When You Catch A Guy Staring At You, What Is He Thinking? (9 Amusing Things)

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There are probably not many guys that can say they haven’t stared at a girl before, and you can say the same for ladies as well. However, if that lady has ever been you, and looked directly at your face for more than 5 seconds before looking away, chances are, you thought deeply about what they were thinking when staring.  

If there was no viable reason for the guy to stare, you probably thought something was wrong with your appearance. 

Even so, if you had an extremely attractive outfit on, you guessed that the guy was checking you out. Somewhere in the middle, on some days, you simply couldn’t tell what they were thinking. 

Amazingly, this happens to almost every lady, there’s no telling what a guy is thinking when you catch them staring. On the bright side, this article narrows down nine of the possible things going through the mind of a guy that’s staring at you.

9 Things A Guy Could Be Thinking When He Stares At You 

1. He’s attracted to you

He’s attracted to you

A probable reason why a guy would be staring at a woman is that he finds her attractive. According to studies, men have the natural urge to feast their eyes on beautiful subjects, which means there’s a deep craving to satisfy their eyes by staring. What might be baffling to women is why guys would stare, and seemingly can’t approach the woman they’re staring at. 

The truth is, not all men find it easy to approach an extremely attractive woman, the reason why they might be staring is that they are summoning up the courage to actually talk to you. 

In many cases, this doesn’t happen, and it leaves plenty of room for unanswered questions. Some men may even find it exceedingly hard just to make comments about how good you look, and would prefer to hide behind the action of staring at you from afar. 

This means that the next time it feels weird that a guy is staring at you, acknowledge the fact that you’re simply an attractive woman.

2. He clearly likes you

Apart from being attractive, another reason why men would be staring at you is that they actually like you. They like your hair, body, smile, charisma, and more, and the most practical way people view their crushes is from afar. This means that if you’re at your workplace, or at a particular event, and there’s always one guy that makes eye contact with you, there’s a probability that this guy has a crush on you. 

Synonymously, as mentioned before, the only reason why he hasn’t approached or said anything is that he doesn’t have the courage to do it. Studies have shown that when an individual likes someone, they look at them as way more attractive than the person would see himself. More so, they tend to see their crush as this perfect personality, overlooking almost all their flaws. 

With this in mind, it would be entirely nerve-racking for this guy to try to talk to you because he thinks you’re perfect. 

3. He’s wondering why other guys like you

If you’re a woman in the midst of men, something you’re probably not aware of is the fact that other guys are talking and crushing over you. This is one possibility that women overlook, perhaps no one has shown any keen interest in you before, so you wonder why guys would be talking about you in admiration. 

Nonetheless, just in the same way women chitchat about men they admire, in like manner, men also indulge in this action. 

This means that the likely reason why a random guy seems to be staring at you is that he wants to make sure something spoken about you by a guy friend is indeed true. He might be looking at your eyes, face, or at any other distinct feature, in order to evaluate everything said about you. 

Two different people may not think alike, so if a group of friends or colleagues have said something about you, this guy might just be staring to see if what they said is true. 

He might even make deep eye contact or try to analyze your body language to see the type of personality you have. All these are signs of a person trying to check you out or confirm what others have said about you because he knows he probably shouldn’t be staring so much, he would also be forced to look away when you find him staring.

4. He wants your attention

One common tactic that guys use on women, is trying to make deep eye contact with them in order to woo them. This would send a message of attraction, and hopefully, the woman might respond in a positive way.

This means that when a guy is looking directly into your eyes and staring intensely, he might have hopes that the two of you make a connection. 

Though this might come off as weird, in most cases, it works with women, in cases where they find the guy exceedingly charming or attractive, a conversation might even start up from there.

According to studies, the process of a guy staring profusely is a mind game, he might have one or two reasons why he wants to get your attention, but instead of walking up to you, they make daring eye contact, and let their gaze settle on your face long enough to spark curiosity. 

Women feel a lot of pressure when a guy is staring, especially when he’s reluctant to look away, this pressure then sponsors a lot of attention towards the guy, which makes it quite easy for him to make his move. This means that when next you find a guy making efforts to fix his eyes on you in an intense manner, understand that he might be trying to get your attention.

5. He wants to make you uncomfortable

The awful reality of guys staring intensely at women is the fact that they know it’s highly uncomfortable. Yet, a guy would keep his gaze locked on the lady,  and choose not to look away. The real reason why guys would want to make women uncomfortable is seemingly unknown, and most times are based on the personality of the individual himself. 

Not all guys are as mature as they seem, though the idea of making a person uncomfortable is quite baffling, it’s a prominent thing that’s why guys engage in it. Psychological notions may indicate the need for men to show dominance in some situations, which he can dutifully accomplish by making you uncomfortable. 

It could also be a way to have fun, peradventure he has nothing else to do at the moment. Nonetheless, if you ever find yourself in a situation where a person is making intense eye contact with you, and it’s terribly uncomfortable, the best thing to do is to keep your mind at ease and ignore the person. This will in turn make it harder for the person to get you uncomfortable.

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6. He’s oblivious

According to studies, being in a state of oblivion can arise from these situations, the first is a state of reduced attention, where the individual zones out intermittently or over a long period. The second is a state of increased attention towards something, which causes the individual to be completely unaware of what’s happening around. 

The third is when this individual easily becomes distracted by spontaneous thoughts or by occurrences in the environment, and further away from their primary object of focus. In any of these situations, a guy can seemingly make eye contact with someone but is entirely absent-minded, and oblivious of the discomfort it might be causing. 

This is why it’s almost impossible to rule out this subject when thinking about why a guy is staring at you. Try to monitor the guy for a while, and if his attention seems deviated again, you’re sure that his mind was indeed absent during the time.

7. You’re his muse

Taking into consideration all the possible thoughts running through the mind of a guy making eye contact with you, you cannot rule out the probability that you can be a muse to him. Better explained, there are certain characteristics or features about an individual that can bring light to ideas and inspiration. For example, your facial features could give an artist inspiration on what to paint next, or be an author’s idea to his/her next character. 

Your clothes can inspire someone to buy an outfit somewhat similar, and your hairstyle can be the inspiration for someone else. There are millions of people walking around with unresolved ideas and clues to what they want, and a particular thing about you can be a solution. This means that when a guy is making eye contact with you, one probable reason is that you just brought a thought to his head, or sponsored an inspiration. 

Therefore, the next time a guy is looking intensely at you, be happy that you could simply be a muse to him

8. You look familiar

You look familiar

Have you ever had someone approach you and tell you that you look familiar? A lot of times, people tend to look oddly similar to others, even to those they’ve never met. It could happen to anyone, while some people have never experienced this. There are also situations where someone observing you, may not approach you to tell you how familiar you look. This may then explain the scenario of a guy looking at you.

To best explain why someone would stare for long even after observing certain familiarities, know that a guy looking at you for long might be trying to get a more detailed view in order to identify if you’re truly the lady he knows, or perhaps someone else. Even so, there are several scenarios where men and women can’t exactly recall where they’ve seen you before – which may be the reason for such prolonged stares. 

A guy could also be trying to spot the similarities between you and the person he knows, in order to identify if you’re a relation. Without a person verbally saying any of these, it can come off as awkward to the person at the receiving end of the stares. But bear in mind that the intentions may be completely harmless.

9. He feels sexually attracted to you

It’s no doubt that a lot of guys stare at women because they find them sexually attractive, they make eye contact and probably start thinking of sexual thoughts when they see them. It’s also been said that men stare for a minimum of one year out of their entire life, and one of the major reasons is due to sexual attraction. 

According to studies, guys are greatly moved by what they see, and it’s certain that they would eventually see attractive women at some point in time. It would also surprise you that this isn’t exclusive to only single men. Men with girlfriends and even married men have expressed a natural urge to stare at an attractive lady.

Most times, their intentions are completely harmless since it’s more or less a spontaneous urge; but in other cases, some men actually fancy taking further steps towards their subject of attraction. This means that one likely reason men stare at you is that you’re incredibly attractive; and they just can’t help it


What does it mean when you catch a guy staring at you?

A guy would stare at you for a number of reasons, especially for your looks. Nonetheless, there are other notions that indicate that men can sometimes be absent-minded, or may simply want your attention. More so, he could be getting inspiration from your features or overall appearance.

What does it mean when a guy stares at you with no expression?

There are many reasons why someone would stare without expression. He may want to intentionally make you uncomfortable, or perhaps he’s seeking for attention in an unusual manner. There is also a possibility that he’s indeed oblivious of the fact that he’s making eye contact with you. 

What to do if a guy is staring at you?

The best thing to do when men stare at you is to focus your attention somewhere else. Nonetheless, this is dependent on the scenery of events, and the approach of the man in question. If you’re sensing a positive vibe, you can actually approach this guy and strike a conversation, asking him why he’s staring jovially. 

How can you tell if someone finds you attractive?

The manner at which a guy looks at you, and the expression on their faces, can greatly tell whether or not they’re attracted to you. Most times, you would be able to sense the attraction between the two of you. But in cases where it’s hard to detect, simply lookout for signs in their body language. 

How do you tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it?

When a man is attracted to a lady, there are certain unconscious reactions that can easily give his feelings away. He may smile unintentionally, act nice, or perhaps act abrasively in order to cover up his attraction. More so, his composure is another thing that can easily make his feelings known. 

All In All,

Were you enlightened by this article? Remember not to be too quick to evaluate a man’s thoughts by simply how he stares. His thoughts could be entirely different, instead, try and distract yourself to evade the awkwardness, or perhaps strike up a conversion with the person about why they are staring. Please don’t forget to leave a comment below, and share if you liked this article.

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