Things To Say To Your Ex (50 Things To Say To Him)

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While dealing with the rollercoaster of life without your ex, you’ve probably thought about the things to say when, or if, you finally get back together

If you are still in love with your ex, you probably want to get back with him, regardless of what happened. While harboring the thoughts on how to get your ex back, what about the things to say to your ex when you two finally meet? 

This breakup period is a delicate time, and everything you say to your ex could either make or mar the relationship further.

Are you meeting up with him soon, or having a phone conversation after days or months of the no-contact rule? Here are 51 things to say to your ex that you still love.


50 Things To Say That Could Help You Get Your Ex Back

1. Say something selfless

Instead of starting off the conversation with something about yourself and your own feelings, you could direct the conversation towards something outside yourself. Perhaps, this is even what caused the break-up in the first place.

2. Something that’ll trigger happy memories

Saying something that reminds him of some happy memories you once shared would be great. This would paint a happy picture in his mind and make him have good feelings when he thinks of you.

3. Something light

Keep the conversation light. Don't be the ex-girlfriend that will jump straight into the problems you both faced when you were together. Try to make small talk, talk about light topics or recent happenings in your country, or about drastic changes in the weather.

4. Focus on him

You want to be the ex-girlfriend that isn’t so focused on what’s happening with you. instead, your ex about his life and his recent activities. What has happened since you guys split and what he has been up to lately?

5. “I’m doing great!”

i'm doing great

Slip into the conversation that you’re faring quite well, even after the split. Don’t make statements that make you seem miserable without your ex or like your life was on pause since you both broke up. 

6. Be positive

Keep things on a light and positive note, there should be no bad vibes. No one wants to meet up to talk about sad events. Try to keep the conversation positive; stick to making happy and high-string statements.

7. “I thought of you today.”

Let your ex know that you still think of him from time to time, tell him the things that remind you of him. 

8. Say something encouraging

Even though you're now his ex-girlfriend, say encouraging statements, like, “I always knew could do it”.

9. Say something cute

Adding a little sugar to the conversation wouldn’t hurt; on the contrary, it could make him a bit more engaged. You could make statements like, “So, how empty is your life without me?” and then wink.

10. Something neutral

Also make very neutral statements, things that won’t bring back the bitter taste of the breakup. You don’t want to be the ex-girlfriend that keeps dwelling on the gory past.

11. Something that’ll show him you’re over the whole thing

Make statements that will indirectly show him that you’re over the hurt and ugliness of the breakup. Yes, you still love him but don’t highlight that so you don’t seem needy. 

12. Something apologetic

This especially applies if you were the one in the wrong, apologising at some point could really make his day. Hopefully, you get one from him in return.

13. You’ve grown

Make statements that show him that you’ve grown and changed for the better. Be the ex-girlfriend that will take the necessary steps to self-improvement, and let your ex know that as well. 

14. Something appreciative

You could also thank him, there must be one or two things he must have done right when you both were together. A simple statement like, “Thank you so much for not being an unfaithful partner, you spared me so much embarrassment”.

15. Show gratitude

Show him that you’re a more grateful person now. Just saying thank you doesn't make you a grateful person, being appreciative of the things and people around you does.

16. Acknowledge him

Acknowledge your ex, tell him about the changes you’ve noticed in him. Let him know that you see him, that you've noticed how well he has handled a few things, and how mature he has become.

17. Show that you’ve accepted everything

It's hard for most people to accept when things are over, especially the women since we tend to get more emotionally attached. A simple, “It’s okay, I understand” would do.

18. Clear the air

You could lightly clear the air about a disagreement you had with your ex or some misunderstandings you both may have had during the course of the relationship. 

19. Go down memory lane a bit

go down memory lane a bit

It won’t hurt to take him down memory lane. Discussing the better days always helps to lighten up the mood, plus, it could be an excellent way to rekindle the love.

20. Embrace humor

Make sure to throw in some humor while you’re at it, perhaps even an inside joke you both had. You’d definitely be killing two birds with one stone, you’d crack him up and also remind him of the love connection you share.

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21. Something friendly

Say something friendly, most people think that saying something mean and vengeful will give them the closure or revenge they crave, this is actually the opposite. In romantic relationships, it’s better not to play the bitter ex-girlfriend if you hope to get back with your ex.

22. Something assuring

Tell him how much you love his confidence, and that he’s one person you know will really make an impact in life. 

23. You’ll always be there for them

Statements like, “You can count on me to be here whenever you need me ” would go a long way to show him that you’ve got his back. Whether or not you both are currently together, it won’t hurt to have each other's backs.

24. Silence is golden

Sometimes, it wouldn’t hurt if you just said nothing, at least just for a while. Silence sometimes speaks even louder than words, it could show your ex that you’re bigger and better. Plus, it gives him the opportunity to break the ice.

25. “I wish you were here.”

There’s a possibility that he may be missing you just as much as you’re missing home. If he’s giving you these signs, you could take a chance and be straight with him.

26. Compliment him

Throw him some compliments, of course being careful not to sound like you're overcompensating. 

27. Supportive statements

Be supportive of his recent accomplishments especially if he’s brave enough to share them with you. “I always knew you could do it” would be one straight to the point and assuring thing to say.

28. Show care

You could show him you still care even though you guys aren’t together anymore, there’s nothing wrong with that. You could ask, “I hope you’ve been alright lately, is there anything I could help with?

29. Something slightly flirty

If you both are in that mood, you could make some slightly flirty statements, lighten up the mood a bit and add that space to the conversation. “Want to hear a secret? I’m almost not fully dressed... ” It’s bound to make him laugh and keep the conversation flowing.

30. Talk about your first few dates together

Memory lane is a lovely place to travel to from time to time, you can take him back to your first few dates. The awareness, the funny and embarrassing moments, and how you both managed to get over it. 

31. Something he did that blew your mind

You could also remind him of some things or a thing he did that completely surprised you. For example, an unbelievable birthday surprise, a mind-blowing Valentine’s Day gift, or an anniversary trip. This could stir up some old feelings.

32. A funny experience

a funny experience

You could remind him of a funny experience you both had, it could be an embarrassing moment or a really good prank. Apart from making him laugh, it’ll take his mind back to the fun days.

33. Be real

Whatever you do, don’t say anything you don’t mean. Stick to statements that you actually mean. Anything too cheesy or desperate should not be said.

34. Be genuine

Just like keeping it real, only make statements that you genuinely mean. Stick to the words you are sure to come from your heart. If you aren’t sure about how you feel then say nothing at all.

35. Keep the mystery

Be mysterious, don’t give it all away. Not everything needs to be said, keep the conversation light and neutral. Pouring out all your feelings to him is way too much information.

36. Fill him in

While hearing about his recent accomplishments and generally his life so far, you could also tell him what has been happening in your life. 

37. Find out what has been happening in his life

In case he needs a little nudge to share, find out if there are any new developments and perhaps even encourage him to make some fitness or self-improvement moves. 

38. You could make jokes about your first fights

You don’t only have to remember the funny or happy moments, you could also remember some hard situations you both were able to scale through together. Your worst fights could count, narrating things in a comic way could give you both a good laugh.

39. How you settled your differences

Reminding him how you both sorted issues out after arguments or misunderstandings could remind you both that you can actually make it through hard situations together. 

40. “You taught me to love.”

You could tell him what you learned from him during and even after the breakup. Statements like, “I really learned how to be patient because of our relationship” or “You really taught me to love genuinely”.

41. “No one can replace you.”

Remind him that whether you both get back together or not, he will always have a special spot in your heart and no one can replace that.

42. “If we were still together…”

You could slip in teasing statements like, “If we were still an item, we’d have crashed Kate and Steve’s party together this year”. 

43. “Your next girl would be very lucky to have you.”

Making him know that you still think he’s a catch could help boost his self-esteem and heal any damage to his confidence that was caused by the breakup.

44. “I’m glad I knew you.”

No matter what may have transpired between the both of you, you must have learned a few things from each other. It won’t hurt to let him know this. 

45. “Looking forward to seeing you sometime.”

Sooner or later, if you both decide you’d still like to be a part of each other's lives, maybe meet in person. Letting him know that you’re looking forward to that time wouldn’t hurt.

46. “We are in this together.”

If you feel there’s a chance both of you will mend the relationship, let him know you’re ready and happy to do so with him. 

47. “I wish things were different.”

If there are minimal chances of getting your ex back, then apart from the pleasantries, that’s one of the things to say.

48. Talk about what he does that turns you on

talk about what he does that turns you on

You’re trying to get back your ex, and honestly, this is the time to pull out the big guns. There are things you can say that will have his heart dancing to your tune. Maybe try reminding him of your first time together (in bed, of course) and what he did that made you never want to leave him.

49. Say something to make him feel special

Relationships are hard, and as his ex-girlfriend, you don’t want to crush the chances of getting back together with him. Even though it’s a compliment on his new haircut, tell your ex how much you love it.

50. Tell him about your new projects

Even though you’re not back together yet, let him know that you are making progress. If he encouraged you to do something bold like start a blog, now is the time to tell him if you have done so.


What to say when your ex asks how you are?

Keep it simple by telling him you’re doing great, but could be better. Go on to mention a few new developments in your life. Remember to keep the conversation light, it’s not your pity party.

How do you politely respond to your ex?

If you still love him, then it’s best to breathe and think of a respectful reply before hitting the send button. Try not to swear or sound mean even though you feel bitter, and focus on the positives of the relationship.

What should you not say to your ex?

Don’t outrightly tell him you want him back, that should come as naturally as possible. Also, don’t try to put him down just to satisfy yourself.

How do you know if your ex still has feelings for you?

If your ex still loves you, they’ll keep in contact with you even after the breakup, that’s one of the most significant signs.

How do I make my ex regret?

Use the no-contact rule, don’t call or text him for a while after the breakup. Then put an effort into living your best life; look good, improve yourself, and achieve your goals. Like they say, the best revenge is good success.

To Conclude

Did you enjoy reading through this list? You can use the tips above to speak to your ex after the breakup and try not to make it awkward. Good luck. Don’t forget to leave a comment below and share this article as well. 

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