Benefits Of Feminizing Your Husband (11 Surprising Benefits Of Creating A Female-Led Relationship)

Last updated on June 12, 2022 by April Maccario

This topic often sounds absurd to traditional women. For them, it’s a little difficult to understand the need to feminize men when you are attracted to all the masculinity in a guy. 

These days, the question is, “Why would you want him to be feminine when you can just be with a woman?” I think the whole concept is misunderstood. When there’s such a thing as toxic masculinity, feminizing your partner becomes more critical. When a wife feminizes husband, she’s just creating a more female-led relationship.

If you think about it, men having to act in a masculine way is just a social construct made by men themselves to promote and justify gender inequality. Feminizing husband has different reasons, and many men would probably frown at the idea. 

However, female-led relationships can improve the quality of understanding and breed harmony. In this article, I’ve got eleven advantages of feminizing your husband to share, grab a seat! 

11 Advantages Of A Female Led Relationship

1. Improves male hygiene

improves male hygiene

Introducing a guy to female hygiene would drastically change his own for the better. Not all men know how to take care of their bodies as females do; others are just average. Teaching your partner proper shaving of body hair would introduce him to the smooth comfort and sweet smell it brings. 

Also, one of the hygienic aspects of feminization is the way a man stands to pee. Making him sit on the toilet to pee like a woman would help him understand how disgusting those droplets of urine on the side of the toilet are. Next time he would either aim well or wipe off the seat after. 

2. It will make him respect your authority

This goes beyond playing dress-up with your husband; it messes with his psyche. Dressing him up to expose part of his body to please you while you don't have to wear anything revealing to get his attention would make him more submissive

Let him wear the high heels for a change. If the roles were reversed, it would not feel so good to be treated like all there is to you is your body. Putting a guy in this position would make him respect the authority of a woman. 

3. Household chores

Extremists turn their husbands into their maids. They are making him do all the household chores to gain some time to pick up a hobby, lounge around, or hang out with friends. However, just introducing him to a few chores would show him the importance of helping you out.

It's not just the wife's duty to do tasks; the husband can as well. As long as you both live in that house, it's your responsibility to each other. Introducing the cleaning habit into a man would make him tidy the house on his own and ensure it stays the same. 

4. He will understand women

You’re probably wondering, “will feminizing my husband really change anything?” The answer is simple - yes it will. When you feminize your husband to take on what would normally be a woman’s chore, it would help him relate better to a woman's situation because he has experienced something like it as well. 

Having faced the reality of a woman, he will treat you with more respect and appreciate your efforts. Switching roles would allow him to act like a housewife (literally walk in your shoes) enough to understand how to help or support you. 

Feminizing your partner would also keep him connected to other females and help him treat them as he would treat himself. It takes a while, but eventually, the result is magnificent; he will be more sensitive to you. 

5. It reduces male aggression

it reduces male aggression

Men are often stereotyped as aggressive and easily angered species. At the same time, women are stereotyped as tender and peaceful (except when provoked). 

A feminized man will understand how to express his opinion or feelings to a woman without getting angry, or belittling his subject. Let’s be real, men are usually quicker to get in fights than women, which is a result of high testosterone levels. With feminization, it would also tame him down and make him more calm and calculative in the actions he takes.

6. It cuts off bad habits

How to feminize a man is by introducing him to the perspective and way of life of females. He would learn etiquette just like women do, how to sit, walk, talk, and the aura to give off in public. This would carve him into a true gentleman when it's done and improve your relationship.

More so, with feminization, bad habits like biting nails in public, peeing on the toilet seat, speaking over someone, and the likes would diminish with time. He will start paying attention to his surroundings and act accordingly—no speaking out of turn or generally acting violently for no reason at all. 

7. It is suitable for him

Believe it or not, feminization will take the weight off your man’s shoulders. He no longer has to be an ultimate provider or play the ‘know-it-all’ role. That will ultimately be your responsibility while he relaxes. In fact, your sex life might also improve too. This is highly likely because once two people understand themselves better in the relationship, improvement in other areas follows.

8. It will make him more attractive

There is no doubt that feminization enhances good looks. All additional grooming he has picked up will provide the ultimate glow. He would look better than ever, continually glowing. you might soon find yourself coming home to your very own Ken. 

9. His sexual energy will increase

Understandably, it's a major turn-on for a wife to have her husband dress up as a woman. However, it's another type of kinky role play between couples that keeps sex very exciting. More so, it's a powerful tool in a wife's hand for manipulating her husband during sex. 

A lot of men out there enjoy being submissive to their sexual partners as much as they like to dominate as well; they just haven't tried it yet. No matter how dead your sexual life has become, this type of role-playing will wake it up once you get past the laughing point to be in character. 

10. Feminization ensures faithfulness

As we have already established, feminization allows a guy to appreciate his woman more. With this, he would like to always be there for her to show how much he cares. More so, sleeping with another woman will likely not be on the table. Feminization builds in the idea of faithfulness in guys because that's part of the ideal characteristics of a woman. 

11. It makes men more gentle

it makes men more gentle

Like I mentioned earlier, feminizing your partner would change his entire demeanor. Interestingly clothes have a way of affecting what we do physiologically. So, try to have him in your robes. You'll likely see a big change.

A good example is a soldier when he's wearing his uniform and when he's not - he acts differently at both times. That's the same effect dressing in feminine clothes would have on your husband. He would come off much calmer and relaxed. 

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What should a good husband do for his wife? 

A good husband should, first and foremost, love his wife. If he does love her, the rest of his responsibilities will come easily. A good husband should also protect his wife and be a best friend. He should further understand her, respect her beliefs, and show his wife some love. Additionally, a good husband is very supportive of his wife, accepts her faults, and takes care of her. 

What does a woman want from a husband? 

A woman wants love and affection from her husband; someone who would miss her when she's gone on a holiday or to work. She wants a partner who would support her dreams and encourage her to achieve them. On top of this, a woman wants a husband who is a friend, one who would be her shoulder to cry on. The ideal husband would be the guy who understands and treats her lovingly. 

What a man needs from a woman in marriage?

While great sex is at the top of this list, there are other things a husband needs from his spouse. He needs affection from his wife to remind him how much she cares. He also needs belief in his ability to provide for his family. He needs a woman who would understand him and be appreciative of his efforts. Just as important, respect is one of the most important things men need from their wives.

What should be the husband's role in marriage? 

The husband's role in a marriage is to be a leader. As the head of the household, he should take the lead. Make the hard decisions for the benefit of the family and put himself first to protect and provide for them. Another role is to love his wife and serve her unconditionally by providing for her and meeting all her needs. 

What does a man want from his wife? 

A guy wants a wife who is completely honest with him, unafraid to discuss what troubles her or ask for what she desires. A man wants a wife who would still plan pleasant surprises for him. A man also wants a wife who would take care of him, love him unconditionally, and be there for him as well. Most men want a wife who can be independent and passion-driven as well, one who is emotionally intelligent and strong. 

To Conclude 

Having read through the advantages of feminizing your partner or any man, I hope that you would try to do so as much as you can. I would really love to read your thoughts in the comments section below. Please share this article with your friends as well. Thank you. 

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April Maccario
I'm a huge nerd when it comes to understanding how relationships between men and women work, and what drives a certain behavior. I spend much of my time getting into the nitty-gritty and try to share my findings on this site with the hope of making life a little easier for women that are struggling in their relationships or love life.

50 comments on “Benefits Of Feminizing Your Husband (11 Surprising Benefits Of Creating A Female-Led Relationship)”

  1. Very good article!!! I think overall we should destroy masculinity and make men feminine by giving them estrogen in the womb we don't need masculine men in society except for a man's strength men need to think like women 100 percent. Masculinity is a personality disorder and should be eliminated from the human race

  2. Hopefully you're raped by jihadis while your cuck watches. Feminism is cancer and needs to be excised by surgery and radiation.

  3. What a huge amount of drivel.

    You don’t want a man- you want a doormat.

    Dressing as a woman for a man- are you kidding- what looser is going to go for this paraphilia.

    Here’s the answer men and women should compliment each other and men are not submissive by their very nature determined by testosterone and well being men.

    What you offer is a feminine pipe dream and a nightmare for every else who is normal and not a castrating harpy

  4. I grew up in a house with a large family. My father washed dishes, helped clean the house, washed clothes, children, and even did ironing. We did not always want him to cook. I never thought of him as feminized but he took care of the family. He was my role model. I did and do all of those things in raising my family, Including sewing my daughters costumes for drama club. I changed a lot of diapers and washed a lot of dirty bottoms. I don’t know if that makes me feminized. There is a lot more to it than that. There is also the mindset of the man and woman. I would not say we were a female lead household. My mother was intelligent, well educated and emotionally strong. I would say the household was team lead.

  5. Maybe, just maybe, you should look at yourself into mirror and ask yourself: 'Do I own the wisdom?' IMO I don't think so. Do research, write it down and make it suspenseful.

    A relationship should be situation where you should complement each other not a place where you shame your other half or try to change the other...

  6. You're going to be a desperate 40 year old cat lady with no kids wondering why you can't find a partner. Lmao at you and your nonsense.

  7. I know a guy, his partner makes him dress up as a penguin before getting it on, like full get up, webbed feet, flippers, everything. Partner even chews up some herring or sardines in her mouth and feeds it to him, like a mother penguin in charge of a baby penguin. It's really good for establishing dominance in a relationship and securing the female as the sole role of provider and source of life in a relationship.

    But that's not even the weirdest part, weird thing is, the guy still puts beans in his chili. It's not right to judge though, but he is completely aimless in life.

  8. You sound absolutely neurotic. Pay a maid, buy a dog and leave men alone! This is not equality, it's phychosis. It sounds like "How to psychologically abuse your husband. (Here's 11 steps to becoming a dominatrix).

    This is why I rejected feminism from the very beginning. (Sound like your mom and every teacher you had embraced it).

    There are, because of feminism, more women who are total slobs than any man! Little pampered princesses don't learn household chores, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. Sound like you did to the point of a mental disability.

    Make sure the dog you choose is a very small non-shedder. Tiny poops to clean up and no hair to vacuum, otherwise I'd also fear for the dogs mental health.

  9. I think I got the joke! If I am wrong and this is serious, assuming you have a man in your life, I am sure he would be ok with you showing him in a dress. I could use a good laugh

  10. Really enjoyed your blog. I’m a 67 year old man who has been married 48 years and agree with your assessment for a good marriage.

    Outside the house I’m all man while wearing panties. In the house my wife leads our sex life and marriage.

    There are times she wants me to be aggressive but only when she want it. Mostly she wants me with my face between her legs and taking her lead.

    Your husband is a lucky man.

    Best regards, Mike.

  11. Saw someone talking about this on YouTube and I have to say this is the biggest bunch of rubbish I’ve ever read. The best part is your FAQ isn’t even in sync with the nonsense. Effeminate men cannot protect, nor can they lead. That’s a traditional Masculine males role. I think you need to take a deep look inside yourself and realize you want a wife, you just haven’t come to terms with your suppressed sexuality.

  12. Hello Miss April.

    I was intrigued by your article,but also a bit offended. How ever what is the point of respectful discourse if it is not to challenge old thinking and inspire new and perhaps better thoughts?

    I commend what I imagine is your desire to improve the relationships between women and men, and not just for women to dominate men. I may be completely off base on that, but I would prefer to err on the side of hope. I find this article presumes many things about males that I believe are generally inaccurate, and sadly only exacerbates some challenging issues between men and women.

    Most males, at least in my experience, are not sloven apes. Not that we can't be or have not been at some time in our youth. The same can be said of most females. I believe that the differences between men and women should be appreciated. It is like dancing. Respect the differences, and what each brings to their partner. Then learn to flow together.

    I think that trying to feminize men will only breed resentment and weaken our society as a whole, as will the masculation of women. Obviously there are differences, and nothing says we need to completely understand why they are in order to appreciate and enjoy them. I do not need to understand why the sky is blue with dotted clouds and sunshine to find it marvelous and beautiful.

    A Perth Australia radio show announcer, Paul Redmen, coined the Phrase. (Battle of the sexes.)It was a weekly knowledge based call in contest meant in jest and good fun. But now days it seems there is more combativeness in the air concerning relationships, and that phrase has been taken to ridicules levels.

    While I am not ignorant of the past and currant atrocities, though different in there scope and damage, committed by hand fulls of men and women against one another. I do believe we can over come it. Not by blending into an amalgamation of the sexes. But through the respect, appreciation and love of the things that make the two of them different.

    With Respect

  13. After you're done feminizing your boyfriend and need your soft, pink bits stimulated by a bull, drop me an email.

  14. I wound up here after hearing about this...I thought it was a joke. If your intent is to feminize your husband, then what you want is a woman, not a man, or at least not a real man - perhaps something that looks kind of like a man, but behaves like a woman. A man doesn't have to be feminized to be a loving, meaningful partner, a gentleman, clean, or a leader. This is the most absurd garbage I've read this year and your concept of what a man should be is so severely distorted, I suggest you get professional help. Seriously.

  15. nothing feminizes a man like doing him up the bum either with fingers or toys. It is even more successful if he has orgasms by having his prostrate stimulated by anal play. This will also change how the woman sees him and herself since she has all the power and he becomes a willing recepticle that loses control over how he orgasms

  16. This is one of the most moronic pieces on relationships I've ever read. Clearly, April, you've had next to zero experience in relationships, and possess next to zero understanding of male/female qualities, many of which cross over.

    Women like you are the reason men, more and more, are going their own way, and exiting from the world of toxic, clueless women like yourself who march around preaching men bad/women good BS. For men, life is so much more peaceful and wonderful without women. Men are tired of being with women who believe it's the man's job to make them happy, and bring nothing to the table of a relationship but a vagina (which soon loses its appeal and elasticity).

    You might want to ponder the two toxic females currently clogging up the media's attention –– Ghislaine Maxwell (assisted a child molester), and Elizabeth Holmes (defrauded billions –– before focusing on curing male toxicity (it goes both ways).

    Finally, it's all well and good to expect honesty from your man, and vice versa, but no woman out there wants true honesty from anybody. Women are raised to live in Disney-fied dream worlds, and next time you ask a man if a dress makes you fat and he says yes, consider your response to that honesty.

  17. I'm a man, raised by women, my father was an alcoholic and emotionally absent, I've been surrounded by the women of my family my whole life. And this article is just ridiculous to me.

    1. hygiene has nothing to do with being feminine or masculine is everything to do with health. Peeing sited is really useless for a man because you can't pee to your full content you can't release all the pee in the same speed as standing up. Lifting the sit isn't a big deal.

    2. Manners were invented by men, just as chivalry, They were a huge part during the peak of patriarchy, in the 1800s. Chivalry was a code of conduct among knights, because the consequences of being disrespectful where deadly.

    3.You contradict yourself, it seems like you did this in a hurry and controversial on purpose just to generate traffic, so this leads me to believe you don't even believe this things.

    4. You say "That will ultimately be your responsibility while he relaxes. In fact, your sex life might also improve too. This is highly likely because once two people understand themselves better in the relationship, improvement in other areas follows." Then you say the role of the man is to lead? you are contradicting yourself, this shows the hurry.

    5. What men want from all women is respect. Why because we are triggered easily by women it has nothing to do with misogyny it is instinct.

    6. Aggression has nothing to do with high testosterone, actually it has to do with high cortisol, when testosterone is high and cortisol is low men are less angry and less irritable. And have a lot more sex drive.

    7. Even the most handsome men know that just a pretty face isn't enough to attract women, and all men know that a pretty woman isn't enough to make a wife, we prefer a woman that will give us peace over a pretty woman, so looks aren't really everything in marriage.

    8. All of this process shows huge disrespect to any man. So you are already failing or inviting women to fail in their relationships.

    9. You don't even know what men want in women, men won't say it out of shame and feminist backlash, but what we want a wife for is to have the mother of our children, to have babies and she should take care of them, we really want our wife to be with the kids all time. Only broke men want a woman that works, but they want the extra income more than she working to get it.

    Men want respect from women more than love.
    Men want peace more than sex. (this is why many men do the pump and dump)

    Men want a woman to be faithful and loyal, this is part of showing respect, and avoid doing shit that will represent a threat to our paternity. Anything that threatens paternity triggers our jealousy, so if you don't like a jealous man don't do anything to threat his paternity. This isn't insecurity, is evolution's wisdom after million of years.

    The same goes for jealousy in women, men should be respectful of that and avoid behavior that will trigger the wife's insecurity.

    Men want a self-suficient woman, not independent, we don't want a woman that will make unilateral decisions for the relationship.

    I know for sure that any woman that tries this with me, she will be shown the door out of the relationship.

    I'm sure most men will do the same.

    I'm also sure some men will try because they were already feminized and try anything to get laid. Sadly I've seen it.

  18. Yes, the feminine can hold the masculine under a judgment microscope and declare masculinity “toxic.” But which one is more toxic, the one being judged or the one doing the judging?

  19. Can the author provide a scientific data to support her claims presented in this article???

    World needs strong men not men under women's shoe.

  20. I think this article is unbelievably sexist as a male, who love and supports my family. I think it promotes male servitude.

  21. And then you will find that "something has changed" and you "no longer love him" and so you will leave him for a man you can "look up to." Your ideas are simply unworkable theories.

  22. Being 23 and a male who's been feminized by my girlfriend this whole past year has been incredible. The emotional and spiritual connection I feel while she does my makeup and straps my dress is indescribable. I will always want to be in flr and being somewhat a girlfriend or wife to my partner. It's 2022 and I accept who i am

  23. Another aspect that's worked wonders for me in my relationship (as many of my female friends would agree) is the use or a strap on in sex.

    Men love to be in control especially during sex, and there's simply no better way to jolt them out of their social construct than to make them feel powerless by using a strap on onto them.

    At first i was skeptical and it's not something that I've ever enjoyed but the benefits of pegging my husband have been tremendous.

    He's more sensitive, kind, caring, only speaks when spoken to, treats me like a queen, does everything for me and more. It's wonderful.

    Give it a try! Your relationshis will change for the better.

  24. Excellent article! I'm exploring this with myself as I read this. I'm currently single but have a strong desire to be feminized by a female partner. I'm getting older and desire more intimacy.

  25. Vete al carajo narcisista hipócrita ,tu eres un ser humano y quieres controlar y dominar otro ser humano ,hablas de igualdad cuando eres niño jamás te dejan hacer cosas que el niño quiere hacer pero de adulto ya lo puede hacer ,es solo una identidad contradictoria que falsa eres mejor vuélvete lesbiana y no hables de los hombres narcisista ,solo piensas en ti y no en loas emociones de los demás ,que grotesco es leer esto ,si quieres dominar a alguien cómprate un perro siempre te va a mover la cola ,vive y disfruta de la vida ,que características pones para buscar a un hombre ,y cuando tenga una pelea en la calle ? Y cuando te falten al respeto que va a hacer ese hombre feminizado aventar sus peines a otro hombre ,es mejor que tú seas más femenina mejor portada y respetuosa ,quitar la masculinidad al hombre ? Que egoísta narcisista ,todo el respeto nos lo enseñan nuestros padres y no una mujer machista cero femenina ,y que pasaría con sus hijos que en la escuela les hagan bullyng . PD: búscate una mascota ,lo normal es un french poodl u sobre todo juega videojuegos

  26. Benefits of feminizing your husband is a great article. I like the way you encourage women to feminize their partner or any man. FLR seem to be increasing. The benefits to the wife are many. My wife enjoys knowing she makes the rules. I enjoy loving her and serving her unconditionally by providing and meeting all her needs. (To paraphrase you, April.)

    Some comments follow. Your number 2: I have learned to respect her authority. She bought me panties years ago and I always wear panties regardless of what I have over them. At the beach I wear bikini bottoms. Dressing me up to expose me has definitely made me more submissive. Your number 3: I have willingly become her maid and do all the household chores so she can spend her time as she wishes. She bought me French maid uniforms to look the part. Your number 4: FLR has really changed everything. I am more connected to other females, more respectful, and treat them better. Her female friends are impressed. Her closest friends are fully aware of our relationship. I admit it was difficult to be so exposed, but with her encouragement and rewards, I realized I should be proud to serve her and her friends in my French maid uniform. By our example, she has encouraged some of her friends to feminize their partners. Your number 5: other than in defense of her, I find it hard to be aggressive while being submissive. I don’t want to fight wearing panties, and often a brassiere. Your number 6: bad habits are learned, and can be cut off. I am held strictly accountable for my behavior and words. Your number 7: it’s more than suitable! I was made to serve her. Your number 9: our sexual energy has increased. We have sex how and when she wants. Your number 10: I am faithful because we both want that. She also decided I should wear a chastity device. She says it’s like a wedding ring with a lock. It is a physical manifestation of feminization as I can’t have an erection unless she unlocks me. She still has me perform oral sex whenever she wants. This is a unique sexual dynamic. When she does unlock me, the sexual energy is !!!

    Thank you again for your article.

  27. This was such a beautiful post. You summed up all the reasons really well. I hope it can help more women to be open to the idea of feminizing their husband or boyfriend.

  28. What in the world are you talking about? I got to "Female led relationships improve hygiene" and slammed on the brakes. What you have in the USA is a brood of men who were in too many cases raised by women. Perhaps a trip to Tokyo, Bern, or Geneva for some fresh air would do "us" good? Poor "hygiene" isn't a "male" thing, it is an English-speaking world thing, and one date in Rome might help clean your glasses. Since the first bone neckless, grooming has ALWAYS been a symbol of masculinity. A book on Italian, French, or Japanese for Travelers might help us fix our glaucoma. Friend, you have never been shopping in Paris. American men do not speak for "men."

  29. why would you try to reduce a man to a spineless jellyfish?
    As usual toxic women like you want your cake and too eat it too, after the man purchased it!

    Run from these demonic, femnazi women, like yourself,
    if you want a woman to be married too then just be your lesbian self, and stop trying to turn a man that way, your obviously sick in the head, April!

  30. I was a man in my first marriage, always in charge & making all the major decisions. The result was divorce. She left me!
    After a while single I met a lady who owned her own business. We sr=tarted dating but she made the reservations, got me to order what she wanted me to eat. She paid the bill! I wanted a closer relationship and she said no. No sex. She let me stay over night at her home but in a guest room. She told me to change her bedding & do the laundry and I just did it, with out a question. After 4 months and still no sex she told me she wanted to marry me. I was delighted. We have been married for 6 years. I give her my pay, do the housework, she makes all the decisions and she lets me have sex once a month but we have to do it her way. I would never go back to my former way of life.

  31. What a complete load of rubbish. Try to feminize your husband and watch your attraction to him go down the drain. He is a man, not your BFF girlfriend. Trying this will lead straight to you being on look out for an another alpha for sexual attraction and relations. Worst marital advice in history - even a feminized husband is still a man, and likely still divorce you when he finds out about the side piece affair with another alpha.
    Ignore this rubbish advice.

  32. Dear April - this is a great article and I agree with every word you have written - feminisation definitely forces your man to take a pride in his appearance, makes him less aggressive and more caring and sensitive and provides a good role model to any sons you may have. He will also enjoy being feminised - believe me! Some women may wonder about how to set about feminising their man. I suggest three stages. The first is that he must have no facial hair. Sounds obvious but a feminised man must be completely clean shaven so no beard, moustache or long sideburns. Second, he must be waxed on a regular basis to remove all body hair. A full body wax every two or three months will make his body soft and smooth all over and he will love it. Give him positive feedback on his smooth skin and tell him how much you love it too. Third, and most controversial, he must have his ears pierced - not one but both. This is a sacrifice he has to make but is well worth it. Do all you can to get him to have the studs fitted by bribing, encouraging him to take this important step. I only have girls and took both my daughters to have their ears pierced at three months old which is the custom in this area. It is less popular for baby boys to have it done but is definitely becoming more popular. In my opinion, all babies, both boys and girls should have their ears pierced before six months old. They can always take them out when they are older if they want to. A lot of men decide to have pierced ears when they are older in any event and you must get your partner to have it done too. With a lovely smooth body all over and with both his ears pierced, you are ready to start the feminisation process with him and he will really love it too.

  33. Oh April, your advice really helped! I wasn’t sure how far I could feminize my muscular bad boy husband. But…..I picked up hints that told me he’s somewhat submissive….. he’s very vulnerable to being tickled…..and he practically goes insane smelling my feet after my long days at work. It took many months, but he’s in pink panties (even under business suits), he does the household chores nude (sends a strong message that he’s not allowed clothing), he is less aggressive, respectful, most of his body hair is gone, he has a much more submissive role in our lovemaking now, and I dab his backdoor with slippery lube each morning, just so all day he remembers that his 108 pound wife owns him sexually! I’m gonna keep tickling him and teasing him until he admits what I e suspected, that he has bisexual fantasies. Thank you so much!


  34. Hi April, I just found your site now, and I think it is great. Much of my life I wanted and tried to create and live a FLR. My wife knows this,and we have tried kind of hard to accomplish such, but it really fell apart. I really think my wife does want me to obey her. I just feel as if she turned it off, or stopped the engine of keeping me interested and committed and forever improving , because she suddenly turned 3rd party help away.

  35. “If you think about it, men having to act in a masculine way is just a social construct made by men themselves to promote and justify gender inequality. “

    What is your reasoning for having this belief. If you are a thinking person, then adopting such a toxic belief needs to be backed up with evidence. I have never seen any evidence of this.

  36. Thank you April. I tried your techniques and they are fabulous. However, I feel it would be good to take things to the next level of feminization, which for "her" (janelle) will be hormonal therapy and counseling and gender reasignment surgery. She is eager and cooperative with all the changes and she understands that it has to be done.

  37. Why would you want to feminize a man? Any self respecting man would leave. If you want a woman or a feminized partner you're a lesbian date a woman.

  38. Its so nice to know what women expect from a man, i would be happy to learn and submit myself to a good woman and would love a woman to feminize me and teach me to become more like a woman myself so i could serve and make her happy

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