Why Walking Away From Him Works (10 Logical Reasons)

Last updated on June 8, 2022 by April Maccario

Are you considering walking away from your man, even if you still care about him?

Perhaps you’ve heard that is a good idea for strengthening your relationship, but you’re not sure why? 

Maybe you’d like to find out why this works - and how to make sure it works!

If so, this is the best guide you could be reading right now. It is packed with 10 reasons why you should walk away from your lover, and why this makes him love you more. 

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With that said, let’s now take a look at why walking away from a loved one works so well!

10 Reasons Why Walking Away Will Work

1. Men like to pursue women

The natural instinct of a man is to go after what he wants. More or less, if the woman is always putting in the extra effort, it will make the man lazy, and not necessarily fight for what he wants. Coming off too strong to a man you’re not dating can easily turn him off, or make him consider you as a pushover.

Plus, if you’re the only person putting in all the work in the relationship, your man won’t be pushed to make much effort. In such a situation, the bars are outweighed, and investment of emotions aren’t the same.

Though a man generally likes attention from his woman, expressively denying him the pleasure of chasing after you will make him only partially invested. If you’re at that position in your relationship, walking away will only push him to naturally chase after you and try to win you back.

In reality, men like the drive of winning a woman over, and it boosts their persona as a man. Strategically pushing him into this stage will make him value you, more than he ever did before.

2. Men like challenges

This is another significant reason why walking away will make him strive to get you back. Men, without a doubt, love challenges, it’s the reason why a man would remain persistent at winning over a woman even when she proves hard to get.

To them, challenges add meaning to the entire dating process, the feeling of conquering a thing is one drive that naturally pushes a man. When this trait is used properly, it can unlock several potentials in your relationship. If he sees nothing as a challenge during the entire dating process, he may naturally lose connection.

Setting up a challenge for a man could be in the littlest of things, like making him want more from you. If you naturally make everything too easy for him, he may become too lazy to put in any real effort to keep you happy. This is why walking away from your man outright challenges him to fight for what he wants. It also gives him the impression that not everything comes easy, and you’re one of those things.

3. He will miss the attention

If you’ve ever been extremely invested in your man to the point that you’ve given him surplus attention, be aware that this can be used to your advantage. In a case where he isn’t reciprocating all the love and attention you’re giving him, simply cut him off, he will miss you. 

The power of walking away from a man is hidden in the little things that make him depend on you so much. This process is effective because you’re highlighting the areas of the relationship where you add value, and in the absence of it, he will feel insufficient without you. 

You could have given him attention in diverse measures such as persistent phone calls, unlimited time, or things that no one else can do the way you do. In your absence, the impact will be felt, and the process of him fighting for you will only ignite more want and affection. This will cause him to reminisce on how important you are in his life, and how he simply can’t live without you.

4. No man likes the idea of being alone

This is one reality no man likes to face – being alone. It’s also something that can push a man to hang on to any relationship simply to elude this fear. In spite of this, this can be used as a positive strategy to make your man fight for you. 

Giving him space will instill this fear, and will make him come running after you. It’s one way to drastically change the narrative of your relationship. A man would always go where he’s treated right because people are naturally attracted to places where genuine love is given. No man would want to be separated from a person who gives him love and support. 

Thus, giving your heart to your man, and walking away, will only make him run after you. Peradventure your man was previously distant or not committed, and you’ve given your heart to him, be confident that leaving him alone will create a drought in his heart for you. He will feel the loneliness of your absence, which will push him to come running back. This indicates that the right thing to do is to leave him alone, he’ll come back.

5. Walking away will ignite his true feelings for you

Based on pride or the fear of being vulnerable, a man would generally not want to display his true affections to a woman. Nevertheless, under the guise of a big ego, he may feel true emotions for you. The irony of this situation is that he may not necessarily realize this.

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Life has shown many cases where women actively do the bulk work to make the relationship work. This results in an imbalance of emotional investment, the man isn’t actively exercising his emotions towards her, and his feelings slowly decline because nothing is igniting it. 

Walking away will ignite his true feelings for you

Plus, anytime there’s a situation, he falls back to the obvious fact that someone is fighting to keep the love alive. This without a doubt makes a man dependent on his lady for all the love and attention. Nevertheless, one way to bring to light his true feelings is by putting him to the test. 

Walking away would put him on the edge and make him agitated about losing you. In the end, this could be a turning point in the entire dating process.

6. People only realize the true value of something when they lose it

When something is neglected, there’s a certainty it will be misplaced along the way. Similarly, in life, losing something is inevitable; and the value of that substance only comes to light in the midst of its absence. If you feel your partner isn’t fully committed to you, then walking away will show how valuable you are to him.

One thing to note is that your partner may not realize your true worth, because he believes you’re always going to be around. Thus, using the tactic of walking away will only highlight his love for you. It’s also one of the reasons why a break up is essential in any courtship because it reveals the vulnerability and dependency of the two parties on each other.

Your partner begins to recollect the benefits of having you in his life and reminisces about the way he treated you to make you leave. More so, it puts him in a position to never want to lose you again. The reality is, nobody likes to lose anything, and if you’re important to your partner, he will come running back.

7. Your value will increase

Misplacing something important and later recovering it mostly changes the way it’s treated from that time. The fear of being away from it and losing it will be magnified and the value for that ‘item’ would increase.

It’s practically the same for women who have walked away from their partners. In a bid to make them commit even more, they engaged the act of walking away, and this seemingly increased their value. Women have also used this tactic to unravel deep love and affection from their partners.

Despite this, choosing to walk away comes with tremendous fear and doubt. It makes you consider if your decision is worthwhile, especially if your partner doesn’t come running back. But every lady needs to understand that if a partner chooses not to fight for you after you’ve walked away, then at least you left someone who didn’t value or reciprocate the love and attention you were giving.

In reality, you deserve a life with a person who will truly love you, and wouldn’t walk away when given the opportunity to fight.

8. It will build a deeper connection

Losing someone can be inclined to having a traumatic experience. It never seems to elude your memory. Nevertheless, seeing that person walk away and later reconciling with him/her, pushes the manner of communication to positively change in every way.

For the lady that decided to walk away, the singular act of leaving will cause a magnitude of emotions to flood your system. Even so, when your partner comes running after you, your affection towards him will simultaneously increase. In like manner, for the guy that had to watch his partner walk away from his life, there’s a deeper sense of connection he will feel being in that situation. 

If he fights for her and she returns, a positive turnaround happens for the both of them.

Both parties would develop an increased sense of affection for each other unlike never before, which is why being apart from your partner is worthwhile. More so, deciding to walk away is something that can cause profitable results which wouldn’t happen on normal grounds.

9. It will increase his possessiveness

If you’re in a situation where your partner ignores or neglects you, choosing to stay apart from him can indeed cause a drastic change. As emphasized earlier, giving him space could refocus his attention on you, and this would significantly pull on his emotions to either fight for you or walk away.

If he figures he can’t live without you in his life, there will be a magnitude of possessiveness he will have over you. This is due to his increased fear of losing you; he wouldn’t ever want to be apart from you again.

This type of situation tends to spur a positive type of possessiveness and not a negative kind. Peradventure you are sensing a negative kind, then it’s an indication you should indeed walk away from the situation. In life, tables are bound to turn; and if you desire to get your partner’s attention, simply walk away and see how he reacts.

10. He will finally know how you truly feel

Chances are, you’ve been talking to your partner about his attitude for a long time now, but his response wasn’t encouraging. Since actions speak louder than words, deciding to walk away may be all you need to pass across those messages well.

A common notion indicates that guys generally respond to actions rather than spoken words. Leaving him hanging for a while might just push him to correct his mistakes and start acting like he needs you in his life. Once he sees that you’re serious about your decisions, he will immensely be moved to make positive changes.

Indefinitely leaving your partner serves as a wake-up call to the idea that he could potentially lose you. More significantly, it may indicate that you simply can’t live with his negative treatments. The further you are from him, the deeper he will realize how you feel about the situation. Depending on his true feelings for you, he will either try to change those bad habits or walk away from you.


Will walking away make him realize?

Walking out on him will make him realize what you’re trying to pass across, and how serious it is. Deciding to leave him indefinitely will show the potency of the relationship, and will push him to make positive changes. In a nutshell, walking out will make him realize his wrong-doings.

Why is walking away so powerful?

Walking out of a situation is powerful because you’re passing a message that you deserve better than an unhealthy relationship unless things change. Keeping your distance will push the other party to either change or accept you walking out. In the long run, this action will reveal his true feelings for you.

Why is it so easy for him to walk away?

People don’t keep themselves from relationships they cherish, so if he’s walking out, it indicates he doesn’t have true affections for you. Being apart from something important creates fear and misery, this is coupled with the inability to simply just let it slip away.

Does walking away from a relationship work?

Walking out from a relationship with someone is a potent way to create want and desire. You being away will ignite dormant emotions, and potentially turn the situation around. It is important to break away from a relationship if being away will make it work.

How can I make him miss me badly?

The trick to making a guy miss you earnestly is by walking out of his life. If you’re away, the attention and value you gave will only make him miss your presence. If he has true feelings for you, he wouldn’t be able to stay away from you; thus, creating more attention for you.

In Conclusion

Was this article insightful? If you’ve reached a breaking point in the relationship with your partner, choosing to be away from him can cause a significant difference. Staying away will also make him value your presence more. 

If you enjoyed this list, kindly drop your comments below, and share this article with friends and loved ones as well.

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10 comments on “Why Walking Away From Him Works (10 Logical Reasons)”

  1. Love this article. I had to walk away from a guy that I felt was my soulmate. He just wouldn’t commit to me so I walked away. Staying away Is the hard part.

  2. I recently met a gorgeous man during the pandemic! He had his mask on as I did! He moved away so we weren’t too close, then he took his mask off! Ok but I’m leaving my mask on! We stared at each other for a minute or so, I simply turned and walked away! Haven’t seen him been a week or so...oh well! He’s probably already in a relationship!?😩oh well.

  3. I’m the guy that my ex walked away from. I don’t blame her. There are things I was’t taking care of—in life in general. And her walking out shined a light on those things so I am in a period of deep reflection, action, working on myself. I know there are two sides to every relationship and no one is perfect, but for my part I realize my shortcomings and I do need to work on myself. She expressed to me that she does hope that I reach out when I get through what I need to work on, and I wonder when I should, or how long is too long to do this work and wait? It’s been a little over a week so far, and I know I’m not ready yet—there is more to do, but I do want to reconcile. Do you have thoughts on timelines?

    1. Hi,
      It's been a while since your post. For one thank you for your honesty, it's helpful getting a man's perspective.I don't think there's a timeline on love. You could always call at anytime just to see how she's doing. It would come up in conversation if she is with someone and you could take it from there. Have you spoken to her yet? Wondering where you are so many months later. Best wishes.

  4. I completely stopped responding to someone I loved deeply. He was confused and upset, but I knew that responding would only prolong my sadness. I was too giving and convenient. He wasn’t ever going to commit fully in the present so I know whether he fights or moves on, I will move along with my life and the truth will be known. I know he is still thinking of me and following my FB stories and posts. It can take over a year to really get your answer. I cut a prior ex off and he returned after a year and a half. He managed to find my work number and called me. My feelings had changed so I was able to end it with closure. Walking away is a good decision regardless!

  5. This article help me reslized a kind of strategy I am going to use in order to measure the true feeling of my man. We've been many years in out long distance relationship but now I feel that he is loosing communications with... i will follow such thing..walkina away by not texting and calling him the I used to do.

  6. It's all great saying walk away - but what does that actually look like? You stop taking his calls? You fein lack of interest in what he says (wouldn't that just make his self esteem worse and make him retreat)? You just don't have time to see him? (Won't that just seem like tit for tat)?

  7. What a nonsense. This goes for both men and women. Let's say your in a relation it doesn't work and you decide to walk away, and let's you walk away to show him or her how important you were for him or her. You actually didn't walk away, it's just the logical follow up from bad communication into terrible communication, basically silent treatment, ugly and manipulative. So you walk away because you have a path and purpose in life, else, find a more respectful way to communicate....sometimes it just doesn't work....

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