Third Date Ideas (25 Creative Ways)

Last updated on June 5, 2022 by April Maccario

Getting into a new relationship could be one of the most exhilarating feelings of all, the coyness, questions, flirting, and more, it's all so romantic. 

The best part of dating is getting to know the other person well, while hopefully having the time of your lives. The first and second date might have been awkward, fun, or even just there, but you know what they say; the third time’s a charm. 

Talking about ‘charm’, the 3rd date may just be the best opportunity to set the ball rolling and really connect with one another. The first and second date may be about making the right impressions, but the third date determines whether there’ll be a relationship or not. That's why it’s so important to have the right day or night planned out, to maximize the fun and connection you intend to establish. 

Are you already feeling confused? Well, that's why I'm here to help, there are a couple of helpful date ideas that could help make that special 3rd date memorable. Without any further ado, I'll outline some of the most fun, creative, and engaging date ideas you could try out. 

25 Best Third Date Ideas

What's great for one person may not necessarily be fun or ideal for another, hence, why I have included 25 different third date ideas suitable for different personalities and preferences. There are many options to choose from for a good third date; if everything works out, they'd be fantastic date ideas for the subsequent dates that follow. 

1. Karaoke Bar

Planning a third date doesn’t have to be so formal or complicated; in fact, it’s usually in the most fun and less-formal settings that you realize how serious, playful, or funny someone could be. 

Karaoke is one of the most exhilarating activities; it’s fun, exciting, and it’s easy to watch each other have fun and let loose. You don’t have to have Bruno Mars' voice, or Beyoncé's vocal cords to pull it off. It's an excellent opportunity to let loose, be yourself, and enjoy the moment

More so, karaoke bars make beautiful third date ideas; it's an excellent choice for when both of you are more comfortable with each other or are at least trying to be. A visit to a Karaoke bar already sets the mood for an exciting night with an unpredictable line of events.

Unless you’ve heard each other sing before, it’ll be nice watching how the other person works the mic, if they can hit high or low notes, or if they are admirably not great at singing. You could have a responsible amount of courage juice to start you up and enjoy a night of singing your favorite songs and moving to your favorite tunes. 

2. Stargazing

The first and second date may have been formal, flirty, and very chatty, if you’re looking to make things more intimate, then you can try stargazing. It's a great way to connect with your date, talk about things you usually wouldn't mention in a restaurant or bar while appreciating nature. You could go to a quiet place; the beach, hillside, or even the rooftop, and talk about anything and everything, while admiring the beauty of nature.

It may seem simple and inexpensive, but it’s also a very natural way to connect with that special one. Simply bring some blankets, a bottle of wine, some snacks, a map of the stars, and maybe even a nice questionnaire to add a little twinkle. A date idea doesn't always have to be overly expensive or out there. Stargazing is romantic, and it's an excellent way to set the mood for a lovely evening ahead. 

Make sure you check the weather forecast and consider the season you're in as well, so nothing ends up spoiling that lovely, intimate date that could determine if they’ll be another. 

3. Movie Night

If you want to ditch the formal scene and really have fun without overkilling it, then movie night would be appropriate. Yes, it's very typical and a bit cliché, but I guess that's for a reason. 

When on a date with someone, you're trying to find out their interests, passions, and preferences. You can tell a lot about a person by the type of movies they like, so typically, watching a movie is a great night starter.

It's one of the best third date ideas for those who have a whole night planned out, cause usually, the date doesn't end after the movie. Except, of course, you're still in high school and need to get back to the house before 9 pm. Plus, after the movie, if it was an interesting one, there'll be lots of things to talk about; the plot twists, the character selection, the cliff hangers, or even how the movie ended. 

You also have to agree, going to see a movie or two may never go out of style, except everyone gets rich and has a private home theatre that is, which may realistically never happen. So hop on the train, grab some popcorn, and enjoy a wonderful time together. 

4. Picnic


Maybe the second date ideas you put together didn’t go according to plan, that’s okay, especially if both of you want to have agreed to go on a 3rd date. To enjoy the third date, you should have picked up one or two things about that particular person, like knowing what kind of scene they like. If they prefer a more calm and intimate outing, then a picnic would make a great date idea. 

It's simple, casual, yet still very romantic; just check for a serene environment, trimmed green grass, a lovely view, and then get a romantic picnic basket set, the date is set. It could be a planned potluck, or if you want, simply grab some pastries and food from a restaurant. Spend the time talking in an airy environment, breezy, calm, just the two of you getting to know each other. 

Also, try to check the weather forecast to ensure your date doesn't get ruined because it rained or was too windy to manage. You'll get to enjoy a nice meal and some healthy, fun conversation that would help you know that special someone a lot more.

5. Wine Tasting

Sometimes, a date could end up being awkward or a bit boring, not because both of you aren’t interesting, but other factors could weigh in. Opening up to someone and really letting them get to know you can be scary, sometimes we need a little encouragement to be ourselves and have fun. That’s why wine tasting is one of the top third date ideas. 

It's a great way to get over the awkwardness and nervousness and do something both of you actually enjoy. You could find a budget-friendly winery, dress formal or casual depending on what you want, just ensure to let the other person in on what the dress code is. Tasting different fancy wine types should definitely set the mood, and help both of you unwind a little. It will also encourage a more natural and freer conversation during and after the wine tasting.

Instead of going to a winery, there's also the option of getting the wine yourself, get more than one bottle of wine, and both of you could have an excellent wine tasting at home. 

6. Going To A Sports Event

Going to a sports game doesn't merely show solidarity to a particular club, it could also be a great opportunity to bond over high-energy runs, competitive scoreboards, and the screams and busyness of a sports field/pitch. Depending on what you and your date prefer, make sure to choose a game, not just one person would enjoy. It could be rival clubs, with the two of you supporting either the same side or opposing teams.

Just remember not to go overboard with enthusiasm; after all, you’re trying to win the other person over. The passion for your favorite team should show, but keep it as simple and as engaging as possible, not being too engrossed in the game to communicate with your date. Plus, if your eyes are just on the game, you’ll miss seeing the upbeat side of the other person.

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A date at a game is also a great way to figure out just how competitive the other person is by watching them cheer for their team, how far they’ll go, and how fun their cheer is. The positive and energetic environment could be just what you need to put more than a smile on your date’s face. 

7. Going To A Comedy Show

The third date has to be a bit different from the first two, no matter how great they were. That's why I am suggesting a comedy night; some would agree there's nothing more romantic, magnetic, and refreshing as laughter. It's a third date choice that could earn you some points, but you need to ensure the comedian is actually funny.

A comedy show with dry jokes may not be the best date option, go for light comedy, one that will have both of you laughing out loud throughout. Good laughter is the way to unlock a person's personality when the other person is happy; they'd probably want to share more. Comedy shows are also an excellent way to have fun and spend quality time laughing together. 

Getting more familiar with one another would take more than those almost formal meetings at fancy restaurants; instead, get two tickets to a nice comedy show, bring your date and laugh the night away. You'll notice a lot more physical contact, and synched body language between both of you. 

8. Going To A Concert

going to a concert

Creative third date ideas don't just fall from the sky; in fact, they have to be well thought out and planned to ensure it's a success. Well, here's a great date idea that doesn’t require so much planning, simply get two tickets to a choice concert and enjoy the time spent together. Shows are equally very energetic and have all the positive vibes that make an excellent date idea. 

It's better to choose an artist both the two of you like, so you can sing along and dance while enjoying every moment spent there. Vibing to an artist's music and having the time of your lives would only open gateways to other dates in the future. 

It may not be the most personal date, but there’s something about feeding off the energy of others. When watching more than one-person dance, scream, and happily sing along to the music, the energy is just very electrifying. Even though you came in with bad moods, soon enough, those tunes and vocals will have you moving and bumping along as well. 

9. Taking A Cooking Class Together

Third date ideas shouldn’t be too conventional, except the other person is totally into it. However, if you’re focused on getting to know each other more and stepping outside the comfort zone, a cooking class would make a really fun and creative third date idea. Maybe on the previous dates, you have had dinner at a restaurant, food truck, or home. 

Why not try something more beneficial, educating, and out of the box like taking a cooking class? It's a great way to learn a new skill or recipe if you want while getting more familiar with your date. Check online, or sign up with a local cooking institute that offers classes that suit your schedules. Food, they say, is the way to a human's heart, and this way, you'd be learning how to cook a clear path to each other's heart

As a novice, you’d have to sign up for some elementary classes before ‘graduating’ to the real deal, but if both of you are already familiar with the basics around the kitchen, simply skip that step and go for the actual cooking classes. 

10. Horseback Riding

If you want a fun take on a third date, this next third date idea sets the mood for a lovely evening, take control with a little horse riding. You may not be in the countryside, but that shouldn't stop you from spending quality time with that special person on a horse’s back. Horseback riding has been romantic for ages, well, it was a means of transportation centuries ago, but now, horses are kindly sealing relationships together. 

The mere idea of riding horseback is exciting, especially since not many have had the opportunity to so. You could decide to go in the day time or early in the evening, remember to get suited and dress suitably for the date. As an amateur rider, it’s also best to ride with supervision first, before deciding to take over the reins and lunge onto the trails yourselves. 

There's the option of riding separately if you want to get the hang of it, but maybe when the sun starts setting a bit, ask if you can ride together. That's more intimate, and there's more physical contact to enjoy. 

11. Art Exhibition

Art is the language of the heart and mind, and it takes people who are connected to their inner selves to appreciate it. It's one of the most creative third date ideas because art is fun, immersive, and creative in itself. Ditch the usual third date cliché's and go for something indulging, calm, and inspiring. Creativity spurs up a healthy conversation, different emotions, and maybe even constructive arguments.

It's a great way to really pick at the other's brain, discover how they think about in-depth topics, and maybe how they view the world. It might seem boring for some, but if your date is into art, then it’s a great way to explore various paintings, sculptures, and more together. If things are still a bit awkward, this is an excellent opportunity to spark up a conversation and take things to the next level.

The good thing about going to an art exhibition on a third date is how simple it is to plan, plus, you get to dress formally casual, maybe hold hands, and walk through the exhibition appreciating art together. It's something your date may not have thought of, especially if you're thinking of making it a surprise. 

12. Visit A Theme Park

visit a theme park

There's nothing like putting a little fun into your dating life, and going places where both of you can be kids again, and basically enjoy yourselves. Theme parks provide different and fun activities that could make any couple bond on a date. Go from one ride to another, enjoy the thrilling water slides, scary Ferris wheel rides, to slow romantic boat rides. 

Watching each other let loose and let go is the plan here, plus, these rides provide the perfect opportunity for physical contact; hugs, hand-holding, and maybe even a kiss by the end of an eventful evening. In such an energetic environment, you can switch things up, be yourself, with practically no judgment, while both of you have a pleasurable third date. 

Also, if you are having doubts about how interesting the date is going, the rides will get things rolling for you, simply watching yourselves goof out is mood-lifting enough. With adrenaline pumping, spirits high, no one is focusing on the negatives, it's an excellent opportunity to make the most of the time both of you have together. 

13. Go To A Bowling Alley

Bowling has been known to be the go-to third date idea for a few decades now, and there’s really no question why. The human mind likes a little competition, and bowling is a good way of engaging in a friendly game that puts both of you on different teams. Have fun while trying to knock down as many pins as possible. 

Giving tips to your date will also help develop teamwork between both of you, and you might even get in some physical contact when showing the other person how to strike in the ball. Bowling requires more than one person to make the game exciting, and that's precisely what you need. Bowling is not nearly as competitive as some other games; it's very balanced and allows both of you to shine in a way. 

If one person is trailing behind on points, it’s easy to laugh it off, and simply enjoy swinging the balls into motion, no matter how many pins are taken down. 

14. Go Bike Riding

go bike riding

There are more straightforward ways to impress because the purpose of a good date is to get to know one another more. That doesn't ride solely on expensive locations or gift ideas; it is the quality time you're able to spend together. It's a breath of fresh air from the conventional, just both of you cycling through the city, talking about the weather, nature, or even the state of the economy. 

It's also a fantastic way to admire and appreciate nature and infrastructure while slowly riding by. Some of the most memorable third dates are sometimes very simple, and bike riding is a very engaging third date idea that brings both of you closer. There are many ideas to consider, either taking a regular bicycle or renting a scooter and riding through the city together.

Thanks to the rich landscape, there’s been a lot of topics to talk about, from the scenery to more personal things, stop and catch a breath together at select places, then continue the journey home. 

15. Go Wall Climbing

Third date ideas like wall climbing are very unconventional; no-one would actually think of that except you’re a regular at the climbing gym. If both of you like engaging activities, fitness, and just bonding over the most energizing and fulfilling activities, then this would be a date idea. Climbing walls presents you with a challenge, and shows how determined and skillful each participant is. 

It doesn't matter how great you are at it; it's the effort that counts, plus, you'll both have the chance to belay each other up, or go up together on each end. It also fosters good communication and encouragement when climbing the walls. It's the positive attitude this activity encourages that makes it one of the most creative third date ideas. 

While the activity does test coordination, stability, and strength, it also tests cooperation. Make sure you take the opportunity to say encouraging words and also have a light conversation on the climb to the top. 

16. Visit A Zoo

Visiting the zoo is one out of many amazing third date ideas, it’s very novel and outside the box, which is a good thing. If both of you love animals and wildlife, then get out of the safety net, and journey to the nearest national zoo. It would be a great experience to savor together, going from place to place, exploring the lives and habitats of different animals. 

There's something beautiful about opting for more natural experiences when on a third date; it offers the opportunity to know more about life, while simultaneously getting to know each other. Together you can talk about the different animals, your favorites, maybe feed some, it’s an exciting date idea. 

See the world through the eyes of the animals, learn about different species, and discover how much your date loves animals as well. 

17. Check Out A New Restaurant

check out a new restaurant

Okay, so this is an example of a conventional third date idea, but it's still fascinating, and something to look forward to. Giving thought to the idea of looking for new ways to relate with each other should open your mind to broad possibilities. 

If fine or regular dining is what both of you love, then looking for a new restaurant will help you try out different cuisines, take pictures, and enjoy the new place.

People love visiting new areas, looking at the décor, and trying out new recipes, it helps us figure out which food tastes better, and if it’s worth switching loyalties for. Put your ear on the ground to find out which restaurants just opened, or maybe choose a spot both of you haven’t been to before. Dining in a new place will give both of you something to talk about, like the ambiance of the area, the décor, and of course, the food.

If you want to get the day rolling without putting too much effort into thinking out ideas, this is a good way to do that. Dress up, meet at the location, and enjoy the mood and the food while engaging in a suitable conversation. 

18. Volunteer Together

Sometimes, doing something selfless together might just be the string that strings both of you closer. A lot of times, people focus more on doing something to impress the other, or maybe even satisfy themselves. With volunteering, you get to do something for others, while possibly winning the heart of your date. Doing good isn't easy, but it's very satisfying and purposeful. 

Schedule a date and pick a charitable cause to render your services; it could be a home for the aged, an orphanage, or a soup kitchen. Giving back will allow you to warm up to one another, cause the act is heartwarming in itself. Volunteering will help both of you bond and allow you to watch your date doing good deeds, and hopefully enjoying it. 

Giving to a good cause would be shorter than actually participating in the activities, it might seem like much, but at the end of the day, it’s totally worth it. 

19. Go On A Boat Cruise

What's more romantic than a boat cruise, being surrounded by beautiful waters, a good view, and maybe even lovely music? Yeah, third date ideas like this one may take a little more planning, but it's all worth it in the end. A boat cruise would make an excellent opportunity to escape the usual and focus on getting along and spending a day or two with one another. 

There's a nice eerie feel to it, and it’s also a creative third date idea, plus, it may seem like a big gesture, so the other person knows you take them seriously. There are great deals provided by trip advisors and agencies that you can jump on, but it’s better to start looking maybe a month before the third date. 

Depending on your plans, it could be a full day cruise, city lights cruise, or sunset sail, whichever best appeals to you. Most of these boat rides have meal plans, wine tasting, and other fun activities for couples that make the cruise even more enjoyable. 

20. Go Hiking

go hiking

Hiking is one of those activities people embark on themselves, but if you’re thinking of simple third date ideas, then why not indulge? First off, if you want to take time off the everyday stress of life, hiking is rejuvenating in every sense and is also very inexpensive. More so, it is a good break off your wallets, especially if you spent much during the first two dates. Getting to see the scenery, walk up hills, and even work in some cardio would be an excellent way to spend your day. 

Choose a beautiful location with nice greenery, maybe even a lakeside, if possible, make sure you take all the necessary accessories as well. Carry a water bottle to stay hydrated, and other gadgets that would ensure you don't get lost. Just like walking, hiking gives two people the opportunity to bond, talk, and have meaningful conversations away from conventional places. 

It's a good way to spend time discovering yourselves in new ways, and learning what makes the other person tick.

21. See A Stage Play Or Musical

Talking about non-conventional third date ideas, going to see a stage play would make an excellent idea. It's more engaging than seeing a movie or a concert, these live plays and musicals are the perfect opportunity to see raw talent, dress up, and just have a swell evening. Nothing beats enjoying each other's company while watching talented actors flawlessly deliver their lines.

For them, there's no second chance to re-do their scenes or mess up, the show must go on perfectly, it's impressive watching them carry out their roles, putting good ideas to work, and maybe after, the two of you could get an autograph. Seeing actors in their element gives both of you less awkward moments, as everyone would be watching the play and enjoying the scenes.

After the play, if it’s still awkward, at least you’ll have something to talk about, the play/musical, how well it was delivered, and some other constructive discussions on how well the storyline played out.

22. Take An Art Class

Just like taking a cooking class, art classes are an excellent third date idea, art is so expressive, plus there's really no right or wrong, just art. It gives the two of you the liberties to be whatever and create anything at that point; it doesn't matter if it's your first time. It will give you something to talk about, and a bonding activity and opportunity to spend time with each other. 

More so, taking an art class together will also challenge your creativity, making both of you think deeper while trying to express yourselves better. When it comes to 3rd date ideas, this one does go deeper than usual, practicing art together would be an excellent foundation for a healthy relationship in the future. 

Also, to get a suitable art class, go online and check for some of the best around your area; it should be easy to locate for both of you and will hopefully be an excellent way to connect. 

23. Go Dancing Together

go dancing together

Dancing is a form of art that has made couples bond, get closer, and even find the rhythm in their relationship. It doesn’t matter how novel the relationship is, dancing is a great way to get two bodies moving towards each other. As far as creative third date ideas go, dancing is a beautiful opportunity to learn the art - the art of dancing. 

More so, it's a unique third date idea for people who are already familiar with some steps, or those who simply want to learn how to get their groove on. It lifts you from the conventional, sit and dine third date idea, and gets the feet moving to the beat. Plus, they’ll be a lot of up close and personal moments, and you’ll have to learn how to move like a couple. 

There are not many activities as romantic as dancing, it’s something almost anyone can do, but most of all enjoy. 

24. Photo Booth

When thinking of creative third date ideas, a photo booth may seem simple and maybe even too short, but that’s the thing. Going to a photo booth may be the secret plan, but before that, you could go out for ice cream, walk a little while laughing at the other person's brain freeze, if that happens. You could even choose to go on a road trip, then when driving back, stop by and walk a little, until you get to the photo booth.

It's a fantastic way to end the evening, taking pictures both of you might hold dear and cherish in the future, plus, the photo booth allows you to freestyle, goof it up, and maybe even share a first kiss while the camera takes a neat shot of it. There might not be much to do, but after taking those memorable photos, both of you can head home and call it a day. If you feel like exploring other options after the photo booth, feel free to do so. 

25. Netflix And Chill

If you're not thinking of doing much, then that’s okay as well, you could always Netflix and chill at home. It may not seem like much of a fun activity, but it’s the perfect way to chill on a budget. Plus, there are other activities you could include to make it more eventful, like a game of cards, 20 questions, and the likes. 

Instead of an outdoor date idea, bunk in and binge-watch series; have some drinks and snacks on the side to make the perfect lazy day. You'd be giving each other the opportunity to relax, chill and maybe make out if that’s on the board. When other interactive games are involved in between, you’d also be giving one another the perfect opportunity to bond. 

Instead of going out when you're not feeling up to it, stay in and keep each other company, watching series, playing games, and have memorable moments. 


What happens on the third date?

The third date doesn't have to be limited to conventional date ideas since it's the 3rd meeting both of you have as a date, pick a creative activity both of you can enjoy, giving each other the opportunity to share moments. There has to be good conversation, more bonding, and maybe even a little physical intimacy if everything goes well. 

What does a third date mean to a guy?

For a guy, the 3rd date idea may not mean both of you are in a relationship, it just means you’re hanging out and getting more familiar with each other. While you shouldn’t read too much into a third date, the mere fact that he asked you means he is interested in knowing you more, and maybe getting a bit physical. 

Is a third date serious?

While the 3rd date could be a great sign that things are moving on well, you shouldn’t get too comfortable and think you’re in a relationship just yet. However, keep in mind that a nice third date idea kind of determines how smoothly things are happening, and if there’s any hope for a future relationship. 

What does a third date mean to a girl?

Some people say the third date is one of the most important for a girl, that means if she asks or agrees to a third date, then she’s looking forward to seeing if she wants you in her life long-term. To her, a third date could mean that she’s interested in taking stuff a bit more seriously, and hopefully sees a future with you. 

How many dates before sleep together?

Many believe that there's supposed to be a waiting period when dating, and sex shouldn't be rushed into. Even though this highly depends on both individuals before, the third date has been popularly made the milestone date that allows sex. Remember, this is not a rule or norm; you should personally feel ready before sleeping with someone you're dating. If giving a specific number doesn’t feel comfortable for you, just wait until you feel comfortable enough to relate in that way. 

To Summarize

A date idea could be the determining factor on how the actual day could go, so it's important to think while picking the right activity. Choosing a good one is like giving the other person something to remember for the rest of their lives, hopefully. 

I hope my list has helped you figure what you want to do, if it has, I would love to hear what you finally went with. Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you chose and how the date went; if you're feeling generous, please share this page with a friend or two who may be looking for some creative third date ideas as well. 

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