Things Guys Notice About Your Body (17 Things Guys Notice About Women)

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Since the beginning of time, guys have been admiring the physical structure of us women. All the little things like how we walk, talk, and eat have the source of their admiration. Over time, some guys have become so good at this scrutiny that you don’t need to take your clothes off for them to tell what lies underneath. 

He can tell what size you are just by looking at you. We, women, know that guys notice things about our bodies, but are there particular areas they pay attention to? What body type do they prefer? 

Perhaps you want to get a particular man’s attention, and you're reading about the things guys notice about your body to impress him

This is an excellent place to start, but keep in mind that guys don't notice these things in the same order. One guy might like girls with wide hips, long hair, and long legs, while the other prefers a lady who is petite, cute, and with smaller hips. However, we’re still doing this, so sit back and let’s go through the list of things guys notice on women. 

17 Things Guys Notice About Women

1. Legs

Most guys like a lady with cleanly shaved long legs and others enjoy the feel of hairy feminine legs. However, one of the things guys notice on a lady is her legs. How she walks graciously with them and whether they fit her stature perfectly is what grabs their attention. Some guys are turned on by legs, especially if you're wearing a thigh-high slit or shorts; it would be hard to stop looking. 

2. Eyes


They say the eyes are the window to the soul, that's why guys want to make eye contact with you. Some guys are just attracted to women with beautiful eyes, which could be about color, shape, or size. It's challenging to look at a person without noticing their eyes even for a bit. More so, the eyes are also one of the fascinating features of the human body. 

3. Feet

That a guy notices your feet isn't weird at all. When you ask a guy, “what do men like in a woman's body?” and they reply with feet, believe me when I say that it's really a real fetish. Many guys out there are really into clean, smooth feet. In fact, some guys can tell a lot about a lady's skincare from looking at her feet. 

4. Your style

Style is one of the many things guys notice about your body. You should know that your style says a lot about your personality. The combination of colors, your choice of shoes, and even the type of bag you own all speak volumes about you. A man might not identify if you’re wearing Dolce and Gabbana or Chanel, however, he can tell you're classy from the type of clothes you put on. 

5. Your figure

You probably already know this, but let me write it again for emphasis. Many guys love to observe a woman’s figure the moment they set eyes on her. This includes her weight, height, and the proportion of her body parts. It all depends on the type of lady he likes. Regardless of if he’s after a woman with a small waistline or one with very thick thighs, he would admire your full-body figure as soon as he sees you.  

6. Your teeth

Little things like your teeth are also part of the things guys notice. They are what give your smile a beautiful finish. Keep your teeth clean and groomed, so the next time you get around that man you like, you can smile graciously at him. 

7. The way you smell

The smell of a woman is the most beautiful thing she can put on, and it’s one of the first things guys notice. Especially when they hug you, your fragrance says a lot about the type of lady you are. So it’s something they look forward to. 

8. Your hair

your hair

Some guys are just attracted to women with long hair, others like it short. Even before noticing anything on a lady, some guys have already checked out their hair. A woman's hair is like her crown; guys watch for cleanliness and style when they glance at you. 

9. Your arms

Arms are one of the things guys notice on a lady that you might think is weird, but they do. That’s why wearing sleeveless tops is considered sexy. Men see how slender or long your arms are, and it’s also a turn-on for them. 

10. Your butt

Oh! This is typical, it’s something musicians sing about, and one of the most exciting curves guys want to see on a lady. How it moves when you walk, how it looks in jeans, and how it feels when you take your clothes off. It’s very sexy when a man admires your butt. 

11. Your nails

Guys notice your nails more than you think. Clean manicured nails mean you care about your hygiene to the littlest detail. Your nails also make your hands seem more attractive when you get them done. When you touch a man or talk to him, he has probably noticed your nails.  

12.  Your knees 

Men also admire a woman’s knees. This, I think, is weird. However, as I mentioned earlier, to each their own. They look at your knees to check if it’s too chunky, thin, or the same tone as your body. 

13. Your boobs 

If you’ve got big boobs, you would be able to relate to men not taking their eyes off it. Even if yours are pretty small, they still find it hard not to look at that area. It’s also very sexual when men look at your boobs. 

14. Your scars 

Scars tell stories. There’s nothing cuter than when a guy notices a scar on your skin and asks about it. If you have any in an obvious spot, it will be hard for him not to notice. 

15. Your belly 

Men can tell when you're trying so hard to push your belly back in. Some men find ladies with biceps beautiful. However, others who don't care for a masculine shape on a woman like that.

16. Your breath 

If your breath stinks, it'll be the only thing he notices about you. What guys don’t like is a stinky breath. Remember, men enjoy sitting close to the lady they like. This means he can tell if your breath is terrible. 

17. Your smile 

your smile

Guys always notice a beautiful smile spread across a lady's face. It makes her five times more attractive, according to them. Plus, there’s no replacing the warmth and love a smile gives.


What do guys notice about your looks? 

Once a guy looks at you, the first thing he's scanning for is a smile. If you don't smile, he moves to your eyes, hair, and goes all the way down to your feet. All this happens in a matter of seconds. Then he goes back to focus on the most striking thing he saw at first, it could be your teeth when you smiled or your hands.

What body part do guys notice first?  

It depends on which way you're facing and what type of guy he is. However, every guy is interested in a woman’s face. I think the face is the first body part guys notice when they are looking at you. 

What things are attractive to guys? 

Almost every part of a woman's form is attractive to guys; you just have to find out what's peculiar to the man you like. The typical things like the face, legs, eyes, bum, figure, boobs are what most guys find attractive. 

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What do guys notice about you in the first six seconds? 

In the first six seconds of looking at you, a guy sees the entire makeup on your face from the lips to the eyes, notices your hair, and still judges your fashion sense.  To put it simply, a man sees your entire body in six seconds. 

Who is the most beautiful woman in the world ever? 

The most beautiful woman in the world is the one whose smile lights up the room, a woman whose confidence is attractive, one who would rather be herself and be kind and loving too. 

To Conclude

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Keep in mind men notice practically everything when they look at you. Depending on what each individual prefers, they may keep their focus on that feature. 

I would like to know your thoughts on this subject; please share them with me in the comments section and share this article as well, thank you. 

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