Why Do Guys Like Feet? (21 Reasons Why Women’s Feet Interest Men)

Last updated on June 4, 2022 by April Maccario

To you, your feet may be one of the most insignificant parts of your body, but to another, it is the first thing they see when you step into the room. A foot fetishist is someone who gets turned on by the sight of feet. Many people can’t seem to wrap their heads around it, but hey, the body wants what it wants right?

While it’s not only guys that experience this type of attraction, it is significantly more common among them. The love for feet has gained names like foot fetishism or podophilia by psychologists. It is one of the most common and widely acceptable sexual fetishes. 

However, people have their individual preferences, some like them smelly, others with heels painted toes or adornments. Now that we have come to understand and accept that there are men and women out there who are foot fetishists, let's explore the reason why this part of the body excites them.

21 Possible Reasons Why Guys Like Feet

1. Toenail polish

The sight of a nice pedicure is a turn-on for some men. A foot fetishist likes to see their partner’s toes painted, and some may request specific colors. I have an ex who would not stop staring at my feet whenever I put on red nail polish. It excited him, and people who like feet can relate to that feeling. 

2. Women have pretty toes

women have pretty toes

It is not uncommon to see a woman with a set of pretty toes, toes that are well arranged and attractive. Unlike guys, we ladies tend to be blessed in this area. Men are more likely to have broad and sometimes spaced toes while we have cute, pretty ones. 

3. The visual view 

People who have this fetish simply enjoy the view, they see feet almost in the same light as another man would view, say, breasts

4. The brain-map theory

According to neurologist Professor Vilayanaur Ramachandran, podophilia could be due to the feet and genitals occupying opposite areas of the brain’s somatosensory cortex. This positioning could, therefore, lead to the two brain areas having ‘neural crosstalk.’ So, since these body parts are associated the same way for some men, it explains how they’d like them.

5. Safe-sex alternative 

A 1989 study by Dr. James Giannini and his colleague pointed at the epidemics of STDs as a possible reason men have this fetish. This study notes that there is a significant increase in foot fetishism whenever there’s an STD epidemic. It sites the 12th century and the current AIDS epidemic as times where foot fetishists considered their fetish as a safe-sex alternative

6. The shape of the foot

The shape of the human foot as a reason for foot fetish in guys may come as a surprise to you, but it is a reason backed up by the study. Dr. Aggrawal noted the distinctly phallic shape of the foot in his book. Foot enthusiasts view this foot shape to replicate the female genitals, which is why men love them. 

7. They are covered with nerve endings

Once again, let’s blame biology as the reason for foot fetishes. You see, the human foot is covered with nerve endings, and this is why it tickles. Hence why rubs and foot massages feel good on the feet. These nerve endings produce intense sensations to guys when they receive or give foot massages. 

8. Childhood experiences

When it comes to theories surrounding the reasons for this fetish, there is a theory that suggests that it is due to early erotic sensations in the feet. Because of this early experience, the brain learns to create a lasting erotic connection. 

9. The submissive theory

the submissive theory

Psychologists explain that a foot fetish is the only way to get sexual satisfaction for some men. They want to be submissive to a woman, and adoration of this body part is seen as an act of submission. You will find these men eager to smell, rub, touch, and have a woman’s feet placed on them. 

10. The dominance theory

Very much like submission, dominance is also a power play among couples, and feet are just a part of that structure. Some men like feet because they like to dominate during sex. A man like this will want to use you as a human footrest and derives sexual pleasure from placing his feet all over your body. 

11. The covered-up theory

Many people love the mystery behind things that are covered and believe it holds erotic elements when revealed. This is why body parts like breasts and genitals (which we hide), tend to gain more attraction and are considered sexual. Therefore, it is not surprising to find that the reason men love feet is that it is covered up in shoes and socks most of the time. 

12. The uncovered theory

On the other hand, there’s also the ‘uncovered theory,’ where men admire the sight of uncovered feet or bare feet because they look nurtured and beautiful. Unlike men’s shoe fashion, female shoe fashion permits parts of the feet to be exposed, and as a result, women are more likely to care for their feet’ appearance. 

13. The way it looks in shoes

If you have ever paid attention to how your legs and feet look in heels, you will notice the plethora of ladies’ shoe designs. High heels flex the calf and make them look as if you are ready to get intimate. The look of feet in high heels is a sexy look to guys, which is a reason for their foot fetishes. 

14. Feet disgust them

I know you may be wondering, why does someone who finds feet disgusting love them, right? Study shows that a foot fetish may be one way to reconcile negative sexual messages with our sexual pleasure. 

15. They love the way it smells

There is no manual for foot fetishes, while some prefer it squeaky clean, others want it dirty. A friend once told me of an ex-boyfriend who likes the smell of her feet after being in sneakers all day. At the same time, it's the shoe smell that attracts some men, but the smell preference varies. 

16. Ladies have soft feet

Female shoe fashion creates several outlets to view a lady’s feet. From peep-toe heels to flip-flops, it is easy to spot a lady’s feet in shoes, which is why we pay attention to our feet. As a result of this continuous care, women’s feet are softer, and men love how it feels when rubbed against their bodies. 

17. An extension of legs

The obsession that men have over feet can be traced to the fact that they are an extension of the legs. It is, therefore, not unlikely to see a guy who likes long beautiful legs having a foot fetish. To them, the feet are where the legs end, and since they are in the same visual view, it’s hard not to notice both at the same time. 

18. The adornment 

Men who have an interest in feet tend to have shoes or socks fetish as well. These men prefer to see women’s feet in stockings, hosiery, and anklets. 

19. They have other fetishes

they have other fetishes

Some men are attracted to feet because of the role it plays in another fetish of theirs. For instance, the shoe and bondage fetish mentioned earlier. 

20. Feet can tell a person’s hygiene 

Scientists believe that humans naturally desire healthy partners and healthy body parts, including our partners’ feet. Some men are attracted to feet because they wish to see well-kept, healthy toes on their partners. 

21. No reason 

Yes, there won’t always be a reason why guys are attracted to feet. For some, it’s just a part of who they are and what makes them tick. Some men are naturally drawn to feet and the pleasures of a foot job for no reason. 

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Why do some men like feet?

It’s similar to music and fashion preference, some men are attracted to feet while others may be repelled by them. The smell, feel, and adornment of a foot all act as possible reasons men are attracted to them. 

Why do guys ask for pictures of your feet?

Some men have a foot fetish, and just the sight of feet arouses them. If a guy asks for a picture of your feet, it could mean that they are into foot fetishism, or they want to check your health or hygiene

What makes a foot attractive?

The foot on its own has a unique shape, but people find it attractive for different reasons. To some, it could be the arc of the toes, the shape of the toenails, or it’s lack of hair. Regardless of all these, proper hygiene will leave anyone with beautiful feet. 

Do guys prefer small feet?

There is no rule book or standard foot preference that men stand by, therefore, small or big, wide or slim, a man’s choice for feet varies. 

Do men like short girls?

Like the bondage fetish where some men prefer to be submissive, and others love to dominate, men have different preferences when it comes to girls’ height. Some will insist that they want a short girlfriend, and others just don’t care. There are no-one-size-fits all preferences. 

In Conclusion

Compared to other fetishes, foot fetishism has received both clinical and empirical attention to explain why men engage in it. At the end of the day, it’s simply the preference of whoever has such a fetish. I hope you enjoyed reading this list and found it helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends and leave a comment in the section below. 

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15 comments on “Why Do Guys Like Feet? (21 Reasons Why Women’s Feet Interest Men)”

  1. Hey April! My name is Will and I have an enormous fetish for feet. This article was well written and I can tell you did your research 😊 One of the reasons why I love women’s feet so much is due to all the curves in a foot. They’re everywhere! Anyways, thanks for sharing. Now I’m wondering what your feet look like 😂

  2. Thank you for creating this article. I have a foot fetish, and to my brain seeing a girl’s feet is the same thing as seeing part of her unclothed. Even as a young boy I was attracted to girl’s feet. I’m glad that articles like this exist, because it discourages kink shaming.

  3. I am a man that is attracted to feet I get of by Women feeling safe in the bed and women orgasms with a man that will protect them at all costs and love them every part every inch too to bottom. what’s ugly on your body you feel I feel like it’s so Beautiful and pure I want my partner to feel special that’s why I kiss and massage my partner from head to toe whenever also men that love feet get at top most aroused from getting down on a women watching her twitch and listening to every Mown with every lick. Everything you said was on point as well

  4. Feet to Me are cute I love bare but mostly about the toes being submissive touchable and clean , a little bit of fragrance is nice, stockings and heels are ideal, a friend of mine had a bit of fragrance I could taste , and I surprised Her when I sucked Her toes gently in a bar when We the only ones there.

  5. Dear April...

    The no reason applies to me the most...ever since i can remember...a very early age when i became cognizant of my surroundings...i was drawn to the female foot...i wanted to touch and caress them...mind you just females and certain age groups only...to this day...i am drawn to them and quite literally, stops me dead in my tracks when i see a pretty pair in front of me...i have to look and analyze it's shape texture and if possible the smell...i know now it isn't as strange as i used to believe but i still cannot figure out if it is a curse or chemical imbalance...i was just born with this extra desire...i mean why not ears or knees or even hands...no...just exposed female feet... It's like having an obsessive compulsive need to do something abnormal...feet are all over and i have to convince myself that unless a person was born with stumps for feet...i simply resign myself to the fact that they will be everywhere on anyone..

    Plus the innate desire to hold kiss and worship...maybe the temptation and torment is a curse...

  6. I wish that I didn’t have this fetish; for years I tried fighting off the frequent urges to suck, lick, smell and tickle women’ feet, but it just wore me down. You see. I have a very specific preference when it comes to women’s toes and toenails- I can only get an erection when the toes are long and the nails are rounded- not too long, not too short. I met one woman many years ago who I liked, but I never saw her bare feet until we went to bed a few weeks later after meeting- let’s just say it didn’t work out. It wasn’t fair to her and from that point I had to accept the fact that this is how it would be. Luckily I live in a big city where I can go to strip clubs and check out the feet in advance- it’s something I’d rather not do, but occasionally I’ll meet a gal who fits the bill and who is willing to let me satisfy the urges. It’s a lonely life emotionally, but as I get older I am hopeful that these urges will abate and it won’t be the principal focus of my sexual life.

  7. i Like to hold my wifes feet when she wears some nice white cotton socks. She likes it when I hold them and stroke her feet which also have such a wonderful smell.

    Her feet are a size 6 1/2. Would you like some photos.

    What do you feel about this?


  8. Some of these make no logical sense.

    I like pumps. Not because I like feet though. Just the opposite. Cover those things up, they're effing ugly.

  9. I like what i read in what you wight ..i enjoy ladys feet toes and arch in open toe heels i was caught one time caz i stare so long at them i just say i lov feet she smile never seen her feet again ...send me more info on this...thanx

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