How to Make Your Boyfriend Cry in a Good Way (81 Sweet Ways)

Last updated on July 4, 2022 by April Maccario

Have you ever wondered how to make your boyfriend cry in a good way? 

Maybe you just want to see his softer side, or perhaps you don’t believe he’s capable of such strong emotions! Hopefully, not, but maybe! Whatever reason has you wondering how to best make him tear up, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got 81 ways to get those tears to roll down his face today!

However, we aren’t going to just look at the best ways to say something that’s moving; we’ll also look at things you can do to make him cry! That’s right! There are plenty of sweet things you can do to make his eyes water; you just have to know what they are and give them a shot!


Should You Express Your Feelings to Make Him Cry?

Before diving into the different ways to make your man tear up, you should think about whether it’s the right thing to do in your relationship right now. You don’t want to scare him off by telling him your feelings when he’s not ready to hear them. Every guy is different, so think about your relationship and how your boyfriend feels about you. What feelings has he expressed to you?

Also, it’s important to note that if you say you love him, he may not be ready to say it back. His heart may be in a different place than yours in life. If you feel strongly about telling him how much you love him, go ahead and speak from the heart. Just don’t be hurt if he doesn’t say, “I love you” back to you. Be prepared for what he may say or not say!

Don’t rush him when it comes to love. He may just not be feeling it yet. That’s okay. He’s still part of your life; don’t make him feel bad for not saying he loves you back. The time will come when he will express his love for you, or the two of you will part ways in life - either way, it will work out in the end. Try to stay encouraged and don’t force him to say something. 

How to Find the Right Moment to Make Him Cry

You don’t want to just run up to him all of a sudden and say, “I love you” or “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you” when he isn’t expecting it. Instead, find a time when you can be alone, a time when it’s quiet, or when the two of you have a moment of peace. You want him to be able to listen to every word you have to say, so he can process them appropriately.

Also, if he has not said, “I love you,” you may want to take caution before saying you love him. Realize that he may not say it back to you if he has not already said it. Expressing love is a special thing to do in one’s life, so pick the appropriate time to do so, like when he isn’t already stressed or distracted by other problems that are going on in his life. 

Make sure he is relaxed and ready to hear how you feel before expressing yourself. It’s okay if he has not expressed love first, but don’t make him feel obligated to say “I love you” just because you said it to him. After all, you should love him whether he says it back or not, because real love is unconditional, meaning it has no expectations. 

Different Ways to Communicate Your Feelings

different ways to communicate your feelings

There are many ways you can express your feelings of love and emotion to your boyfriend. If you feel most comfortable writing, you can write him a romantic love letter, expressing how you feel. If it feels appropriate, you can read it to him in person. If you aren’t comfortable expressing yourself in person, that’s okay. You don’t have to talk face-to-face.

You can just give him the love letter and ask him to read it when you aren’t around. That’s perfectly acceptable. Not everyone is comfortable talking about their feelings. If you want, you could always try talking on the phone or write him an email. One thing I would caution about mailing a love letter or emailing is that anyone could read it and see what’s going on. 

For privacy and to keep things confidential, I would recommend reading the love letter to him, telling him how he’s changed your life and what you think about him. It will be special, and you could even let him know you don’t expect him to say anything in return. Let him know he can express himself in whatever way and whenever he feels most comfortable doing so. 

Top Tips When Talking About Your Feelings

As mentioned above, when talking about feelings of love and romance, I would recommend doing so at the right moment. You want to catch him when he’s uninterrupted, when no one else is around, and when he is at his most comfortable. Think about what you hope he will say to you one day, and treat him like that, so that he is given a caring vibe from you. Just watch the timing.

You want what you have to say to come from the heart and to be truthful in nature. If you get carried away and say something that you don’t mean, you may regret it later. Make sure if you boast about his qualities, you really think those things. If he were to find out the truth, later on, he would perhaps be hurt that you were not honest with him with the things you said.

When you do speak about your feelings of love, talk slowly and clearly in a quiet moment. You want him to hear you well. The last response you want is, “huh?” A final suggestion is to express yourself after lovemaking. Many guys are most responsive after making love, so it’s the perfect time to talk about your feelings with clear motives and truthfulness. 

Top Emotional Things You Can Say to Make Him Cry

  1. I am madly and deeply in love with you. 
  2. When I think about our time together, I tear up because of how happy you have made me.
  3. I believe we were meant to be together, and our love is timeless.
  4. You are the best man I have ever met.
  5. When I look into your eyes, I can clearly see my future with the one I love.
  6. I believe in you 100% of the time.
  7. You are the best friend I’ve ever had. I hope I am always as good of a friend to you as you are to me.
  8. I have never had a clear picture of my Prince Charming until now.
  9. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life in love with you. 
  10. You always know exactly what to say or do to make me happy. 
  11. Who you are astounds me.
  12. Nothing is holding me back from giving you my whole heart.
  13. I have never felt this happy with anyone else.
  14. How you treat me like a princess reminds me of what I dreamed of as a little girl. 
  15. You are the best lover I’ve ever had.
  16. When I spend time with you, it feels like the world has stopped turning, and I’m on cloud nine.
  17. I will always believe in you and be your cheerleader, supporting you along the way. 
  18. You are “my person.”
  19. Your heart is the biggest one I have ever seen.
  20. Our love is something out of a fairy tale; it’s a love for the ages.
  21. I enjoy our time together and miss you when we are apart.
  22. I am in awe of who you are.
  23. I appreciate what you do for me, how you treat other people, and who you are, in general.
  24. You have completely changed my life (in a good way).
  25. I feel most comfortable when we spend quality time together.
  26. People keep saying how happy I am, and it’s because of you.
  27. When we’re apart, I like to read old text messages and look at pictures of us to feel close to you, my love. 
  28. You are my soulmate, my one, and only true love.
  29. I know it’s cheesy, but you really do complete me.
  30. With you by my side, I know that I can conquer the world.
  31. You have changed my life by the way you love me.
  32. Your smile makes me weak in the knees. I am so in love!
  33. I think of you during the day and pray for your continuous happiness.
  34. You are the other half I’ve been looking for my whole life.
  35. Your values and morals have made me realize that we are perfect for each other.
  36. I believe that our love will last until the end of time.
  37. When you were there for me at a time when I needed someone, it made me realize what a kind soul you have and what an amazing person you are.
  38. You are and always will be my Knight in Shining Armor.
  39. All I care about is your happiness - with or without me.
  40. I know it will be a long time, but I will wait for you, my love.
  41. You are the kindest, most loyal, and sweetest man I have ever met in my life.
  42. You mean everything to me.
  43. You have made me a better person.
  44. I wouldn’t change a thing about you.
  45. For the first time in my life, I trust and love someone completely.
  46. You are my “happy place.”
  47. When I think of you, I can’t help but smile. I am head over heels in love with you.
  48. I respect, love, and value you as a person in ways I never have.
  49. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have found you.
  50. You make me want to be the best person I can be.
  51. I will always be by your side for support, love, and comfort if or when you need me.

Sweet Things You Can Do to Make Him Cry (with hints)

52. Create a personalized gift by hand

I once created a present for my boyfriend that was a binder with tons of information in it - just for him. He was new to the area, so I added details about the different parks around here where he could go fishing, local restaurants where he could find his favorite cuisine, and lots of delicious recipes because he loves to cook. I added a love poem to the front.

I added pictures of us in there with lots of tabs to separate the sections - each related to one of his favorite things to do. He teared up when he got the gift because he could tell I spent a lot of time working on it, and it still means a lot to him today.

53. Write him a beautiful love letter

We aren’t all poets, and a good deal of people don’t know what to add to love messages, so don’t think you are alone if you struggle here. My first tip is to speak from the heart. Remember what you feel like with your true love and record your emotions on paper. If what you say to your boyfriend comes from the heart, he’ll know what you mean.

Also, you can find anything online! This love letter to your spouse has a lot of beautiful things to say to your man. You know how much you love him and what you feel like being with him, so just write what’s in your heart, and you’ll do just fine! Have faith in yourself!

54. Cook him a special candlelit dinner

If you can’t cook, that’s not a problem. Today, most restaurants offer delivery or take-out, so you can just order what you need to and set up a beautiful display with candles. Break out the china and wine glasses. (Don’t forget to throw out the take-out boxes!)

55. Read poetry to him with words that mean something to you two

It doesn’t have to be something you've written, but try to find a book of poems or look at poetry online to find the perfect words to say to your boyfriend.

56. Talk about how happy he’s made you and cry freely

When you cry, especially when you explain all of the ways that he has made you happier, it may make him cry, so let the tears flow freely down your face.

57. Clean his home and leave little love notes hidden all over

I’ve done this with guys before, and they loved it! It’s a great means to show off your domestic side while doing something sweet for him. When you leave love messages, put them in places that he will see - perhaps when you aren’t around, so he’ll miss you!

58. Plan a mini-vacation that he will absolutely love

plan a mini vacation that he will absolutely love

If you take the time and put a lot of effort into this, it may be the best thing he’s ever had a girl do for him!

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59. Buy him tickets to something

If your boyfriend is a sports fan, buy him tickets to his favorite event, and plan a fun night out. If you take the time to buy him something you know he’ll find especially meaningful, it may make him cry.

60. Give him a sensual massage

Plan something romantic. Remember, you don’t have to do these things every day, but surprise him with something magical, and it will be a time for him to cherish.

61. Spend a day doing things you don’t love, but he enjoys!

It doesn’t have to be something you hate, but sometimes when you suffer a little, it shows how much you care. Like I hate the outdoors, so when I go camping, my boyfriend knows how much I am trying to make him happy.

62. Sign the two of you up for a class

Find something he would love to attend, like a martial arts or woodworking class. The point is to show him how much you care and pay attention to what he says.

63. Really open up to him

Find a quiet moment and tell him your deepest, darkest secrets.

64. Buy him a thoughtful gift that he will appreciate

Think about the things he is most passionate about. What does he talk about every day? If you recall that and buy him something meaningful that corresponds to his hobbies or interests, you may be able to make him cry with joy, and he’ll love it.

65. Make him something very special

For our five-year anniversary, I knitted my boyfriend a very difficult quilt. He knew how hard I worked on it. Now, every chance he gets, he snuggles up with it. It made him feel very loved when I made that.

66. Blindfold him and take him to the animal shelter to buy a pet

blindfold him and take him to the animal shelter to buy a pet

Has your boyfriend been talking about how much he wants a fur baby? Surprise him with a trip to buy one, and his heart will melt.

67. Make a decision to commit to the relationship, explaining you are ready for him to be the only one for you

Once I was dating several guys, and I finally decided to settle down with one. It made him feel so special that I was willing to change my life to make him be my one and only love.

68. Shock him with a real striptease dance

Watch, learn, and memorize a striptease dance to really show your boyfriend how much he means to your life and love. Put the kids to bed early, put on some sexy music, and show off your stuff. He will love it and perhaps fall deeper in love with you, as you have shown how much you care by doing this special thing for him.

69. Make a scrapbook or memory album for him

I try to update our anniversary album every year with memories from our life. My love enjoys reading it to see what I remember from last year.

70. Relive your first date to the very last detail

If you really want your boyfriend to cry and fall even deeper in love with you, show him that you recall the details of your first date by reliving the whole thing. You could even wear the outfit you had on!

71. Get him a picture of the two of you framed

You might even want to add a quote to the frame that means something to the two of you - something straight from the heart. You can always find the love quote online, something you like, and type it up, printing it for the frame. That would be very special!

72. Do something special for him regarding his family

Do some research to show you have paid attention to what is important to him. Maybe do a genealogy project or speak to his relatives to put a scrapbook together with quotes and stories from his family members.

73. Surprise him at work

Sometimes, the things guys like the most are surprises. They like spontaneity and adventure. Send him a gift at his job - something he will love. Maybe send him a fruit bouquet or a cheese and meat basket. Add a love note to the package, and he will know how much you really care!

74. Take him on a fun scavenger hunt

take him on a fun scavenger hunt

This is an inexpensive method to reveal the motives of your heart. Make it adventurous with lots of fun clues and creative surprises along the way!

75. Call him just to be sweet

If you make it a point to call him every time he’s on your mind, he will be overwhelmed with joy! Just make sure you don’t go overboard; see if he reciprocates from time to time.

76. Add little love notes to his lunch

This is a very creative way that you can show how much he means to you. Look up love quotes online if you need some original ideas of what to say. Simply saying something like, “I love you,” or “Every day with you is like a holiday,” should mean a lot to your boyfriend.

77. Hold him close as you tell him all about your feelings for him

Some guys just like to hold girls in silence, but if the moment is right, tell him how much he has meant to your life and what you think about your love for one another.

78. Throw him a surprise party

I have done this with my boyfriend, and it really won him over. His heart was full of joy when he walked into his home with all his friends and family there to celebrate his birthday. You could just do this for fun one day.

79. Write, memorize, and sing a song just for him

If you can’t sing, you could memorize a cool dance from one of his favorite bands, or learn a song on a musical instrument. It’s the thought that counts here.

80. Get emotional and tell him a story from your life

Sometimes, sharing something from your life will make him love you even more because you are opening up and sharing a piece of your heart with what you say to him.

81. Sign him up for a worthy cause

Is your boyfriend into charitable work? If you take the time to do the research on this, he may find it very sweet and meaningful, especially if there is one cause that is close to his heart.

How to Speak From the Heart

Often, when we talk about our feelings, we think about what the other person is going to say back rather than just speaking from the heart. What truly makes your boyfriend unique? How can you truly express your love for him? If you truly love him, you will want the best for him, not necessarily what is best for you. This means you want to support him in his goals in life.

To emit positive emotions with your man, consider filling your day up with positive things. Do activities that make you happy, and you will truly shine when you communicate with your boyfriend. He will see how happy you are and be excited to see what you have to say! Wouldn’t you rather him be happy when you express your feelings than being upset or neutral?

The Power of Positivity suggests doing gratitude exercises like writing down positive things that happened to you and the reasons those things occurred. This can help you have a happy demeanor. Another idea is to write a letter of thanks to someone who has made a difference in your life and read it in person to them. You might want to try this with your boyfriend!

Why Your Boyfriend May Not Be Able to Cry

Some men just don’t cry - no matter what. They have grown up in a hard environment and just become tough guys because of it. Others just learned through experience how to keep their emotions inside so they don’t feel as hurt when they are let down by someone. If your man doesn’t want to cry, he probably won’t no matter what you say to him. Don’t take it personally.

If you want to “trick” him into crying, you could tell him a little fib, but if you decide to go that route (saying you’re pregnant or dying), I would only recommend doing so on April Fool’s Day. You could always peel an onion in front of him to see if that works! Seriously, I wouldn’t push a guy who doesn’t want to cry to do something he doesn’t want to do, so let it go. 

Instead, enjoy the time you spend with him and don’t force him to do something he isn’t comfortable with. You will both be happier in the end!


What to say to your bf to make him love you more?

Say, “I want you to know I don’t fall in love easily, but I love you so much it hurts sometimes. Every single day without you is painful because I miss you so much. In fact, every time I think of how much I love you, I almost cry inside.”

How can I make my boyfriend feel special with words?

Explain it like this: “I know that with someone else, I would not be this happy, because every time I am with you, I’m ecstatic. Every day we are together, I realize that the rest of my life is going to be wonderful because I love you so much!”

Is it okay to cry in front of your boyfriend?

You may wake up one good morning and realize how happy you are and cry. That’s perfectly okay, even if your boyfriend is around. Just say, “Good morning! I know how much I love you and have a few things to say to you.” Speak from the heart and cry!

How can I make my boyfriend feel better when he's sad over text?

Be his best friend every day. I know to make me smile, I want my sweet love to make me laugh with jokes every time I’m sad. Figure out what makes you feel better and try treating him the same way. Tell your love how he’s improved your life.

What to say to your bf to make him cry?

The best things to say to make him cry just come from the heart. Explain that every single day without him is like torture because “You make me feel like the happiest girl in the world! You are my true love and make me feel so happy in life.” 

To Sum Things Up

Have you ever seen your boyfriend cry? What tricks did you use to make his eyes water? Remember, when trying to get your boyfriend to cry, it’s important to make sure the time is right, or it may not happen!

I’d love to hear your comments on this topic! 

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