What Does It Mean When a Guy Winks At You? (5+ Possible Motives)

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Apart from somebody coming right out and vocally telling you how they feel, body language is the most important form of communication. You can uncover exactly how a person feels about you by simply looking at the way their body language changes around you. 

Winking is one of the most obvious types of body language, and it’s different from other types because there are intentions behind the action.

Unlike other types of body language like when someone faces their body towards yours, has nervous shakes or sweaty palms, that shows you that someone’s interested in you, a wink can be a little harder to understand. 

There can be so many meanings to when someone directs a wink towards you, so you may be a little confused if a guy is using this type of body language to convey a message to you or not. But don’t worry, we’re going to take a look at the 6 different reasons a guy might wink at you.

Why He Winks At You

1. He’s openly flirting with you

He’s openly flirting with you

Typically when somebody searches, “what does winking mean?” flirting is the answer they will find, and this certainly can be true. 

One of the most obvious and common reasons that people have for winking at somebody is because they are trying to flirt with them. People don’t tend to wink without knowing, and therefore there are intentions behind the action. 

If you’re trying to do something to show somebody that you’re trying to flirt with them, one of the most obvious ways to do this is by giving them a wink, so if a guy is doing this towards you, they might like you. However, if you’re still not sure that they’re flirting with you, you can look out for them paying you compliments, giving you attention and time, and wanting to get to know you more. 

2. He finds you attractive

Although this sounds similar to the point above, somebody might wink at you if they’re attracted to you but not trying to be too obvious about flirting with you or in fact are too nervous to flirt. 

In particular, if you have a guy friend that’s winking at you, this could be the reason - he could be attracted to you but too worried about trying to flirt with you. In this case, this guy will think that a wink might make it obvious to you that he likes you, without him having to muster up the courage to tell you.

3. He’s teasing you

Winks are often associated with teasing somebody, and therefore a guy that winks at you could be poking fun at you in the kindest and most loving way possible. It’s pretty obvious to tell if somebody is winking at you because they are teasing you because they will add a little ‘wink wink’ onto the end of a taunting comment. 

However, it could be confusing as to whether somebody is teasing you as friends, or in a flirty context. If they pay you compliments as well as tease you, get jealous of other guys around you, try to make physical contact with you often, and make an effort to spend time with you, they’re most likely into you and are therefore teasing you as more than just friends.

4. He’s suggesting that he’s got your back

A wink can be a signal that somebody has your back, especially if it’s in context and happens during a difficult time when you are maybe put under pressure by others around or if you’re in an uncomfortable situation. 

A wink like this is a comforting, kind gesture from this person towards you, and is something quite special. It could be romantic or platonic, but it’s definitely heartwarming.

5. He’s letting you in on a secret

If a man directs a wink your way, it could mean that they are letting you in on a secret they have, and you might even notice that they tap their side of their nose whilst doing so, to make sure you know they’re letting you in on something private that’s to be kept between the two of you

In addition, if somebody closes one eye briefly in your direction without making it too obvious to others around that they’re winking at you, it could be because they’re lying to everyone else and want to let you in on the fact it’s a lie.

6. He’s got a cheeky nature

He’s got a cheeky nature

The truth is, some people just love to wink, and they wink with no intentions at all. Some people are specifically known for winking a lot, and therefore you might just be around a man like this. Take a look and see if he winks at others whilst talking, and if so, there’s probably not much meaning behind it and he probably sees the two of you as exclusively friends, unless he shows. 


How do you respond when a guy winks at you?

It’s completely up to you how you choose to respond to a guy winking at you, and it mostly depends on how you feel about him. If you’re not remotely attracted to someone that’s winking at you and it makes you uncomfortable or you’re not quite sure why they’re doing it, you can bring it up casually and ask them to stop. If you are interested in the person winking at you or there’s an inside joke between you both, you can wink back.

Why does my crush wink at me?

One of the six reasons listed above will hopefully help you understand why this person could be winking at you. If they’re your crush, and you can sense that there’s something special between the two of you and they’re showing other signs of attraction, they might be winking about you because they like you back, fingers crossed!

Is winking flirting?

Winking can definitely be something that’s associated with flirting, but it’s not exclusively flirting. There are several reasons why someone will wink at you, that you can take a look at above, and it’s not always because they are attracted to you. If someone is giving you a whole list of other hints that they like you, the wink they’re giving you is probably because they’re flirting with you. However, if the wink is completely out of context, it’s probably not.

What does it mean when a guy winks and smiles at you?

If a guy winks and smiles at you, it could mean that he’s just being friendly, is having a joke with you, or is just a cheeky kind of person. However, it’s more likely to mean that he’s trying to flirt with you.

What does a wink mean?

A wink can mean a number of things, and several of the reasons someone could be winking at you for have been listed above, so take a look and see which one resonates most with the situation you’re in. Typically, somebody will wink at you because they’re attracted to you, but they could also be having a joke with you, letting you in on a secret, teasing you, or showing you that they have your back.

Considering All Of These,

Although body language signals are confusing, this article should’ve have clued you up on some of the reasons why a guy could be winking at you. So hopefully, now you can properly read the situation you are in and can act accordingly as to how you feel. 

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