How To Make Your Boyfriend Happy (51 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Happy)

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You’ll probably agree that men are more likely to go out of their way to make their girlfriends happy. However, all the talk about feminism has made some men realize they need to be spoiled silly in relationships as well. 

If your boyfriend is happy in the relationship, you will be satisfied as well. That’s why making him feel loved and cherished in the relationship is vital. Keep in mind that not all men are expressive about their feelings; you might not get a ‘backflip’ for every sweet thing you do. 

It's the little things you do that make your boyfriend feel special and wanted. Don't go thinking about how to make your boyfriend happy by spreading the world at his feet. Guys love sweet cute things as well; they might not admit it, but they do. 

Making an effort to put a smile on his face every day is enough to make a guy happy. Before you dive into trying the tips below, be sure that your man can be happy or at least wants to be happy because that part is not up to you. 


51 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Happy

1. Tell him how you feel

Any boyfriend would feel good to know how his girlfriend feels about him. All those sweet things he says to you, he likes to hear them as well. Let him know that you're happy when he makes you feel that way, don't hold back.

2. Compliment him

I don't know about you, but I like a man that looks good, and I will compliment that man for the effort. Just like you want to hear him say you look stunning, complimenting him would boost his confidence as well. 

3.  Give him attention

give him attention

If you don't give him quality attention he might get it from someone else. Spending quality time with your partner enables good intimacy. It doesn’t have to be every day, but it should be regular.

4. Get him the ps5

This is like a really huge thing for guys, they love their games. Find out what kind your man likes to play and surprise him with it. Just like you want the L.V bag, this guy wants to game with his friends. 

5. Trust him

If you don't trust your boyfriend, the relationship is going to be very rocky. Trust is earned if he hasn't done anything to break your trust; I see no reason why you should check his email address or police him. That’s the fastest way to drain him. 

6. Be honest with him

If you want to know how to make your boyfriend happy, start by being honest. Being honest with your boyfriend won't just make him happy; it'll strengthen the relationship and help him trust you. 

7. Listen to his advice

Don't ask for his advice and not consider it; that will hurt him. 

8. Send him sweet emails

Oh! Guys enjoy it when they find a sweet email from their girlfriend. Just don't do it too much. 

9. Game with him

If you want to make a guy happy, challenge him to a playoff. 

10. Buy him shoes

For a very fashionable boyfriend, this would mean a lot. Especially if it's the brand and style, he's always wanted. 

11. Wash his car

Guys love their cars so much; it's like their first child. Thrill him by having it washed. 

12. Support him

A man who has a supportive partner isn’t just joyful but at peace.

13. Buy him food

Yes! He wants to be spoiled silly with take-outs as well. Drive to his favorite place and get him one of the meals he likes. It's either you feed your man, or someone else does. 

14. Arrange his room 

Helping him tidy his room is an act of service that shows you care. Make him feel like a king by tidying up after him once in a while.

15. Enjoy his company

A man can tell when a woman doesn't enjoy hanging around with him. Tell your boyfriend you enjoy his company and act like it as well. 

16. Travel places with him

Oh! This is so much fun to do as couples. Don't wait for him to arrange a trip; you too can plan a getaway. 

17. Get along with his mom 

get along with his mom

Guys always value their moms. A lady who can get along with his mom is priceless, he’ll be so happy. 

18. Ask for his help

He may not tell you, but your boyfriend enjoys it when you ask for his help. Not all the time, but the few times you do, it shows that you need him. 

19. PDA

Some men love public displays of affection, so they’ll be ecstatic when you kiss them or hold their hands when you’re both out.

20. Let him into your circle

Introduce him to your family and friends. Don't shut him out of your life. 

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21. Apologize when you're wrong

This is one of the sweets things you can do for your boyfriend. He’ll understand you’re a rational thinker.

22. Be his shoulder to lean on

Be there for him when he needs you, but give him space if he needs some time alone.

23.  Wear sexy lingerie to bed

Keep things spicy in the bedroom by showing off a little skin.

24. Ask him what he wants

Ask him what he wants. That way, you’ll know if you should give him space or smother him with love.  

25. Do things he likes

Don't go doing the opposite and expect him to be happy with you. 

26. Listen to him

Pay attention to the conversations he has with you. Make mental notes of how he says he feels so you can tell if what you're doing is right. 

27. Respect his privacy

When he says he wants some quiet time, please respect that and try not to jump into conclusions. He just wants time alone

28. Talk dirty to him

He won’t just be happy, but this will improve intimacy as well. Guys are almost always in the mood for dirty talk and flirting. 

29. Thank him for a gift

Don't ever forget to thank your boyfriend. If you catch yourself slipping into entitlement, snap out of it. Let him know that you appreciate what he got for you. 

30. Compliment his cooking

If you say something nice about a man's cooking, he's going to cook for you again. It's a way of getting what you want as well.

31. Don't bruise his ego 

Don't talk down on your boyfriend or demean him in public. He shouldn't be feeling insecure around you. Talk to him like he's a man. 

32. Be nice to his friends and family

He won’t be happy if you disrespect his family, hold them in high regard, whether he does or not.

33. Look attractive for him

look attractive for him

Your boyfriend would glow up every time he sees you when you’re constantly putting in the effort to look good for him.

34.  Be his comfort

Make him feel safe around you. This way, he’ll trust you more.

35. Send him money

Yes, you read that right. I said what I said. Especially if you know he needs it, his face will light up when he sees that alert.

36. Be romantic

Dance with him, be sweet to him, lean into his advances, accept his romantic gestures and do yours as well. 

37. Contribute to his life

Make meaningful contributions to your boyfriend's life, intellectually and otherwise. 

38. Take him on a date

Yes, sis! In a world of gender equality, please take your man somewhere fancy for dinner as well. Don't forget to tell him to dress up nice. 

39. Communicate with him

Where there's good communication, there's a happy association. So keep healthy and open conversations.

40. Sex

It's no surprise that good sex with you would make him happy; you already know that. 

41. Help him with laundry

Something as simple as sorting his clothes and throwing them in the washing machine can would put a smile on his face. Especially if he kept forgetting to do it. 

42. Cook for him

Almost every man I know would like a woman who can cook for him; it's romantic. 

43. Take him shopping

This is going to have the same effect on him as it has on you when he takes you shopping. Doing it once in a while would make your boyfriend happy. 

44. Send him flowers

You're not the only one who needs flowers, sometimes send him some as well. 

45. Smile at him

Random smiles and blown kisses at a party or home would warm up his heart and light up his face.

46. Accept that he is flawed

Don't taunt him about things he can't change; everyone is flawed. 

47. Surprise him

Guys hardly care about their birthdays; throwing him a surprise party would be sweet. Just do something nice he doesn't see coming. 

48. Appreciate him

There are so many things you can do to appreciate your boyfriend. You can tell him; you can thank him and you can show him. 

49. Random hugs

random hugs

These are so cute and heartwarming. He'd have to fight so hard not to smile about something like this. If you stop giving him random hugs for a while, he's going to think something is wrong

50. Do fun things

Fun things include hiking with him, hanging out with his friends, not being a party pooper, and so on. Generally, being lively would brighten up his day. 

51. Leave him

If you've tried everything above and this man is still not happy, maybe he doesn't want to be with you. It hurts, and it's hard, but that's the truth, sweetie. 


How do I make my boyfriend feel special? 

Start by telling him that he is special to you; trust me, these guys want to hear all that sappy talk sometimes. Then, do things that show you appreciate him through his love language. Those things will make him feel special. 

How do I make my boyfriend happy over text? 

Randomly send him something sweet that you wrote; it'll spread a smile across his face at least. Use emojis or stickers to spice up your conversation with him. Send him a funny video and wait for his reaction to it. Also, reply to his text on time and don't leave him on read.

How do you keep your man in love with you? 

Well, you can't make someone love you, but you can keep being the person you are (assuming he fell in love with your true self).  Show him that you are in love with him, be faithful to him, and do the best you can to spice up the relationship for both of you. 

How can I make my relationship happy with my boyfriend? 

Your relationship with your boyfriend will be happy if both of you are happy with it. Just as he's making efforts to make you smile, meet him halfway as well. Listen and take genuine advice from him as you would like him to take yours. 

What do guys really want in a relationship? 

Apart from good sex, guys want an independent, hard-working woman in a relationship. The kind of woman that knows what she wants in life but not what she would like to eat (kidding). They want commitment and consistency in relationships as well.

To Conclude

I hope these tips will help you make your boyfriend happy and generally brighten your relationship. I would love to read your thoughts in the comments section below. Please share this article with your friends; you're not the only one trying to get a guy to smile out there! 

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