Ways to Spoil Your Boyfriend (99Ways To Spoil Your Man)

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While men and women think differently, we all yearn for the same thing; a partner who appreciates and acknowledges us. Beneath that flannel shirt and muscles, there lies a heart that needs your love and attention. Therefore, you must take time out to do something special for the men we love

People have different ways they want to be loved. So if you want to know how to spoil your man, you need to know how he wants to be loved. Your knowledge of his love language will help you understand what acts will make him feel special. The five primary love languages are; acts of service, quality time, receiving gifts, words of reaffirmation, and physical touch.

If you don’t know what to do or where to begin, I have compiled 109 ways to spoil your man. Amazingly, these suggestions are budget-friendly and free. Also, you will notice that these ideas all fall under the five love languages. So, even if you haven’t figured out your man’s love language, let’s dig in and discover which acts will blow your boyfriend’s mind and have him feel special.

How To Spoil Your Man: 99 Ways To Do So

  1. Surprise your man by preparing his favorite home-cooked meal.
  2. Give him a feet rub before bed.
  3. Men like it when their women take charge sometimes, so go ahead and set the reservation for your next date.
  4. Send him a funny text message.
  5. Leave him tiny love messages around the house.
  6. Book a hotel for him and use that time to declutter, clean, and possibly revamp his home.
  7. Surprise him at work with a healthy lunch.
  8. If he’s into sports, note when his team is playing and organize a games night for him and his friends.
  9. Take him shopping and watch him try on the clothes.
  10. One way to spoil your man is by taking his ride to the car wash.
  11. Compliment his outfits every morning before he leaves for work.
  12. Fill his fridge with his favorite food, snacks, and drinks.
  13. Take note of his favorite radio station and dedicate a song to him on the station.
  14. Allow him to dictate what he wants to eat for a day and commit to honoring his requests.
  15. Discover if he has any fetish, you can consider role-playing. It will help him express his playful side.
  16. Run him a hot bath with essential oils and candlelights; it will stimulate his senses.
  17. Have him lie on your lap and give him a scalp massage while music plays in the background.
  18. Spoil your man by sending him flowers and chocolates.
  19. Try to watch his favorite sports team play without grumbling.
  20. Wake him up to the smell of coffee and breakfast in bed.
  21. Give him long and warm hugs every time he walks through the door.
  22. Hide a handwritten love letter in his work bag, so he sees it immediately he settles into his office.
  23. Have a helicopter go around his neighborhood with a banner that says how you feel about him.
  24. Plan a romantic weekend getaway for just the both of you.
  25. Wear sexy matching lingerie and surprise your boyfriend when he walks through the door.
  26. Plan a road trip together and spend the night camping
  27. Randomly offer him kisses when you are out together.
  28. When next you get intimate, prioritize his pleasure over yours.
  29. If you live in the same apartment, allocate a room or area for his man cave.
  30. Send him random photo texts of your day.
  31. Create a playlist with all his favorite songs.
  32. Phone calls are great but what’s even better is a long romantic email.
  33. When next he feels unwell, send him a care package.
  34. Create a collection of pictures of both of you and paste them all over your refrigerator.
  35. Buy a board game he enjoys and invite some of his friends to play it with the both of you.
  36. Get an artist to create a painting of him, or if you are an artist yourself, have him pose for a portrait.
  37. Gift him with something he has always wanted. For instance, if you know he struggles with studying in a noisy environment, you can get him noise-cancellation headphones.
  38. Finding ways to contribute to his success is one way to spoil your man.
  39. Get involved with his day and practice being an attentive listener whenever he speaks. 
  40. Plan a picnic somewhere special and sentimental to him. It could be the park where you shared your first kiss.
  41. Treat him to a nice pedicure and manicure session.
  42. Give him a massage, and if you can’t, book him one.
  43. Think of an act of service he will appreciate and do it.
  44. Sign him up for a class that interests him. It could be anything, including photography, acting, or a cooking class. 
  45. Take a sex workshop together.
  46. Order him take-outs when he is working late.
  47. Sneak in a surprise snack into his work bag.
  48. Set up a romantic atmosphere with candlelights and read him a romantic love note.
  49. Go hiking together.
  50. Tell him you are proud of him.
  51. Post a photo of both of you on social media with a loving caption.
  52. Make him a cushion cover with words of encouragement.
  53. Make a self-made wish video for him and share a sweet message.
  54. Create a series of ‘open when’ letters.
  55. When you are not together, have a virtual date.
  56. Gift him a hand-drawn couple caricature.
  57. Smack his bum unexpectedly in a teasing manner.
  58. Put effort into getting along with his friends and family.
  59. Always celebrate his success.
  60. Appreciate the little tasks he does for you.
  61. Whenever you get into a disagreement, apologize first.
  62. Play video games with him.
  63. Play with his hair, hold his hand and give him long hugs.
  64. Introduce him as your boyfriend to your friends and family.
  65. Stay committed to him and your relationship.
  66. Whenever you miss your man, let him know.
  67. Experiment new recipes together.
  68. Do his laundry.
  69. Go out of your way to do nice things for him.
  70. Keep him company while he works.
  71. Help him select his outfits for the week.
  72. Fill up his car’s tank.
  73. Spoil him with morning kisses
  74. Change his alarm sound to an adoring voice note from you.
  75. Spoil your man by treating him to a spa treatment.
  76. Sing his praises in front of others.
  77. Follow your boyfriend into the bathroom and bathe him.
  78. Make him and the things that concern him a priority.
  79. If he tells you about a plan, follow up on it.
  80. Make yourself available to him whenever he is feeling down.
  81. Be there whenever he needs a shoulder to cry on.
  82. Create a ‘no nagging’ day.
  83. Join him in one of his hobbies.
  84. Randomly take him out for a meal.
  85. Try not to use your phone when you are together.
  86. Sponsor him on vacation.
  87. Watch his favorite tv show with him.
  88. Pack lunch for him to take to work.
  89. Get him concert tickets to watch his favorite musician perform.
  90. Paint and decorate a coffee mug for him.
  91. Go to a karaoke bar together and sing a song dedicated to him.
  92. Surprise him by fixing up something broken in his home.
  93. Recreate his favorite romantic movie or story.
  94. Blindfold your boyfriend and feed him.
  95. Ask him what outfits he likes to see you wear and dress that way next time you hang out.
  96. Help him plan his day.
  97. Pay for him to watch a live game of his favorite team.
  98. Schedule ‘no judgment’ date nights, where he is free to tell you the things he wants you to change.
  99. Bake a cake for him; it doesn’t have to be for a celebration, but just to say thank you.


How do you spoil your boyfriend?

If you want to spoil your man, you have to know what he likes, that will help you determine how he wants to be loved. For instance, if his love language is quality time, you should dedicate time to be with him. Try not to use your phone or entertain any distractions during this time because he should focus on attention.

Is it OK to spoil your boyfriend?

Absolutely, it is okay to spoil your boyfriend. If you love him and you are sure of the feelings he has for you, then there is no point in making a big deal over spoiling him. Boys like to be spoiled too, and if you have studied your boyfriend, it should be easy to know the things that excite him and the things that do not. 

How do I spoil my boyfriend on a budget?

Spoiling your boyfriend does not mean you have to break the bank. It is not necessarily about the vacations, concert and game tickets or how expensive a present is. While all these things matter, the most important thing is the thought. It might be helpful for you to know that many men would rather have a meaningful gift than an expensive one. 

How do I spoil my boyfriend over text?

Today, text messages are now like electronic love letters. They have taken over letter writing, and after phone calls, they are the second most common way people communicate when apart. A raunchy text to your boyfriend while he’s at work can get him excited to come home to you. Likewise, a heartfelt message which expresses how much you love and appreciate him will make him feel special.

Do guys like being spoiled?

Ladies, we need to get over the assumption that men do not care about being spoiled because they definitely do. While they may not be vocal about it or make it seem like a need as we ladies sometimes do, they also want to be pampered by the woman they love. It gives them a sense of value and security in the relationship. So, do not think it is abnormal to spoil your man, instead take advantage of every holiday as a time to showcase your feelings for him; it will make him feel special.

In Conclusion

If you agree that love is caring, then you would also understand that it is impossible to say you love a person if you are not generous to them with your resources. I hope you enjoyed going through this list, and it sparked a lot of ideas within you. 

Now you can see that you do not necessarily need a lot of money to spoil your man. If you found this helpful, please drop a comment in the section below, I will be happy to read from you, and don’t forget to share this.


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