27 Undeniable Signs He Is Fighting His Feelings for You

Last updated on June 12, 2022 by April Maccario

Are you struggling to tell whether a man has genuine feelings for you?

Is this making you question whether your relationship is the real deal?

Perhaps you see a flicker of emotion from your man now and again, but that’s it? 

This is a problem that a lot of women deal with, but sometimes it’s because a man is genuinely not interested. 

However, it’s also common that a man is fighting his feelings. Indeed, many men are taught it’s not masculine to be too emotional - or maybe they’ve been hurt by a woman before and they’re not being more emotionally guarded. 

This is an extremely common problem. highlighted by the worldwide social campaign against toxic masculinity

The guide below reveals 27 ways to tell if a man is fighting his feelings for you. If your man is showing several of these signs, there’s clearly some emotions for you inside of him. 

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It’s usually possible to tell from their actions though. So, let’s now explore the clearest signs that a man is fighting his feelings for you.

Is He Fighting His Feelings for You?

1. He seems to pay attention when you speak

If you notice that he pays full attention to you when you speak, taking note of even the most irrelevant points, then he’s probably subconsciously into you and struggling to fight the feelings.

2. He always remembers certain facts that you’ve mentioned

It's normal for people to forget some parts of a conversation especially parts that don’t directly concern them. If a guy remembers some details that were randomly mentioned, it’s one of the signs he’s in love with you.

3. He asks very personal questions

If a guy likes you and is somehow trying to fight these feelings, these are signs he’s in love. He may ask some not-so-random questions about your personal life, love life, past relationships, or want to know your opinion on things, your likes, and dislikes, and even things about your family and childhood.

4. He stares

He stares

Not every stare means that a person fancies you. Stares could range from creepy to uncomfortable. Most times when a guy likes you his stare could turn into a gaze, most often he stares at you subconsciously. This could be one of the signs he’s fighting his feelings for you.

5. He tries to impress

You may be asking, "does he have feelings for me?" Or "what are the signs he’s in love with me?" Well, if he’s trying to impress you, this is logical, he probably does like you, and maybe even wants a relationship, but maybe trying to hide that fact. 

6. He feels like he owes you an explanation

You only explain yourself to someone you care about, those whose opinions matter to you. In this case, a guy that keeps explaining himself to you even when it's not necessary probably has a thing for you. It’s one of the signs he is fighting emotions.  

7. Body language

You’d also notice some peculiar things about the way he acts around you. He may not verbally admit his emotions, but his body language will tell. Women can usually tell someone likes them from how he behaves around them.

8. He always offers to help

He’d take advantage of any and every opportunity to be around you. He may offer to give you advice, comfort, or even help with tedious activities like moving. When a guy constantly offers help to someone without asking anything in return, he probably really likes that person.

9. He is a bit protective of you

If your secret admirer tends to play the role of a protective figure when he’s around you then he’s probably into you. He’s probably scared of getting into a relationship, and would rather remain silent about it. 

10. He is often jealous

Anytime you’re in the company of another man or men he’ll try to hide it, but there’s no masking jealousy. If he does it once, you can overlook it, but more than two times, he definitely has a thing for you.  

11. He is extra thoughtful

As mentioned above anyone who likes you would want to make the best impression when they're around you. He’d be the perfect gentleman in front of you, opening car doors for you, He'd let you order first and would give you thoughtful gifts, it would almost be as if you’re both in the relationship. 

12. He shares personal details about his life with you

Men are quite conceited when it comes to sharing feelings. If however, he likes and admires you, he would confide in you from time to time. It would be more than sharing a private e-mail but letting you know more than one or two of his plans. 

13. He sometimes comes off as cold

Constantly fighting the internal battle between his logic and his emotions may make him cold and distant from time to time. As women, we have experienced this at least two or three times in life, where the guy gives mixed signals, but really likes us. 

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14. Unstable behavior

Similar to the aforementioned fact, a guy who's trying to fight his feelings for you will often have turbulence of emotions to wrestle with. Most times, this manifests as mood swings. One moment he’s so attentive and the other he’s ignoring you.

15. You both will have indisputable chemistry

The chemistry between you both may not be verbally expressed but it would be completely clear to each of you and to other people around you. You may sometimes catch him checking you out when you enter a room. 

16. He will find out details about you

There is a thin line between a stalker and a guy who's battling emotions for you. The only difference between these two is that the latter is less likely to harm you. When a guy likes you, you may notice that he knows some things about you that you never told him.

17. He may try to make you jealous

Some guys, when fighting their feelings for you, may try to make you jealous. This is his own way of trying to measure your attraction to him or trying to trigger them. He’d often make comments that include other female admirers in an attempt to gain your attention.

18. Friends will notice

Romantic feelings are often very hard to mask. If he really likes you, his close friends would notice despite his efforts to hide these feelings. Your friends may notice also and probably won’t hesitate to point it out.

19. He never approves of your suitors

If you're actively dating at the time, he’ll often find every little fault in men whom you are interested in. 

20. He makes excuses to speak or hang out with you

Any guy who's interested in you would want to spend as much time with you. If he’s fighting his feelings, he will try to do this without being direct about it. 

21. Casual hangouts instead of dates

Casual hangouts instead of dates

Your secret admirer would often invite you out on dates in the form of casual hangouts. He would not want you to see through his need to spend time with you so he may even invite you out with other mutual friends.

22. He's self-conscious around you

You will notice that he’s unusually conscious of his clothing, behavior, and overall look when he’s around you. He may even go as far as buying new clothing whenever he knows he’s going to see you.

23. He will be an active friend on social media

He would be as engaged in your social media life as he is in your everyday life. He’s most likely the first to see your new statuses, stories, and even tags on your social media accounts.

24. He will be happy about any acknowledgment you give to him

He would absolutely cherish any form of acknowledgment from you especially if it's in the presence of his friends. Knowing that you notice him would go a long way for him.

25. Your name is in almost every conversation he has

If he likes you, he would mention you in most of his conversations. Since you’re on his mind most of the time, there’s a chance that you are in his conversations too.

26. He can hardly say no to you

If you notice that he hardly ever turns down your requests no matter how tedious, then he’s probably in this category. It's a very clear sign if you seem like the kryptonite to his superman.

27. He remembers and takes note of the little things

When a guy seems to remember all the small and easily ignorable details, it's almost certain that he likes you. If he knows some tiny details like the fact that you take your tea or coffee with two spoons of sugar and no milk, this is a major sign that he likes you but may still be fighting it. 


Can a man hide his feelings for you?

Yes, it's possible for a man to hide his feelings for you. Most times he's trying to protect himself from being rejected, or he’s just naturally a shy person. It’s also possible that he has not found the right way to show or tell you.

How do you tell if a man is fighting his feelings for you?

He’s most likely having feelings for you if he gets really attentive for a while and then pulls away when he realizes that it may be obvious. He tends to remember very mundane details about you asks personal questions

What to do when he is fighting his feelings for you?

If you notice that he’s fighting his feelings for you, don’t get angry at him. Give him the space to express his feelings at his own time. Try not to scare him off by pushing him to express his feelings to you. 

How do you know if a guy loves you but is scared?

If you notice that he's struggling to express certain emotions around you, then he's probably scared to let you know how he truly feels. Some men are unfamiliar with the feeling of true love and may be unaware of how to deal with it.

How do you make him confess his feelings for you?

The best way to help him confess his feelings for you is to gain his trust. Have frequent comfortable discussions with him, conversations that would encourage him to talk about things that are within his comfort zone. This way he will begin to loosen up around you and may decide to express his feelings. 

In Conclusion

We hope you found this list helpful. Remember, it's quite possible for a man to like you but still hide his feelings for you. In this case, there's no need to worry, just try to gain his trust. Meanwhile, if you like this article, please leave your comments below and don’t forget to share.  


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