Things To Try In Bed (51 Kinky Sex Ideas To Try In Bed)

Last updated on September 16, 2022 by April Maccario

You must have tried multiple things with your partner already, but it’s never a bad idea to try new things in bed with your partner. 

The most exciting part about exploring new ideas is that it helps you connect on a deeper level with your partner. More so, you get to create memories and find out more about each other. 

Even better, your sex life will improve due to all the adventures you’ll be having. If you’re looking for new ways to make bedroom activities more exciting, then take a look at the following ideas to try out with your partner. 

51 Things To Try In Bed

1. Stare

If you haven’t been staring deeply into your partner’s eyes, then you should try it more often. It will help both of you to connect deeply, and just lay there for one minute admiring your partner. This little ‘innocent’ gaze stimulates the mind and body, in no time, you’ll probably add in more action.

2. Keep your clothes on

keep your clothes on

Most times, the anticipation can easily get depreciated when the two of you are hasty in taking off your clothes. If you’re looking forward to having some kinky sex, then build the anticipation by keeping on your clothes for as long as you possibly can.

3. Go completely naked

If you’re trying to make sex even more amazing, then skip to the part where all the dirty things happen, by simply taking off all your clothes immediately. 

4. Send dirty messages

If you want to improve your sex life with your spouse, then something you should try in bed is sending dirty messages to your spouse even though he’s right next to you. It might spark something amazing between the two of you, helping you with some creative kinky sex ideas. 

5. Reenact your first kiss

That feeling when you first kissed your spouse must have been exhilarating. If you want to start something beautiful, then a new thing to try is to reenact the moment when you first kissed him, without all the extra stuff that can steal the moment. 

6. Try a new condom

Condoms generally come in different styles and flavors, meaning you’re certain of having an amazing time. 

7. Use lube

If you want to try new stuff with your spouse, without allowing friction to wear you out, then you should consider using a lube. In a nutshell, lube will help you enjoy sex with your spouse for longer, leaving enough room to try new stuff.

8. Learn how to squirt

If you want to get to the height of your orgasm, then you need to learn how the secrets from School of Squirt. It would require you to find out your G-spot and communicating this to your spouse.

9. Eat seductively

Most times, you can initiate an appetite for fun sex with an appetite for food. You can seduce your spouse with what you eat, and most especially, how you eat. Try to eat snacks enticingly and seductively, ensuring you get your partner’s attention.

10. Be blindfolded

be blindfolded

Most couples haven’t tried this yet, making it a great way to start sex with your spouse in the bedroom. You decide to be blindfolded, or perhaps, blindfold your partner. Either way, both of you will get a taste of something new and enjoy the moment. 

11. Get on top

You can learn how to reach maximum satisfaction during sex by changing your positions once in a while. If you don’t already do this, then you should try going on top. 

12. Try finger-painting

If you’re trying to make the sex fun, then finger-painting each other’s bodies can spice up sexual activities in the bedroom. There’s a certainty the both of you will eventually have amazing sex after touching and stimulating yourselves.

13. Simply breathe

Sometimes, the biggest things are hidden in the littlest actions. It’s one of the most stimulating kinky sex ideas. Just hug your partner tight, and simply breathe. Hearing each other breathe can be the perfect stimulant you never expected. 

14. Use your pillows

Couples engage in pillow fights simply for fun; however, this can be used to enact new things in sexual ways. Think of new sex positions with your pillow, and simply enjoy the moment with your partner; however, it plays out. 

15. Play a dirty board game

Playing board games is naturally something couples do in bed. However, you can use it to your advantage by changing the rules, or the consequences of winning or losing, to a fun sexual moment. This will guarantee amazing sex in the end.

16. Let your hair down

Letting your hair down can actually be a major confidence booster. If you want to spice up your sex life, then you should consider putting your hair down in the bedroom to be freer than usual.

17. Squeeze tight

One of the ways to get intimate is to squeeze certain areas of each other's bodies. Look for those pleasure spots like their thighs, butt, or shoulders and apply a little pleasure to show how much you crave their touch.

18. Wear a mask

Wearing a mask can be a great way to start up some amazing sex. Try to seduce your partner by being mysterious; don’t just wear the mask, introduce some new activities as well.

19. Wear a wig

If you can’t get a mask, then a wig is an adequate substitute. Interestingly, if you’re too afraid of doing something new, then a wig might just ignite that vibe and reveal your wild side for the fun of the moment. 

20. Do it at different hours

If you and your partner are trying to break out of routines, then you should have sex at hours of the day you’ve never tried. It can spice up some hot action. 

21. Create a story

create a story

If you’re looking for new things to try, then ignite your storytelling skills, and allow your partner to participate in it as well. You can start off by writing an erotic paragraph, and passing it to your spouse to complete it, and continue until some hot sex eventually happens.

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22. Read an erotic book

One of the new things to try, especially if you want your sex life to improve, is to read an erotic chapter from a book to your partner. If both of you like sexy books, then you should find the ones you love, and read them to each other.

23. Use household objects

Not every household item should respectively serve its main purpose. If you feel it can be used for something sexy in the bedroom, then go along with the idea. Be sure to take all the safety precautions when doing this, so no accidents end up spoiling the fun.

24. Sexting

Sexting is something anyone can easily do in bed to start something hot and sexy. Whether you’re together, or in different rooms, you can initiate something hot by sending him dirty and flirty messages. 

25. Morning sex

If you’re striving towards achieving better intimacy, then try having sex first thing in the morning. The calmness of the environment will certainly make things more pleasant. 

26. Play a dirty contest

An idea for a dirty contest in bed is to see who can hold out the longest, and cum the latest. This will give you something to compete for, further allowing you and your partner to have amazing sex. 

27. Roleplay

Enact an exciting sexual fantasy with your partner, which can eventually lead to something hot and crazy. You can write down these sexual things while lying down and allow your partner to select them randomly. Make sure you get the props ready beforehand. 

28. Massage

If you want your spouse to respond positively to your requests in bed, then you should make efforts to get him comfortable and possibly aroused. This can simply be achieved with the help of a body massage. Try to make it as sensual as possible, maybe next time, your partner could be the one giving the massage.

29. Use a sex toy

The exciting thing about sex toys is that you can use them on your partner. For example, if you’re thinking of freaky sexual activities to try, then use a vibrator on the sensitive areas of your partner’s body, and allow things to proceed from there. 

30. Feed each other

If you want to get freaky sexually, then you should try feeding each other in bed in a romantic or sensual way. To make things even hotter, incorporate some aphrodisiac foods, to spur up some intense sexual desires. 

31. Restrict your senses

If one of the five senses is restricted, it immediately makes all the others more active. To make sex even better, restrict one or more of your senses, and focus on the others. Switch off the lights maybe so your focus is exploring your partner’s body intimately.

32. Use ice

Many people have confessed that ice is the cheapest sex toy anyone can use to feel good, and spur up some intense sensations on their partner’s body. If you’re looking for something new to try, then try trailing ice all over your partner’s body for a pleasurable experience. 

33. Sexy lap dance

sexy lap dance

Try to seduce or entice your spouse in bed by giving him a sexy lap dance that you know he’ll love. You can even try to touch him seductively, just to make sure he responds well.

34. Nibble

This is one of the things to try that tells your spouse that you’re ready for something hot. It’s best done in the midst of foreplay. You can nibble on his lips, neck, shoulders, and even down to his nipples. 

35. Be loud

If you’ve been concealing all your pleasured sensations during sex, then go loud once in a while. It’s a new thing to try because the freedom of expressing yourself will give you the opportunity to have even hotter expressive sex. 

36. Try new sex positions

If you’re desperately trying to break out from your routines, then change up your sex positions once in a while. This will give the both of you something to look forward to, and possibly, a more exhilarating sexual experience. 

37. Play dress up

To start something hot, dress your spouse in what you like to see, and then undress him. This will give you a sense of newness, especially if you have new things you want to try with him. 

38. Try a massage candle

This is also referred to as aromatherapy. Massage candles are entirely safe and are specially created to be gentle on the skin. All you need to do is to light it up, wait till it liquefies, and then use it for a sensual massage all over your partner’s body.

39. Oral sex

Many couples are often too eager to get to the bone of the event, rather than maximizing the pleasure they can feel. An easy way to elongate the pleasure is by having oral sex first, before allowing things to get deeper. 

40. Try spanking

Try new things in bed like spanking your spouse lightly. If you haven’t tried this before, surprisingly, it could initiate the hottest sex you’ve ever had with your spouse.

41. Go to a hotel

Sometimes, a new environment can spice up an exciting sexual moment between partners. If you’re looking to have amazing sex in bed, then you should try heading to a hotel or motel.

42. Try head rubs

Something you should aim for next time is to make your spouse extremely comfortable, especially if you’re expecting to try new stuff with him. Giving each other head rubs is an easy way to get comfortable and eventually initiate some hot sex. 

43. Tie your spouse up

tie your spouse up

If you’re afraid to go too far with BDSM, you can try something as simple as tying your spouse up with a scarf around his wrists and express yourself on his body. You can also allow him to turn the tables, and also tie you up. 

44. Maximize on shower sex

If you want things to get crazy in bed, you can use the advantage of shower sex to get things started. You can even decide to do it after some hot action in bed. Even so, using some silicone lube will help you get maximum pleasure sensations.

45. Don’t wear panties to bed

This can eventually become a norm. Just simply remove your panties before going to bed, and sexily mention it to your spouse. Even better, hand him the panties in a fun sensual way. This would definitely get him excited.

46. Wear lingerie

Lingerie is definitely something to wear if you’re trying to have hot sex with your spouse. You can wear it underneath anything, even everyday clothing, and simply make a surprise reveal to your spouse when the time is right.

47. Leave the lights on

If you want to start new things with your spouse, then you should leave the lights on. With this, the both of you have the pleasure of seeing each other’s faces when things get hot and crazy. 

48. Play a dirty dare game

You can easily make your sex fantasies a reality by playing a dirty dare game with your spouse. You can dare each other to kiss or nibble on various parts of your body, or basically to do what you please.

49. Play music

Music is a powerful tool that can change the mood in any environment. Interestingly, it can make your sex even hotter. Simply pick a tune that works best for you.

50. Prostate play

Men can easily be aroused when you know the perfect places to touch. One of those areas is his prostate. You can learn to give a prostate massage and give your spouse an orgasm. 

51. Go naked

go naked

If you’re looking for new things that can spice up hot sex in bed, then going naked can be the perfect strategy. Your spouse can also join in to make the moment a fun one. 


What new things can you do in bed?

There are a lot of new things to try if you’re trying to have amazing sex. You can either focus on taking things slow, or just go straight to the action.

What are some freaky things to do in bed?

You can incorporate new sex objects, positions, or even something as simple as a soothing sexy massage for your spouse.

How can I be interesting in bed?

You can wear less clothing, or even sexy lingerie, write out fun fantasies, read an erotic book, or learn new sexual positions

How can I be irresistible in bed?

If you want to be irresistible, then you should find out what can make your spouse reach maximum satisfaction and incorporate more oral sex

Where do men like to be touched?

An interesting place in a man’s body that can allow him to have multiple orgasms is his prostate. You can learn different massage techniques to maximize his pleasure. 

To Conclude

Did you enjoy this article on new things in bed? You can always think of other things and ways to start something hot, apart from the ones listed here, and simply ensure you have the time of your life. Leave a comment below if you liked this article, and share this article with friends that need to see it. 

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  1. Very good article… thank you! There is always something to do in order to spice it up a bit. Taking the initiative and communicating it is the hardest part of the journey. Acting it out is the easiest and funnest part!!!

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