How To Get Revenge On A Guy Who Played You (17 Ways To Make Him Pay)

Last updated on June 10, 2022 by April Maccario

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably the one that was wronged and now you’re looking for ways to get revenge on the guy that hurt you. Some people might disagree with the entire concept of revenge, but I cheer women on, particularly if it’s directed towards someone that hurt them in a relationship. 

Relationships of any kind come with a certain degree of vulnerability, most especially intimate relationships with men. Any guy that still goes on to hurt you in this said state of vulnerability is nothing but wicked and deserves to get back what he served.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”, if you can scorn me, then get ready for fury. It is very simple; it’s the law of payback. You should understand that all actions have consequences, if you feel like you can’t let this one go, then maybe this ex-boyfriend should get a taste of his medicine.

Revenge is a dish best served cold, so I encourage you to make sure you know what you want before walking down this petty street. With that in mind, here are 17 ways to pay back someone that wronged you.

17 Ways To Get Revenge On An Ex

1. Block him everywhere

I cannot overstate the importance of denying him access to your life. Leave him in the dark and in your past where he belongs. Let him run mad with assumptions of what you might or might not be doing.

Block him on all the social media platforms available to mankind. If he can easily catch up with you, then he might feel like you are still susceptible to his tricks and mind games. He should no longer know what you are up to or have access to your status or posts.

2. Put frozen fish or meat in his apartment

His apartment is his haven. A place of rest after the day's work or probably after a full day of hurting someone else. Since he can play you and put your heart in distress, make his place of rest a place of distress too. Make sure you still have the keys to his place, then one day, when he’s not home, place the frozen meat or fish in a hidden place (under his bed or in a high cupboard).

As the frozen meat or fish thaws out and starts to spoil, it will leave a horrible smell. The smell will make it difficult for him to rest or have a good night’s sleep. Mess up his sleep pattern a little. It’s the little price he has to pay for messing with the wrong girl.

3. Get that revenge body

get that revenge body

In contrast to sitting around and eating cold stone's chocolate devotion while crying and watching “The notebook”, take this as an incentive to look and feel better. Go for a run, hit the gym, lift weights, take yoga classes, do those squats in the morning while watching tv. 

The goal isn’t to look skinny, the goal is to channel all the sadness and anger into cultivating a better version of yourself physically and mentally. He has to take a look at your social media and question his decisions. Make him see that he let a good thing go. Get your revenge body and live with the satisfaction that he is squirming in the mistakes he made.

4. Dress well

Whether we admit it or not, men are visual creatures. Even after the break-up, have a period to mourn and feel bad. Once that’s over, you better dress to impress. Even though you don’t feel like it, exude confidence and happiness.

He obviously forgot what a masterpiece you are, so it’s time to remind him and make him regret his actions. Dress well, make him drool over what he’s missing out on and can never have again. This is your time to shine. 

5. Do you

You read that right, enjoy your newfound freedom and do all the things you could not do for the sake of commitment and tolerance while you were in the relationship. If he did not like a specific hair color, well it is time to get the said hair color. If he had issues with you spending quality time with your friends and family, guess what? It’s time to spend time with them.

It will give him a reality check that you are over him. It will sting him also and make him feel less significant. If this isn’t revenging enough, I don’t know what is.

6. The no-contact rule 

The no contact rule simply means refraining from all forms of communication with an ex. It’s the period where you go radio silent. According to Natasha Adamo, The no contact rule is about choosing to fold after witnessing someone unfold. Don’t return his phone calls, emails, or text messages, don’t make yourself accessible to him.

If this becomes difficult, change his name on your phone to “player” or anything that will remind you of what he did to you, so you are reminded of exactly who you are dealing with when his name comes up. Ignore his entire existence. It will make him feel unwanted and irrelevant. 

7. Delete important work files from his laptop

If you have access to his laptop, then deleting important work files from your ex's laptop is a sweet way of getting revenge. Is this a good thing to do? No. But will it make him as sad as you were when you found out he’s a no-good player? Yes. 

He probably put time and a lot of resources into the work files, just like you put in your heart, time and resources into the relationship he agreed to, so why not give him a taste of his own medicine?

8. Let everyone know what he did to you 

Publicly embarrassing your ex for mistreating you is an effective way to get back at him. 

You can call him out on social media, on radio stations, or even take out an ad in the newspaper. Just do it your way and remember that nobody has the right to police how you react to trauma.

If you have proof of his infidelity or abuse, don’t hesitate to let the world know who he is. Remember, you are not telling lies about him, you are only spreading your truth and reality. 

9. Play mind games with him

play mind games with him

Beat this player at his own game. Show him that even a good player can become the toy of a better player. Use his mind tricks against him, send him mixed signals, make him insecure, and then exact your emotional revenge on him.

For instance, send him a text message, something like “I have been reflecting lately, and I miss us” and block him subsequently. Generally, the guy might think you still have feelings for him and take it as a sign to step back into your life for another round of toxicity. He could even come over the next day but see you saying you’re not around from the kitchen window.

The point of all this is to take him on an emotional roller coaster to a point where he is emotionally drained. 

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10. Date one of his friends 

Men are generally competitive and overly protective of their women including women from their past relationships. And dating one of your ex-boyfriend's friends is a sure way to spite his ego. It doesn’t even have to be a serious relationship, make him your rebound guy. 

And I know you are thinking “isn’t it wrong to play with his emotions, his friend wronged me not him” Well, here is your answer. If he is friends with your ex, then he was probably aware of what his friend was doing to you. He is an accomplice, he is not so innocent. Do this and be assured that you’ve gotten even with your manipulating ex.

11. Become financially stable 

In the wise words of Beyonce, “the best revenge is your paper” and honestly, no lies were detected in her words. Show him that being without him has given you more time to be financially successful and you have invested all your anger into working and earning more for yourself.

I know that this does not sound like much of a revenge, but when word gets out that you are earning more and can afford to spoil yourself with gifts and go on trips. It will make him hate that you are doing well financially.

12. Wipe out the memories

It’s time for a social media cleanse. If you want people to feel bad about wronging you, then it’s time to act like they never existed. In this case, delete every picture of him from your social media.

You won’t only make him believe that you are totally over him, but also convince him that he never mattered to you and there is nothing more painful than that.

13. Refuse to help them in their time of need

They hurt you and that means you no longer owe them any form of help whatsoever. They have absolved you of any obligation to help them in their time of need.

Let them down and turn your back on them without feeling any sort of remorse. You shouldn’t give love and support to a person that has hurt you and won’t have your back if tables were turned.

14. Replace phone numbers on his phone

If you have access to his phone and his contacts, then this is perfect for you. Switch the numbers on the phone especially the contact of the woman he is cheating on you with. Swap her number with his mother’s so that when he sends her naughty messages or nude pictures of himself, his mama can see how the son she raised turned out.

This might not seem like a lot but it will surely give you satisfaction that you have gotten him back in your own little way.

15. Pour shaving cream into his body cream

This will work especially if he is crazy about what he looks like. Mix his body cream with a hair removal cream. Let his hair fall off and give him a scare. Remove his hair and make him look like a chicken for hurting the wrong woman.

This is not too extreme I promise. You could have died of heartache, you could have committed suicide from the hurt he caused you, but you didn’t. So allow him to understand the extent of his actions.

16. Target his favorite possession

You were in a relationship with him so you certainly know his favorite things. Get hold of these possessions and give them to charity or sell them and give the returns to charity. Destroying an object he loves will also give him an inkling of what loss and heartbreak feel like.

17. Live your absolute best life

live your absolute best life

Thrive on being single and live your life to the fullest. Self-love and being happy are the best forms of revenge. This might seem absurd, but people that hurt you can not stand it when they see that they have not destroyed you and your ex is no exception.

Work on living life to the fullest extent and show this guy that he cannot take you down because you are way stronger than he thought.


How do you get revenge on a guy?

The guy hurt you without stopping to think of how his actions will harm you and he clearly deserves the consequences of his actions. There are different ways to get back the one that best speaks to you and if you have enough time, doing all is not such a bad idea.

What is the best way to get revenge on someone who broke your heart?

A life well-lived is the best revenge. Live your life to the fullest. Show them that you can be happy without them and your happiness doesn’t revolve around people. Do anything that makes you happy. From getting more money to getting your dream body. 

How do you make him regret hurting you?

Choose yourself and your happiness by becoming inaccessible to his manipulations. It will make him look insignificant and unwanted and that’s how to make him regret hurting you.

How do you deal with a guy who played you?

The first way to deal with a guy like this is to take a minute to reflect and really scrutinize the entire relationship. If possible, list out the many ways he two-timed you and carefully draw out your plan on how to repay him in his own coin.

What does silence do to a man?

Silence is extremely loud and what it does to a man is that it renders him confused and powerless, especially someone that hurt you. They no longer have access to you and that in itself is revenge enough.

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy reading this list? Don’t forget that this guy had enough time to think about the consequences of his actions, and still went on to hurt you. Don’t hold anything back, let him know you are one to not be toyed with. Let me know what you think in the comments and share this article if you enjoyed it.

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