17 Alarming Signs Of A Spoiled Boyfriend (5+ Ways To Deal With Him)

Last updated on June 9, 2022 by April Maccario

Are you concerned that your boyfriend is spoiled?

Do you worry that this might have an impact on your future together? 

Perhaps he insists he isn’t that way though... 

The thing is: very few men would admit that they’re spoiled, and most wouldn’t even know.

In this guide, we’ll explore 17 signs that your boyfriend is incredibly spoiled. What you do with this information is up to you. 

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With that said, there are plenty of visual cues you can look for to tell whether a man is spoiled or not. 

Scroll down to find out what these are.

Signs Of A Spoiled Boyfriend

Before figuring out how to deal with them, and survive the partnership, it’s important to make sure he is, in fact, spoiled. The more of these signs that you see, the more of a brat he is. 

  1. He’s shallow
  2. He sees no problem being down on women he doesn’t find physically attractive
  3. He’s demanding
  4. He expects you to give him anything he wants
  5. He rarely wants to talk about your problems
  6. He’s only content when he gets what he wants
  7. He gets mad when you say no to sex or anything for that matter
  8. The definition of an attention whore
  9. Everything is your fault, never his
  10. He expects you to do what he wants, even at your place
  11. He tries manipulative behaviors to get what he wants when you tell him no
  12. Fights turn into tears, tantrums and overall him acting like a child from hell
  13. He has really high expectations
  14. He doesn’t seem to take your feelings or opinions into consideration
  15. He lacks manners, such as saying please and thank you
  16. He also lacks tact, such as being appreciative of gifts they didn’t particularly want
  17. He’s turning into your baby, literally. This means making him snacks, covering him up, and actually responding when he texts you from the other room to get him a cold drink. 

How Do You Deal With A Spoiled Boyfriend

Now that you know that your partner is a little more on the bratty side, it’s time to take control to do something about it. The conversations that you have with him regarding his behavior should be geared towards the specific problems that you have with your partner, but these guidelines will help you see results. 

1. Have the talk at his house

Have the talk at his house

While it’s common to have difficult conversations in a public place to avoid a scene, this is a bad idea with a bratty boyfriend. These men are known for making a scene, so it could be a disaster. Instead, have it at his place so that you can leave if he throws a tantrum. 

2. Remind him you love him

Hearing that you’re a brat can be a tough pill to swallow. Instead of being harsh, take a gentle approach. Remind him that you love him, and want him in your life. Tell him what it is that you like about him, and give specific examples to show that you want to keep him in your world. 

3. Avoid ultimatums unless you mean them

Ultimatums can result in quick change, but they don’t always work. Don’t threaten to leave unless you’re ready to have him out of your life. If you do this and don’t follow through, he won’t take what you say seriously. 

4. Tell him the problems

When discussing the problems with his behavior, tell him specifically what behaviors bother you. Avoid general statements or accusatory statements, such as you’re a brat or you’re always selfish. For example, point out that you do not feel that he has any respect for you. Then, give examples of things he does that are disrespectful

As you discuss these things, it’s important to also tell him how this is affecting his life. He might not realize the problems it is causing at home or work. He might also not realize how other people see him. 

5. Acknowledge your part in his behavior

Acknowledge your part in his behavior

He might be the one acting a specific way, but he is not the only one at fault. You have to take a moment to accept your own role in his actions. 

For example, he’s the one that sends you a text from the other room asking you to grab him something to drink, but you are the person that does it for him. Acknowledge things you do at home that enable his behavior to continue. 

6. Tell him the new rules

For this to work, you have to do your part. Tell him the new rules of your life together, and remember to emphasize that you like him a lot, but cannot continue to live like this. 

If possible, come up with them together. Someone will be more likely to change if they take part in the changes. You both change to change the course of your relationship together. 


How do you deal with a spoiled boyfriend?

You have to un-spoil him. Stop enabling his behavior, giving in to his temper tantrums, and do not make him the center of your world. It’s important to maintain a positive attitude and be nice to him through this change in behavior, too. 

Is it OK to spoil your boyfriend?

It’s okay to spoil your boyfriend, but don’t overdo it. If he’s starting to act more like one of your kids, the spoiling has gone too far or he’s taking advantage of it. It’s also important to only do this if you want to, or if it makes you happy. When you feel like you have to, it breeds resentment. 

What does it mean when a guy spoils you?

It means that he’s head over heels in love with you, and just want to see you happy. He could also be a giver, and this will make him want to spoil you constantly. People that are givers enjoy giving things to others, whether it be financially, gifts, or a random meal so that you don’t have to cook. 

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How do you spoil a woman?

Spoil a woman with love, affection, and gifts. Take her on surprise date nights and give her so many kisses that she never has to ask for one. Send her a random message that tells her how amazing she is. A foot massage, thoughtful gifts, and random acts of love are all ways to completely spoil girlfriends. 

What is a toxic relationship?

A toxic partnership often has at least one person that has toxic behavior. They might be selfish, self-centered, consistently have to be in power, or be abusive. When they act like this, it wreaks havoc on the emotional well being of the other person, which is what makes it so toxic. 

All In All...

Being in a situation like this can be emotionally exhausting. Have you ever had to deal with a spoiled brat for a bf? What did you do?

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  1. My last ex boyfriend was emotionally abusive with me and always had to have his way. He would shout at me often and start fights with me. I would often get in tears. (He got away with making his mother and god mother cry when he was a kid). He was frequently asking me for money and most of it was not paid back. I was scared of him a lot, since I felt like he was bullying me frequently despite my standing up for myself. We had counseling, things would be great
    for 3 days, then go back to square 1. If you think you are getting abused, follow your instincts and get support! I am a lot happier without him!

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