What Does Sex Feel Like? (12 Things To Know)

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The female perspective on sexual behaviors and relationships differs entirely from that of her male counterpart. A woman’s craving for sex is prompted by either her emotional feelings, memory, or mind, while for men it’s mostly purely physical. Women only get physical with men they share some sort of emotional connection with. 

For men, sex is sex and can be enjoyed with anybody that catches their fancy. You’re reading this because you want to know what sex feels like for a woman. You might also seek an answer to a related question like “What does orgasm feel like?” The fact remains that there is no easy answer because experiences differ and we can’t generalize what sex feels like for everyone.  

Notwithstanding, I have been able to come up with some descriptions of how sex feels like for women based on my personal and professional experience. 

How Sex Feels Like

1. It fills you up

When a man thrusts his penis inside your vagina, there’s this feeling of a void being filled. The penetration goes beyond the surface and reaches so deep inside you, this has the person feeling like their on top of the world, but still need to go higher to reach the climax. 

This feeling can only be witnessed and experienced first-hand if you’ve not had sex before, watch out for this experience when you do so for the first time.   

2. Closeness and warmth

Closeness and warmth

There’s this close-up feeling you get when your partner is inside you, sex allows for an intense moment of closeness between couples. A lot of women, including myself, have enjoyed sharing blissful moments with the men in our lives. Even if the penetration may not feel good at first, that experience that has you feeling like the most cherished person on earth makes up for it. 

Warmth is another feeling a woman gets when she climaxes or reaches orgasm. Prior to this, you might be feeling a little bit of pain due to incessant penetration. Gradually, the pain you experience translates to pleasure as your body accustoms itself to the insertion of the penis. 

As the sex progresses, you start to experience some warmness throughout your body which increases when you cum, this is one ‘feel good’ feeling every woman looks forward to

3. Completeness

This feeling has been attested to by several women irrespective of race, ethnicity, and color. For some women, when having sex with their man, there’s an intense physical connection that makes them feel complete and whole, instantly, there’s a rush of hormones through the body that gives that ‘feel good’ experience

4. Feeling of pleasure

Whether it’s your first time or your umpteenth time, sex will always leave you feeling several ounces of pleasure. The stroking of the penis against the various points of your vagina will give you intense pleasure, and cause your nerve endings to send waves of electricity through the body. This may cause you to moan, scream, or curl your toes in excitement and bliss. 

5. It makes you feel alive

Alive in the sense that you may think you have extra senses or that the ones you have are now heightened. Sex creates all manner of fantasies in the human mind, physically, it may seem as though all parts of your body are alive. For me, it felt like I could hear the thoughts in my partner’s head, any slight touch excited me, it felt like I was losing it, but gaining so much in return.

6. It has a way of stimulating someone

The vulva, which is formed by the labia and the clitoris, is highly sensitive when a woman is aroused. Going down on her, or making use of a sex toy at this moment can send her into oblivion. Other parts of her body like the neck, ears, and nipples are also very sensitive in moments like this. 

Kissing her around her neck and sucking her breasts can feel very stimulating, interestingly, she may not notice a thing when she’s not in the mood

7. It can become very boring 

Yes, this is very true and accurate despite how it may sound; there are instances where sex can take a neutral turn. It could either be caused by the state of the woman’s mind or her man’s inability to satisfy her.

For the latter, he may be unable to stimulate or arouse her, in order not to disappoint or let their men down, some women go as far as doing crosswords in their heads, or mentally doing the house chores.  

8. It can be painful

Sex can be incredibly painful and hurtful if the penis is inserted without proper lubrication of the vagina. This condition occurs when the woman is not fully stimulated or aroused. Menopause and the use of certain drugs can also leave the vagina dry. 

Even when aroused, a well-endowed man can cause you pain or make you feel uncomfortable when penetrating too fast, anal sex too can be painful and uncomfortable for most ladies. 

9. It can be frustrating

This is a follow-up to point 8, it can get frustrating when your man abruptly switches up a style or position you were enjoying. Consistency is the primary key to keeping sex enjoyable and pleasurable. 

Out of frustration, women end up faking pleasure and letting things slide, this sort of behavior during sex can make your partner assume he is doing the right thing. If you ever feel this way, talk to your man about it so that you can begin to enjoy good sex in the future. 

10. Feels like an adventure

Feels like an adventure

You would certainly feel this if you have a man who possesses an array of skills, trying out all manner of new positions, acts, and styles will definitely seem like an adventure to you. Most women look for men like this who can expand their sexual scope and leave them begging for more. If you want to take up the role of the instructor instead of follower, try studying the Bad Girls Bible

11. It can be exhilarating

Sex can be all-consuming mentally especially when your partner knows his stuff and can sex good. Some women, including myself, like to feel the man climax inside them, the thought alone can be thrilling and exhilarating. 

My mind is conscious all the time waiting for the moment he releases his sperm inside me. That heart-racing moment is priceless and gives me a sense of fulfillment


What does sex feel like for a guy?

For men, good sex entails satisfying a burning desire, and a form of excitement. He gratifies himself by trying out a variety of sexual positions, rhythms, and acts to achieve orgasm. It may also seem like an act of love towards his partner. He sees it as a way of improving as a lover and fulfilling his partner’s expectations. 

How do guys feel after sex?

The usual feeling amongst guys after sex is that of satisfaction and calmness. During sex, dopamine is stimulated, and after orgasm has been achieved, the brain increases the levels of oxytocin in the body. He may likely fall asleep due to the effects caused by the neurotransmitters. Some guys get emotional after having sex probably as a result of their poor performance. 

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What happens to a girl’s body after losing virginity?

The girl’s body doesn’t change per se, rather it experiences some temporary psychological reactions whenever there is an attempt at arousal. This may likely include- the vagina adjusting itself for penetration, swollen clitoris and uterus, the breasts get firmer and nipples are extra sensitive, then flushed skin due to the secretion of certain hormones. 

How often do men need sex?

Studies show that men have a stronger sex drive than women, according to WebMD, the average guy considers the prospect of having sex 19 times a day while the average lady thinks of it only 10 times. For men, sex is a craving that must be satisfied daily, the energy and excitement that accompanies it gives him the drive to pursue his life’s vision. 

What should you do after sex?

Wipe your body parts gently with mild soap and water to prevent getting infections, you should also urinate once you’re finished to flush out any lurking bacteria in your private parts. Properly check the condom you used to know whether it broke or got stuck inside the vagina. This could save you from acquiring STD, or unwanted pregnancy


I trust you found this post informative and insightful. What is sex to you? How does it make you feel? Leave your thoughts and views in the dialog box below. 

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