When Your Husband Looks At Another Woman, What Is He Thinking?

Last updated on June 12, 2022 by April Maccario

Are you wondering what your husband is thinking when he looks at another woman? 

Maybe it’s happened several times?

Perhaps it makes you feel jealous and insecure, and that’s why you’re looking to get to the bottom of what’s going on in his head? 

This is a tough situation to be in - and that’s why I wrote this guide. It features a clear explanation of the most common thoughts that a married man might be having when he’s staring at another woman.

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With that said, let’s now explore what your husband could be thinking in those moments where he’s staring at another woman.

5 Things Your Husband Could Be Thinking When Checking Out A Pretty Lady

1. He doesn’t think before doing it

Does your husband look at other women, even in your presence? Then there’s one possible cause of his action – which is, he doesn’t think before doing it. As a matter of fact, if you’re on good terms with your husband, there’s no reason why he would want to upset you by deliberately looking at some other woman, or staring intensely at someone else. 

This sponsors the notion that most men generally don’t think before they look at other women. More often than none, this action occurs on impulse, for some men, it’s more or less like a reflex action, rather than a decision

What’s more, he may not have an agenda to spot out the next attractive woman passing by, but such scenarios could impromptu. This, however, also reveals the natural desire of men to constantly feed their eyes. In today’s world, the media constantly blindsides men to be moved by what they see.

Most advertisements use this tactic to market their products or services; and this unconsciously registers to men that sometimes, it’s indeed okay to look. With an ample amount of subliminal programming taking place over the years, one way or the other, at some point in the life of a man, he will indeed be pushed to look.

All the same, women must realize that every man is susceptible to the condition of looking at another woman. This action is more innate and natural to men than it appears, being compelled by physical qualities has always been a distinctive trait with men, leaning to the fact that they are bound to be moved by what they see.

Though some men have learned to control their minds from engaging in such actions, some sadly, haven’t. Nevertheless, coming to the understanding that your husband is acting based on reflexes, would help you feel less agitated in such a situation. It will also help you realize that his actions are independent of what he really thinks or feels about you.

2. He simply admires her

In most cases, the reason your husband may look at a random woman may be harmless. Chances are, he’s simply looking at the woman because he admires something about her. This may not necessarily speculate that he’s less attracted to you, or wants to chase some strange lady. 

He may simply be appreciating the physical qualities of this lady who either has a nice dress on, or has hair that reminds him of someone. An example that perfectly portrays this is choosing to take a specific meal for the rest of your life. The propensity to see other attractive meals would definitely arise, but that doesn’t indicate wanting to have or switch to them instead. 

Synonymously, as frustrating as it may seem to any woman in this situation, there’s a high chance your husband is simply admiring without harmful intentions. Looking at things differently, some may claim that such scenarios help a man cherish his woman even more, and makes him recollect why he chose her in the first place. This may be advantageous irrespective of how the situation may seem.

Even so, another angle connotes that a man may be looking at another woman for ideas of what he would like to see in his woman. This may not be as carnal as him thinking you should get bigger breasts. However, it may be something as distinctive as a haircut, or a nice dress. Since inspiration comes in many ways, this may be one way your husband gathers details on things concerning you.

 Knowing the things you love, when he sees something quite similar on a different woman, it would naturally catch his attention. Looking at things from this angle indicates that your husband is constantly thinking of you, and exploring new ways to make you happier, despite looking at someone different.

3. He’s sexually attracted to her

Corresponding to the natural feeling that men have to look at women, there’s an innate sexual desire that often accompanies this action. It’s a common act for men to lust after women, especially due to their physical qualities. 

This is why one of the possible reasons your husband is looking at some other lady is because he’s sexually attracted to her. Since it’s an inclined natural action, even for men, there’s a high chance that your husband lusts after women unconsciously, even while you’re present.

There’s one thing you should understand about the man you're with; it’s important to distinctively draw a line between a man that naturally lusts, and a man who would readily take actions. Though your husband would naturally be moved to glance at a different woman, this doesn’t indicate that he would take action to sponsor his thoughts. 

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When your husband looks, he may be sexually attracted to the person, but values your relationship with him too much that he isn’t thinking about acting on it. In spite of this, being sexually attracted to another person is something a man can acknowledge even while being in a relationship. 

This indicates that this occurrence is somewhat natural, even though many may not necessarily be proud of it. From a psychological point of view, pacifying the urge to look at women creates a feeling of pleasure. So even though your husband may not feel like doing anything with the lady, the mere surge of pleasure is enough for him.

This indicates that for a husband, it’s more rewarding to look than not to look, for a guy in such a situation, there is a need to control the mind, so as to elude the urge to act on such desires. With a superior understanding and a strong desire to put this action under control, any man would probably be able to curb the persistent action of looking at other women. 

4. He’s thinking about cheating


So far, this article has gone through some of the possible thoughts on a guy’s mind when he looks at other ladies.  However, looking at different women doesn’t solely hold positive motives. There’s a reason why women generally feel agitated in such situations, and this is because there’s a high possibility that dishonorable actions could follow.  

Just glancing at an attractive lady that isn’t his wife could trigger several impulses and probably move him to do something stupid. Some guys would generally never act on such impulses; however, there are some that would if given the opportunity. When your husband looks at another woman, what is he thinking?

Additionally, there’s a high chance he’s sadly thinking of cheating on you; for women, one thing to understand is that even if the love of your life seems to be thinking this inside his head, it’s not an outright indication that you’re suddenly less attractive or beautiful. On the other hand, it’s a reflection of the principles he fails to uphold in the relationship.

Thus, next time, instead of feeling insecure about his actions, the situation should call your attention to how your husband perceives things; because in reality, you’re still just as beautiful and attractive, and definitely not the reason why he looks at a random lady. You can also decide to address his behavior, so as to possibly prevent him from going along with what’s in his mind.

5. He simply wants to get to you

Another possible reason why your husband looks at ladies could be to intentionally annoy or irritate you. If you feel like you’re not necessarily on best terms with your spouse, it’s possible that he may be looking to outrightly make you angry or bitter. As bizarre as this may sound, it is a common occurrence in relationships.

If you find out that your partner is doing something of this sort, simply to make you angry, the best way to resolve it is by directly speaking to him about it. On the other hand, there’s another probability that your significant other simply looks at another lady because he doesn’t actively regard or respect you. Having this knowledge should seemingly make you less concerned or affected when he does it.

The sore truth is that not all partners would treat you the way you’re meant to be treated, and if yours is one of them, then outsmarting him in certain scenarios is the best way to go about things. If you observe that his major aim is to ridicule or annoy you, then choosing not to be affected makes his plans futile.

More so, you can easily know when he’s crossing the line if you notice him staring for an oddly long amount of time, making comments about the person he’s looking at, or even flirting with this person while you’re there. All these are signs of an immature partner, who basically doesn’t care about how you feel, and is possibly flirting to annoy you.


What does it mean when your husband looks at other woman?

Men look at women for multiple reasons, some are completely harmless, while others aren’t. To be able to decipher why your partner looks at another lady, you need to understand his specific personality; what he would do in certain situations, and how valuable the relationship is to him.

How do you know if your husband is interested in another woman?

To effectively decipher if your partner is interested in another lady, you would have to monitor his actions towards that lady. Is he staring longer than he should? Making comments about her? Flirting with her even in your presence? All these indicate interest one way or another.

Is it OK to look at other guys while in relationships?

Men and women have the distinctive trait of being moved by what they see, sometimes, it comes as impulses, and no one is immune to feeling this way. Nevertheless, your intentions and motives towards looking at another person while in a relationship, determines if it’s okay or not.

How do you tell if your husband loves you?

You can tell if your spouse loves you by the constant efforts he makes towards your happiness and the relationship. If he’s constantly avoiding things that displease you, or could potentially ruin the relationship, then it’s an indication that your spouse truly loves you.

Why do happily married husband flirt?

There are various reasons why a happily married person would flirt with someone. There’s a probability that it’s one of his bad habits which he can’t seem to control, or perhaps, this is an impulse that he can’t necessarily tame. On the other hand, he could be flirting for obvious negative reasons to demean or annoy you, even though things are going smoothly.

On That Note... 

Did you enjoy this insightful article on what your partner could be thinking while looking at someone else? Although men and women tend to display similar actions, it’s important to understand that you can’t expressly read the mind of your partner, no matter how hard you try. 

Please share your thoughts on this article below, and kindly share this with your friends and loved ones.

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  1. Men will be men' put up with it are not you can't control what they do so make your self happy that is coming from excited at being 54 years old

  2. This ogling issue, has been a struggle on my marriage for many years now. I’m currently taking revenge because I’m so fed up with this negative behavior. It’s so unfair to hear, how my own spouse used to cussed at me. But he has never disrespects those other women that he stares at, with rude comments. I have never stood quiet about this matter and there’s No reason to tolerate this, or accept it. Not after all, my spouse put me through first.

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