Do I Like Him? (21 Meaningful Signs)

Last updated on June 6, 2022 by April Maccario

Love can be the most exhilarating feeling. This single emotion can give you butterflies, a faster heart rate, and more while you simultaneously lose all sense of logic. That’s the beauty in suddenly falling head over heels for someone. 

But, what about when a guy has caught your attention, and you’re not sure if you like him? Sometimes, you have to figure out whether you really like a guy. You might, but there are plenty of other reasons that he might be occupying your mind, and none of them lead to a relationship. 

How Do You Know If You Like A Guy?

Before looking at how you feel about a guy, you need to look within yourself. Take a good look at what you want with this guy. Is it purely physical? Or perhaps you like the idea of the guy to the point that you romanticize about a future together? 

Another common reason that you might think you like a guy could just be that you’re lonely. All of these points to not really liking someone for who they are. 

These other tips will help you figure out how to know if you like a guy or not. 

1. Is it all about his looks?

You see a guy, and you’re suddenly attracted to his appearance. His dark hair looks flawless. His tanned skin mesmerizes you. Those baby blue eyes make your knees weak. Suddenly, you can’t stop thinking about the mysterious stranger. That happens. Looks are among the first things that we notice about someone. When you really like someone for who they are, you like more than their looks. 

Take a second to look beyond that handsome face. Think about how well you two know each other? Have you been excusing his flaws because he’s hot? Or maybe you love his personality? When you have been blowing off red flags and flaws, you just like the guy for his looks. When you can name more than two things you love that goes beyond his appearance, like his life goals, you like this guy for more than that. 

2. Can you make a list?

Write a list comprised of what you like, and dislike. This can’t be fantasies about what you would like to be later, such as relationship goals. Your list should be things that you like right now. If you can’t make a list, you probably like the fantasy more than anything. When you can, that’s a sign that you like his personality as well. 

3. How well you know him

It can be easy to mistake those feelings of lust or butterflies during the beginning for something more, so always consider how well you know this guy. This can tell you whether you really like this guy or not. If you just met one another, and know almost nothing about the guy, chances are that you might not really like him. How can you truly love a man that you know very little about?

If you have had a chance to get to know more than the basics, think about how well you really know the guy. Are you aware of his life goals? Where is he employed? At least more than two things? If you answered yes, and you still like this guy, you just answered your own ‘do I like him’ question. 

4. Do you want to get to know this guy?

Do you want to get to know this guy

When you don’t know someone very well and have feelings for them, usually, you want to get to know them. This can be because you’re trying to decide whether they are relationship potential. 

Not knowing them very well is not a deal-breaker, but when you choose not to get to know someone or can’t see them being a part of your future either, those are signs that you might not genuinely enjoy them as a person. They’re just someone that you should be friends with or have some fun with. 

5. Are you lonely?

Maybe you just miss the feel of someone sleeping next to you or sharing the joys of life with. If you think about a particular person when those feelings of loneliness hit, chances are pretty good that you might not actually like him as more than friends. When you have genuine feelings for a person, you’ll think about them more than just when you wish you had some company. 

6. Are you just horny?

This one goes hand in hand with thinking about someone because you’re lonely. If you had a fling, and you know he’s great in bed, you might just be in the mood. 

When you think of him, is it only when you’re in the mood? If so, you might not like him. You actually just appreciate how great he is when you hit the sheets. 

7. Do you see yourself in a relationship?

If you think that you’re better off single, and you have a crush that’s taking over your thoughts, he’s just a passing phase. 

When you genuinely have a thing for someone, you’ll be able to see yourself with them. You’ll want to spend a portion of your life with them. 

8. Can you see him in your future?

This is one of the biggest signs that two people can be together. When you see a guy in your future and can picture taking vacations together, that says that you really like this guy. When a man can see a future with you, you might as well be in a relationship now. 

9. How long have you had feelings?

A crush will go away as time goes on and you aren’t with them. You’ll get distracted and pay attention to other things. True feelings will not go away so easily. This could be infatuation, and that has the potential to become true love. When you’ve felt this way for months, he’s more than just a phase. 

10. Ask your friends

Your friends and close family members know you better than you think. When you’re looking at something from the outside looking in, you can see a lot more clearly. 

Call your bestie and ask them what they think. When you’re still hung up on an ex, they’ll know. When you have real feelings, they’ll also know that. Make sure to ask someone that is honest versus that friend that always tells you what you want to hear. 

11. Maybe he’s a rebound?

If you’re still hung up on your ex, there remains a good chance that you are trying to use this guy as a rebound

Moving beyond a past relationship can be hard, especially with someone you really loved. Sometimes, you want to give all your attention to a new thing, or person, to distract yourself. To determine whether you have a future, look at how recent your past relationship was. This can tell you a lot. 

12. Look at your actions

Your actions will say more than your late-night thoughts to yourself will. When you have feelings for someone, you might not have to make sure by making a list. Take a moment to look at the way that you are acting. Are you going out of your way? Making sure you pick up lunch or giving him extra attention? Perhaps rearranging your schedule so the two of you have a break at the same time? 

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If you answered yes to any of those, that means that you like him. We put forth effort for things, or people, they feel might be worth that effort. You might find yourself trying to excuse this as just being a nice person. Compare how you treat that guy to how you treat your friends. Everyone acts nicer to their future relationship during the beginning than they treat everyone else, even when they don’t admit it. 

13. You’ve been on a couple of dates

When you first meet people, a connection can come easily. As time goes on, that spark transforms into feeling as though they are your best friend. If you’ve been dating this guy, and still want to go on future dates or feel closer than ever, you definitely like him. 

14. Take a quiz

When you’re still not sure or keep going through the same things as you think about this guy, take a quiz. It will tell you whether you’re relationship-minded and have feelings for them or not.

The questions are usually pretty obvious, but they will get you thinking, which can really help you figure out your feelings.

15. Eye contact

Eye contact

Sometimes, a psychologist can tell when you like someone before you can. This could be because when people have romantic feelings for each other, they display specific body language

For example, people that want each other have mutual eye contact more. A person will usually avoid looking at things they dislike. When you like someone, you are more likely to stare, even when you do so unintentionally. 

16. The green-eyed monster comes out

Think about them having a relationship with someone else. Did that make your blood boil? Pay attention to these signs of jealousy: 

  • You want more attention
  • You feel sad when he pays attention to another person
  • You wish he was having fun with you
  • There’s a nagging feeling when he likes someone else

Most consider it normal to feel those small twinges of jealousy when you like a person. Just make sure that you are not showing the signs of unhealthy jealousy during a relationship. 

17. Paying close attention to conversations

We display one type of body language with friends, and other body languages when we have feelings for someone. This could mean a crush, a person saying something fascinating, or someone that we want a relationship with. 

Leaning forward when a person speaks is natural when you like someone. People do this when they are paying close attention to what they are saying. Most people might not realize this, but that’s also how to tell whether you’re truly listening to someone. 

18. Smiling more

Smiling more happens to be another subconscious move we make when a guy has captivated us. When we notice they are paying attention to us, we smile. 

Most people will smile so big that they show their teeth too. This is a great way to catch his attention when a man has been giving you butterflies all evening and you want him to notice you, too. 

19. You care

When you want them in your life, you find little ways to show that you care about them, which puts you in their life. That’s not because you want attention, but because you care. Maybe you make sure that he’s had lunch, or send a text to tell him he’s on your mind just to bring a smile to his face. You find yourself doing one little thing after another because you genuinely care. 

20. You find reasons to touch

Maybe you’re at the movies and scoot closer. Or you sit closer so your leg can brush up against his under the table. The more you’re around each other, the more you find that you’re finding reasons to touch him or finding yourself in his personal space. When this doesn’t result in touching, examples of this behavior are sitting closely together, walking closer than you used to, etc.

We all are guilty of this type of behavior on some level when we have feelings for someone. Men do this most of the time when they like someone too. Some might use this as a way of getting your attention while others will never realize that they’re "accidentally" touching someone.

21. He’s already part of your life

Participating in a thing with the family? He’s already said he’s coming. Fun activities with the children? Of course, he’s already met them and all the people in your life. Dealing with a stressful thing? You dial his number every time you have work stress. When he’s already entered your life, you both enjoy companionship things together, have chemistry and he hangs out with everyone you know, you’re basically already committed. In this situation, it’s obvious you have feelings for the guy.


How do I know if I like a guy?

When you’ve gotten to know his personality and still enjoy every minute. You have already gone on dates and had deep conversations, but still want to be around his awesome energy. You will find yourself thinking about the things he enjoys and wanting to spend more time doing things together. 

Should I tell a guy I like him?

Yes! If you never let your feelings out, he might not know how you feel. Even though he might not feel the same way, at least you tried. Now, you can peacefully move on versus being left wondering what could have been.

How do I know if I like someone?

Take a good, long look at yourself. When you like someone, you’ll feel happier when they come around or excited to talk to them. You will find yourself smiling more, and looking forward to time spent together. You might even catch yourself finding reasons to be around them. 

Do I have a crush on him?

When you feel nervous and have a hard time finding the right words to say, you have a serious crush on your hands. You might also find reasons to be around when he is or make excuses to bring him food. He will make your heart race, your knees weak and you’ll feel butterflies.

How long can a crush last?

It usually only lasts four months or less. If you’ve had the same feelings for longer than that, it’s defined as something else. This could be infatuation, or you might be in love with the other person. Either way, it’s moved way past the initial stage if it’s persisted for longer than four months. 


When you’ve had feelings for someone, and they will not seem to go away, it’s time to figure them out. Have you ever had to determine whether you really like someone or not? How did you do it?

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