to sexual partners.

We are all human and as diverse as our beliefs and drives are, so is our sexuality and preferences. Women shouldn’t feel guilt to explore and play during sex and as long as it is between consenting adults, there definitely is no such thing as “taboo sex” and if you do not discuss your likes when the doors are shut…or not, how would you go on to lead a satisfying life? 

Here are 7 “taboo sex” topics women should definitely be discussed, even at a young age.

Taboo Sex Topics Women Should Be Discussing

1. Group sex

Group sex

The number one rule to any sexual act in itself is consent, meaning partners need to get talking! Sex with more than one person qualifies as group sex and it will both amaze and thrill you how many people fantasize about being group banged. This could swing any way from having two guys and a girl to having two girls and a guy as well as a full-blown orgy of two guys and two girls who intermittently swap partners.

As earlier stated, the key component to having kinky sex like this is communication. So wear your bravery hat and your talking robe because you need to verbally get out exactly what you like expect from the other person, in order to avoid discomfort for either party, jealousy, or anger. 

To thoroughly enjoy and explore sex begins in the mind and if your partner derives pleasure watching you being licked and penetrated by another man, then before you proceed with satisfying him, you need to be certain it’s something you want for yourself as well.

Examples of questions that need answering in these kinds of conversation are “which people to involve in group sex, well-known friends or strictly strangers?”, “Should every intercourse be a group or only occasionally?”,‘’will I like what they like?’, ‘’how long will it take’’ ‘’what’s the best time?’’ ‘’will there be foreplay?’’ all these questions must be answered without taboos. So long as expectations are expressly communicated, you are in for the ride of your life with group sex! 

2. Cuckolding

Originating from the word ‘cuckold’, where a man is unknowingly cheated on by his wife, cuckolding has evolved over centuries to mean the act of a sexual partner engaging in flirtation or intimacy with a third party with the knowledge and consent of the partner and further regaling the experience to the partner or said partner joining in on the act. The foundational requirement for cuckolding is a pleasure for all parties. 

It is easy to see how this is considered a taboo because the generally accepted boundary for any relationship is monogamy and the idea of pleasure being derived by sending your sexual partner out to another can be looked down upon if made public knowledge.

There are three components of cuckolding, and they are the cuck, the cuckoldress who is the person in the act and the bull is the third party invited in. In cuckolding, partners derive happiness, sexual pleasure, and satisfaction hearing about or seeing their partners have sex with the third party. It also contributes to spicing up the two-partner relationship and more satisfying sex with your partner. 

Hello ladies! It takes courage to bring this particular fantasy to life and hence has to be discussed without judgment or reservation to establish that all parties involved would be comfortable with it without the relationship being negatively impacted.

3. Girl-on-girl

The thought of a girl going down on you has your entire body burning hot with shivers running up and down your spine? Atta girl. Lesbian sex has been the bane of the religious but the fantasy of a shockingly huge percentage of the population, both male and female. Enjoying girl-on-girl sex may be the only way you swing or just a fantasy you want to try out or experience a few times. 

Either way, it is definitely considered a taboo sex topic. How do you know its taboo? Because numerous polls conducted indicate that men and women masturbate to girl-on-girl sex. There is just something intoxicating and sweet about seeing two nicely curved, soft bodies kissing each other, fondling their breasts, and rubbing their genitals against each other.

The truth about sexual intimacy is that you may not know what truly pleasures you until you explore and give your imagination expression. 

4. Rough sex

Rough sex is all part of the power play for some people. BDSM (bondage, dominance, sadism, masochism) and all other related forms of power-related sexual intimacy displays is another secret fantasy of many. Many believe that the mindset guiding this is the reverse of what is attainable in the formal world. I’ll explain. 

A woman who is boss at work, commanding authority and a force to be reckoned with will want to be dominated during the act. She will want her will to be bent to the desires of another person and hence would appreciate being tied up and commanded to do things she ordinarily would not do. It could also play out differently and her feminine dominance would want. 

The key to pleasurable rough sexual acts is establishing a safe word so that your partner knows when to stop. You should not feel weird or that there is something wrong with you for wanting your man to tie your hands to the bedpost and have his wicked way with you; while you just focus on being the recipient. 

5. Analingus

The growing curiosity about anal sexual intimacy has changed many bedroom dynamics. Sure, there is also the concern as to the safety of it and after hearing gory stories, this sexual act is very well considered a taboo. 

As a woman, whether you are open to it or not, it might surprise you how many men actively fantasize about doing it from the back with their women, he might even attempt initiating it a few times. Now, depending on your personality, you may go along with it to please him or you may get up angry at his gall and storm out or yet again, you may enjoy it so much you want it to be a regular activity in your “bedmatics”. 

And being a sensitive subject that it is, some men may be touchy-feely about broaching the topic with you and all involved will just go along with what is sexually acceptable in social circles. However, the way it swings, conversations about sex and lines that should and should not be crossed is an invaluable part of satisfying sex life.

6. Sex toys

Sex toys are definitely considered a taboo. Also known as enhancers, vibrators, aids and so many other names that have been assigned them. These toys bring a flavor to sexual encounters, whether in one or two-person or group sex. 

Sometimes, a partner just appreciates watching his or her sex partner pleasuring herself with a clitoral stimulator or dildo and at other times, depending on the toy, there is the ‘wearer’ and there is the ‘controller’. 

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Here, the power of the toy is handed to the controller via a remote and he determines the level of pleasure his woman gets from the toy. It is incredibly intoxicating. However, many people don’t share the same feelings. They see sex toys as taboos and feel bad enough for desiring one. They think their partner might see it as an expression of dissatisfaction with their performance. 

On the contrary, I personally think that toys should not be seen as taboos, because they enhance pleasure between people. However, for that to happen, an open conversation has to be had early in time, to ensure that neither party feels slighted and/or his moral sensibilities offended.  

7. Oral sex

Oral sex

There has been the age-long controversy as to the “rightness” of oral sex. Stimulating the genitalia with an equally sensitive body part such as the tongue unlocks dimensions. No matter though, as it is such a sensitive region, it’s natural for the givers’ concern to be the hygiene of the receiver and the receivers’ concern to be “what if I smell bad down there?”. 

Getting past the concerns of oral sex could open up limitless possibilities to sexual pleasure and unlike the misconceived notion that the receiver is the only being pleasured. If there is a mutual appreciation of your sex partner, giving oral sex-seeing the anticipation and eventual satisfaction your partner is getting from you- is also very pleasurable.

As statistics show that a higher percentage of women achieve orgasm when given oral sex that during penetration, it is a quick go-to for women. As the primary factor for enjoying oral sex, both in giving and receiving, is proper genital hygiene, it is best for partners who are sensitive about this to have a conversation about it. This could even open up avenues for you to communicate your erogenous zones with your partner so he knows how best to “go down” on you.


What things are considered taboo?

Many things are considered taboo including political, religious, sexual, and financial topics. In a relationship sense, there are a number of people whose emotional balance is disturbed when in a relationship. It can be due to insecurity that comes with exposing their naked body to another person or other sexual insecurities.

What is a taboo relationship?

A taboo relationship is one that goes beyond cultural or societal norms. Such relationships end up as ‘secret love’ in which the couple does not reveal information to friends and family. This can include interracial, or same-sex relationships, or when a couple has a larger than normal age gap between them.

What does taboo mean?

The term “taboo” is understood to mean an unspoken ban that is generally applicable in a culture. The strong contrast to normative laws is that a taboo is hardly questioned, disliked to be discussed, and is therefore rarely precisely defined. The word itself can be used both as an adjective (something is taboo) and as a noun (something is taboo).

What are the three taboo subjects?

Some of those contemporary taboos include:

Sex: As mentioned earlier, many people have their emotional balance disturbed when discussing sex. It could be due to insecurity with their body or sexual performance.

Religion: In general, everything that confronts reason and science, (such as religion) is often not discussed.

Politics: The topic of politics will forever stir up anger and differences in people.

Why do we like taboo?

In today's world, several taboos have been imposed that are shared by almost all Western societies. Taboos promote a form of social control over people, and we are rarely aware that they have a strong impact on our lives. 

In Brief,

Sex is a privileged opportunity to share the deepest parts of yourself with your partner and the woman’s body is hard enough to understand by men (or so they say) for there to be room for vagueness, shyness, or shame. Discussion about sexual proclivities is the best way to ensure a satisfying relationship. 

I do hope you enjoyed reading this article and feel free to share. In your own time, get it out to as many people as whom you think might benefit.


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One comment on “Taboo Sex (7 Unusual Sex Acts)”

  1. I wanted to correct you on two things. First your confusing cuckolding with hotwifing. Everything you described in your article falls under being a hotwife. For some reason people often get this confused. If you go look up (the internet) and find cuckolding topics they all get it wrong so you probably will be confused since it’s a underlining problem everywhere. Actually do some research with books not the internet to actually understand. Cuckolding deals with the wife having a sexual partner from her own husband while he sits in anguish. The cuck derives pleasure from being put second and the wife derives pleasure from placing her husband second. There’s humiliation involved. You could say “well there’s different kinds of cucks” but in all reality there isn’t. There’s only one. Quit blending the cuckolding experience to the hotwife experience.

    Second, you say that sex is a taboo topic b/c people feel insecure with there bodies or there sexual performance which is flat out wrong. Quit making false assumptions. Maybe your speaking from experience, I don’t know. In reality most people don’t like talking about sex b/c it’s a very personal thing. An intimate experience such as sex is just that, very personal. It would be like taping yourself during sex and then passing it along to your family and friends. How many would do that? Is it b/c they think they aren’t good or there body isn’t attractive? No in fact it’s due to sex being a very intimate and personal experience with that one partner and not with the entire world. How about showing the sex tape to strangers? It still probably doesn’t move the lever much. Conversing about sex makes people emotional b/c it’s like placing a camcorder in the corner of the room but only describing the images through speech and sound (vocal cords) instead of through sight.

    Hopefully this helps and your open to criticism.

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