How To Feel Sexy (51 Life-Changing Tips)

Last updated on June 12, 2022 by April Maccario

Although other people and partners can help to make you feel sexy, sexiness really comes from within. Even if someone smothers you in compliments and shows you that they think you’re sexually attractive, it won’t make a difference if you don’t think you’re sexy yourself and aren’t confident in your sexuality. 

However, if you are confident in your sexuality, you’ll be able to enjoy other people’s compliments towards you, because you agree with them. 

In addition, when you feel sexy, you’ll feel more confident and more comfortable with yourself, meaning you will open yourself up to better opportunities in all aspects of your life. Hence, it’s so important that you know not only how to feel sexy, but how to be sexy, inherently. 

So, if you've never been further from feeling sexy or you are relying too much on other people’s attention to feel good about yourself, this article is here to help. We’re going to take a look at 51 of the best tips that will help you to feel sexier and more confident in yourself and your sexuality. 


How Do You Feel Sexy?

1. Say nice things every day to yourself

Say nice things every day to yourself

So, let’s get it straight from the beginning, you are sexy and beautiful and the only person holding you back from feeling like you are is yourself. Many people deal with incredible amounts of self-doubt and don’t prioritize self-love. So, don’t be one of those people - learn to be kind to yourself and love yourself. Practice saying nice things about yourself at least once a day.

2. Use visualization techniques

Visualization is a really powerful tool, and you can become what you visualize. So, make time each day to visualize yourself how you want to feel - imagine yourself being sexy and feeling great. Imagine how your life would benefit from being confident in your sexuality. 

3. Create a sexy mantra

A mantra is something you can say each day to yourself that makes you feel good by clearing your mind, getting you to focus on your goal, and helping you believe what you say. So, create a sexy mantra that you can say each day you wake up, or go to bed. It can be as simple as saying, “I am sexy” and repeating multiple times.

4. Set goals

Goals are a great way to monitor your progress and see how far you’ve come. So, with something like wanting to feel sexier, you might want to set little goals that you can achieve along the way to feeling 100% sexy and confident. For example, a goal could be to be comfortable walking around your home naked.

5. Stop comparing yourself to others

You’re never going to allow yourself to be comfortable in your sexuality if you’re always comparing yourself with other people. So, stop that now. The comparison will only hold you back.

6. Treat yourself to new lingerie

There’s nothing quite like a set of beautiful new lingerie to make you feel good, especially if you’re someone that finds yourself wearing undies you’ve had for years. Treat yourself to a set you’ve had your eyes on for a while, or branch out and get something more exciting than usual.

7. Do a style overhaul

An easy way to activate your inner sexual goddess is to do a style overhaul. When was the last time you cleared your closet? Are you confident in the clothes you wear? This is the perfect excuse to sort your clothes out and head to the shops to buy for a style you wish for.

8. Read erotica

Reading an erotic novel or listening to an erotic audiobook is guaranteed to make you excited. It’ll not only turn you on, but it might also give you some ideas for the bedroom.

9. Flirt, a lot

If you’re single, there’s nothing quite like flirting to make you feel empowered and naughty. You might even find the perfect guy for you! If you’re in a relationship, harmless flirting can also boost your confidence and make you understand that you’re desirable if you otherwise don’t think you are.

10. Start working out

Start working out

Getting fit not only releases endorphins that make you feel happier, but it will also make you feel good knowing you’re getting more shapely, stronger, and healthier. It could help with you learning to love yourself more. 

11. Go for a massage

Something guaranteed to make you feel great is having a massage. It’ll not only help you relax and unwind, but it’s also an awesome way to indulge in some you-time and treat yourself. 

12. Enjoy long bubble baths

Something many people tend to bypass when they’re trying to feel good about themselves is how powerful enjoying a bubble bath can be. Bubble baths are not only relaxing and a massive treat to your body, but you’ll get out of the tub feeling rejuvenated and loving your smooth and supple body.

13. Ditch tights for stockings

Tights are great because they’re easy to pull on and wear all day. However, they really aren’t the most sensual items of clothing. But, do you know what is? Stockings. Stockings will make you feel beautiful, so make the switch.

14. Wear nice underwear every day

Nice underwear isn’t just for special occasions in the bedroom, and you should always wear nice lingerie to make sure you’re feeling your best, even if your work clothes or chill out clothes aren’t the most appealing.

15. Take sensual photographs

Taking some sensual photographs can really help you to embrace your body and understand the attraction you have. You don’t have to send them to anyone unless you want to treat your partner, but just the act alone of taking cheeky photos will help you to feel sexy.

16. Swap artificial lights for candles

Although it sounds simple, switching artificial lights for candlelight can really help to set a more sensual mood. Plus, everyone looks so beautiful in the glowing yellow light.

17. Walk around your home in a lacy nighty, or naked

There’s nothing more elegant and freeing than walking around your home in a lacy nighty or fully naked. Why not go and pour yourself a glass of wine in the nude? Or cook dinner in that beautiful baby doll you love so much? Just remember to close the curtains...or not.

18. PDA

Obviously, this tip can only happen if you have a partner, but public displays of affection can really get you aroused and feeling sexual. So, kiss your partner for a little longer or brush up their leg whilst you’re at dinner, it’ll turn you both on.

19. Go and get your hair done

How amazing is the feeling of walking out of a salon with a fresh hairdo? Really good! Getting your hair done is just one of those things that makes you feel like a fabulous new woman, so get booked in.

20. Practice yoga

Practice yoga

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Yoga can really help to quiet the mind whilst moving your body in slow, sensual movements. It will allow you to connect more deeply with yourself.

21. Meditate

Linked with yoga, although not inseparable, meditation is a great way to quiet your mind and reconnect with what’s going on inside. It can be useful to help you accept yourself and your body.

22. See your girlfriends

Although you might think to try and feel sensual you should spend lots of time with your partner, it’s actually a good idea to spend some moments away from them or from anyone you’re being intimate with. Spending time with your girlfriends allows you to be exactly who you are, and you might even be able to share tips with each other.

23. Watch sexy films

There are so many sexual films out there, from Fifty Shades of Grey to 365 Days, just press play and get ready to be aroused.

24. Treat yourself to a new sex toy

Whether you’re a frequent user of sex toys or not, they’re exciting and pleasurable to use, both alone and with a partner, so get online and order one. It’ll spice things up!

25. Self-pleasure

Masturbation is a great way to not only arouse yourself but also get to know yourself better and learn what you like and what you don’t like. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, allow yourself space every week to get to know yourself better, and have fun.

26. Give yourself a massage

Grab some essential oils or body oil and give yourself a massage. Or, if you have a  partner, get them to massage you. It’ll not only be stress-relieving, but it’ll also turn you on touching your own body or having your partner touch it.

27. Use a nice body lotion

Using nice smelling lotions on your skin can help you feel good about yourself, feel sensual, and also smell great. Rubbing lotion on your skin after a bath or shower is also a way to connect with your body more.

28. Create a sexy soundtrack

Compile all of your favorite sexual or romantic songs into a playlist and give it a listen every week or so. Let the music transport you to sensual heaven.

29. Dirty talk

Dirty talk is an awesome way to get aroused, so next time you are getting it on with your partner, whisper in their ear. It’ll feel great for them, but better for you because you’re the one in control of the words.

30. Dress for your shape

Dress for your shape

Dressing well for shape takes a while to get the hang of, but once you do it, you’ll notice how amazing your body looks when clothes properly flatter you.

31. Sleep naked

Sleeping naked lets you get comfortable with your body, and the feeling of your sheets or your partner’s body against your bare skin feels incredible.

32. Share sexual fantasies

Spicing things up will help you feel sexier, so share your sexual fantasies with your partner, and try something new in the bedroom. Sex can sometimes get a little monotonous in long-term relationships, so keep it fun and fresh.

33. Use role play in the bedroom

If you want to feel sexier, you can take on the persona of a character and allow them to take over. You can do this using different types of role play, which will not only spice things up in bed but will give you a renewed sense of self.

34. Schedule date night

In a relationship, you might find yourself overwhelmed with chores, work duties, or childcare the majority of the time. So, it’s super important you create space and schedule a weekly date night. Schedule it in and stick to it. You need to be a sexy woman that’s been taken out once in a  while.

35. Play around with makeup

Although not everyone likes makeup, you can play around with new styles of makeup to give you some more sex appeal when you’re feeling low. For example, smokey eyes and red lips will have you loving yourself.

36. Spend time looking at yourself naked in a mirror

To feel confident and sexual, you need to know, love, and accept your body. So spend time daily looking at yourself naked in the mirror and admiring your body. You will learn to love what you look like.

37. Send naughty texts

Sending cheeky texts can help you to feel aroused, and feel a little bit naughty because you’re the instigator. 

38. Brush your hands over your body

Take your hands and lightly brush your fingertips over your body, caressing yourself. This is an easy, quick, and simple way to feel turned on and enjoy the sensual skin you are in.

39. Work on good posture

Stand up straight, pull your stomach in, shoulders back and bum out and you have good posture. Good posture makes you look more confident and helps you act accordingly. 

40. Try new things and go to new places

Try new things and go to new places

To gain confidence and enjoy your sexuality, you need to push the boundaries and step outside of your comfort zone. Try going to new places alone, or trying out new activities. The fact that you’ll be able to see how capable you are will light a fire of inspiration and self-belief within you.

41. Get your dance moves out

Dancing is a great way to let go of stagnant energy and get your sultry mind and body going. So, put on your favorite songs and dance like you’re Beyonce. Move your body slowly and sensually to feel more aroused.

42. Wear the outfit that makes you feel the best

Every woman has an outfit that makes her feel beautiful, so when you’re having a rough day, put it on and own it. You know you look great.

43. Take time for yourself every day

As mentioned above, feeling sensual isn’t about your partner and you spending loads of time together. You need to take time to focus on yourself. So, remember to allocate yourself some space to do exactly what makes you feel fabulous each day.

44. Getaway with your lover

You might love your job or your kids or your dogs, but let’s be honest, you don’t feel sexy with responsibilities around you all the time and the last thing you want to do at night is to stay up and make passionate love - you just want to sleep! So, take a romantic vacation with your lover and get it on.

45. Reminisce on a sexy moment

Think back to a time when you had amazing sex, or you tried something new and exciting with your lover and let the thought of that time get you excited and hot and bothered.

46. Make sure you smell good

Surprisingly, scents are incredibly important when it comes to getting aroused. So, to not only get yourself turned on but also to turn on your lover, put special perfume on daily.

47. Have sex

This is a really obvious one, but it has to be said - if you want to feel sexy, have sex. Make time in your busy schedule for lovemaking, and see how the more you have, the more you get.

48. Hang onto a kiss for a little longer than usual

Holding onto someone’s kiss for a bit longer than usual will quickly turn a quick peck into a passionate moment.

49. Daydream about your ideal sexy situation

Spend some time daydreaming about what your favorite celebrity crush is like in bed, or think about all the things you want to try with your lover. Doing something as simple as this will make you aroused fast.

50. Change sweats for something cuter

Change sweats for something cuter

Chill out clothes might be undeniably comfortable and cozy, but if you want to embody a sultry goddess, it’s a good idea to opt for something more luxurious, elegant, and demure in an evening rather than joggers.

51. Smile

A smile is your sexiest asset, so wear it, even if you don’t wear anything else.


How do I become the hottest version of myself?

The first thing you need to realize is that you are already the hottest version of yourself. How you are right now is absolutely perfect, and the only thing that needs to change is the opinion you have of yourself. So, after following some, if not all, of the tips above, you should feel like the hottest version of yourself.

How can I feel attractive again?

Take a good read of the 51 tips above, and apply them to your daily life. For example, even by just taking a bubble bath, putting on some nice body lotion, and getting into bed naked, you’ll feel much more sensual. If you are doing these things regularly, it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll be feeling sexy for the majority of your life.

How can I make myself look more attractive?

Let’s say it again - you are already attractive! But, if you’re trying to figure out how to be sexier, it’s pretty simple. You’ll want to have good posture, possibly try a new hairstyle, wear clothes that compliment your figure, smile more, and exude confidence.

How can I look attractive and confident?

You can look attractive and confident by simply making the decision to do it. Be confident and believe in your attractiveness. Of course, having good personal hygiene, wearing flattering outfits, having nice hair, good makeup, and being healthy and fit does help. However, you could have all of those things and still not believe in yourself, meaning you won’t look confident or be that attractive, because you’ll be unsure of yourself.

What facial features are attractive on a woman?

All facial features are attractive, but men tend to be mainly attracted to the lips, eyes, eyebrows, and cheekbones. Typically, men are attracted to fuller lips, wide eyes, dark eyebrows, and high set cheekbones. However, it’s vital to understand that there are so many different types of beauty, and each person has a different idea of what they want their dream partner to look like.

In The End,

Now you’re all knowledgeable about how to feel sexy, it’s time for you to go and incorporate an array of these tips into your daily life. Have fun with trying out these tips, and remember, feeling sexy is a mindset. 

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