10 Signs He Is Making Love To You (And If He Is Really Enjoying It)

Last updated on June 15, 2022 by April Maccario

These days, it's pretty easy to get sex anywhere and it's really telling on the quality of relationships out there. Because of that, you can hardly tell when someone is making love to you or simply banging your brains out. Is there a way for you to tell the difference? Heck yeah! 

So what are the signs he is making love to you and not just enjoying an easy lay? You'll be surprised and pleased to hear that there are many signs of true love. For one, making love involves a lot more intimacy than sex

Of course, you are likely wondering how much more intimate it could get when someone else has a body part inside you and can literally feel your insides. Well, it's not just about physical intimacy, making love takes it up a notch. So, if you're on the fence about the nature of your relationship based on the sex you're having, let's have a crack at it together. 

I am no guru, but I know a thing or two about the signs a man displays when he's in love. Without further ado, let's start on those signs. 

Signs He Is Honestly Making Love

1. He Touches You A Lot

It doesn't even have to be when you're making love, he'll constantly look for excuses to touch and feel you both in a sexual and loving way. No doubt, this is certainly one of the signs of a man in love. More so, there's a huge chance that if he loves you, you won't just be having sex, but you'll be making love. 

Also, when you're making love, the concept of personal space evaporates. At this point, he's not just looking for an easy lay, he wants to connect with you in every way possible, even before the sex begins. It could be anything from holding your hand to smacking your ass when you walk by. 

All in all, it doesn't really matter, anything could have you two going at it like rabbits at this point. Needless to say, your sex life will be as active as ever; mostly because all this touching riles things up, and can even lead to the bedroom or any other place you may deem fit. At this point, it's fine if making love becomes a free-form art. 

And just in case you were wondering, this is one of those major signs that point to the fact that he's enjoying the sex thoroughly. Altogether, physical touch is powerful and there's no time it's more effective than when you're definitely making love. 

2. He Will Take You Anytime

You know that it's getting real when the mere sight of you turns him on. That raw sexual energy is just resonating between both of you. We've all been there, there's that period in the relationship where you're having as if you're animals. Altogether, you're definitely doing something right if it doesn't take a whole lot to have him making love to you once you walk through the door. 

The thing you should note here is his attitude and the way he behaves. Because there's a high chance that the more you become intimate, the sooner sex transforms into making love. Don't make the mistake to think that the fact that you're making love does not mean you'll do it less frequently. 

You can still be going at it as much as possible, but this time, it won't make you feel used. There's something mutually pleasurable about getting freaky with someone you love. For the lack of a better way to express it, you feel like you're finally doing something right. 

Do you know what will make it even more evident? If you're just laying there yet he's still quite into it. You see, if he enjoys making love to you, it won't matter what style or position you have sex in, he'll be all in. At that point, it's just about the act of making love to you. 

3. It's All In The Eyes

3. It's All In The Eyes

You've probably heard that saying, 'the eyes are the windows to the soul'? Well, it's true and then some, because the eyes are the window to everything. If you're looking for signs pointing to how he feels about you as a whole, make sure you check his eyes. He may not say anything, but he doesn't need to. 

Again, it's not just when you're both buck naked, you'll notice that he looks at you differently no matter what. So, if you want to figure out where you stand as far as making love is concerned,  learn to read his eyes. When you're in the heat of the moment, does the look in his eyes makes you feel like you're the only person in the world? Or do you catch him looking at you when he thinks you won't notice? 

It may even reach a point that he can instantly pick you out in a crowded room. He doesn't have to smell you or have prior knowledge that you're there. There's just this connection that transcends everything. If any of this sounds vaguely familiar, then you're definitely making love. 

But if you're not quite sold yet, look beyond eye contact, because that's where the answer lies. 

4. The Eye Contact Is Intense 

Since we are on the topic of 'eyes' let's just power through it. The next time you're making love, take some time out to gauge the eye contact situation. As I said earlier, the eyes really say it all. 'Even during sex?' you ask. Girl, especially during sex! 

When a man is making love to you, and he's really into it, he'll not just stare at the headboard. He won't have that bored look on his face either. Rather, he'll try to be as present as he can. One of the best ways to be present is to check if he's actually looking at you while you're making love. 

For the most part, people have places they go when they are having sex. For all, you know he could be getting down with a Kardashian while you are in his arms. So, if you really want to get inside his head, trying to figure out what he's set his eyes on. 

If at all, he avoids looking at you, then excuse my French when I say that you're just ‘f••king. There's truly no other word that can describe the kind of sex you're having. There is the rare case that he's just shy though, so try to look at this a bit objectively

 5. Having Sex Is Not All About 'Having Sex' 

Have you ever had someone and just felt dirty after? Let's say it wasn't about the things you did, but it was so meaningless you feel weird about it. That's one of the signs that you were definitely not making love. There's no scenario where a man makes love to a woman where the outcome is self-loathing. 

I speak these words from a place of enlightenment because I've had some intimate encounters where physical pleasure was the only thing I got out of it. So, I can confidently say that there's no way to power through a relationship. When a man loves you, automatically, he wants to make love to you and best believe the difference is clear. 

It's not all about sex and as such, he spends a lot of time asking what you like. More so, if he's an egotistical mess on a normal day, it doesn't come into play here. He will aim to please you, ladies. Some people think that having sex with no attachments makes it better. The contrary is the case here, it intensifies the pleasure on more levels than one. 

A man in love will go out of his way to ensure you feel good while you're making love. 

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6. Things May Get Mushy

When it comes to roles in a relationship, people seem to think that women have a monopoly on being emotional. Well, if your man is sprung and the sex is great, he may get a bit mushy. He may not necessarily cry, but there will be an outburst of emotion

The narrative out there these days is that men only want women for sex. It's not entirely untrue, there are people out there who are trying to sleep with everything that moves. But for some men, sex is also a love language, sounds ridiculous right? According to Laurie J Watson LMFT, LPC, in this article on sex is how some men give love. 

So, during the course of your relationship, he may shed a tear or two. That's when it's obvious that you're doing something right. While you two are going at it, there's more than one way to climax. As such, he may say or do things that show how into it he is. At that point, he'll either verbally express himself, use body language, or cry.

This is no time to shame him, ladies, for the most part, sex doesn't get more intimate than that. Most especially if you're making love. 

7. He Won't Put You Down For Being Awkward In Bed

We can't all be porn stars when it comes to sex and bring intimate, that's just the hard truth. It's hard enough trying to live up to someone's sexual expectations. So, when you have them mock you because your foot can't touch your ear, it hurts. Best believe it hurts even more when you are in a relationship. 

If it's from a stranger, most emotionally stable individuals can take it. But when you're of the opinion that you're making love and not just having a romp in the hay, you'll doubt yourself really badly. Any man who's actually making love to you will not put you down for not being as adventurous as he is. 

You don't have to endure awkward silence when you queef during sex or be rewarded with attitude when you get tired. Further, any man who regards you will look for ways to lighten the situation. Have you ever had a relaxing laugh smack in the middle of making love? Now, that's something only a few people can pull off. 

In a nutshell, if he doesn't care enough to take things easy and grow with you, run for the hills. It doesn't matter if you're sexual on a casual level, it's generally not healthy. You don't have to be making love to have a healthy bedroom life. 

8. He'll Be A Generous Lover 

8. He'll Be A Generous Lover

Very few men are sexually generous regardless of whether they are making love or not. In fact, it doesn't matter if you're in a relationship or not, only a guy that is all in will be as generous as can be. For instance, most men I've met don't like giving oral sex. They obviously enjoy receiving, who wouldn't when it makes them feel so good. 

Women, on the other hand, will give oral sex a go, regardless of whether they enjoy it. So, you'll find that most men will withhold on that front. Another sure sign that it may be a lot deeper than you think is if he gives a lot more than he takes. It's not just about cunnilingus, he gives you all he can.

In fact, if he tries to make sure that you reach your climax, by all means, he's probably a keeper. Don't be deceived though, this is one of those signs that walks hand-in-hand with a bunch of others. It's not simply making love because he cares about your orgasm. For some men, it's an ego thing, they just want to be sure that they have another feather in their sex cap. 

9. He Takes Time To Set The Mood

When it comes to making love and romance, it requires a certain type of mood. You see, sex is only one aspect of making love, and to enjoy a wholesome relationship, all boxes need to be checked. One sure thing he'll do if you're making love is to set the mood. 

It won't always be the usual, boom boom bang! He'll try his best to ensure that you feel special before doing having sex with you. When it comes to making love, both parties don't mind taking it slow. And that's not just to intensify the pleasure, it's a function of respect

As such, once he whips out the walks under starry skies and the romantic dates, you're definitely going to be making love. The relationship won't just pivot on the carnal pleasure you can give each other during sex, but it'll have depth. So, once you find you find yourself doing a whole lot before actually making love, it's one of the signs that he's really into you. 

10. He Kisses You In Places You Didn't Know Existed

Kisses are one of those signs that intimacy is present in your relationship. Remember that movie, Pretty Woman, I was a kid when I first watched it (don't fill my parents in), but I couldn't grasp why Julia Roberts's character wouldn't kiss her clients but sex was on the table. Fast forward a few decades, I totally get it. 

Kissing is an integral part of intercourse and also one of the signs you need to look out for. Sure people sticking their tongues down each other's throats these days, but you'll be able to see the difference. When a man wants to make love to you, one kiss is enough to give you unlimited pleasure. 

Also, note that it's not in a dirty way, but in a manner befitting of two people who are en route to making love. He won't hesitate to kiss you in ways that you've never thought were possible. Sometimes it gets so intense that you end up kissing as if you're teenagers. Sex isn't always the end game. 


How Do You Tell If He Is Making Love To You? 

One sign that you're making love is that there will be a lot of intimate moments where you're just holding eye contact, or holding each other. Even more, at the end of it all, he doesn't just throw on his clothes and heads home. The cuddle session is off the charts! In some cases, the sex is also accompanied by some in-depth conversation. 

What Making Love Means To A Man? 

It basically means that he's letting you in and is ready to show you parts of himself no one else gets to see. At that point in time, it's not all about physical pleasure, but he wants to be mentally stimulated too. You'll also notice that he'll try his best to make all facets of the relationship more accommodating for you. 

What Does It Mean When A Man Closes His Eyes While Making Love? 

The most common explanation is that he's trying to concentrate on the moment. Closing the eyes is pretty common when a climax is on the way. So, it's not that he doesn't want to see you. He's just trying to get in the right headspace to enjoy the sex and his orgasm. 

How Can You Tell If A Man Is Sexually Active?

This may sound ratchet and downright unsavory, but smelling his organ can reveal a lot about what he's done with it. If he's had a condom on or gone skin to skin with someone, you'll smell sex on him. This next method is equally weird but works for the most part. The color of his semen will also let you know if he's recently had sex. If it's yellow, the answer is no and if it's clear, he's definitely had sex. There are other signs to look out for, but these should suffice. 

How Does It Feel When A Man Thrusts In You?

Some women describe it as a feeling of being filled up and then having an itch scratched all at once. That's a pleasant way of looking at it; you see, when it hits the cervix, it might cause sharp pain or discomfort. Some people don't mind this and actually want it during sex, so, to each their own. 

In Conclusion...

When you're looking for signs he loves you, the fact that you make love and not just have sex is one of them. Altogether, I tried to make sure you're able to relate to more than one item on my list. This is an expressive zone, so I really want to get your take on all sex and making love. Don't stop there, if you feel one of your friends will benefit from the article, feel free to share. 

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