What Do Emojis Mean From Guys? (21 Things It Could Mean)

Last updated on July 4, 2022 by April Maccario

Communication is a two-way street, and most of the time, meanings or intentions of conversations get missing in transition because of how the receiver translates it. This is why the gods of text messages invented emojis to help understand texts further. 

Emojis are a fun and entertaining way to show how you feel, without needing to type it out. 

However, while talking to guys you like, decoding emojis and what they could possibly mean can be a bit challenging. Not to worry, this article will help by giving 21 possible meanings to the emojis guys text.

21 Things His Emojis Could Mean

1. He likes you

If a guy likes you, he will send twice as many emojis. Guys are not very vocal with their feelings and most times, hide under the umbrella of emojis. A guy could text a lot of emojis when he likes you that you are forced to store his name as ‘emoji man’ on your phone.

There are various emojis to express that he likes you. The top on the list is the red heart emoji ❤️. No guy likes to admit to their friends that they use it, because it’s a big deal

2. He is trying to be funny

Being funny works all the time. Men believe that being funny gets women to loosen up and feel comfortable around them, so they employ the use of emojis. Emojis actually make a joke funnier because they kind of give a mental picture of the information the sender is trying to pass.

First is the laughing emoji, this is very obvious that the sender's intention is to make you laugh because he is laughing too. This might not guarantee you rolling on the floor and laughing your ass out, but you are definitely smiling and that’s his intention. Basically, this emoji is to make you feel calmer and make him look more approachable and relatable.

3. He wants you to read his emotions

Emojis are a great way to help read the emotions behind a message. I like to think that the first three letters of the word Emojis stand for emotions (even though emoji means picture plus letter). They help convey feelings in a not-so-intense manner, which is why the numbers of emoji users have increased over the years. 

Emojis guys use could range from a heart emoji to an angel face emoji, it all depends on how they are trying to express themselves when they text.


4. He wants you to understand the context of his text

Misunderstanding is a major disadvantage of text messaging, and with the invention of emojis, this problem has minimized a bit. Imagine trying to be sarcastic with a man you like and he thinks you are being annoying simply because of a misconception, and you end up chasing him away. 

If he sends text messages with the rolling eyes emoji, he is trying to be sarcastic and should not be taken seriously. You don’t want to be a Debbie Downer by ruining the mood of the conversation, so make sure you look out for the sarcastic emojis in his text. Guys also use the laughing face 😂 emoji when trying to lighten the mood.

5. He wants to have sex

That’s right sis, he might want to get in your pants. Maybe he has been asking indirectly via plain texts, and you are not responding or getting the message, well, he’s going to say it with emojis. 

If he sends you the eggplant 🍆 emoji, then he wants to have sex with you, he finds you attractive, and is trying to communicate his horniness over text. If he uses it, then he definitely wants sex, except he mistakenly sent it which is very unlikely. 

The second in command is the hand gesture emoji that is quite explanatory 👉👌 nobody can butt-press the two emojis at the same time, he wants sex.

6. He is complimenting your body

he is complimenting your body

If he uses the fire 🔥 emoji then best believe him when he says you look hot. He is letting you know that he is your in-house firefighter, so go ahead and light his world on fire. Emojis guys send shows if they like a girl or not, or in this case, admire her body. The guy may not even have to like you to send this, it just shows he thinks you look good. 

No one sends emojis like this if they don’t admire how you look. So, if a guy sends you either the fire 🔥 or the peach 🍑 emoji, go ahead and thank the god of good genes, exercise, or your doctor, whatever the case may be, you are one hot girl.

7. He is a player

He is a player, and I’m not talking soccer. They have two major emojis at their service. The smirk 😏 and the wink 😉 emoji. Does he smirk or wink a lot, then he is undeniably a player. When guys use the flirting emoji, it’s questionable especially when you guys are not dating.

Why? He is probably texting ten other girls this! They are cocky and usually have the worst pickup lines. They think they are the best thing that happened since sliced bread. 

8. He is trying to play it cool

While expressing ones’ feelings isn’t an easy task, especially to the opposite sex, men do it a lot. This is why they make sure to use emojis to hide their fears and also hide their excitement about talking to you. It's called the ‘cool emoji’ 😎

He doesn’t want to come off as too intense, so he wants you to think of him as cool, calm, and collected while in reality, he is really terrified and afraid of rejection. So you can throw him a bone and let him know you are into it too. 

9. He is unsure of himself

We all suffer from insecurities and so does this guy sending the emoji you are trying to decode. He wants to be confident but not too confident, he is probably really shy. Well, the starter pack for such guys is the cover-face emoji🙈.

Sincerely, about 3 in 10 of guys like this aren’t so sure the girl they like has the same feelings. They are the ones’ that text things like “I know I have only met you for two days, and I’m not as hot as the men you usually go for, but I’m already in love with you 🙈” 

10. He is being Naughty-Naughty

This guy uses the devil grin 😈 and angel face 😇 combo. Do not be deceived by the names and appearance of the emojis, I can assure you that they totally mean the same thing. This screams ‘naughty-naughty’.

A guy who is confident and on his worst behavior will use these emojis as many times as he wants when texting a girl. This guy knows exactly what he wants and he is going to get it. 

11. He is being lazy and uninterested

Emojis are great only when they are used to explain plain text further. So, it means that plain texts and emojis go hand in hand. Plain texts should be about 80%, while emojis should be 20%. If it isn’t, just don’t indulge him.

A grown man should be able to communicate his feelings effectively, if he only uses emojis, he’s not that interested in the conversation. 

12. He finds you intriguing

he finds you intriguing

The questioning emoji 🤔is majorly used when you are a breath of fresh air in his life, you are interesting and he wants to know more about you.

He may also want to know why you replied the way you did, or why you made the decision you made. All around, he just wants to know more. You are interesting, and he wants to discover the mystery that is you.

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13. He is trying to impress you

The more emojis he put, the more time he is devoting to making his messages look more appealing, all these to impress you. A guy will work overtime just to impress you, and using emojis is one of the many ways.

He would always use emojis at the end of sentences if necessary, just so that he can avoid being misunderstood. He wants you to see him as interesting, so he will be careful and choose his emojis carefully. He also wants you to see him as fun and flirty.

14. They run out of things to say

Sometimes, we don’t know what to say and how to continue a conversation. And writing it in plain text can come off as aggressive depending on the receiver's state of mind after receiving the message.

So when a guy sends this, don’t overthink it. It just means he has run out of things to say to you and you can keep the conversation going. The face without mouth emoji 😶 is also another way to show that he is speechless.

15. He is being playful

The face with a stuck-out tongue is used a lot when guys are being playful 😝. When a guy is comfortable enough around you, he acts goofy and this is the usual emoji he sends. This means he is relaxed around you.

Men also use it to downplay a situation. For instance, if he says “I think that you are hot”, this might be too direct and forward but if he goes “I think you are hot 😝” it just makes it less intense and goofier while still passing the message across. 

16. The green light

The smiling blushing face ☺️ is used by men in the early texting stage. They use this to let you know they enjoy texting you and they are open to getting to know you more. 

17. Hiding his embarrassment

While texting and getting to know people, men tend to share some embarrassing moments in their lives with women in a quest to seem more relatable and human.

But while sharing these moments, they also want to look cool and hide their embarrassment, so they employ the nerd emoji 🤓. To make them look shy, vulnerable, fun, and not ashamed all at the same time.

18. He is trying to show you a mental picture

he is trying to show you a mental picture

Men that actually care how their messages are perceived and interpreted use emojis. It does the extra work for plain texts, by painting a mental picture of what the sender is saying or wants.

For instance; “I really loved our date the last time and hope we can do it again” is quite plain and bland. It gives less of a mental picture and will surely bring fewer smiles to her face, compared to “I really loved the last time and hope we can do it again 😍🙏.”

19. He is nervous

You will probably see a lot of this emoji at the first stage of talking. He is nervous because he is talking to you for the first time, which is normal when you just meet someone or get to know someone.

He uses the two fingers touching emoji 👉👈 to show that he is nervous and is hoping to get to know you better. It shows that he is twiddling his fingers nervously, and he is a bit shy.

20. He is putting in the effort

He likes you, and he knows using emojis will make him more relatable so he puts in the effort to make himself look more approachable. He wants you to feel relaxed, loved, and comfortable, so he spices up the conversation with emojis.

21. To express disapproval

The major emoji used to express skepticism in the face with a raised eyebrow emoji 🤨. It is majorly used to express disapproval or disbelief.

When a guy uses this, he does not agree with what you are saying or a decision you made. There’s no need to look confused, ask him why he disagrees and hear his own point of view out. If it is something you can adapt and change your decision on, then, by all means, go ahead.


What does it mean when guys use emojis?

Two reasons come to mind when I’m asked what it means when guys use emojis. The first is that he is trying to impress you and the second is that he wants you to understand the context of his message.

What does BTW mean sexually?

When you get that sex appointment, BTW means “bringthewine” and he is not talking Carlo Rossi or Chardonnay, he is talking about your wine the one located in between your legs. The one he plans to squeeze and lick served at room temperature, that kind of wine.

What does 78 mean sexually?

Sexually, 78 is an infatuation-infused number. Couples under the effect of this number bond sexually with lots of passion and intensity. Sex helps them form a strong bond and connects them on a deeper level.

What does OK Boomer mean?

OK Boomer is a catchphrase used to dismiss close-minded opinions from the baby boomer generation or older people generally. It can also be used to describe older people that treat the younger generation as inexperienced or naïve.

What does 39 mean sexually?

The number 39 is used to describe omnisexuals. Omnisexuals have romantic, sexual, or affectionate desires for people of all genders and sexes. They have diverse sexual propensities.

In Conclusion 

I hope you enjoyed reading this. I expect that by now, you are an emoji deciphering expert and you might as well add it to your CV. I hope you implement this moving forward and don’t forget that it is as important in conveying feelings as plain texts. Let me know what you think in the comment section below and please don’t forget to share the article if you liked it.

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