Witty Responses To Sexting (49 Cheeky Comebacks)

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People are often self-conscious about their sexual abilities. Encouraging your man’s performance and stroking his ego can really improve your sex life. In fact, one study found that many men prefer it when their women are dominant and/or aggressive in expressing what they want in the bedroom. 

Men like it when women say how they feel rather than act passive-aggressively. When you sext with your man, you can encourage them to act while you, too, are feeling all hot and bothered! Plus, it gives you a little more time to think up witty responses to sexting. 

One suggestion I’d like to make when phone sexting is to keep your work phone separate from your "sexting phone". By doing this, you won’t accidentally start sexting your boss or colleagues!

Are you looking for the right things to say back to your man when texting him? What if you are too busy or not in the mood to be naughty? What if you would like to make him talk even dirtier? How can you best keep them turned on when sexting? You can do this by responding to them in a sexy way! 

The Best Sexting Comebacks For Him

If you can’t talk…

If you can’t talk

If you aren’t in a place where you can talk, you may wish to tell your man that. After all, if you are on the subway coming home from work, the last thing you want to be is super turned on or to have some stranger reading all about your sex life! So, let’s go over some smooth ways you can change the subject until you are in a place where you can talk dirty.

  1. This is SO hot! I can’t talk right now. Can I sext you later?
  2. I wish I was there in real life to enjoy that, but I am busy at the moment. Chat later?
  3. Wow! You are really turning me on! Unfortunately, I’m in a meeting now. 
  4. Yum! Can I text you something naughty later?
  5. You are absolutely insatiable! I will text later when I’m free!

To react to a sext...

Before you come up with your juicy sext to send your man, you may need to know how to quickly react in a text with something. This would be at the beginning of your text. Like, you might say, “Hey!” Then, you would come up with a cute little comeback that will make him never want to go back to voice calls! Here are some suggestions on what you could say first.

  1. You are making me wet!
  2. I wish I was there in real life!
  3. Tell me more!
  4. Oh, yeah??
  5. Yummy!
  6. OMG!
  7. Someone’s being naughty!
  8. Wow!
  9. I want more!
  10. Now my body is aching for you!
  11. I need your body now!
  12. Yes, please!
  13. You are making me so hot!
  14. Now I’m soaking wet!
  15. You are on fire!
  16. I’m going to explode!

To make him want you more...

To make him want you more

Now is the time to either get him shocked at what a dirty girl you are or to throw the ball back in his court. One way you can do this is by asking him a question at the end of your text. That’s the easy part. The hard part is thinking up witty comments or suggestions in the middle of the text

Use these clever texts to show your man how much you like him and want to keep the convo going!

  1. When you talk like that, I can barely stand it! Tell me more!
  2. I’m down for anything. What would you do to me if I was there?
  3. You are turning me on more than you can imagine. Keep going!
  4. Someone’s being naughty! Do you need to be punished?
  5. What else is on your mind? I’m feeling frisky! I need to hear more!
  6. I’d like to hear an entire fantasy story, so I can picture it in my head!
  7. I’m about to explode! Tell me more about what you’d do to me if I was there!

If you haven’t met him yet…

If you haven’t met him yet

Sometimes, in a relationship, we are waiting for the perfect moment before we meet the object of our affection. You may have met this guy online through a dating website or chat room. You are crazy about him and can’t wait to see him in person. Not only that, but you are really turned on, and you are hoping to get him as horny as you are. 

In fact, you may be hoping that when he finally meets you in person, he’ll just rip off your clothes and go wild. These texts are perfect for the guy you can’t wait to meet and have the desire to turn on now! They will also work if you want to switch things to video instead of text.

  1. I can’t wait to see if you’re this good in person! More, please!
  2. If we were face-to-face at the moment, what would you do to me?
  3. I am soaking wet. What will you do to me when we meet in person?
  4. Are you in the mood for more? I’ll share if you do!
  5. Are you going to show me all about that in person?
  6. I’d like for this to be even hotter. Care to share more?
  7. Can you send me a video? I have to do this via Facetime because I’m so turned on!
  8. Wanna Facetime, so I can act out what I’m thinking?
  9. I went shopping at a sex toy store and a lingerie shop. Want to review my purchases via video?

If you have not seen your man in a while…

Unfortunately, we can’t all be with the man of our dreams all the time. Many relationships are plagued with the whole long-distance thing. I know; it sucks. However, by talking dirty via texting, you can improve your relationship, making it even better. With these texts, your man will barely be able to contain himself the next time he sees you. 

Keep the spark alive in your long-distance relationship with these clever texts! The next time he sees you, he will be all hot and bothered and ready to show you how he paid attention to all the texts that you sent him!

  1. I want you to have your way with me! What will you do to me next time we’re together?
  2. I believe our sex life is better than ever! I can’t wait to feel your body next time we meet! What about you?
  3. I’m a dirty little girl. Do you think you can handle what I’m thinking of next?
  4. You will never believe what I have in store for you next! Care to play?
  5. I can’t stop thinking about what I’m going to do to you the next time we are together! You?
  6. Where, when, how, and how much do you want me?
  7. I’m throbbing inside. How about you?

To pursue him with naughty texting…

To pursue him with naughty texting

There are times when you may want to initiate the sexual relationship via text. Do you want to really get him going? Are you ready to get him to crave you and think about you all day long? Would you like your sex life to get even better? You can do that by sending him dirty texts that prove that you start getting things hot all on your own. 

In fact, use the following texts to get a better hold on your beautiful romance. He will never again doubt your commitment to keeping the spark going all the time! So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to break out the really dirty talk!

  1. I’m soaking wet! Keep going!
  2. I’d better have your mouth on mine soon, or I’m going to die! Miss me?
  3. I can’t stop thinking about that last orgasm! Remember?
  4. My mind is going to places that are inappropriate for text because I’m so turned on! Video chat?
  5. I’m physically getting so hot that I think people around me are starting to notice! Tell me more!


Turn your man on with some super hot sexting responses! If you’re busy, say so, but if you are trying to make him hot, consider saying something witty back!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on sexting on phone devices! Please comment and share!

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