Signs a Married Man Wants To Sleep With You (23 Clear Cut Ways to Tell)

Last updated on June 17, 2022 by April Maccario

Are you getting confusing signals from a married man? Is he attempting to get intimate with you or just being friendly? 

If so, being involved with a married person is a tricky affair. A little mistake can tear apart a family and damage your self-esteem. If he’s cheating on his wife, he likely has another affair partner and can leave you at any time. 

That being said, here are 23 clear-cut signs a married man wants to sleep with you.

23 Signs a Married Man Wants To Sleep With You

1. He checks you out

If you notice someone’s husband checking you out when you’re not looking, it can only mean one thing–he wants to sleep with you. A married man shouldn’t be checking you out under any circumstances. 

If he does it inconspicuously, it would be best to maintain a distance from him. On the other hand, if he does it openly, it’s best to express your discomfort about his action before it gets too worse.

2. He acts too friendly

he acts too friendly

There’s never a perfect explanation on why a married man is acting too friendly towards you. The sole fact that he’s married should make him cautious of his actions towards other women. If someone’s husband is behaving too warm around you, it’s most likely a bad sign. It would be best not to get too comfortable around him.

3. He tells you sob stories

An unfaithful man would always look for reasons to justify his infidelity. The best way to accomplish this is through sob stories. He will tell you how terrible his marriage is, that he doesn’t love his wife anymore, and how he wishes to have met you before her. In other words, his life is not fine and you’re saving him from a bad situation. 

Though his stories may be true, be careful not to fall for them. Real men opt for divorce before cheating.

4. He compliments you

Compliments can come in different forms from a married man. Some might be friendly, while some can be inappropriate. If a married man compliments your general mood in the office, it’s plausible. 

But if he starts to flatter your figure and the clothes you wear, it’s a sign that he wants to have sex with you. Make sure you keep your distance and maintain a formal relationship. This is the best way to discourage his attempts without disrespecting him.

5. He acts differently with you

People that are concerned about their reputations would do their best to keep up a good appearance in public. This statement is also true for unfaithful married men. 

One of the signs a married man has intentions of sleeping with you is when he acts formal around you in public, but behaves overly flirty in private. He doesn’t want to get caught and would do everything to stay hidden.

6. His body language reveals it

You can identify someone’s hidden intentions through their body language. If someone is eager to be close to you or touch you, it indicates that they want to be intimate with you. Little things like standing too close while talking are signs a married man desires sleeping with you. If his body language reveals it, it’s best to keep your distance.

7. He wants to know about your personal life

Anybody that wants to know about your personal life is interested in you. For married men, it’s even more problematic. If someone’s husband wants to build an emotional connection or love life with you, it means he’s interested in sleeping with you. 

A few personal questions can be harmless, but when a married man takes time out to know you intimately calls for suspicion. If you give him a chance, you’re indirectly telling him to further his intentions.

8. He keeps running into you

Running into someone’s husband often might seem like a coincidence, but it could also be intentional. A married man wouldn’t let you know that he desires to sleep with you but would prefer to make himself available more frequently. 

This can be a way to get to know you better, and possibly persuade you into having sex with him. If bumping into him happens too regularly, the man might be monitoring your whereabouts to meet you.

9. He acts like a bachelor

A married man wouldn’t hide news about his family from his friends and colleagues. If he does, he may be trying to lure girls under the pretense of being a bachelor

If someone’s husband evades the topic of a family when out in public, or hides his wedding ring, then he might be thinking of engaging in extra-marital affairs. This is one of the signs a married man desires to have sex with you.

10. He desires to spend time alone with you

Wanting to spend alone time with you is one of the most straightforward clues that someone’s husband desires to have sex with you. If he looks for ways to separate you from your friends or colleagues, tells you to wait behind after work, or offers to drive you home, it’s a hint that he desires a sexual relationship with you.

It’s best to make a conscious effort to avoid being alone, or in compromising situations with someone’s husband.

11, He stares intensely

The way a person stares at you can reveal how they feel about you. If someone’s husband is always staring intensely at you, it’s never a good thing. If his visual communication is flirty, it’s one of the signs that he desires to sleep with you. If he also checks you out in the process, it would be best to stay away from him.

12. He buys you gifts

The easiest way a man can show his affection to a lady is through gifts. He would buy her expensive things to impress her and get in her good books. If someone’s husband is buying you presents, it’s an obvious sign that he desires to have sex with you. 

Someone’s husband shouldn’t be buying another woman gifts under any circumstances. If he’s doing so, then it calls for suspicion.

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13. He asks about your dating life

he asks about your dating life

As a lady, your love life shouldn’t concern someone’s husband. If he asks about it, it’s a hint that he wants an extra-marital affair with you. Asking once about your love life is harmless, but repeated questions about your love relationships call for alarm. It would be best to express your dissatisfaction talking about these subjects and make sure you establish formality with him.

14. He outright flirts with you

If someone’s husband is calling you sweet names and is making somewhat inappropriate comments at you, then he is indeed flirting with you. Disregarding his attempts is an easy way to stop him in his tracks. If you allow him to keep flirting with you, you’re convincing him to further his attempts to sleep or fall in love with you. 

As friendly as these statements may seem, it’s best to maintain a formal connection with someone’s husband, for the sake of his family life.

15. He seizes every opportunity to talk to you

A married man who’s trying to get in your good books, and potentially in bed with you, would not miss any opportunity to form casual conversations with you. He’ll give silly excuses about why he had to see you during his lunch break and drop by at your house or favorite restaurant. 

He’s always the first to initiate any conversation with you. This is one of the clues that he desperately desires to have you.

16. He helps you with favors

A married man that desires to have sex with you would not hesitate to help with you with favors. He will be eager to lend you money, pay your debts, and listen to your worries because it gets him closer to you. The more he treats you right, the easier it will be to have sex with you. 

If you are in need, it’s advisable not to receive offers from someone’s husband, because this can bring more damage than good in the end.

17. He acts charming around you

Men act charming to get on the right side of women. They’ll be incredibly witty and humorous to make them enjoy their company even more. When married men do this, it’s a bad sign. Although there are naturally charming individuals, it would be easy to tell when someone is unnecessarily dear towards you. 

If you notice someone’s husband making efforts to make you feel comfortable around him, it would be best to maintain your distance.

18. He behaves formally around his wife

If you happen to come in contact with the wife of the married man in question, it’s important to observe his behavior. If he acts too formal around you because his wife is around, whereas he’s overly friendly when she’s not there, it’s a bad sign. 

If he evades eye contact with you, it indicates his intentions aren’t right, and you should keep your distance from him. His behavior towards you should be similar irrespective of the presence of his wife.

19. He tries to look good in front of you

Men show off their good qualities to impress ladies. They would talk about their accomplishments and keep a good impression to give the lady reasons to be with them. If someone’s husband always desires to look good in front of you, then it’s one of the hints that he’s interested in having you.

20. He gets jealous when you talk to other men

Someone’s husband shouldn’t get jealous that you have a love interest, especially since he’s in a committed relationship. If he acts jealous or possessive towards you, it means he desires you all for himself. It’s also one of the hints that he wants to have sex with you. 

Whenever such a situation arises, it’s essential to establish boundaries. This should discourage his intentions towards you.

21. Some situations feel awkward

Awkward moments arise when the dynamics of a relationship become confusing. Whether the married man in question is a co-worker or not, there shouldn’t be awkward moments between the two of you. 

There should be an established relationship between the two of you. If situations feel uncomfortable around him, it’s a bad sign. It would be best to refrain from close contact with him.

22. He maintains unhealthy communication

he maintains unhealthy communication

A married person should only contact you when it’s necessary. If he’s communicating with you for trivial matters, it should call for suspicion. Observe the number of times he reaches you, his reasons, and the time he contacts you. If all the statistics seem unhealthy, he’s indeed trying to have sex with you. It would be best to limit the communication level between the two of you.

23. You feel uncomfortable talking to him

If at any point, you start to feel uncomfortable talking to someone’s husband, it means his intentions aren’t pure. If you’re uneasy picking his calls, or meeting him in public, it means your intuition has senses that he wants to have sex with you. It would be advisable to cut all close communication with him, to avoid entering an extra-marital affair, bound to end badly.


How do you tell if a married man secretly likes you?

One of the commonest clues that someone’s husband likes you is when he’s overly friendly with you. If he’s formal around you in public but loosens up when there are a few people around, it’s a bad sign.

What are the signs that a guy just wants to sleep with you?

If a man always wants to be alone with you and is eager to make physical contact with you, like sitting close to you and touching your arms, he just wants to have sex with you. If he compliments your figure, and always gives flirty and sexual compliments, it’s also a bad sign.

Should I tell a married man I am attracted to him?

It’s alright to feel attracted to someone’s husband, but it becomes a problem when you take actions on those feelings. It’s never advisable to tell a married man you’re attracted to him because he’s already in a committed relationship, and you would tear apart a family.

Should a married man be alone with another woman?

It would be best to avoid being alone with someone’s husband. If you feel he is interested in you, always keep your distance and have some company with you whenever he’s around. Compromising situations like being alone with a married man can be a threat to your reputation.

How do you make a married man fall deeply in love with you?

Making someone’s husband fall deeply in love with you would be tearing apart an already established union. If a married man loves you, he will divorce his wife amicably to be with you. Engaging in extra-marital relationships isn’t prudent because he could also leave you for someone else.

To Conclude

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One comment on “Signs a Married Man Wants To Sleep With You (23 Clear Cut Ways to Tell)”

  1. Dear April,I only wish that these kinds of insights were there over 40 years ago, as I was so confused over a married man's intentions to me.

    It is more complex when other cultures are concerned and also the fact that you are invited for dinners at the house of a married couple at university when you are 21 years old, living in a shared flat. They were 25 years old, living in a nice house, and from Argentina. It is in a sense that I was targeted by them for the desire of the husband. However, I had already lived in France and Italy in two gap years, and was very cool, but I was always of the mind that friendships could occur regardless of marital status/gender. Though I kept a required distance, he was a pest, and a narcissist, even when my boyfriends were there, who he always wanted to know about. I am so sorry that I let my feelings of equality get the better of me in some sense. However, I never had an affair with him, but your comments of too much physical proximity are spot on, which I already knew. 17 years later, he visited me in Dubai, and asked me for sex for one night only. He had visited me from Pakistan where he was in a high position. I said NO. He was then married with his wife still and four kids. I was gobsmacked, as after all these years, thinking that this was a simple platonic and electronic occasional contact - I had lived in Japan, Malaysia, Italy, the UAE, etc, my so-called friend wanted sex with me. I had never had sex ever before with him, never ever been physically attracted to him, never been intimate.

    I was 48 and he was 52. What I would like to say is never trust a sob story from a man EVER, and a man unhappily married entering male menopause gets desperate, as his wife just is fed up with his philandering and ambitions, so is no longer interested in sex. Pay attention to the signs of this age group. I did and refused, as I believe that the sanctity of marriage/any promise to another should be met with the principles and moral integrity.

    Thank you for this April, and I am now 65 years old. I only wish that the internet was around over 40 years ago, so I could have found my way out of some confusion of lies and deceit by married and narcissistic men whose usual interest is sex, not love.

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