Old School Dating (15 Old-School Relationship Tips)

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Old school dating was a whole lot cooler and more in-depth than what couples are up to these days. Now, we’re too busy focusing on insignificant things other than just enjoying the company of the person we like. You don’t need to do so much to enjoy a date with your partner or to be in a relationship with someone. 

There are so many things millennials should learn from dating old school. Don't get me wrong; not everything was done right in that era. 

Some things had to be unlearned and redefined, but I must say we’ve lost the essence of dating over time. Everyone is either too cautious and particular about “swiping right” with a man and dating habits have declined.

I wonder why young women cringe at the thought of old-fashioned romance; it's the most beautiful type of love you can ever share with your partner. Contrary to popular belief, old-fashioned dating is more intimate, exciting, and intense than what we’ve come up with lately. 

It’s easy just to be yourself and express your feelings in this type of relationship. There’s room for more spontaneity, and that brings a truckload of fun into love if you ask me. So what are we waiting for? Let’s go over the dating advice together. 

Old School Dating - 15 Tips To Guide You

1. State your intentions

One of the useful dating rules from back then is to state your intentions. When a man meets a lady, he shouldn't be afraid to tell her his true intentions. Years ago, nobody had the time or energy to fool around with each other without a goal ahead. 

You should ask first date questions like, “what are your intentions?” A man should be able to tell you on the first date what he wants, and you shouldn't be afraid to ask him either. It drives the big elephant out of the room, trust me. 

2. Go on proper dates 

go on proper dates

Let that man ask you out on a proper date, back in the day, there was a more formal way of asking a girl out. Men took the time to wine and dine their love interests, funny enough, it doesn’t have to be an expensive date. 

This dating thing is not as complicated as we make it seem sometimes. People have complicated things. You see youngsters in high school already texting away on their first date; taking pictures of the food or posting the sights on Facebook. It has become less about the experience and more about looking cool online.

3. Give thoughtful gifts 

Back then, partners listened to each other so much that every gift they gave each other had a story behind it. Thoughtful gifts don't have to break the bank when you buy them; it could be a letter or a doll. 

It's all about the little things that matter to your partner. Imagine showing up with the type of toy he said he owned as a kid; that's sweet. It’s better than running to the grocery store last minute, looking for the first gift that looks right. 

4. Apologize when you have to 

I'm not sure why apologizing when necessary has become such a myth in relationships these days. For a healthy relationship with your partner, you must cultivate a habit of apologizing, it’s one way to show you care and don’t want to intentionally hurt your partner. 

Apologizing doesn't make you weak; in fact, it means you're strong enough to face your mistakes. It equally makes you a lovable person; no one wants to be with anyone who can’t accept faults or take the blame for their errors. Back then, it meant so much for a partner to own up to something. 

5. Be faithful 

It was a thing of pride to have one partner back then. Love wasn't such a misused word, most people that said it meant it. These are dating tips that may not mean much to this generation because everyone is trying to be open-minded.

6. Be timely 

We've taken so much advantage of technology; time means nothing. We’d rather take an extra one hour dressing up just so we look extra-hot when we finally step out for that date. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against a good face beat, just ensure you plan your time so you don’t keep other people waiting.

7. Communicate with each other 

communicate with each other

I always say, “communication is the key to a stable relationship.” If you're not going to talk to your partner, who would you talk to? Also, communication is beyond just saying how you feel when you feel it. It involves understanding a person, learning about them, and being able to relate to how they think. 

Good communication takes a while to build, even though some people connect really well on the first day. Pay attention to your partner's needs and spend quality time with each other. 

8. Keep your relationship private 

Social Media may have made privacy challenging to accomplish, but it's not impossible. Relationships directly affect the people involved, not the ones observing. Make yourself a haven where your man can tell you everything, including his dreams. 

Avoid bringing a third party for definite opinions in your relationship; let everything that has to do with you and your partner revolve around both of you and maybe family if that’s necessary.

9. Help each other grow 

Relationships are meant to bring out the best in a person ultimately. Avoid having the notion that you should compete with your partner; you are both supposed to help each other grow. When you meet the right person for you, it becomes effortless to be the best version of yourself because they let you. 

Relationships become stronger when partners want what's best for each other and help themselves out. It's essential to be there when a person needs you, not only when it's convenient for you. If you read about love stories in the 90s, 80s, & 70s, so many couples stood by each other regardless of whether they had much or little. 

10. Be present always 

Sometimes, we get overly conscious about our appearance (not that it doesn't matter) or whether we're making the right moves and forget to enjoy the company of people, especially our love interests. Men can tell when you’re not paying attention, and that can come off as rude. Make that person you like feel loved and wanted around you, don't ignore them. 

11. Spend time together without technology

This may sound like old-fashioned dating advice, but it’s so important. You'd be surprised what a conversation with your partner would uncover. So much intimacy is built by just enjoying each other, dancing together, giving hugs, holding hands, or reading a book together. 

It's a lot easier to pay attention to a potential partner when all those things get out of the way for a while. It helps you discover who a person truly is, what they like, and how they like it. 

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12. Hold back on sex 

You know how it was back then, couples dated, and while some of them actually had sex, most of them waited until marriage. So, if you're going to inculcate the olden ways, then maybe it’s time to keep those pants on. Focus more on getting to know your partner more, and only ruffle up the sheets when you’re both committed. 

13. He should hold the door for you 

I know it seems cliche, but it’s not outdated; the guy that you’re dating should hold the door open for you when you go out. 

14. Focus on inner beauty

Back then when two people were dating, both men and women used to dress more conservatively. So the focus was more on the individual’s virtues, morals, and personality than their looks.

15. Compliment your date 

compliment your date

Rather than trying to jump to the part when both of you get freaky, spend more time focusing on the positives of the other party.


How do you date an old-fashioned?

Well, this is a task that requires patience. You might not understand his methods at first, but ultimately you'd both reach the desired goal if you agree. To date such a person, you'd have to pay attention to details because they are more concerned about what's on the inside than the beautiful look outside. 

What's an old-fashioned romantic?

Many years ago, romance was not what it looked like now. There was no internet, let alone social media. Men had to find and court women literally, and unless you have a decent conversation, you wouldn't know anything about a potential partner. Back in the day, romance was in love letters, Jazz music, asking a woman on a proper date, and so on. 

What are the rules of dating after 40?

There are a couple of guidelines a woman dating after 40 should know to be on the safe side. Dating can get tough at this age and the rules include; setting important boundaries, waiting before sex, trusting your intuition, avoid shrinking your potential partner, let him know your deal breakers, and don't assume. These are just a few, there are a lot more rules on the subject. 

What is the 3-day rule in dating?

The three-day rule in dating states that a guy is to wait three days before calling a lady he went on a date with. Doing this would make him look less desperate. A lot of men have lost potential partners over this rule, and many women have cried over it as well. 

What is the 10 date rule?

Following the 10-dates rule means you have to wait until ten dates before having sex with a potential partner. It also means if a man takes you out on ten official dates, he is looking to start a serious relationship with you. 

In Conclusion 

I know these tips will help spice up your dating life when you try them. Dating doesn't have to be such a hassle; keep it fun and exciting by going following the dating ways of the past. I can't wait to read your thoughts in the comment section; please write them down and share this article with your lovely friends.

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