5 Signs You Are Spending Too Much Time Together

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Is it possible to spend too much time together in a relationship? At the beginning of the relationship, you may feel like you want to have every free minute together, to get to know each other and do everything possible with each other. But how can you find the right balance between enough distance and wanting to spend time together?  

The initial closeness allows you to get to know each other intimately and to grow together as a couple. After some time, however, this need for spending time together and the relationship changes to a different phase - now the desire for personal freedom becomes a bit more intense. This development is quite normal and also important. 

Keep reading for the tips to maintain the right balance in your relationship. If one of you hopes to have more time alone, that doesn’t suggest that their love has lessened or changed. Perhaps it just means the initial euphoria has evaporated or the person feels hampered by being too close all of the time. In this case, an excess of closeness can harm even the most harmonious partnership.

Spending Too Much Time Together

You may not immediately notice that their time spent with each other has lost its quality and had become boring and exists merely of everyday life and routine. To prevent harmful habit-forming in a good relationship, here are some simple tips to help. 

1. Maintain your own hobbies

Even during the initial phase of euphoria, you shouldn't just concentrate fully on one another. So, it is important to focus on your own passions and don’t let go of your own hobbies so that you can have more time with your partner. Also, ensure your spouse does the same and encourage them to pursue their passions too.

Your own hobbies and interests make your relationship more interesting and give you something extra to talk about when you are together. If your life is in harmony, your partner will see this positively. You can avoid too much time together by spending some hours separately on weekends, for example.

2. Maintain your friendships

Both your own and your partner's friends can provide important support for your relationship. The opinion of third parties is helpful when making difficult decisions because it may give you new perspectives and perspectives on some situations. Spending evenings with friends will also bring you the necessary variety in every day relationships and provide new topics for discussion.

Don't isolate yourself from everyone else with your partner and risk the loss of valuable friendships. Many people forget to take care of their relationships with their friends and fail to notice the distance that opens up in between after some time has passed. 

Keep in mind that your partner cannot and should not take the place of your friends, and it is important to maintain those valuable relationships too. 

3. Don’t give up your dreams 

Making compromises for the relationship is necessary for a successful relationship. However, it is just as vital not to forget your own dreams as well as those important to you in your life. 

If you only ever give up things, such as giving up your hobbies or not taking advantage of certain opportunities because of respect for your love partner, this can lead to tensions and issues. Don't just consider changes as a threat to your relationship. If you spend some time apart, the temporary distance can be an opportunity to grow together in your partnership. 

Be aware that some partnerships break due to excessive closeness and spending too much time with each other, as it rarely causes two people to feel closely connected. The alternative is usually the case, if the couple has all of their time with each other, they feel like they become emotionally distant.

4. Negotiate the need for closeness and distance

The need for closeness and distance varies from person to person. After the first months of falling in love, this difference is often noticeable as the relationship progresses. While one love partner wants to have all of their time together, this may mean that the other partner experiences too much closeness. They may need some time apart and want to be alone. 

Negotiate the need for closeness and distance

Distance does not always have to mean that you want to get away from your partner, it can mean that you want more space for yourself for a while. This is a crucial difference that long-term couples can perceive very well in their relationship. A lack of empathy and understanding of the need for alone time can seriously damage the relationship. 

Speak openly and honestly with your partner about your desire for closeness or distance - without becoming hurtful or criticizing. Rather, explain your feelings so that your partner can understand your situation. Finding a healthy middle ground between closeness and distance is one of the most difficult tasks in a partnership. Too much closeness can be just as damaging as distance. 

5. Don’t rush things

Your relationship may start so quickly that you don’t even realize that it is happening. 

You may have just decided you are together and begin to have almost every night together and become inseparable even during the day. If you don’t see each other for a couple of hours because of work or college, you may tell each other how much you had missed each other when you are apart. Many couples often do the same.

Maybe you are asking yourself whether it is a good thing to rush it or whether you have a lot of time with each other. Perhaps you are afraid that this may cause problems later. Although there are sure to be many people who tell you at the first opportunity that it is dangerous to have so much time with someone so quickly. 

However, it is absolutely normal - and in principle, even an advantage - to have a lot of time with your new partner.


Can spending too much time together ruin a relationship?

There is no harm in spending a lot of time with each other if you are able to find a balance and you are both comfortable with the amount of time being spent with each other. However, if you need space, don’t be afraid to ask for it. 

How much time should couples spend together when dating?

However, it is perfectly okay if you do spend a lot of time with your partner - as long as your own needs are met at the same time.  You should both feel the same for each other, both want to spend time with your partner's friends and do things that you both enjoy. But spending every free minute can put pressure on a relationship so be aware of this. 

What happens when you spend too much time alone?

Spending too much time apart can make you feel too distant from each other in your relationship. If you do not spend enough time with each other you may not be in a healthy relationship as you don’t share enough of your life together. 

Is it unhealthy to be with your boyfriend every day?

It is okay to see your boyfriend every day, but if it becomes too much ask for some time apart. If you are not careful, you might lose yourself because you spend every minute with your partner.

Is it OK to see your girlfriend every day?

If you have the feeling that it is just too much for you personally, then listen to your gut feeling as your fears may be telling you something. You should both try to maintain your independence and a life that you can go back to if necessary if things don’t work out between you.

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To Sum Up… 

If you spend too much time with each other it may negatively impact your relationship. For a healthy relationship, it is important to balance distance and closeness. Don’t forget about your friends and hobbies and ask for space if you need it. 

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