23 Trust Building Exercises for Couples

Last updated on September 29, 2022 by April Maccario

No healthy relationship can exist without trust. It is one of the most important things in any successful relationship. Throughout your relationship, it is vital to ensure that you share a trusting bond with one another. 

If your trust ever gets broken, it can take a very long time to rebuild it and find a way to feel the same way that you felt before. 

Rebuilding trust after it has been broken is difficult but not impossible. If your significant other broke your trust in them for some reason, it is important to carefully rebuild your bond together. 

Keep in mind that it is going to take a significant amount of time to get your trust in that person back to where it was before after it has been broken. 

Perhaps you just want to strengthen the trust that you share. If you are hoping to strengthen the bond that you already have, or you want to try to rebuild your trust, there are many trust-building exercises for couples that you can try together. 

Keep reading to find out about the exercises that will help you to strengthen or rebuild trust in your relationship with your partner. 

Trust Building Exercises For Couples 

Trust is the basis of every relationship and no relationship can survive without it. It is the only way that you can fully connect and bond with another person. Without trust, a relationship is simply never going to last

The trust that you build between you and your significant other brings you together and will help you to stay with each other in the future. 

If your relationship with your spouse lacks trust, it is likely that you don’t share a deep emotional bond either as the two usually go hand in hand. If you feel insecure in your relationship because you cannot completely rely on your partner, you will find it difficult to be vulnerable and open up to your spouse, meaning that you don’t share any real meaningful connection. 

Here are some of the best trust-building exercises to try with your partner to build reliance in your relationship.

1. Look at each other’s phones

Look at each other’s phones

In modern relationships, social media can cause a lot of trust issues between couples. It is important to be open about your use of technology and social media with your partner if you want to build your trust together. Being open about showing your phone and internet history to your partner can help to rebuild your trust in each other. 

Talk to your partner about what you both feel comfortable with regarding social media and technology and decide how to proceed. 

2. Ask your partner to do something for you

It is important that you are able to completely trust your partner with everything. If you lose your trust in your partner and you want to rebuild this together, it is often a good idea to start with little things first. You cannot expect to rebuild all of your trust immediately and it is going to take work and time. Start slowly and pick smaller tasks, to begin with, and go from there. 

Ask your partner to do a small task for you such as buying you something at the shops. Knowing that your partner can do these small things for you successfully will slowly allow you to realize that they can succeed with bigger things in time too. 

3. Let your partner plan your next date night

Trusting someone means allowing them to take some control in the relationship. If you are unable to trust your partner, it is likely that you don’t want to give up any control to them. If you are the person that plans every date and every holiday that you go on, allow your partner to start getting involved in the planning too. 

Let your partner plan your next date night. Don’t get involved at all and see what he comes up with. It is important to let your partner know that you can trust him to give up some of the control. There is no way that you can build trust if you can’t allow them to take some control. 

4. Try something new together

If you are struggling with trust in your relationship, it may be time to step out of your normal comfort zone. Doing something new together is a perfect way to rebuild trust between you. This is also a fun way to strengthen your trust and bond. Doing new things such as yoga can help you to learn to rely on one another. 

Think of an activity to do together that needs communication and trust. Doing something new together can strengthen your intimacy and bond together. 

5. Create a mood board for your relationship

If you are struggling to build trust in your relationship with your partner it may be a good idea to create a mood board together for how you envision the relationship to work. Have a look through magazines or newspapers. Cut out sayings, photos, and images of how you want your future to be like. This will help you to envision your relationship in the future too. 

6. Talk to each other

There is no way that you are going to be able to build trust between you and your partner without communication. One of the first trust exercises that you need to work on is being able to look into each other’s eyes and really talk to each other. By being open and vulnerable with one another, you will be able to discuss your fears regarding trust and commitment. 

7. Come up with code words

By coming up with some relationship code words, you can further develop your trust and bond. Think of a few words that mean something to both of you. In this way, you can learn to use or avoid certain words that relate to trust. If you want to let your partner know that you feel serious about something, come up with a word to emphasize this. 

8. Connect with each other

Connect with each other

Take some time to reconnect with each other properly. This may mean taking a few days off work and going somewhere quiet to just spend some time alone, or simply going on a dinner date to a quiet restaurant where you can really just talk for hours and discuss each other and your relationship with one another. 

9. Be honest 

One of the most important things to remember when you are working on your trust in your relationship is to be completely open with one another. No trust exercise is going to work without knowing that you are being honest with each other. Make sure to be truthful and completely honest when you are telling your partner how you feel. 

10. Engage with each other

One of the simplest but most effective trust exercises for couples that are struggling in their relationship is to work on engaging with each other in deep and meaningful conversations. Give yourselves some alone time with one another every day so that you can really just focus on the two of you and how you are feeling. 

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11. Tell each other your secrets

Most people have some secrets that they have never revealed to anyone. However, a great way to strengthen the trust between you and your partner is to share these deep secrets with each other. By sharing these things with your partner you will be showing them that you do really trust them and they will be likely to share secrets with you too. 

12. Work on your eye contact

This may be difficult, especially if your bond has been broken by a violation of trust, but work on sharing eye contact with each other. Sit and face your partner and get used to looking in each other’s eyes. Practicing eye contact is one of the best ways to develop intimacy and in turn strengthen your bond with each other. 

13. Use loving terms

When you are discussing issues or problems in your relationship it is often easy to start talking to your partner in ways that you wouldn’t like to be spoken to. Make sure that you speak lovingly to your partner and remember how much you care about them even when you are discussing serious matters in your relationship. 

14. Practice intimacy 

If your lives have become really busy lately, you may have noticed that you are no longer intimate with your partner as much as you once were. By practicing physical intimacy by cuddling and holding your partner’s hand you will serve to rebuild the connection and the bond that you once had with each other and create a feeling of closeness. 

15. Promise to never lie and keep that promise

Make sure that you promise each other to never lie to each other and make sure that you keep that promise. Tell your partner about any lies that you may have told them in the past so that you can start with a blank slate, and from then on, never tell any more lies. Your relationship will be so much stronger for it. 

16. Respond to your partner’s concerns

Respond to your partner’s concerns

Make sure you are open and honest when your partner asks you serious questions. Respond to their concerns and worries about your relationship so that they know they can really rely on you. 

17. Don’t engage in demeaning or hurtful language

No matter how much you are struggling in your relationship, it is important to remember to never use demeaning or hurtful language in order to get your point across. Don’t try to belittle your partner as this will only make them rely on you less and less. 

18. Appreciate each other

A great way to rebuild your relationship is to show appreciation for the things that you do for each other. Simply saying thank you to your partner when they do something nice for you can make all of the difference. Make a habit of showing appreciation for your partner no matter how small the act of kindness may be. 

19. Compliment each other

Everybody loves to be complimented and when you are building up your bond with your partner try complimenting each other on the things you love. This is a great couples therapy exercise and is a great way to rebuild your bond in your relationship. 

20. Go on holiday together

Going on holiday and trips away is a great way to reconnect with each other and is often considered to be a kind of therapy for couples. 

21. Tell them you love them

No matter how long you have been with your significant other it is important to tell them how much you love them and how much they mean to you. This is such a simple thing to do but it can make all of the difference in your relationship. 

22. Compromise

In every relationship compromise is important. You should be willing to compromise with your spouse and ready to apologize when you have done something wrong. It is important that you are both able to accept responsibility and compromise when it is necessary. 

23. Make sure you are consistent 

When working on trust exercises, it is important that you are consistent. Sit down with your spouse and agree on how you want to proceed in your relationship and make sure you are consistent and agree to stick to what you have agreed on. 


What can couples do to build trust?

When rebuilding a bond in a relationship couples can practice physical intimacy. Holding hands and cuddling with each other is a perfect way to rebuild your connection. By being close to each other in this way you will create a sense of closeness and in turn strengthen your emotional connection and reliance on your spouse. 

How do you build trust in a relationship after it's broken?

After your relationship has broken down it is important to work together to rebuild it. It is possible to rebuild the connection that you once had but it is going to take time and effort from both partners. Share secrets with each other so that you can strengthen the bond that you share and deepen your reliance on each other. 

How do you strengthen trust?

Strengthen your bond by engaging in deep and emotional conversations with each other. This is a great means to deepen your bond and ensure your partnership will survive even if you have been experiencing difficulties. Take some time each day to spend time alone with each other and talk about your feelings and doubts. 

What questions are asked in couples therapy?

In couples therapy, couples are asked questions about their feelings, worries, doubts, and fears about their partnership. It is important if your partnership has broken down, to slowly rebuild your connection by working on your bond and your communication. Going to couples therapy can be a great means to do so. 

How do you trust after betrayal?

Rebuilding a trustful bond after betrayal can be difficult but it is not impossible. It is important to be aware that it is going to take time and effort to rebuild this connection between you and your partner. Engage in deep conversations, communicate, and be completely honest with each other and rebuild your emotional connection. 

To Sum Up…

Sharing a trustful bond and connection is perhaps the most important aspect of all relationships. Without this, it is unlikely that your partnership will survive. Work on a trust-building exercise and trusting exercises with your partner to rebuild this connection and save your partnership. Communicate, be honest and intimate with each other to do so. 

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