Signs He Will Never Come Back (21 Signs It’s Time To Move On)

Last updated on July 4, 2022 by April Maccario

Are you looking to get back together with your ex? 

Experts say the odds of that happening is around 29%. That number may go up to 44% if you are both between ages 17 and 24, or even 65% if you are college students. Unfortunately, regardless of the statistics, only an ex that wants to come back will.

Before you start holding out hope, I would consider why you broke up with each other, what's changed since then, and the realistic chance he'd want to give the relationship one more go. I know it must be painful to even think about, but for your sake, I hope you also prepare for the eventuality that scares you the most.

Since being stuck in limbo doesn't help, you may want to look out for signs that tell you exactly where your ex stands. 

If most or all of the signs I'll be discussing in this post resonate with you, I recommend that you cut your losses and start working on moving on.

21 Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back

1. He expresses zero interest in you

One of the most significant signs of hope that your ex may someday return to your arms is that he still expresses a degree of interest in your life. It may be a phone call out of the blue to ask how you are doing; asking your friends about your well-being, or an on-again-off-again effort to keep in touch.

If some time has passed since you broke up, and nothing like this has happened, it's highly likely he's doing more than just following the no-contact rule.

2. He doesn't respond to your attempts to connect

If someone you love doesn't reach out, the natural thing would be for you to do it—as I'm sure you've tried if you're serious about getting back together with him.

Does he pick up your calls or reply to your texts? If yes, how does the conversation go? Is it just a civil "Hi, thanks for calling, bye," or do you ever get to the small talks? If the answer is no, he may well still be hurting or just over that chapter.

3. He severs all ties with you

Is your ex doing more than just not calling, texting, or returning yours? Maybe your attempts have had the exact opposite of the effect you intended, and it's pushed him to cut ties with you completely.

If he's taken it up a notch by blacklisting your contact, changing his phone number, addresses, etc., the message couldn't be clearer. Some guys would even stop socializing with your friends so you have no link whatsoever to them.

4. He returns all your stuff

This particular sign is a painful one.Holding on to your things or delaying sending them back when you ask suggests he wants to leverage that as an excuse to see you again. You may have heard of ex-couples who got back together solely because of the nostalgia picking up their stuff inspired.

Unfortunately, that might be what he's trying to avoid by giving your belongings back asap, so you have no excuse to come back into his life.

5. He asks for his stuff back

It's one thing if he asks for the things he can't do without, perhaps, something he needs for work or of deep sentimental value to him. But it's a whole other thing if he won't even let you keep an old sweater he probably wouldn't miss as a memento of what you had.

If he asks for ALL of his stuff back, know that guy isn't pretending to be over you, he truly means business.

6. His new relationship is starting to get serious

his new relationship is starting to get serious

Rebound relationships may suggest he misses you or trying to find a semblance of what you had in other people. While it may or may not have started as one, if it continues to wax stronger and more stable as opposed to the short-lived fling it usually is, you know it's no longer a mere distraction.

It's worse if the new couple goes about their merry way without your ex playing any jealousy game

7. He got married

A part of you may still hold out against your ex's relationship that's going on for several months now. The signs may be right in front of you that this man isn't coming back, but you hope he "comes to his senses."

Nevertheless, it's essential to know when to throw in the towel. Waiting around for a man who's married to someone else to come back to you is toxic, not to mention it may never happen.

8. He removes all traces of your time together from his social media

Maybe your ex isn't dating, let alone married to someone else—to the best of your knowledge. Still, the signs your ex has no intention of coming back are as diverse as situations are unique.

If your ex is an active social media user, that's where you should look. If there used to be pictures of you on his profile but not anymore, that's a sign. Also, pay attention to the kind of things he posts, no emotional lyrics, or subtle jabs at you on there? Same energy as sending your stuff back to you, except this time he sent them to a virtual trash can.

9. He blocks you everywhere

Even though your relationship ended, you and your ex were probably like best friends while you were together, so he probably knows you pretty well. He is also aware of your influence on him and what you are capable of.

If he thinks for a second that seeing your posts can draw him back into something he doesn't want to do, he might make the preemptive move to block you. This may also be due to other emotions, but the point remains that he doesn't want to come back.

10. He ended things with a vague line

The way you broke up in the first place is a sign in itself. If your ex ended things with "I think we are better as friends," "It's not you, it's me," etc., he's been over you long before he said the words.

People usually contemplate breaking up for a long time before actually doing it. If, after all that deliberation, an ambiguous line is what he came up with, that should tell you he didn't care how it happened, he just wanted out.

11. You betrayed his trust

Of all the signs your ex may never be interested in getting back together with you, the reason you broke up has to be most common. We all have relationship dealbreakers that are non-negotiable.

If that was trust for your ex and you cheated, lied constantly, or did something else to make him lose it, you may never get him back, even if he still loves you.

12. He's evidently doing better without you

hes evidently doing better without you

As far as signs he will never come back go, this one isn't 100% sure, since love (or lust) can make us do stupid things. However, whether what you had with your ex was a casual or serious relationship, if you were toxic or holding him back somehow, the odds don't seem to be in your favor.

If he's doing better mentally, financially, or physically than when you were together, self-preservation will make him want to keep it that way. Even his loved ones would be against your reunion, and that does nothing to help your case.

13. He doesn't flaunt his achievements in your face

One of the signs your ex is only pretending to be over you is if he goes out of his way to show you what you are missing. In this social media age, that usually happens online with posts of his wins, like a new house, new whip, or a new girl.

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It could also be a promotion at work, or good old thirst traps; anything that makes you salivate over him again. Unfortunately, the reverse is the case in this instance. You seeing those things is only a bonus, not his goal, that's even if he hasn't blocked you already.

14. He doesn't care if you see other guys

Men can't help but get jealous when they see a woman they want dating other guys. If he has any intention of coming back to the relationship, even if he'd been acting indifferent all this while, you should sense the disappointment in his demeanor when he finds out there's someone else. But if he makes exactly zero effort to pursue when he's on the verge of losing you, you don't need any more signs than that.

15. He treats you like every other girl now

When he no longer sees other guys who like you as rivals, when he no longer makes your needs a priority, these are signs he doesn't want to get back together. In this case, he would withdraw any privilege that being his girlfriend afforded you, including calling late at night or making your problems his own.

Once you've reached that stage where all that's left between you is the politeness he accords the next person, it's difficult to regain the spark if not altogether impossible.

16. Your flirting has no effect on him

Any attempt to flirt with an ex who has made up his mind about not getting back together with you will only lead to embarrassment on your part. Has this perhaps happened to you? Did you bat your eyelashes the same way that drove him crazy while you were dating, and he just continued what he was saying?

No, you haven't lost your touch, he's just become immune. Not much to do now than to fix your crown and move on.

17. He avoids places you frequent

Again, breaking up doesn't change the fact that you and your ex know yourselves well enough to anticipate each other's moves. If he knows you want to get with him again and isn't interested, he might avoid situations that put you in the same place altogether.

While never seeing you again might be unrealistic if you live in the same city, he can curtail the frequency by avoiding places you're likely to be.

18. It's been forever since you broke up

its been forever since you broke up

They say time heals all wounds, and it has been true for you, as you can hardly remember any negative thing about your relationship with your ex. Do you ever wonder if that also applies to your ex?

Perhaps, it does. He may no longer be bitter or angry over the break-up but rather comfortable with how things are now between you. The longer it's been since you split, the less your odds of getting together again becomes. 

19. He moves to a new city without telling you about it

No more bumping into him at the grocery store, no more late-night calls to make up excuses he can't say no to just so you can sleep over.

It sure hurts when you think you're in a good place with your ex, even if purely platonic, and they don't tell you they're moving. But then, it also sends another message across, which is simply that you're not on that level anymore.

20. He tells you to forget about him and move on

Some exes try to make it easy on you by telling you, point blank, that they'll never feel that way about you again. This, of course, doesn't sound like a favor at the moment, but more often than not, you end up thanking them for it.

If this kind of conversation has come up between you and your ex before in the relatioonship, it may take a miracle to get you two back together.

21. He obtains a restraining order against you

This has to be the most obvious of all signs that your ex will never come back. They say "never say never," but if things come to this between you and your ex, you are allowed to. Granted, there's always the possibility of twisting the truth to get what he wants (divorce and child custody battles can get messy).

Still, the fact remains, if your ex goes to such lengths to keep you away, regardless of the reason, he will probably not be thinking of coming back to you anytime soon. Let him go.


How can you tell if he's over you?

Gut feeling aside, you can tell someone has gotten over you when they not only show a lack of interest but your attempt to reconnect seem to inconvenience them. Some guys sever all ties with you when in a relationship; including blocking you on social media, while some just treat you like any other person.

Does no contact make him come back?

No contact might make him miss you more or make it easier for him to get over you. What led to your split is what will determine whether your absence will make his heart grow fonder or completely put you out of his mind. 

How do I know if my breakup is final?

The way you and your ex feel after the break-up is one way to tell if it's final or there might still be some lingering feelings left between each other. A part of you should be relieved even if you're sad it ended with your ex. You know it's truly over when neither of you regrets ending the relationship.

Will he come back if I leave him alone?

If your ex left was because he needed space, there is a chance he might come back if you give him some. However, letting someone be is no guarantee they will return to you even if it makes them miss you.

How can I make him miss me badly?

Regardless of your relationship with your ex, making yourself less available to him makes him realize what he may have been taking for granted. Someone can't miss you if you're always in their face, so making yourself scarce is usually a good strategy.

To Conclude

I won't ask if you enjoyed reading this because it may have confirmed your fears of never getting with your ex again. However, I hope it helps despite being a tough pill to swallow. Let me know what you make of the article in the comment section and kindly share it, as I'm willing to bet someone you know needs it.

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