How To Make Someone Think Of You (7 Ways To Make Sure You’re On His Mind)

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Whether you’re in the early phases of getting to know someone and you want to be at the front of their mind, or you’re trying to figure out ways in which you can make your partner daydream with thoughts about you, it’s important to know how to make someone think of you. No, you don’t need some special telepathic skills, in fact, all you need is a couple of really simple plans.

In this article, we’re going to share all the details on how to make someone think of you, by sharing 7 simple yet effective things you can do to ensure his mind is always thinking of you. So, let’s get started and make someone think about you now!

The Most Important Thing To Understand

Although we’re going to be taking a look at 7 ways in which you can make someone think about you, there is one thing that you need to do first. Obviously, if you’re trying to make someone think about you, they need something to think about first!

You want this person to think highly of you and feel happy when thoughts of you come into their mind, so you need to first establish a good connection with them. You need to make this person feel happy when you’re with them so that when you’re apart, they miss that happiness they feel around you, and when they think of you, they remember happy times with you.

Now that you know that, let’s get into it and see how you can get someone to think about you even when you’re not around.

How To Make Him Think of You

1. Always leave on a positive note

As important as it is to make this person happy when you’re around them, you also need to make sure that you always leave them on a positive note. If you always leave people on a positive note, the last memory they have of you is a happy one, and therefore when they think about you, they remember when they last said goodbye to you.

If you don’t leave people on a positive note and you argue or create some kind of upset, this will be all that they can imagine when they think of you. Therefore, they won’t want to think about you because it’ll bring up negative memories for them.

2. Remind them of a happy memory

A great way to get people to think about you is by reminding them of a happy memory that you both shared with one another. Whether you send them a throwback photo of both of you enjoying life together or you just tell them that you’re thinking about how amazing a certain memory you shared was, reminiscing is a wonderful way to get someone’s mind thinking of you.

3. Send a link to ‘your’ song

send a link to your song

Most people, even those that aren’t officially together yet, have a song that they claim is ‘their’ song, so use this song in this situation! You can send them the link to it, or simply let them know that you’re listening to it and thinking about them. This person will definitely listen and think of you immediately.

4. Post on social media

If you know that this person keeps up to date with your social networks, then you might want to put a post up! Whether you put a story of you looking cute or you post a photo of your food, it really doesn’t matter what the content is, because as soon as your name comes up on this person’s feed, they will think about you.

5. Squirt some perfume onto their bedding

Smell is a really important sense that people often forget about, but it’s actually really transformative. If you smell a certain scent, it can take you right back to the moment that you first smelt it and remind you of a very particular memory with specific people. You can use this to your advantage in this situation.

Take your everyday perfume out before you leave this person’s house and squirt a tiny bit of it onto their bedding (you want this to be subtle, so don’t spray loads). When this person goes to get into bed, they will be instantly reminded of you by the smell.

6. Hide love letters around their house

hide love letters around their house

A really sweet way to get someone to think about you is by leaving love letters at their place before you leave. The love letters don’t have to be anything really fancy, but be sure they’re cute! You could talk about how much you appreciate having this person in your life or how much you like them. When this person finds the love letter(s), their mind will obviously fill with thoughts of you.

7. Leave behind something of yours at their place

A great way to make someone’s mind fill with thoughts of you is by leaving one of your things at their place, such as a jumper or a scarf. You will want to choose something that’s soft so it holds your scent on it and it can be cuddled by this person, but obviously, you don’t want it to be something that you need for your everyday life. As soon as this person sees your item at their place, they will immediately think about you.


How do you make someone want you more?

If you’re trying to make someone want you, you need to remember that the most important time to do this is while you’re with them. You need to create positive memories with this person and make them feel good when they’re in your presence. This way, when the two of you are apart, they will realize how much they miss you and want you.

Can you really make someone fall in love with you?

It’s important to say that no one can force anyone to love them, but people can create the perfect situations for love to blossom and they can do all of the right things so that the chance of someone falling in love with them is high. However, if you want someone to truly fall in love with you, you should be your most authentic self, and they should love you for that!

What is telepathy and how does it work?

Telepathy is the ability to communicate with people through their minds, without any verbal communication. If you’re telepathic, you’re also able to read people’s minds. It’s unclear how telepathy works and if it actually does work at all. Some people do claim to be telepathic, but it’s unclear whether they can actually communicate via the mind and read minds.

How do you get a man to like you?

To get a man to like you for who you are, to create a real connection, you need to be yourself. You can also increase the likeliness of someone feeling attracted to you by making them smile and laugh, by doing them favors, by saying kind things and making them feel good about themselves. You should also try to focus your sexual energy on them.

How do you know if you should date someone?

You should date someone, as long as you like one another, the person respects you and supports you as an independent person, they make you happy, they listen to you and they don’t try to change you or control you. As long as you’re happy and the relationship between the two of you seems healthy, you should give dating them a go.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, after reading this article you understand how to make someone think of you and you can start trying out some of the ways. Remember, getting someone to think about you isn’t rocket science or voodoo magic, as long as you put some simple plans together and take some small actions, you’ll be on the mind of the person you like for a long time.

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