17 Signs He’s Getting Attached Emotionally

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Adult relationships can be complicated and challenging to navigate when we do not understand the signs surrounding them.

You see, to build a stable love life, there is a need for more than just physical attraction. Physical attractions are bound to decline after a while, but emotional attachments last longer.

So, how do guys get emotionally attached? And how do you know when he’s emotionally connected in the relationship? 

It is essential to understand that these signs are based on the study of adult attachment theories and have proven to be quite useful when you need to know whether a man is ready to commit to you. 

After all, it is said that men are from Mars, and women are from Venus because both genders communicate differently. While women are more direct about their feelings and wear their hearts on their sleeves, men communicate differently, and it could take some studying to figure them out as they are not always great at articulating their feelings. 

In light of this, there’s only one way to find out if he’s attached or not, and that’s by reading through this list. So, here are 17 signs to show when he’s starting to emotionally connect with you.

17 Signs He’s Getting Emotionally Attached To You

1. He wants to spend time with you

When a man is emotionally attached to you, he will want to spend time with you regardless of what you are doing. Even if you were going to get your nails done, he does not mind waiting because the time spent with you matters more to him than the activity. 

His willingness to go the extra mile in helping you out with projects like work or painting your home are signs he’s getting attached to you and does not want to have to wait until you are free before spending time with you.

2. He respects you

Respect is an integral part of any relationship and one sure way of telling if there’s an emotional attachment. The signs he’s respectful include how he treats you as opposed to other people in his life and how he respects your values, beliefs, and time. 

This means he does not try to undermine how you feel about certain things, and he is not looking to waste your time. If you make plans to meet up, he’ll try his best to make it, and if he can’t he’ll let you know ahead of time. 

3. He sees you in his future

By paying attention to a man’s choice of words when describing his future, you can tell if he is emotionally connected. You will notice that he suddenly stops saying ‘I’ and switches to ‘We’ or ‘Our’ when discussing his future. 

These words are signs of an emotional connection because no one would want to plan a future with another person if they did not feel any form of emotional attachment. If you notice he is making plans with you about his future and is always checking in to see if your plans align, those are definitely signs he’s emotionally attached to you.

4. He is genuinely concerned about you

He is genuinely concerned about you

One thing to know is that a man who is emotionally attached will find it difficult to let a day go by without a call or text to check how you are doing. You can tell he is not doing this out of formality through his consistency and how attentive he is to the things that you say. 

He wants to know how your day went, what difficulties you encountered, and when told, he actively looks for ways to make you feel better and overcome such challenges. Showing concern is definitely one way to show he’s attached emotionally.

5. He is comfortable around you

It is almost impossible to be emotionally attached to someone you are not comfortable with being around. You will notice he is more relaxed in your presence; he is honest and does not try to be anything that he is not. 

Also, he is not afraid to show you the embarrassing sides of himself, and he embraces yours too by trying to make sure that you feel comfortable being yourself around him.

6. He defends you

Men are natural protectors who love to feel needed, so it is no surprise that a man who is emotionally attached to you will always come to your defense. He is always on your side and cannot stand to see anyone disrespect or intimidate you

Even when you are wrong, he tries not to correct you in public, instead, he is gentle when going over things with you at home. These are signs he’s getting attached and protective of how people treat you.

7. He wants you to meet his inner cycle

Emotional attachment is usually a step towards building a lasting relationship, and it is what prompts people to commit in their relationships. In this vein, signs he’s getting attached include his eagerness to introduce you to his inner circle. 

He wants you to meet his friends and family and he is happy when they like you because these are the people that matter to him, and he wants you to be part of that circle.

8. He makes efforts with your family

Just as he wants you to meet his family, he will also want to meet your family. He’ll make genuine efforts to impress them and win their hearts. This is really one sign he’s emotionally attached to you, he won’t make time and put efforts into seeing your family if he didn’t truly love you

He knows their opinions and approval of your relationship matters to you. So, think back to the times you were at a family event together, how did he act? Was he warm, charming, and witty? Did he look uninterested in everyone and everything, or was he friendly and genuinely interested in what they had to say?

You’ll find your answers when you pay attention to how he comports himself when he’s around your family and the way he treats you when you're around his. 

9. You are a priority

There is no way a man will make you a priority in his life without being emotionally attached. Your happiness is his happiness, and when you are sad or worried, so is he. He wants to be there with you through tough times and is willing to give up ‘happy hour’ with the guys to help you out with a task. If you find your guy ready to make time for you irrespective of how busy his schedule is, those are signs he’s ready to make you a priority in his life. 

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10. He cares about your opinion

When a man is emotionally attached to you, he cares about your views and opinions. From the shirt he wears to his haircut and sometimes his choice of friends, he wants to know how you feel about his decisions and is willing to honor them

This does not mean he does not have a mind of his own; instead, he wants you to be genuinely happy with his choices because your happiness matters to him.

11. He wants to know all about you

He wants to know all about you

Most times, when guys are not emotionally attached to you, they do not care about your story, they are only concerned with the present and what they stand to gain. However, this is the opposite of a man who is emotionally attached. 

He wants to know as much about your past as you are willing to share. He wants to know about your childhood, what memories you hold dear, and the things that hurt you so he can avoid them and protect you from such in the future, so make sure you are honest.

12. He is interested in your hobbies

Just like spending time with you, a man who has developed an emotional connection with you will aim to connect with you in every way and spend quality time with you. Even if it is while you are knitting, so long as it is your hobby and it keeps you happy, he’ll be there.

Your hobbies will be of interest to him because he aims to be your greatest cheerleader regardless of what form or shape those hobbies take.

13. He remembers important things

If you are with a man who is emotionally attached, don’t be surprised if he remembers the color of lipstick you had on during your first date or the exact time you first shared a kiss. All these tiny details will matter to him so long as they are linked to you. 

You will notice that he recalls even the things you did not consider necessary, like your favorite pizza spot or how you like your coffee brewed. This is because he pays attention to you and wants to make sure everything is perfect.

14. He is completely honest with you

There are no secrets when you are with a man who has built an emotional connection with you. He knows the weight and consequences of a lie, so he makes no room for such by being honest with you at all times

Whatever question you ask him will always be met by a genuine response because he acknowledges how much you mean to him and is afraid of losing you over a lie. He knows that it is not easy to trust a liar, and he wants you to trust him.

15. He reaches out to you when times are rough

Men are not the kind to go about talking to just anyone about the troubles and challenges they face. Men will only do this with people they have an emotional attachment with and who they trust.

If you notice that when you ask him about his day or work, he opens up about the things that trouble him, then you can be sure that he is hooked. When a guy is emotionally attached to you, he starts to see you as a comfort source, so he is not afraid to open up and rant. 

16. He wants to celebrate with you

Just as much as he runs to you during rough times, he also wants to share good news and happy moments with you. When he makes a big win, he is eager to call you and let you know. 

Guys will not do this with just any girl, but only the ones they are emotionally attached to or in a relationship with. This is because they believe that a win for them is also a win for you, so you deserve to celebrate together.

17. He wants to commit to you

This is the most obvious sign to know a man is emotionally attached. You will notice that he is willing to get rid of all other female friends and focus on just you. He wants to take your relationship to another level and possibly spend the rest of your lives together. He is not afraid of dependency, and he is proud to admit that he needs you in his life.


How Do You Know If A Guy Is Emotionally Attached?

You can tell a guy is emotionally attached to you from how he treats you because you will suddenly become a priority to him. You will notice that he respects you and your opinions. He will be eager to introduce you to his friends and family as well as actively aim to make a good impression with yours.

How Do You Tell If He Is Invested In You?

He will be reliable, consistent, and supportive in every way - emotionally, financially, and physically. Men love to feel needed, so an emotionally attached man will not shy away from any opportunity to show how much value he can add to your life. 

What Does It Mean When a Man Says He is Attached to You?

When a man says he is attached to you, you do not have to take it in a literal context as though he has some invisible handcuffs over your wrist. What this means is that he is fond of you and full of affection. He really likes you and wants you to remain a part of his life.

How Long Does It Take for A Guy to Get Attached?

While emotional intimacy does not have a specific time frame attached to it, it is safe to say that it is developed over time with patience and consistency. Just because a guy is not emotionally attached to you within three months after the first meeting does not mean he will never be; it could merely be a factor of the quality of time you spend together.

How Do You Know If A Guy Thinks About You A Lot

You can monitor his body language to know if he thinks about you. Pay attention to signs of an emotional connection such as how he reacts when you are around, if he follows you on social media, if you both have inside jokes you share and if he is quick to mention things that remind him of you. 

In Conclusion

Many men communicate more through actions compared to words, so if you want to know how attached a man is to you emotionally, you must pay attention to how he acts. I hope you enjoyed going through this list and found it helpful, so be sure to share. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below, as I always love to hear from you guys.

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