How to Tell If A Guy Has A Small Package (17 Ways To Know)

Last updated on June 8, 2022 by April Maccario

With only about 15% of guys sporting a 7-inch or package, the majority fall under the average to small scope. We may say size doesn’t matter, but the reality is that it does, we only say that because the most prevalent measurements still work. 

However, when you’ve dated a man with a micropenis or gotten down with one so humongous your cervix weeps for days, your mantra begins to change. Unfortunately, penis size can be a sensitive subject to broach. 

Apart from how difficult it can be for the bearer to share, you may not want to handle the awkwardness that follows after being with a man whose size simply didn’t cut it.

So, how do you save yourself the stress of going all the way to find nothing but disappointment? The following are some cues you can use to know if a guy is carrying a small package.

17 Signs He Has A Small Penis

1. Always has a chip on his shoulder

Generally, (through no fault of their own), men with small packages tend to feel like they’ve failed as men. (I guess we have society to blame for that.) From middle school camping trips to changing in the locker room in junior high, there’s plenty of chances for boys to compare and contrast at that age.

Inferiority sets in when they see they’re noticeably smaller than their peers in the nether regions and it stays with most until adulthood. When you’ve gone so long thinking you’re inadequate, you begin to hold a grudge against no one in particular for pulling the short straw. 

If you can sense this kind of resentment in your man, (it either manifests as aggression or something else) he probably has a small penis.

2. He tries to force the ‘big dick energy’

The whole appeal of big dick energy is that you can’t fake it. But then, I guess you gotta have it to be able to relate because so many small men stay forcing it. While some men exhibit their inferiority complex with aggression, some do so by overcompensating.

If he can’t stop talking about how he slays the ladies or never lets you forget he’s an alpha male, I wouldn’t expect much down there. 

3. He avoids the penis subject like the plague

Then there are the guys who would rather avoid the topic entirely, and understandably so. Even now that many of us actually know that the quality you get isn’t based solely on size, there’s still some level of stigma surrounding small penis size.

No one likes to publicize their failures, and as sad as that is, that is how most guys who aren’t packing much see it. Now I know nobody goes around making their penis the main conversation topic, but if your man keeps changing the subject whenever the discussion tilts towards it, there’s your sign.

4. He’s pro ‘size doesn't matter’

On the other hand, some guys are very vocal about this stuff, despite being a little challenged in dimension. They are the type who make a debate out of a passing statement about dick size and won’t let it go until everyone listening categorically accepts that size doesn’t matter.

Even though he won’t necessarily mention his own, most of the time, there’s a very personal angle to that passion. One or two conversations about it could be nothing, but if a man throws a fit every time about how ‘size doesn’t matter, he’s probably trying to feel better about something.

5. He glorifies oral sex

Don’t get me wrong, I think every man should glorify oral sex, regardless of penis size. Big or otherwise, we all know the majority of women don’t rely on penetration to orgasm. So, your partner being very good at pleasing you with his tongue (and fingers) is definitely a plus.

However, men with big penis’ usually don’t place as much premium on cunnilingus as their smaller counterparts do. So if his dirty talks begin and end with what he wants to do to you with his mouth and hands, brace yourself.

6. He insists on making an emotional connection first

he insists on making an emotional connection first

You may be wondering if guys ever do that, but you’d be surprised to learn it’s a lot more common than you think. Since he can’t help but see his condition as a flaw, a man with a little dick would not attempt to seduce by grinding into you or sending a picture.

Nah, he would rather put his more desirable qualities out first and let you fall in love with him as a person before whipping it out. He knows the chances of rejection are a lot slimmer when you like him.

7. He has an inflated ego

Most times, a big ego is directly proportional to a small penis. Like I mentioned earlier, an average little man did not discover he’s smaller than most as an adult, it starts from conversations as an adolescent. It’s literally attached to him, reminding him every time he looks down that he is… less.

While some guys let that define them and wallow in self-pity, others choose to buff themselves up any way they know-how. For some, it’s body-building and for others, it’s loud motorcycles or whatever else makes them seem manly. 

The problem is that success hardly guarantees that they feel better about themselves, hence the need for the extra layer of projected self-importance.

8. He is a spec in most other ways

The same thing that keeps some people down pushes others to better (not buff up) themselves. Ever met a man who seemed to have everything from afar and you can’t help but wonder what the catch is? 

Someone who knows he doesn’t have a lot going downstairs probably has a lot of people wondering the same about him. 

He’s nice and caring, cooks and cleans, listens when you talk, treats you like a queen, is financially free and doing great professionally, all the good stuff. Unless you’re extremely lucky, those specs are cultivated to compensate for something, like the situation down below.

9. Ask his condom size

If psychoanalyzing isn’t up your alley, there are physical ways to go about this dick-size thing too. One of them, though not 100 percent foolproof, is to make him tell you without asking directly. How do you do that?

First, you need to have some rapport, nothing too deep, just enough that it doesn’t weird him out when you ask. Say you’ve been flirting with each other through text, and you’re curious, arrange to meet up and ask what size of condoms to get on your way. If he’s little, he probably won’t tell you, and if he does, then you can hope that confidence translates to a good time.

10. How big is his belly?

Another easy tell is his belly. While a man’s physique has little or nothing with the objective measurement of his penis, visibly retaining a lot of weight in his abdomen can make it appear smaller. Unless he’s super-endowed, the few inches of the shaft that the fat envelopes would probably make a huge difference in how much of him gets to go in you.

If your man is sporting a dad bod and you never get to see a visible dick print line, I wouldn’t hold my breath until he pulls it out.

11. You never get to see his dick print

Speaking of line, it isn’t limited to men with a little extra weight. A man with a big junk can try to keep the print in check by wearing briefs instead of boxers. But even he would let his little man roam free sometimes.

If you’re quite close with a man who’s attracted to you, and you’ve never caught a glimpse of his semi-hard bulge, there may not be much to show. Although I should add that not all who show are actually endowed, some guys pack it in a way that their pants show a phantom bulge.

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12. Go swimming together

go swimming together

Jeans and regular pants can conceal or deceive with the fake bulge they create, but swimming trunks can be a lot more revealing. You shouldn’t draw any conclusion if the tent isn’t as significant as you expected though, as he might be a grower.

Some swim trunks also make provision for housing the penis, not to mention that most guys who swim probably have a lot of practice hiding the dick outline. Notwithstanding, if there’s even a tiny chance you could catch a glimpse, it would be at the pool.

13. Is he afraid of heights?

I hope not, especially if he’s afraid of water. There are several activities that require a man to put on a harness (did I hear someone say rock wall climbing?) Find one you think he’d agree to and make it a date.

Word on the street is you can get one of the best views (save for the real thing, of course) if you happen to be below him as he climbs. The safety harnesses cinch each side of his thigh, leaving the centerpiece on display. Just give him a head start and thank me later.

14. Check out his backside

Ever heard of a correlation between a man’s butt and his penis? I have. Apparently, there’s a widely-held belief in some cultures that men with flat buttocks tend to pack the meat in front, and vice-versa.

Before you rejoice that your boyfriend fits that description, this study actually shows the contrary is the case. It would appear that men with a grabbable butt also tend to have a longer penis than those without. 

15. Try the fingers

Notice how I haven’t said anything about height, hands, feet, nose, or thumb? Yeah, that’s because those are as unreliable as they are myths. You’d do yourself a great amount of disservice if you dismiss a prospect just because he has small hands or place all your eggs in another’s basket because he has enormous feet.

A part of the body that might be more helpful though would be the finger – precisely two of them. According to researchers, based on 144 adult males, the shorter his index finger is, compared to his ring finger, the longer his penis.

16. Feel him up

There are plenty of ways to feel a guy up without necessarily going all the way, after you’ve gotten his consent, of course. Starting with the most common, making out. When things begin to get hot and heavy, and you can feel his hardness against you, simply reach down and stroke him through his pants.

If he’s all the way hard, whatever you feel right there is what you get, but if the little man is just waking up, there’s still a chance he can get bigger. You could also try this at a club or something when dancing, grind on his boner or let your hand brush against it.

17. See for yourself

So I saved the most surefire way for the last, and that is to see for yourself. The above points are, without doubt, your best bet at getting an idea whether or not a man has a small penis. However, none of them is as foolproof as finding out for yourself.

I understand this approach might seem a little crude, but that just depends on how you present it. Don’t straight up ask him to get naked or send a dick pic. You could arrange a hang out for just the two of you, set the mood and play strip poker or some other adult game you’re good at. From there, it’s only a matter of time.


How can you tell how big a guy is without seeing it?

If he wears free pants, you can tell by the size of his dick print; the bigger the penis, the more pronounced the outline. Some studies have also linked butt size and fingers (index and ring) ratio to the size. A bigger butt and lower digit ratio mean bigger dicks.

How do you know when a guy is packing?

Save for seeing or feeling it yourself, the bulge imprint is one of the most obvious ways to know who’s packing. No matter how well a man tries to conceal his penis, if he wears tight pants, there’s bound to be an outline. 

Do tall guys have bigger?

While some tall men are well endowed, there are several others of the same height and weight with a small dick. I’m no scientist, but I can tell you this much, the size of the genitals has very little to do with the bearer’s physique. 

What size do girls prefer?

Each girl has a preference. While a small penis does it for some, others only enjoy it with well-hung men. Ultimately, women are not as bothered by the specifics of dick measurement as they are by finding one that fits them just right. To each her own.

How do you tell if a girl has slept with a lot of guys?

Although high body count doesn’t necessarily translate to expertise for men, a woman who has been with several guys can draw more from experience than one who hasn’t. That said, the only way to know for sure your girl’s sexual history is to ask her.

In Conclusion

The best lay you will have, most likely won’t be with the biggest or smallest penis you encounter. Size counts, but only as much as the bearer’s interest in you. Therefore, keep in mind not to cheat yourself out of potentially great sex by dismissing a man just because he has a small penis. If you enjoyed reading this, kindly leave a comment and share the article.


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  1. What a great article. As a man it brought out all my insecurities. I do have a very small dick (4inches) and I think I reveal it through my self-pity. I had not felt so bad for while. Nice article you have a way with words and imagining different possibilities.

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