7+ Signs He Wants To Be Exclusive

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Knowing when a man wants to move from dating to exclusivity can be quite tricky seeing as most men love to take their time before committing to a serious relationship. 

Some men even give mixed signals that leave you confused as to what exactly they are after. No doubt, every woman needs a man who can make up his mind and on time too. 

So how do you know a man isn’t wasting your time and will like to get into a serious relationship with you? 

The best thing in such a situation is to first understand where you stand with the guy. 

What signs is he showing to let you know that you mean so much to him than just a casual date? Do you need to give him your own hints so that he will make you both more official? Has he shown any signs that he doesn’t want to commit? And what type of exclusivity is he expressing? 

These are questions you may have to answer to know if he wants to make things more official. There are so many signs that show when someone wants to be exclusive with you, I’m sure the following will help you.

8 Signs He Wants To Be Exclusive

1. He deletes his online dating profiles

He deletes his online dating profiles

I believe this should be one of the signs that shows a guy is ready to date exclusively because, obviously, there is no reason to be in search of someone else when you are in the picture. Of course, this doesn’t automatically mean the relationship will work but it means your man is willing to try. 

You also would have taken down your dating profile because, well, you want the man. How will you have him exclusively if you don’t let him know you are very much available? So it works for both parties. Two people who want to be in a committed relationship have no business being on dating sites. 

I’m not saying go all ‘PI’ on him and start stalking him on dating sites but you could observe him for a while and when you notice he is getting serious, do a quick search on dating sites to know if he is still actively searching. 

This rule also applies to social media. He might not declare the relationship openly but he definitely will not put up a relationship status that leaves room for doubt as to whether he is in a serious relationship or not.

2. You know his family and friends

This particular sign is shaky because many men have used familiarity with friends and family to deceive women into believing they are in for the long term. They know that introducing a girl to their family and friends usually signifies wanting an exclusive relationship. So, you need to be careful not to make this sign the only yardstick to determine if he wants an exclusive relationship.

That said, someone who is really into you will make sure you meet the other special people in his life. He won’t hide you or make excuses when you ask to meet his family. In fact, in best-case scenarios, he would be the one to initiate the meeting.

A good and honest guy won’t introduce you to his friends unless the relationship he wants with you was a serious one. Therefore, if after numerous dates and intimacy, he still doesn’t introduce you to the people close to him, that might not be a good sign. If he does, it is definitely one of the signs he wants a relationship.

3. He includes you in his future plans

A guy that discusses serious issues with you is most likely a keeper, ‘most likely’ because some men are just looking for outlets to discuss troubling issues. However, if you can trust your instincts to know when a person is sincere, you will know if he is pouring out his mind to you because he sees you in his future.

When a man starts talking to you about vacations, holiday plans, and booking concerts and theatre tickets for the both of you months before the time, that should tell you that you're more than just a date for special events. Pay attention, this is one of the most telling signs he wants to be exclusive with you. 

It also shows that he wants to get to know you more, spend time with you, and probably finds your company enjoyable. On the flip side, he may be spending time with you, but makes no mention of any future plans. 

In such cases, it’s better you somewhat ask the man you’re dating about his future plans. Not in a pushy way but in a way that shows you care to be a part of his life fully. 

Another thing to pay attention to is if he asks about your plans as well. If all he does is talk about himself and his future, you might have a self-centered man to deal with. Such a man would dictate things to you and leave you no chance to give your opinion in most situations. 

4. Your relationship has a serious label

What woman doesn’t love labels? We glow when a man introduces us as ‘my girlfriend’ or ‘my girl, ‘my babe', ‘my love’. Whatever endearment a man calls you, it is a big sign that you’re ‘it' for him.

The trouble lies in when a man is unwilling to put an exclusive label to your relationship after many months of dating. If he continues with the ‘let’s take it slow' anthem after many dates, he might not be ready to take you seriously. It simply means he is still keeping alternative options open and that is not in your favor.

Furthermore, the moment he starts introducing you as his girlfriend publicly, you know he wants to make your relationship exclusive and there isn’t anyone else.

5. He is proud to introduce you to everyone he meets

He is proud to introduce you to everyone he meets

How do you know he’s ready to be in a serious relationship with you? Or you ask ‘does he want to be with me? Pay attention to the way he introduces you to people, is he reluctant? Is he enthusiastic? Is he anxious? Does the smile reach his eyes when he tells someone you’re his girlfriend? Does your heart feel all puffed up when he says you’re his or deflate with disappointment at the flat tone he uses?

Paying attention to his facial expression, tone, and posture when he makes the introduction, especially people important to him will give you either a good or bad sign of where you stand with him. Again, this is not the only sign that will give you the answer you seek but it is a good enough one.

6. You know what he does and where he lives

This particular tip is one you should take seriously, some women date men for as long as 6 months to a year without knowing where the man lives or where he works. They feel like things will just work out eventually, but trust me, ignorance isn’t bliss in this case. For all you know he is married or worse, a serial killer, but really, how can anyone be dating a man without knowing his house or his workplace? 

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Don’t fall for a fraudster who claims to work from home and you don’t know the home! After a few weeks of dating, it is imperative that you know what he does for a living, know his workplace and if it is at home, know his home. It is not rocket science, honesty and trust should be in place if you want a genuine relationship. 

As such, if the only place he asks you to meet is your house, a hotel, or a public place and makes no attempt to invite you over to his house, then something is wrong. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t the movies where a rich man pretends to be average because he wants a decent girl, so he doesn’t invite you to his mansion. This is reality and the man you’re dating might be a hobo or fraudster. A man who lays all the cards on the table and opens up his home to the extent of you having some of your things permanently at his place is most likely to take exclusivity seriously. 

7. He spends quality time with you

A guy that is so into you will want to be with you every chance he gets. He will initiate dates and hangouts without any prompting from you. More so, he won’t use work as an excuse to take a rain check on planned dates and he will always make efforts to be around you to show his commitment. In fact, he will go all out to give signs he wants to be exclusive with you.  

Although this is one of the obvious signs he wants to be exclusive, make sure he shows other signs of exclusivity before concluding he is the one. A guy who wants to be exclusive will also share his feelings with you. Most guys aren’t known for big or genuine deep talks but a guy who sits with you and has deep talks with you is sharing himself exclusively with you.

With such a guy there won’t be a need for you to wonder how he feels about you because he will show you in words and actions. He will let you know how much he cares and adores you. Someone like this is obviously happy with you and that’s a clear sign he wants only you.

8. He is available even when it’s inconvenient

He is available even when it’s inconvenient

Loving someone is not always convenient and the inconvenient times are a part of the love and relationship package. Many men shy away from taking responsibilities and so they find it hard to commit to any relationship. So you have been dating this guy for a while now, have you observed his reactions or response to difficult times? 

Does he show up for you when you most need him? Does he respond quickly and without complaint or does he do things hesitantly? Or is he one of those guys who ghost women when the going gets tough? 

Many women do not usually know the answer to this particular question on time and many go into a serious relationship only to find out the man is all for the convenient times only. 

To prevent yourself from falling into such a relationship, you should keenly observe your partner’s response to you when you need his attention, especially when it is not convenient for him.


How do you know if he wants to be exclusive?

A man who wishes to be exclusive with you won’t be afraid of expressing public displays of affection when you are both out. He will gladly touch your arm, kiss your cheek or mouth in full view of everyone without fear of discovery by another woman, he’ll be proud to call you his girlfriend in front of anyone.

How many dates before you become exclusive?

The reality is that there’s no perfect or specific time or a number of dates to decide when a couple should become exclusive. People differ and connections differ too, you both can decide to make it official after the second date while some people might take a few months before the official stamp is applied. It all boils down to what and when it feels right for you and who you’re dating.

What does it mean when a man wants to be exclusive?

It means he is ready to share more than just his body with you, a man who wants to be exclusive will clue you in about long term goals and open up about his feelings for you. He is not vague about his intentions either.

How do I know if we're exclusive?

You would most likely have some of your things over at his place, and he will have his over at yours. You might even have a key to his house and vice versa. You know his friends and family and they know you, at that point, many things are open about your relationship with him.

How do you know if he's really into you?

A man that is into you will show up for you in trying times, he will surprise you with good things and gestures. He will include you in conversations and not talk only about himself. Your instincts will be aligned to his and you can easily tell that he cares.

To Conclude

This is a topic that most women find confusing and so I hope some of the tips I have provided will put you at ease. I would love to know your thoughts about the article so please leave your thoughts below and share this with others. 

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