How To Dress Sexy For Your Man (21 Ways To Dress To Keep Him Hooked)

Last updated on June 10, 2022 by April Maccario

We all agree that looking good is an important aspect of life. Since men are naturally moved by what they see, this is an easy way to keep your partner’s eyes glued on you once in a while.  

It’s natural to want to appear more attractive to your partner, and use your physique to seduce him. This is something you can easily accomplish if you know some styling tips and tricks. 

If you want to know how to dress sexy for your man to make him love you deeper than he already does, then this article is the right guide for you. 

Loaded with 21 insightful ways to spice up things between you and your partner, you will definitely get the results you’re looking for. Keep reading to find out more.  

21 Ways To Dress Sexy For Your Man

1. Wear sexy lingerie 

Wear sexy lingerie

There’s a reason why lingerie is an all-time favorite for looking sexy. Not only is lingerie going to instantly help you appear hot to your partner, but it’s a quick confidence boost. There’s something exciting when you wear great lingerie, especially one that you like, which obviously makes you feel sexy. 

Once you have that subconscious feeling that you’re hot, this will radiate in your countenance, which your partner will also obviously notice. When you’re not worrying about the alignment of the lingerie you wear, you will not only appear amazing, but you’ll have a breath of fresh air to feel amazing. 

2. Wear some high heels 

High heels are known for elongating a lady’s legs, making her appear taller, and inevitably, making her look even hotter around the leg region. More so, there’s a significant difference when you wear flats and when you wear heels. Your hips and breast protrude more, and your poise is top-notch. This is why wearing heels is an instant method to appear attractive to your partner. 

Heels can go with almost every attire put on, which is a plus advantage irrespective of your style choice. Though many people avoid putting on heels because they deem it uncomfortable, there are many brands selling comfort with their shoes, which can be your go-to option if you really want to appear hot to men. 

3. Red works wonders

Men love red! No doubt, this color is commonly used to grab attention, which is why it’s a statement color if you love to look sexy to men. If you’re trying to get the attention of your partner, then you should definitely incorporate red into your attire. There are different ways to use red to appear bold, daring, and hot. You can use it in your lipstick, jewelry, on your fingernails, or even with your shoes. 

Also, you can try wearing a fitted red gown, and watch how your partner swoons over you. If you’re not afraid to dye your hair to a ginger tone, then you can also do that once in a while. Basically, don’t be afraid to put on red around the house in whichever manner you like.

4. Show your legs

A lady’s legs are always an attractive feature. This is why showing them off is an easy manner to appear sexy for your partner. To get the attention of your man, wearing a short dress or skirt, around the house is a huge turn on. However, if you don’t want to show it all, then opting for a tight gown with a slit is a subtle method to appear more attractive with your legs. 

Going all-in with a short gown with elongate your physique, thereby drawing attention to your legs. If you choose a flared outfit, it will add more volume to your backside, giving you a curvy figure. If you decide to go for a tight outfit, this will also reveal your attractive natural curves.

5. Wear a jumpsuit 

There’s something incredibly attractive about jumpsuits, which is unknown to the average eye. It takes little to no effort to put together but still goes a long way at highlighting the striking features of a woman’s body. The truth about jumpsuits is that it gives the impression that you’re not readily seeking for attention, but you’re still looking incredibly attractive while doing it. 

It also reveals another attractive part of the body, which is your legs, and easily elongates your physique. It showcases your curves even more and reveals what may have been hiding under other dresses. Putting on a jumpsuit is an easy method to remind your partner that you have a nice physique, combined with striking features.  

6. Wear animal prints

Here’s something else many men love - animal prints. This is another style that screams sexy and seductive. It goes a long way in exposing curves and adding volume to a woman’s body. It doesn’t matter the type of physique you have, every woman can make animal prints work. 

You can pair it with black heels, or something plain if you’re trying to be subtle. On the other hand, if you like you can go all out and put on a bandage dress with an animal print. This will show that you’re not afraid to show your hot side. Animal prints are bold and daring, and will definitely catch the attention of your partner. 

7. Go strapless

Go strapless

Strapless outfits are another real turn on for men. Wearing a sexy black strapless dress is a good easy manner to reveal your body sensually. Truth is, there’s no bad method to wear a strapless unit because it will always highlight your good features. 

Whether you have a small or big bust, the strapless dress will put his concentration on this area in a good manner. Also, strapless outfits have a way of creating a slender figure on women, since basically, the unit is starting from below the shoulders. 

If you think some nice jewelry will bring the dress to life, go ahead and add them. Or you can rock the unit naturally, to put the focus on you and your skin. Make sure you pick a style or size that you like and feel comfortable wearing, which also compliments your figure. You want the attention to be on the top region of your body, and away from any other part that might not complement it. 

8. Lace outfits are attractive too

Nothing explains the feminine gender more than a lace outfit. I think it’s charming, feminine, and when styled right, can help you appear simple yet sexy in minutes. This is why a lace outfit is a great option if you want to dress sexy for men. It doesn’t reveal too much but leaves the eye wanting more. 

More so, lace comes in different patterns, which only lures people’s attention to what you’re putting on. Since lace is a versatile fabric, there are multiple styles of lace clothing. This also means you have a lot of options to help you achieve the look you think he will like.

9. Wear a shirt dress

You see, if you’re really keen on comfort, then a shirt gown should be your go-to option. It’s simple, yet exceedingly attractive and will definitely get the attention of your partner. The amazing thing about shirt dresses is that if you like, you can even wear your man’s shirt, and still rock it effortlessly. The sole idea of you wearing his shirt is to make you appear a little sexier in his eyes. 

You can pair this unit with some heels, or with a bold and stylish belt to make a statement out of the attire. However you decide to style it, your comfort will still be intact while every other aspect of the unit reveals your stylish side.  

10. Show a little cleavage through that lingerie

If you like to look super-hot, then reveal a naturally sexy part of your body, which is your cleavage. It can be a major wow-factor to any outfit, and will easily get your partner to think about how hot you are. Go ahead and reveal every part of your cleavage with a fitted or loose gown, but ensure it stands out and highlights your sexiness. 

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A side boob reveal is another turn on for men. It is also an alternative to showing some cleavage. This will add length to your physique since it’s a vertical drop style. If you have a short neck, this is a style tip that can help your neck appear longer at every angle. More so, if you have a small bust and you’re afraid showing a cleavage wouldn’t work, you can always fall back to classic push-ups to create that sense of fullness you like and know will turn him on.

11. Show some skin

It’s true that many women are too afraid to show some bare skin in outfits as they think it’s too sluttish, however, this is surprisingly an easy manner to show sexiness. It doesn’t have to be too much, it just has to be positioned strategically to leave much to the unknown and create attraction. 

There are a lot of outfits that show bare skin, but if you’re really looking to turn up your sexy game, then cut-out dresses are a go-to option. As the name implies, they’re cut at attractive spots that men tend to love, and will easily leave your man’s eyes wanting more. This will also significantly get the eyes of your man glued on you.

12. Flared outfits work too

If you really want to reveal the sexiness of your physique, then you might like a flared outfit. The amazing thing about flared outfits is that it creates fullness around your hips, giving you a curvier figure. The more voluminous your hips seem, in comparison to a much more slender upper region, the sexier you will appear to your man. 

The good part is that you can achieve this with little to no effort. Whether it’s a skirt or a gown, all flared outfits create an illusion of fuller hips, irrespective of your natural physique. More so, they reveal the legs in an attractive way. This gives it a double advantage in increasing your attractiveness to men.  

13. Wear metallic dresses which are incredibly attractive

It’s almost impossible to ignore sparkling things. Most women seem to like them - at least in little amounts. This is why an easy method to get your man stargazed by your looks is by implementing some glitter tones. This can easily be achieved with metallic dresses. 

The best method of rocking a metallic gown is by opting for a fitted one. This will reveal your curvy physique (which I’m sure he would love to see more of), and will also help you stand out effortlessly

You can also incorporate more sexiness, by going for a little cleavage as well. However, if you think a subtle approach is better, then you can get a covered style and your man will still definitely have his eye on you. Since metallic dresses are ever so colorful, it’s best to get the one that best complements your skin tone. 

14. Go for front zip dresses

Since the major reason you want to appear more attractive, is to keep your man’s eyes glued on you, going for front zip dresses is an easy manner to stir up some sensual temptation when he looks at you. There’s something enticing about front zip dresses, especially when the zipper runs from top to bottom. The fact that it’s incredibly easy to take off, will get your partner fixated on you, and leave him wanting more. 

Incorporate different styles and patterns to bring out your curves, and if you’re willing to make a statement with your outfit, go for a fitted dress. If you want to go subtle, a simple black front zip gown will still catch his attention nonetheless. 

15. Opt-in for a mesh dress 

Opt-in for a mesh dress

Mesh dresses have a signature look that can help a lady look hot easily. The subtle transparent appearance brings an illusion of revealing your body, while still being covered. Such dresses come in many styles and patterns, and the mesh is strategically placed at parts of the body that will help you look attractive. You can also opt for a fully revealing mesh dress, and simply wear something underneath. 

This will give a naked impression to your man when you’re really not naked. This is the perfect manner to look attractive, and catch your man’s attention in seconds. More so, mesh dresses come in different styles, so it’s important to choose the one that best flaunts your figure, and reveals your sexiness. 

16. Learn more makeup tips

There are numerous ways to appear more attractive with makeup. This can be done with simple and natural looks for a more subtle approach; or a bold and vibrant look, for those that are not afraid to take it up a notch. A different lipstick or eyeshadow shade will definitely allow your facial features to pop. 

Complementing your outfits with makeup is an added advantage in achieving a full sexy look. This may not necessarily require professional knowledge; you only need to know what works best for your face. Your man will definitely notice the difference, and will definitely appreciate the effort. 

17. Go for sexy hairstyles

Switching up your hairstyle once in a while is an easy way to spice up your appearance. It’s best to go for styles that highlight your striking features, and will easily make you appear attractive. In order to accomplish this, you need to know the specific face type you have and the type of hairstyle that will complement it.

If you have a round face, then going for something long rather than short is a recommended option. On the other hand, if you have a slender face, then a curly hairstyle might spice up things a bit. Placing your hair to one side, in order to reveal your shoulders, is another way to leave the eyes wanting more.

18. Try new scents each time

Have you ever wondered why perfume brands advertise sexiness with their scents? Truth is, scents have a natural way of causing attraction. When combined with an attractive outfit, everyone, especially your man, will have their eyes on you. Sexiness also transcends beyond what the eyes can see and affects our senses. 

According to research, scents are attached to specific feelings, meaning that people feel certain ways when they come across certain scents. This explains why it’s possible to have a nostalgic feeling, simply by scenting something. Try some bold and sexy scents if you’re trying to look sexier for your man, and watch it work wonders. 

19. Focus on hygiene

Appearing attractive isn’t only about looks – it also has to radiate from within. You have to not only look good but feel and smell good as well. Altogether, this will be the embodiment of your true sexiness. 

Keep to regular hygiene schedules like shaving your underarms, or removing dark tones from your body. More so, give your skin the utmost care and attention it needs, while also refraining from stressful activities if possible. 

This will ensure you have a natural glow, and that you remain attractive even without sexy clothes. Also, opt for brands that have more natural ingredients, and fewer chemicals, to ensure your skin stays healthy and vibrant. Lastly, eat healthy so you can stay healthy and maintain your great physique.   

20. Hit the gym

Hit the gym

If you’re not satisfied with your attempts to look sexier, one time or another, you might also want to try some workout plans to further advance your appearance. Not only will this improve your appearance, but it will keep you healthy, which is a natural confidence boost.

Nevertheless, don’t hit the gym if you’re having issues with your body image. This will make your efforts to look sexy futile because you won’t entirely be satisfied with the results. Looking attractive starts from the mind, and if you can convince yourself that you look attractive, you will inevitably feel hot, which everyone, especially your partner will notice.

21. Go natural once in a while

If your partner likes things a bit natural as supposed to being all dressed up, then don’t hesitate to wear your hair down, or perhaps into a loose messy bun, and just be natural. You don’t have to be widely dressed every time. Sometimes, a natural look can be the wow-factor that makes your partner see you more attractive. Instead of going with a popular notion of what sexy looks like, you can pay attention to what he likes, and go for that instead. 

He could like you to put on shorts more often, prefer a shorter hair-style, or even find loose clothing attractive. Some men prefer the no-makeup look, which is why it’s important to take out time to know what he would like. This will help you achieve your aim of looking sexier, without the hassle involved in changing your wardrobe. 


What should I wear for my boyfriend in bed?

If you’re trying to look sexier for your partner, then going to bed in over-sized clothing or regular pajamas, is not a recommended option. Wear light clothing, perhaps only his shirt to bed. You can also opt-in for some silk night wears, preferably short to appear more attractive. Wearing lingerie to bed is also a recommended option because it will definitely make you look sexier. 

What outfits do guys find most attractive?

Men are naturally moved by what they see, so if you’re able to put together an outfit that reveals your features in the best way possible, he will find you attractive. There are a variety of outfits guys like on women, but this varies, depending on the guy. What you should always consider, is what works best for you, and how the unit complements your features. 

How can I surprise my man in bed?

Wearing lingerie to bed is an easy manner to surprise your partner. This is because, irrespective of your physique, lingerie will instantly make you look sexier. Getting high-quality lingerie is recommended to ensure it fits right, and you’re not constantly disturbed by trying to adjust it. Keep it classy, and only choose the lingerie that will make you feel the most confident about yourself.   

How can I be more sexually attractive to my boyfriend?

You can be more sexually attractive to your boyfriend by dressing sexier and implementing some style tips to keep his eyes glued on you. But before you try new things, try to find out what your boyfriend likes, and work in line with that. You can also try to surprise your partner in bed with some sexy lingerie to keep his attention on you.

How can I look sexier?

The first step to looking sexier is knowing your body. Find out the distinctive features about your body that stand out, and try to showcase them with sexy clothing. You can appear hot even without revealing too much skin, but you need to understand certain attires that work well for you. If you have long legs, wearing heels and flared dresses really make you stand out more than ever. This and so many others will help you appear sexier, once you know your body perfectly.

To End Things Off...

Did you enjoy this article? Remember that your partner might interpret looking sexy in different ways, other than sexy lingerie. This means you should focus more on what you know your partner would love to see more of, rather than a general opinion of what being hot looks like. In time, dressing sexy for him will be easier than ever. 

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