Why Do People Date? (9 Reasons Why!)

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Have you ever wondered why people date, instead of just staying single and remaining happily independent from anyone else? 

Of course, there’s a need for people to get together, otherwise, humanity wouldn’t exist, but why do people date? 

In this article, we’re going to answer this question by taking a look at 9 of the reasons people spend time dating

If you’re interested in trying to figure out why you’re on the dating scene, try and see which reason resonates with you the most - you might be surprised.

Why Do We Date

1. To find the one

to find the one

This is probably the most obvious answer when it comes to answering the question as to why people date. Most people choose to go on dates because they want to find the one for them. 

They want to find their soulmate, fall in love and have a healthy and successful relationship with someone. A lot of the time it does take a while to meet the right person for us, and therefore someone might be on the dating scene for a while before they get into the perfect relationship for them.

2. To enjoy sex with multiple people

As much as you might want to deny it, one of the reasons people choose to date is so they can enjoy having sex with multiple people. You might think that this is unhealthy and unfair that people like this are out there on the dating scene, but the truth is, it’s absolutely fine as long as they are honest with their dates. 

Some people just don’t want a significant other in their life, and instead, they prefer to experience sexual pleasure with an array of partners. This is perfectly fine as long as this person doesn’t lead anyone on and is honest about their intentions from the start of getting to know someone new.

3. To avoid being alone

Sadly, a lot of people choose to date because they don’t want to be alone. Although meeting new people constantly and diving into new romantic relationships headfirst is a way to fix the feeling of loneliness temporarily, these kinds of people will find it difficult to find long-lasting love because they can’t feel content by themselves. 

These people need to feel comfortable with themselves and their own life first before incorporating anyone else into it. In addition, it’s unfair on the people they date because they might not actually like them for who they are, but rather for the fact that they’re just a companion.

4. To add an element of fun into their life

It has to be said, dating is fun! In fact, dating and the honeymoon stage of a new relationship is the most fun, so a lot of people enjoy dating for this reason. They like getting to know new people, being pleasured by someone new, and experiencing different types of romance. 

This isn’t a problem, and dating should be fun. As long as this person is honest with the person they’re dating and tells them that they’re not looking for anything long-term and this is just a way to have fun, there shouldn’t be any problems between the two.

5. To make friends

to make friends

It’s really amazing how dating can actually widen your friendship group and connect you with people that you might not necessarily have a romantic connection with, but that you definitely have a strong platonic relationship with. So it’s understandable why people want to date others simply to make friends, and if they do meet the one for them then that’s great, but if not, they’re happy to have more friends in their life!

6. To fit in with everyone else

Some people date because they feel like it’s the right thing to do, and they want to fit in with everyone around them. The truth is, this kind of person might not have a single cell in their body that feels compelled to date, but they will just so they can fit in with everyone around them and feel ‘normal’. 

7. To try and understand the opposite sex more

It’s no lie that the opposite sex can be difficult to figure out, and some people use dating as a way to learn and understand how they work. If a person doesn’t have a lot of experience with relationships or dating, they might get onto the dating scene to just try and gain some knowledge of what the opposite sex wants, how they act, and what they’re like.

8. To just give it a go

A lot of people are on the dating scene to simply give it a go. This kind of person might not be looking for anything or anyone in particular and they’re probably super happy with their life as it, is, but they might just want to see what their options are. In addition, if someone has never really dated before, they might just want to try it out and see if they do meet someone they like.

9. To find someone to marry

to find someone to marry

Some people really want to get married, and obviously going on dates is a way to potentially meet a future spouse. If someone is committed to changing their single life to being married and starting a family, they will often start with dating to try and find the perfect person for them. 

Although there’s nothing really wrong with this, it’s never a good idea to go and date someone purely with the intention of getting married, because you should want to be with someone for the person they are and not the fact you would like to be a spouse.


Why do people get into relationships?

People get into relationships for a variety of reasons, just like how there are several reasons for dating. However, most people get into relationships with people they love because they simply fall in love with the person they are. Also, people get into relationships because they want to live a life with someone by their side, sharing all the good times and bad times together. 

What is the purpose of going on a date?

After taking a look at this article hopefully you understand that there can be many reasons for a person to want to get onto the dating scene, so it really depends on person by person as to what the purpose of dating is. 

However, typically the purpose of going on dates is to meet someone and get to know them in the hopes things might progress into a relationship. If you’re still questioning, “what is dating about?” a great way to find out is to go on one and see for yourself, you might have more fun than you expect!

What does it mean to be dating someone?

If you’re dating someone it typically means you’re meeting up with them on quite a regular basis but you’re not in a relationship yet because no one has labeled it. You’re still your own single person, have your own independent life, and haven’t become a ‘two’ just yet. Although you might not, you’ll probably still be open to seeing different people.

What are the 4 types of relationships?

This is a really open-ended question and the answer depends on how you want to look at it. For example, four types of relationships in life are family life relationships, relationships with friends, relationships with acquaintances, and finally romantic relationships. 
However, in love, there are also four types - the bridging relationship that takes you from one phase to another, the karmic relationship that helps you break unhealthy cycles, the relationship that’s based on compromise and settling, and finally the soulmate relationship which is incredibly rare.

What are the three C's in a healthy relationship?

The three C’s are well-known and they’re commitment, communication, and compromise. If you have all of these things in a relationship, and of course you love each other and want to be together, the relationship should be a healthy one.

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To Conclude

Hopefully, after reading this article you understand some of the different reasons people choose to date someone, and maybe you’ve even found out why you like dating! It’s always good to know why you’re doing something, to ensure you’re doing it for the right reasons, especially when it comes to dating and your romantic life.

Did you like this article and find it helpful? Let us know in the comments and feel free to share!

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