75 Things Couples Fight About

Last updated on June 15, 2022 by April Maccario

It’s true, couples fight; I don’t mean the “mortal combat” kind (that’s not normal) so relax. It is almost impossible for two grown-ups who live with each other to always agree on the same thing at the same time, it'll mean one of them is either pretending or letting too much slide.

When you spend so much time with a particular person, you begin to notice things you didn't see before, some of which could be a little annoying. Over the years, couples have fought over a billion things, most of which you would think are not important enough to cause a heated argument between lovers, but it has. 

You’re probably here, reading this article because you want to educate yourself on the issues that cause arguments in marriage but I can only tell you about the recurring things. Couples argue about different issues every day and to be honest with you; nobody is sitting down to make notes. 

What’s important is how you move past these little fights or arguments and makeup with your partner. A relationship that hasn’t gone through some form of disagreement hasn’t been tried at all. These fights help keep you both in check and remind you of why you both decided to be together in the first place. 


75 Major Issues Couples Argue About

1. Comparison 

Nobody enjoys being compared with someone else, especially in a negative light. Couples argue over issues like this a lot. 

2. Money 


Money is a common reason for couples to have a squabble. Either it's about who spends it, what to spend it on, or how it was spent. Couple fights caused by money could get pretty heated if not managed well.

3. Kids 

A couple who have kids argue about them all the time, mostly because those little humans are so demanding. All the energy you both put in before has to double up; it would hurt a lot if you're putting in more work than your partner is. One person may feel they are putting on more work when it comes to raising the kids.

4. Sex 

It's not out of the ordinary that couples argue over sex or sexual satisfaction. Maybe one of you wants more when the other has had enough, or you don't like what your partner does and want him to try something new with you. 

5. Chores

The easiest way to piss your partner off is not to take your chores seriously. If you’ve agreed to split the duties at home, make sure you do your part otherwise you’re leaving room for arguments. 

6. Jealousy

Jealousy can cause partners to argue. Maybe you feel like he's paying more attention to work these days and less on the marriage. Confronting him about it could cause some tension in the relationship.

7. Bad Habits

Bad habits could cause a couple fight in marriage. You learn more about a person's habits once you’ve moved in with them. 

8. Time

Couples argue about what and who they spend time on. They also fight about not having time for each other as well. Time is a significant factor in any relationship, it helps the marriage grow from one stage to the other. 

9. T.V Remote

I know, couples fighting over the remote sounds petty, but as I said, you'd be surprised at the things that can cause couples to fight with each other. Something as trivial as the TV remote, the light switch, shoes, and even a doorknob could be the reason for heated arguments in the relationship.

10. Other People

Couples could get into a fight about in-laws coming between them; one family member intruding, or where they want to go for thanksgiving this year. You need to protect your relationship from other people; otherwise, a lot of them would come between you and your partner. 

11. The Past

the past

Holding the past over your partner's head is not the right way to make the relationship work. Fights about the past could be about one ex or an event that happened years ago that strained the relationship.

12. Religion

You could argue over a certain religious belief that you both understand differently. 

13. Sports

Couples who play sporting activities together or are football fanatics would have this type of fight. Imagine if one of you is an Arsenal fan and the other is a Madrid fan, there’s a lot to squabble over. 

14. Lack Of Interest

Lack of interest causes partners to argue over very odd things. It comes from a place of doubt and heartbreak. 

15. Cheating

This causes one of the biggest disagreements in relationships and most times there’s no coming back from this kind of relationship fight. After the arguments, they usually decide to go their separate ways, some still stick together though. 

16. A Pet

It’s a fact that some partners actually have issues over the pets they keep. Where they sleep, who feeds the cat, and so on.

17. Where To Eat

Sometimes, there are disagreements about whose spot to eat out at, or where to go for Sunday dinners.

18. The Toilet Seat

Some people want the seat left up, and others want it closed. 

19. Sleep

This is on the lazy partner who often gets defensive and makes the whole thing about what it's not.

20. Sides Of The Bed

Perhaps they both like sleeping on the right side, and neither one of them is willing to make a sacrifice for the other.

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21. Snoring


Couples get into fights over who snores the loudest in bed. This happens when the other person is tired of being uncomfortable. 

22. Eating Baby Food

Her: Ryan, stop eating Mark's lunch! 

Him: I can't help it! 

Her: It's not funny! 

23. Tiredness

Partners argue over who is more exhausted, especially when one of them has to get up and turn off the switch. 

24. Support

Sometimes you’ll find couples fighting over who is more supportive between the two of them.

25. Phone Charger

When your significant other borrows your charger and hardly brings it back to you. 

26. Who Has The Worst Family

This argument is on a much lighter note, usually started just to spite the other partner. 

27. Who Left The Tap On

If you're living together, it's almost impossible to avoid a silky argument like this. It gets worse when you have kids. 

28. Who To Invite To Their Dinner Party

When a wife doesn’t like the husband’s friend, it’ll cause an argument whether or not to invite the said person over.

29. A Movie

Sometimes, it’s about which movie to watch or when one person finishes the movie without the other.

30. Who’s Is More Annoying

The purpose of this is to prove to a partner how annoying they are. It doesn't always end well, but it gets sorted. 

31. Directions

Him: I think we should take a left. 

Her: I'm not sure that's the right way to go, though. 

Him: That's what you said before we made a wrong turn. 

32. English Grammar

You’re arguing about the correct pronunciation of GIF or MEMES. 

33. Games

He cheated at Xbox, but you don't have proof, so you both argue over it. 

34. Social Media

social media

Who’s more famous than the other person, or controversies over what’s being posted on their spouse’s account

35. What To Order For Dinner

They both want to have different things for dinner, and both are expecting to have their way.

36. How To Cook A Meal

You both learned different ways to make lasagna and are locking heads in the kitchen

37. The Aux Cord

Couples argue about who would control the music in the car, probably because they have different tastes in music. 

38. People’s Opinion

They argue about the opinion of friends or family on either how they are raising their kids or the nature of their relationship.

39. What Ice Cream Flavor To Buy

This could cause a big fight if you’re expected to know your partner’s favorite flavor but you don’t. 

40. Celebrities

You’d not believe that how much money celebrities make could be a bone of contention between two love birds. One of them is probably just a die-hard fan. 

41. Who Drives The Car

This mostly happens when there’s just one car for you both to share or you’re trying to decide who drives the old car when the new one comes. 

42. The Proper Way To Do Laundry

Married people have argued with each other about what they think is the proper way to fold and iron the laundry. 

43. Who Makes The Bed

It becomes an annoying thing when your partner makes a mess but keeps leaving you to fix it. 

44. Who Is Shouting

who is shouting

Her: Stop shouting! 

Him: I am not shouting, you are!

Her: That’s ‘cause you were shouting! 

This is usually how arguments like this begin. 

45. The Perfect Gift

I’ve seen partners argue about who got the best gift for each other or the worth of the gift they got for themselves. 

46. Likeness

Spouses also argue about what they like about themselves and what they don’t appreciate about each other: 

47. Who Is Smarter

This is another one of those prideful arguments partners have to prove which of them is better than the other at a particular thing. 

48. Who Shuts The Door

There’s a typical partner's argument about who gets up to shut the door when they're both in bed already. 

49. Who Buys Gas For The Car

If you’ve been driving the car all day it’s only right that you be the one to fill the gas. In a situation where you refuse, they’d be a fight.

50. Who Should Apologize

When it comes to the fact of who’s right and who’s wrong it’s not easy to decide. Spouses often argue about how an apology was said, the apology itself, and who it should come from. 

51. Who Had A Better Childhood

This is one of those arguments with the sole purpose of just showing off to each other or prove a point to your partner. Spouses brag about their childhood to each other all the time. 

52. Phone Time

phone time

Spending too much time on the phone can upset your partner. It is one of the 21st-century relationship problems. 

53. Who Left Shoes Out

If you’re dating a guy that never remembers to take his shoes out of the way, this will definitely be one of the things you’d fight over.

54. Public Walking Speed

When your significant other keeps walking ahead of you in public without caring if you’re going to catch up, it’ll upset you and lead to a mini fight. 

55. Hairstyles

When he doesn’t like your current hairstyle but didn’t help you pick one when you asked him to. 

56. Leaving Clutter Around

Partners fight over a spouse who finds it really difficult to be tidy. The one that leaves clutter around and makes up excuses for not cleaning up is usually the victim.

57. Taking Horrible Photos

He takes the worst photos of you and posts them on social media. Meanwhile, you make him look really good in the photos you take of him. 

58. Not Posting Any Photos Online

Not being flaunted on social media by a partner is something most couples quarrel over. They ask questions like “I didn’t see your comment on my photo, why?”

59. Not Picking Or Returning Calls

He didn’t answer your call and didn’t call you back either. This is a pretty serious issue that could lead to so many assumptions. 

60. Replying To A Text Late

A couple has definitely argued over the timing of a text reply, mostly because it was too late or didn’t explain much. 

61. One Person's Alarm Wakes The Other Person

one person's alarm wakes the other person

This is on its own very annoying especially if you both have different schedules.

62. Wet Towels On The Bed

A lot of people find this very annoying so there’s no surprise that it'll be a bone of contention for partners. 

63. Chewing Sound

Her: I don’t like the way you chew food Richard 

Him: What do you mean? I’ve always chewed this way. This is a perfect example of the things you notice upsets you after a while. 

64. Messing Up The Closet Arrangement

If your partner is one of those types that arranges the closet in color codes, there’s going to be an earthquake if you mess it up. 

65. How To Load The Dishwasher

Him: I don’t know what it will take for you to learn how to work this thing! 

Her: ...as long as the plates come out clean. 

66. Bed Time

“I don’t like it that you stay up all night replying to emails,” those are the words of a partner that’ll like you both to sleep at a particular time; it’ll definitely cause a fight if you don’t feel like it. It could be the reason for disagreements in a relationship.

67. What To Wear

They are couples who make a big deal about what they’re going to wear to a dinner, so much that one person's choice could upset another. 

68. The Covers

The covers are another thing that ticks partners off easily. One person keeps hoarding it but denies doing such a thing as that. 

69. Furniture Placement

Him: Why do you keep moving the sofa?

Her: I don’t like it there. 

Him: ...but I put it there for a reason. 

70. Who Handles Alcohol Better

who handles alcohol better

This is mostly a friendly argument unless one of you did something really embarrassing when they got drunk. Sometimes it’s about proving who’s in charge

71. Who Plays Bad Cop For The Kids

Him: I think you should play a bad cop. It suits you better.

Her: What do you mean it suits me? 

You can already see how this won’t end well. 

72. Who Gets Home Early

Spouses fight over who gets home early especially if the person who gets there does all the work or just lays in bed waiting for the partner to arrive first. 

73. Not Getting Any Surprises

“Why have you stopped sending me flowers and chocolates?” “Do you not love me anymore?” 

Couples quarrel over not getting surprises because it makes them feel less loved

74. One Person Being Unromantic

“You’ve been talking to me differently these days, do you want to leave me? “ Questions like this can cause an argument, especially if your partner feels attacked. 

75. Not Putting Things Back In Place

When you have a spouse that keeps taking your stuff out of where you kept it but forgets to put it back it can be annoying and also a reason to fight.


What are the main things couples fight about?

Couples fight about a lot of things, however, the main issues they disagree on are; money, family members, relationship satisfaction, and their sex life. More often than not, how to split the money between them or what to spend money on has caused couples to argue with themselves. Sometimes, it’s best to see a couples counselor if these quarrels get too heated.

What are normal things to fight about in a relationship?

Relationship fights are about chores, what your partner said or did, how often you want to have sex, and a lot more. Like I said, you can’t escape a little misunderstanding with your partner, especially if you live with each other. You can never tell what little thing would cause an argument between you guys next. If you’re both mature, you’d be able to laugh off these petty things because they’re normal. 

What do married couples fight about the most?

If married couples aren't fighting over the kids, they're fighting over something money-related, arguing because of an inlaw, or worse, going at each other because of something sexual. The things I've mentioned above are some of the things married couples argue about the most. Sometimes it is about which side of the bed to sleep on or what they had for dinner at night, you can hardly tell. 

Why do couples fight so much?

Like I said it’s almost impossible for two grown-ups to live with each other and somehow not get on each other’s nerves. It’s normal to argue with your partner once in a while, and it’ll help form a stronger bond when you get past the issue.

Do couples who fight stay together?

Yes, couples who iron things out between themselves even though it leads to a heated argument are prone to having a better relationship than those who sweep issues under the carpet. Like I pointed out earlier, I don’t mean the mortal combat type of fights if that’s the kind you and your partner get into; seek help. 

All In All

I'm sure you enjoyed reading this article, keep in mind that what's important is getting back together after having such fights if you want your relationship to work. I would love to know your thoughts; please write them down in the comment section below and share this article with other couples.

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