Monkey Branching (7 Signs Of Monkey Branching)

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Everybody craves that extra attention in their relationship. However, some people aren’t satisfied with the extra attention, if they feel the one they have is not enough or they are afraid it’s not secure, they won’t mind swinging into another relationship. This is an act termed as monkey branching.

So, what exactly is Monkey branching? It’s pretty much when someone engages with side relationships while still with a partner. That’s it. Most people call it cheating while others term it as ‘monkey branching’.

Monkey branching happens as a result of fears, insecurities, mistrust, and sometimes low self-esteem. Some people monkey-branch to create emotional connections that can continue when their ongoing relationships end while others use it as a rebound. 

Quite a number of people can’t survive being alone for the shortest period of time, so they could go as far as pretending to be single. They do this just to get some kind of emotional connection with other people they aren’t in a relationship with. 

Sometimes, women and men do this to ensure they are not left at the losing end if their current relationship ends. So, they monkey-branch and have other relationships that aren’t exactly romantic at the time, just to be safe.

However, if you’re uncertain about your partner’s loyalty and you would like to know if he is monkey branching; stay put and read the 7 possible signs to look out for.

7 Signs Of Monkey Branching

1. Fixed attention on his cellphone

Cellphones are amazing in so many ways and could also be very addictive. However, when it starts becoming too distracting, it could cause a lot of mischief.

When your partner begins to concentrate a lot on his cellphone without any solid reason, he could be monkey branching. Sometimes, you’d notice him smile, chuckle, or experience an unusual reaction to something he would rather not talk about. 

My friend once told me how her boyfriend almost ran into a truck on their way to the park because he was texting the ‘other woman’ with so much concentration while driving. That’s one example of how a guy could try to solidify a relationship with other women, just in case his present one crashes.

2. Secret/frequent hangouts

Yes! Hangouts could be too frequent when there’s monkey branching because it shifts attention and loyalty. It’s more like a new and exciting vibe for anyone doing this. Not just the hangouts, but also secrets. Now tell me, if you feel your present relationship is ending, would you put yourself out there and start relating with more women or men? 

That’s exactly how a monkey brancher thinks. Rather than pine over a bad breakup, this person would have created one relationship he can fall back on when all is said and done. So, to answer your question, you’d probably ditch hanging out with women (your girlfriends) and start texting your male friends one by one to check if any of them still fancies you.

3. Flimsy excuses

flimsy excuses

Nobody is perfect, so excuses are allowed once in a while especially when they are unarguably genuine. But, excuses are quite different from reasons even though they could be mixed up sometimes.

When you become a monkey branching victim, trust me you would know when something is wrong. Excuses like “I couldn’t pick your call because I was in the shower and the network here is limited” or “ I could not call back because I had limited time for lunch after that”. 

Did you read that out loud? I’m sure you heard how it sounded. On the other side, some of them are very smart to manage both of you (the real partner and the victim). If you’re either of them, you know how you feel and what you’re worth. Please act accordingly.

4. Unavailability

If you’re an ex monkey brancher yourself, you’d know that juggling two or more relationships is quite tasking. It’s not just about being available physically in the same room, it’s also about emotional, financial, and mental availability even when you’re not together.

When your relationship is still fine, you get support emotionally whether it’s necessary or not. Sometimes, it even becomes intoxicating. The moment someone begins monkey branching, something always changes. Because he’s focused on other women now, he’ll start to neglect the lady he’s already dating, and his absence will surely be felt.

5. Accusations

As women, we know a thing or two about pushing blame or pleading the fifth. And that’s exactly what monkey brancher’s do.

Have you ever had a partner that kept accusing you of cheating with another man? No matter how much detail you give him about things, is he still suspicious? More so, does he ask for screenshots of your chats with other guys?. 

Guess what, he is likely doing the exact same thing behind your back. He might also be flirting with other women. So when you start getting accused of what you know nothing about, it’s time for some action.

6. Loss of affection

loss of affection

Every relationship has ups and downs. Some issues shake the foundations of those relationships. However, I wouldn’t say they’re enough to break it except you agree to do so. When two individuals are committed, it’s hard for any external attack to penetrate and it’s impossible to lose affection.

Loss of affection goes together with a few other things including disrespect. There’s this sudden withdrawal you will feel when you’re a victim of monkey branching. For people that are not so strong emotionally, it takes a negative turn on them and it could lead to negligence, loneliness, or even depression. 

Of course, you would feel little or no attention from them. Sometimes, they start talking about the women they’re involved with consciously or unconsciously. They don’t want to but it just slips. Even though they may try to mend things, the despicable fact still remains; they were thinking about dating other women while in a relationship with you.

7. Threats

I chose to talk about this as the last thing because it doesn’t happen as often as the others. It only does when the relationship is breaking down uncontrollably without workable solutions.

Some partners use threats when they feel you’re dependent and can’t do anything without them. They begin to use them as suggestions to throw you off balance. They start making threats like “if you’re not comfortable with the things I do or the decisions I make, then take a walk.” 

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Trust me, the reason they’re bold enough to disrespect you could hint at the fact that they’re involved with someone else. They could be monkey branching but don't want it to seem like they’re at fault.


Is Monkey branching a rebound?

Yes, but not always. Because you are depending on someone else emotionally, (not because you really love or care for them) but for more selfish reasons. Some men start dating other women just to fill the void of the relationship that just ended. But things sometimes change when you sort out issues in your relationship.

Do Monkey branching relationships last?

Some relationships do and some don’t. It depends on the parties involved, what they want to achieve, and how determined they are to make things work. But when they exhaust the purpose of monkey branching, there’s nothing to bind them again so they mostly break up

What to do if she is in a rebound relationship?

Don’t panic. Rather, find a way to ask what her reasons are. If they have to do with things you can both sort out, do it. If not, give her time to decide what she really wants. The space you give her would also give you free will to let go if it comes to that. Sometimes, women have to branch out and have a breather from their present relationship to actually appreciate it in the first place.

What are the stages of a rebound relationship?

First, meeting someone to rebound with, then, the emotional stage where you get used to each other and feelings get heated. The third stage is when emotional ties start weighing off and you have nothing to enjoy anymore. And the final stage is either getting to know it was a temporary distraction from your relationship and breaking up or sorting stage three out and continuing with the relationship.

Will no contact work if he lost feelings?

It’s hard to reconnect with people when they’ve lost feelings. But, not contacting him works for both of you, especially if things are heated up. You already know he’s in it for the wrong reasons so give him time to come around. Also, give yourself time too, so you can reflect and correct your mistakes.

In Conclusion

Yes, monkey branching is a thing, even though it’s not always the best option in a relationship. It’s better to do the right things and try your best to patch things up with your partner. And if that doesn't work, it could be hard but let them go. It’s always for the best. I hope you enjoyed this article. If you did, feel free to drop a comment and share it as well.

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