19 Undeniable Signs A Male Coworker Likes You

Last updated on June 14, 2022 by April Maccario

You’re reading this because you want to confirm a hunch you’ve been feeling for a while. You want to know how to tell if a guy likes you at work. 

Recently, you’ve noticed that he’s overly attentive and helpful to you, and you feel like that’s a sign that he likes you. 

You might even be having a similar coworker crush, but you can’t ascertain if the feelings you have for the guy is mutual. A work environment is a perfect place for growing and nurturing both professional and personal relationships. 

Given the amount of time one spends at the office, I’d say it’s not out of place to feel some sort of attraction towards a coworker. 

It’s also natural for colleagues to develop strong friendships in the course of their time together. If a male coworker likes you, he may not be so upfront in telling you because he knows that these feelings are meant to be left outside of work. 

Misinterpreting his body language and approaching him wrongly about the matter might severely damage your professional relationship. So, before you go jumping to conclusions that a male colleague likes you, pay attention to the signs below to guide you into making an informed decision. 

19 Signs A Guy From Work Likes You 

1. He Makes Regular Eye Contact

This is a very important body language to take notice of, through the eyes, you can tell what a person is thinking because the eyes are the gateway to the soul. Any guy crushing on a coworker will find it challenging taking his eyes off her. He wants to know what color you wore to work every day, how you did your hair, and even who you’re talking to. 

Probably, you may have noticed that the way he looks at you is quite different from how he looks at other ladies at the office. You can literally feel his eyes following you as you walk around the office, whenever you guys make eye contact, he smiles at you and looks away. 

If your male coworker regularly steals glances at you, or his eyes are always meeting yours, then it is almost certain the guy likes you.

2. He’s Always Willing To Help You Sort Out Work Issues

he's always willing to help you sort out work issues

When faced with problems at work, or a difficult situation, this particular male coworker of yours jumps right at the opportunity to help you. The guy sees the chance to help you sort out your challenges as a way of being in close contact with you, pay attention to how frequently he offers to help you out with things.

This is a sure sign that a male coworker likes you and he’s interested in you, it could also be that you’re always the first person he calls for whenever he is faced with a daunting challenge. The guy might even go as far as pretending to need your help so that he can spend time with you. 

In fact, his ultimate goal is to ignite a spark between you two during the period you spend together at work and outside of work. 

3. He Runs Into You Regularly At Work

This is normal especially in a crowded and busy workplace. However, in cases where it becomes a regular occurrence, it should not be treated lightly. Gradually, you begin to notice that he’s eager to join in on your conversations with other colleagues, he’s at the cafeteria the exact same time you make your way there for lunch, and he looks for excuses to be on the same team as you. 

These occurrences shouldn’t be dismissed as coincidences, he’s probably looking for an opportunity to spend time with you. Due to the hustle and bustle in the office, the best option is to run into you whenever he can at work, if you feel a male coworker likes you, pay attention to the number of times he ‘accidentally’ runs into you. 

4. He’s Overly Complimentary

Regular complimentary remarks from a male coworker are one of the signs that he probably likes you. It’s part of those signs you can easily identify, these compliments are intended to not only boost your confidence and make you feel special but to make you notice him. 

He compliments you for both the small and big things which leave you amused sometimes, you feel like he’s far too kind, but you don’t mind the flattery. Your male coworker never misses a chance to leave a complimentary note or remark when he notices a slight change in your dressing, hairstyle, or character, that’s one of the major signs he’s into you.

He even goes all out to appreciate you for carrying out your office duties. Well, surprisingly, you might discover your latest promotion or raise was due to the referral note sent to the boss by this male colleague of yours. Receiving regular compliments from a male colleague at work is part of the signs that he is attracted to you. 

Make sure you return the favor and compliment him from time to time, it’s not the time to act like he doesn’t exist or try to play hard to get, just be nice.

5. Any Talk Of You Switching Jobs Scares Him

any talk of you switching jobs scares him

The easiest way to get him to panic is to inform him you’re changing jobs, the thought alone terrifies him because that would mean him seeing less of you. This would ultimately mean that he won’t get a chance to tell you about his true feelings towards you. He’ll make you feel like work won’t be the same without you, and make sure he checks on you regularly to ensure you’ve changed your mind.

You may have also noticed that he is always the one to talk you out of your desire to accept another job elsewhere. He convinces you by all means necessary to remain at your current job, though this may sound selfish to some, it’s a perfect strategy for him to keep seeing and spending time with you. 

6. His Body Language Sign Shows He Is Into You

Besides the eye contact I mentioned earlier, there are some other body language signs that tell you if a guy likes you especially when he isn’t forthcoming about it. One of the good signs is if your male coworker subconsciously faces his body towards yours. It shows that he is focused on you and that his attention is more on you than anyone else. 

Another striking thing to take notice of is the way he gets completely out of control when he is around you. The way you make him feel gets him all fidgety around you, he struggles to keep his body still, and in getting the right words out of his mouth. 

You might also notice him smacking his lips or parting his lips when you pass by his office or cubicle. A guy’s body language is one of the essential signs to look out for if you want to know his true feelings. 

7. He’s Very Much Interested In Your Personal Life

If your coworker likes you, your personal life would interest him even more than your work life, he wants to know more about you, where you live, your hobbies and your family life as well, this is a good sign.

The more things he finds out about you, the more he feels closer to you, so if he’s frequently initiating group hang-outs after work, asking to drive you home and the likes, these are signs that your coworker likes you. 

There are more signs that he’s gearing towards more details about your love-life, this sort of conversation would be aimed at knowing the details of your love life. Your relationship status gives him an idea of whether or not he has a fighting chance

The kind of information he seeks may even be extended to details about your family and close friends. Knowing, and getting close to, your loved ones guarantees him an edge in winning you over. If your male coworker is overly interested in knowing intrinsic details about you, it shows that he is interested in you. 

8. He Takes Note Of Every Detail That Concerns You

he takes note of every detail that concerns you

When someone likes you, he pays attention to every little thing that concerns you. With how much he knows from a colleague’s standpoint, one might wonder how much he is into you. Most successful romantic relationships take off from very minute things like this. 

You may have noticed that your male coworker never forgets anything you say or do, these are signs that he likes you. He remembers every little detail like the perfume you wore to work last week or the color of the dress you wore to the company’s annual retreat last year. These are all signs that he is attracted to you in every possible way. 

9. He Likes Talking About Things Outside Of Work

Talking about topics outside of work gives him a chance to get to know you, he sparks up a conversation on non-work related topics that interest you to get your attention. The thing about talking about work stuff is that it limits the conversation and does not guarantee him enough time to be in close contact with you. 

Most guys are usually direct with their intentions, they simply approach you or offer to take you out for lunch, then they initiate personal discussions. The whole idea is to get to know you more as a person, not just as a coworker. These discussions play an important role in helping to create a bond between the two of you.

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10. Your Colleagues Tease Him Whenever You Walk Past

It seems everyone at the office already knows that this guy likes you, it has even gotten to the point where his friends at the office tease him when you are around him. Though it may appear as some sort of joke, you should know that you’re the subject of the tease. 

Guys do this a lot especially to their male colleagues who don’t have the courage to confess their feelings to a woman. I’m sure the thought that there could more to the incessant teasing has crossed your mind before. You should see this as one of the signs that this coworker likes you, and is very much interested in you. 

11. He’s Very Fond Of You 

he's very fond of you

This coworker in question may probably be your boss, supervisor, head of a department, or team leader. Though he maintains a good relationship with the rest of your colleagues, he doesn’t put a lot of effort into gratifying their requests. This is not the same in your case, he attends to your every need in a manner of urgency

He assigns the best clients to you and responds to your official mails faster, the guy in question sometimes gets you coffee or chocolates on his way to work, and in some instances offers to take you for lunch. You’ve noticed that this doesn’t happen to everyone else except you, look, he just wants you to grow fond of him, the way he has grown fond of you; this is a good sign he’s into you.

12. He’s Overly Protective Of You

You’ve noticed how defensive and protective of you he has become over the last couple of months. He openly agrees with and supports your opinion in public gatherings even when no one else does. You find him around anytime you need saving from someone, or a particular task. 

It’s natural for guys to be protective over a woman they like, so this explains why your male colleague wants you to feel safe and protected at all times. He stands in-between you and anything that would jeopardize your personal safety, in fact, he defends and supports you in your absence, he definitely likes you if he’s doing this. 

13. His Lunch Breaks Suddenly Match Yours

If all of a sudden, a colleague of yours begins to take lunch breaks at the exact time as you, then you need to observe his motive twice. Irrespective of how much work he has left to do, once he notices you’re preparing to step out, he does the same, this is a sign a male coworker likes you. 

Funny enough, he acts all surprised when he ‘runs’ into you at the cafeteria, he might even offer to take you to a nice restaurant, all with the aim of getting to talk to you in close proximity. You need to ‘smell the coffee’ and know that he has other intentions. 

14. He Flirts With You A Lot

he flirts with you a lot

Flirting is common in present-day workplaces and is needed to keep our lives exciting. You might have observed that this male coworker of yours flirts with you regularly. This does not in any way rule out the fact that it could be harmless with no strings attached. However, flirting is a legitimate sign to watch for if you want to know if a guy wants you. 

Almost every woman can efficiently read this sign whenever it appears, if a guy decides to flirt with you, it’s very likely that he is interested in you. He’s probably using it as a way of telling you about his feelings. Flirting can come in various forms and ways such as winking at you, leaving you flirty messages, or cracking dirty jokes. 

15. He Takes You Out Regularly After Work

Your bond within the office is relatively the same outside the office, it is absolutely normal for colleagues to take their friendship beyond the workplace. It’s not a rare sightseeing a bunch of colleagues go out for drinks, have lunch, or see a movie together. 

The disparity with this male coworker is that he makes plans for only the both of you. His plans may mostly involve your colleagues, friends, or any third party, but if he has asked to hang out with just you, then that’s a sign right there. 

This shouldn’t surprise you, rather it should make you observant of the fact that he may be attracted to you and is using these time-outs to stay in close contact with you. 

16. Talk Of Other Guys Offends Him

No guy will be pleased to hear tales of another guy and the girl he loves, this is one subtle way to catch a coworker who has feelings for you. You’ve noticed how he withdraws from conversations that involve the men you have been with. Oftentimes, instead of walking out and betraying his jealousy, he stays back and keeps quiet. 

He can’t seem to imagine you in the arms of another man, the thought alone scares him and has him feeling like he has lost out. This particular male coworker of yours may not even like seeing you around other male colleagues. It’s a possessive feeling which is quite expected from a man who is into you.

17. You Can Feel A Growing Tension Between You

you can feel a growing tension between you

It’s a natural instinct to pick up certain signals around you including feelings of other people. You may be feeling a sexual or romantic tension growing between you and this male colleague of yours. As a human being, you can be receptive to the feelings of those around you. 

You may have noticed that whenever he is around you, cool and gentle air circulates, causing you to have goosebumps. This is your mind’s way of telling you that this guy is into you, however, in more ways than none, our mind plays a huge trick on us, so we must be careful in concluding our findings.

18. He Makes An Effort To Connect With You On Social Media

If we’re to be honest with each other, social media is not a regular hangout for work colleagues. On the rare occasions that coworkers meet there, it may be on the grounds that they have known each other for a long time. Another possibility is when one party is interested in another and is looking for a neutral ground to convey their feelings. 

So, if your male coworker is putting all effort to get hold of your social media handles, then it’s probably because he is interested in you. He may simply be trying to build some form of rapport outside the workplace. You can invariably rule this out if it’s normal for your colleagues at work to follow each other on social media

19. He’s Overly Cautious Of His Appearance

A guy who is interested in you would spare no expense in trying to look good for you, the aim is to impress and sweep you off your feet using his clean and good looks. In fact, this new behavior of his only started recently, presumably when your desk was moved to the same floor as his. 

Prior to crushing on you, he may not have cared about how he looked, now, he’s changed his haircut, his wardrobe, and revamped his dress style. Any man who will go through so much trouble to impress you definitely likes you and has his eyes on you. 


How do you tell if a male coworker likes you?

The signs to watch out for are quite many but easy to identify, I highlighted several of them above to guide you into making a proper assessment of the situation. However, specifically, watch out for these pointers- how much attention he pays to you and things that concern you. If they’re above board then he probably likes you

Does my coworker have a crush on me?

Crushes are fun and sweet, and people shouldn’t be looked down on for having them. It’s highly possible for a coworker to develop feelings for you due to the nature of the workplace. You only need to be certain of his feelings for you so as not to ruin your work relationship. 

How do you know if a married male coworker likes you?

Getting involved with a married man can be confusing and complicated, however, you may know of his intentions if pays you attention especially; stays back after work to have personal moments with you, he asks you about your relationship status, removes his wedding ring anytime he is around you, buys you things and constantly compliments you. 

How do you tell if a coworker is interested or just being friendly?

There is a distinct and clear line between being over-friendly and flirty, the latter is rampant in workplaces. If he’s not interested in you, you’ll likely know because the same way he treats you will be the same he treats others, your hunch could simply be a hunch after all.

How do you tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it?

If the guy is attracted to you, he won’t be able to resist you no matter how hard he tries. You can also tell by reading his body movements towards you. He may feel a nudge to want to touch you or brush his skin against yours, whatever you do, don’t force him to act on this feeling of his. 

Summing Up,

After going through these signs and arriving at a reasonable conclusion, you need to figure out what to do next. Bear in mind that taking a wrong decision could affect both your professional life and your reputation. Let me know what you think of this article in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this with your loved ones. 


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  1. He’s younger and is a produce manager I’m 64 a demo lady I don’t look my age ! Him and I had a long stare gaze for 4 seconds ! And it made me flustered! After that happened we were all on vacation for 2 weeks so when I got back he was looking at me a lot that day and but it was very hard for us to talk to each other because I work inside of the store as a demo lady and he’s of produce manager so he has been still looking at me when he’ll walk by me and he talks to everybody else at the store like out in the produce area I’m in the back or I’m stuck behind a cart demoing but he has not approached me to talk to me at all so I really don’t know what to think what do you think? And I just started working in the store it’s been almost 2 months And I have caught him looking at me and staring at me from behind I caught him by the corner of my eye looking at me when I walked by so do you think that he likes me and I don’t know if he’s married or single yet I just don’t know how to ask anybody there I’m scared to ask anybody because then they’ll know that I’m interested or or whatever I don’t know what’s going on? I thought about asking him questions to go up to him and talk but and we have talked when I first started working there he came up to me and we chatted for a while but now he seems awfully quiet and I don’t know why what do you think 🤔?

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