15 Signs He Will Leave His Wife For You

Last updated on June 11, 2022 by April Maccario

You didn’t intend dating a married man but in the long run, it happened, now this relationship seems like what you’ve been searching for your entire life. 

The only way for you to enjoy relationship bliss is to factor out his wife permanently from the equation. You’ve probably grown tired of his regular reassurances that he will abandon his marriage for you. 

Knowingly dating a guy that is married is never a good idea except you know for sure the marriage is on the brink of collapse. This is because it is a known fact that married men rarely leave their wives for their mistresses. You have spent so much time worrying and wondering if your partner will choose you over his wife, and it almost seems like he’s never going to leave her for you. 

Despite the fact that the odds do not seem to be in your favor, there are a few instances where it is likely possible. You must be eager to know what makes a man leave his wife for another woman, well, take a look at some of the promising signs you should watch out for. 

15 Signs He’s Going To Leave His Wife

1. He talks about it all the time

He talks about it all the time

If he says that he is going to leave his wife, then he probably might do so. Men want their beloved mistresses to believe that they love them, and want to be with them. It’s left for you to either believe him or not, the bottom line is that you want to be together and his responses may seem appropriate enough. 

There is really no need to get agitated and worried over the future of your relationship. If you really love him and want to be with him, then you should trust him completely and that includes trusting his words. 

2. He values you more than his wife

One of the easiest ways to tell if a man that is married will jump ship to be with you is if he repeatedly places you before his wife. He pays so much attention to your needs and spends his free time with you instead of his wife, that’s a good sign he’s preparing to change ships. It might be one of the pointers that he is going to leave his wife. 

However, any man who doesn’t prioritize your needs over that of his wife is never going to leave his wife. If he’s still committed to fulfilling the obligations of his marital life, then your flame is probably still invested in his marriage.  

3. He no longer puts on his wedding ring

Wedding rings are considered sacred in some religions as it symbolizes holy matrimony. They also point to the fact that someone is already married. Proud couples do not shy away from flaunting it wherever they go. 

If the man you are dating no longer wears his matrimonial ring, it’s a telling sign that he is intentional about leaving his wife. However, don’t feel like that’s all there is to it, he could just be taking it off when he’s around you. 

4. He’s not secretive about your relationship

Most men like to keep their extramarital affairs under wraps and out of public view. They only meet their mistresses at night and in places where nobody can identify them. They are willing to do anything possible to keep their wives from finding out. They’ll think of all the restaurants in the farthest area of town to meet up for a date because that would reduce the odds of someone familiar seeing both of you together.

Your case may be different if your man wastes no second in telling people about your relationship. He takes you out to public places, arm-in-arm, and does not draw back from introducing you to his friends or business associates. He doesn’t care what anyone else would think since he’s going to leave his wife anyway. 

5. He tells you he wants a divorce

Men unknowingly reveal to their mistresses they have a future together when he talks to them about his divorce plans. For you, he doesn’t shy away from the topic and asks for your opinion on the matter. Most straightforward guys tell you how they have found happiness with you and how they want to get on with the process fast, and see the relationship with you thrive. 

As pleasing as this may sound, do not take his word for it until he matches it with actions. His feelings for you can change the same way they changed for his wife. However, at the moment, it’s possible that his marriage might be ending and you are one step away from becoming his wife

6. He shares his future plans with you

He shares his future plans with you

If the man you are seeing does not rate you, your conversations will be limited to the typical talking points. Men share their future plans with women they are willing to commit to, it also means that he trusts you with sensitive topics bothering him. So, if your man neglects to let you in on his big plans and things that matter to him, they are signs he won’t leave his wife.

7. He no longer feels any emotional connection with his wife

The sad reality of life is that people change, he and his spouse may have grown so far apart that they don’t share any emotional attachments anymore. He may want to stay for the kids, but staying married in such emotionally draining environments isn’t healthy anyway. His interests no longer align with hers and it troubles him, you know this because he confides in you, which is a good thing. 

It could be that your hold on him has got him fully detached from his spouse emotionally. These feelings are a promising sign that he will leave his wife for you, and get the divorce finalized as soon as possible. If and when he eventually does, endeavor to grow alongside him so history doesn’t repeat itself

8. He finds fulfillment in being with you

Most men in unhappy marriages engage in extra-marital affairs to find fulfillment. The more he experiences that sense of fulfillment, the less he’ll want to stay with his wife. Every moment spent with you reminds him of the marital bliss he could have. At this point, nothing else matters to him except being with you.

As long as he keeps getting that feeling of satisfaction, he is bound to get a divorce, and probably leave his wife for you. After all, men who feel inadequate in their marriages tend not to remain in them for long.

9. He rarely talks about his family

Men love to talk about things they think about the most, if your man rarely talks about his family, it might invariably mean that they do not matter to him anymore. It could also mean that you are the number one priority in his life right now. He’s free of guilty feelings about his infidelity and is working to get things finalized so he can move on. 

Count your blessings because this man is definitely going to leave his wife for you. He might simply be waiting for the appropriate time to initiate the action. Keep fanning the flames of the relationship and watch it grow into something beautiful.   

10. He enjoys having sex with you

He enjoys having sex with you

It sounds funny, right? Lack of sexual satisfaction is the root cause of many underlying problems in marriages. Most times, it could be that he no longer finds his wife attractive. This affects how his sexual needs are met and the well-being of the marriage. The risk of divorce is very high in cases like this. 

It’s possible that he finds you extremely attractive and the intimacy you share is mind-blowing. At this point, will he leave his wife statistics, don’t matter, he might just be stuck on you. 

11. He’s overly interested in you

I do not mean this in a sexual manner, rather in a more concerned way, he doesn’t consider sex as the substance of the relationship. Every moment he spends with you, he is more concerned about your welfare or how your day went, he’s even interested in your aspirations, hopes, and dreams. 

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He’s not asking these questions for asking sake, it shows he’s trying to spread his tentacles into the deep parts of life, this is an indication that he is planning on ditching his wife for you

12. He no longer acts married

He’s not bothered about going back to his family anytime he comes around, he rarely attends family functions and does not pay attention to them. In fact, you’ve overheard him on the phone having a heated argument with his wife, the juicy part of it all is that he quit going on family vacations. 

All the signs around indicate that he is no longer invested in the marriage, this is besides the fact that he doesn’t wear his marriage ring again. No need to back down now, everything seems to be playing out in your favor

13. He keeps to his promises

If your man is the type that never backs down on his promises, then you should rest assured that his promise of leaving his wife would be carried out in the same fashion. Men have a way of knowing what to say to women to keep them hanging on, but with your him it’s different. 

If he has an impressive track record of fulfilling all of his promises to you, I assure you that this instance of him promising to leave his marriage won’t be different. I’d advise you to quit pressuring him and watch things unfold naturally. 

14. He talks about starting a family with you

He talks about starting a family with you

Talks about having children or starting a family are very good signs to take note of, they ultimately mean that it has been heavy on his mind and he intends to do something to make it a reality. 

Men who just want to have fun with you will never bring up talks of commitment in your conversations. With talks like this, the future of your relationship looks bright and hopeful, stop with the incessant worrying and anticipate the best possible outcome.   

15. The wheels are already in motion

Instead of excuses, what you see is words matched with action, he has already filed for a divorce and has shown you the papers. Prior to this, it seems as though he’s living with you, you can’t remember when last he went home to be with his family. You might even get wind of the fact that he is secretly planning your intended wedding.

These are the resolve of a man set to action and intentional about what he wants. You don’t need any soothsayer to make you believe what you already know. What is expected of you at this point is your support and encouragement.  


How long do you wait for a married man to leave his wife?

The thing about ultimatums is that they put the man under intense and undue pressure. He may likely not meet your timeline as there are a lot of things he has to consider. There is no stipulated time frame for issues like this, you can either choose to keep waiting, or stop waiting. 

How do you know if a married man loves you?

There are a couple of signs to look out for, first of all, he suddenly becomes so interested in knowing the details of your love life. Then he applies a direct approach with his compliments and spends a lot of time talking to you. Finally, his body language towards you changes signaling that he has fallen for you

Do husbands regret leaving their wives?

Looking back in retrospect, some men regret leaving their wives, their mistakes, missteps and things they didn’t do slowly start to dawn on them. At this point, nothing can be done to salvage the situation, leaving them with regrets. All they are left with are important lessons to carry into their future relationships. 

Why would a man stay in a loveless marriage?

Fear is a good thing, in the sense that it keeps us from making terrible choices. In this instance, it could be the fear of change or fear of the unknown. He could also be heavily invested in the marriage and is not prepared to count his losses. In some cases, he sees no viable alternatives and hopes things improve.  

What if a married man falls in love with another woman?

This ultimately means that he is not happy in his present marriage, he is not bothered about this new feeling even though they are not healthy for his marriage. We do not choose who we fall in love with, so we shouldn’t be judged for it either. Situations like this could mean the end of the road for a marriage.


So that’s it, I hope you found the list informative and insightful. Pay close attention to the signs I highlighted so that you don’t end up on the losing end of the relationship. I would love to know your thoughts on the subject. Feel free to leave your comments and share this post to your friends. 

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