Short Guys Vs Tall Guys (13 Comparisons Between The Two)

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It’s not surprising to find out that a lot of women prefer tall males to short guys. It’s often a debate on whether tall males are better than short guys. This notion has made height differences, some kind of standard in society. Many young girls have ‘tall, fine, and handsome’ when describing their dream man. 

However, it all boils down to personal preference, but for the sake of this article, let’s see which category really wins the cake when it comes to a ladies’ preference. 

13 Comparisons Between Short And Tall Guys 

1. Why exactly do women like taller guys?

Not all women like tall men; however, tallness has now been perceived as an attractive quality. There’s a psychological notion that a lady loves the feeling of feeling smaller than her man. 

Unfortunately, it has become more of a height thing, than the actual size of the guy. In essence, some women feel safer dating taller men and feel a bit insecure dating shorter guys. 

2. Who is more attractive?

who is more attractive

Attraction comes in many forms and has no specific laws guiding it. To some women, height difference majorly determines the attractiveness of a guy. In a nutshell, tall men are preferred over short ones. However, according to research, attractiveness depends on individual preferences. 

This could indicate that the height of a man does not necessarily affect his attractiveness. Beauty does not exist on its own but is more in the eyes of the beholder. This means that certain qualities cannot dictate the overall attractiveness of a man. 

3. Who kisses better?

Though tallness doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of kiss; in general, it might determine whether the two parties will enjoy it or not. With shorter men, a lady doesn’t have to worry about standing on her toes or stretching too far to reach his lips; in other words, it’s more convenient.

She can maintain her stance and enjoy the moment as it comes. There’s a chance that tall males already have a way of handling such situations, but in this case, the shorter guys always are the more comfortable choice. 

4. Who is bigger down there?

Have you ever had your girl lean in and suggest that a guy has a bigger dick just because he’s tall? I’ve heard it a lot. However, there’s really no research or proven study to back this up. Tall men don’t always pack a big one, even though people have this misconception. Still, this doesn’t stop many women from going after tall men because of this fact.

5. Who is better in bed?

Many women have expressed their awkwardness in bed with a guy that’s too tall. Positioning becomes a big problem, and some alternatives would have to be used to compensate for the height gap. 

However, this isn’t a problem with men that are shorter; positioning comes easy, and both parties can enjoy the moment. Though this factor doesn’t entirely affect the quality of sexual experiences, it matters a lot in most cases. 

6. Who is more aggressive?

‘Napoleon Complex’ is a term established by an Australian psychoanalyst to connote inferiority complex around shorter men, which causes them to react aggressively or domineering. Short men have now been tagged with this trait. Though it could explain some of their behaviors, it’s more or less a stereotyped notion.

According to updated research, it’s not the height that causes the problem; it’s a feeling of inadequacy that comes with the height that affects behaviors. Those who have learned to accept their features for what it is, easily escape the ‘Napoleon Complex’ trap.

7. Who is wealthier?

Height discrimination is often overlooked but it’s something that happens more frequently than people realize. Studies have shown that the shorter a man is, the less money the man makes. Favoritism in the workplace ends up favoring taller folks. 

It has been reported that an inch to a man’s tallness amounts to an extra six hundred dollars to his annual income. It’s also been noted that men that are taller command more respect than short men, resulting in higher wages.

8. Who is happier?

who is happier

It’s quite unlikely that height can affect the emotional state of an individual. However, in most cases, certain circumstances can affect a person’s general lifestyle. Since the world tends to favor guys who are tall in career prospects, taller guys tend to have an easier life ride. 

Circumstances like this can further affect their happiness. On the other hand, a shorter man is more likely to have an inferiority complex, which would deter his happiness.  

9. Who is healthier?

Scientists have linked certain conditions to the heights of men, such as prostate cancer. Shorter men have lower risks of getting cancer, while men that are taller have more cells in their systems that could potentially turn cancerous. 

Extremely tall males are also likely to have venous thromboembolism, a blood clot that starts in the veins. A tall man has longer veins, and scientifically, this increases the chances for problems like this to occur. Also, studies show their height could also increase their chances of developing prostate cancer. 

On the positive side, tall people are known to have less risks of developing heart diseases or diabetes.

10. Who is smarter?

According to research, a shorter man’s brain is likely to receive information faster than a tall man. This happens due to the shorter pathway required to transfer neurons to the brain. Neuroscientists have explained that sensory information is transported to the brain at different speeds. 

It will take a tall man longer to respond to pain in his legs and stimuli from every other part of his body than it would for a short guy. This doesn’t determine general intelligence but is the reason why short men tend to have faster movements.

11. Who is better at sports?

Taller limbs and stature generally come as an advantage in sports. Longer legs will cover more distance, and tallness allows individuals to see above their opponents. Though some sporting activities favor taller individuals, shorter men have the advantage in some cases. 

Since shorter people tend to have a quicker response system, it gives them the advantage of making brisk movements. With this, they can easily excel at martial arts, gymnastics, and similar activities. 

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12. Who has more longevity?

Studies have shown that the height of a man can affect his longevity. Short men tend to live longer than tall men by an average of two years. A longevity study published on Japanese men’s ancestry revealed a probable ‘longevity gene’ indicating that a person’s height could influence it. 

Other research also points to the healthier nature of shorter men, having lower risks of DNA damage, and a greater chance of cell replenishment. 

13. Who is more romantic?

who is more romantic

When it comes to love, tallness may or may not play an important role. However, research shows that shorter men tend to be more handy and supportive at home, which can contribute to a more successful romantic relationship. 

It has also been revealed that men who are shorter get a reduced divorce rate of thirty-two percent compared to men with average tallness. In general, it’s been noted that a man tends to put in more work to woo a woman over when he can’t depend so much on his height.

Regardless, many would still pinpoint that the love an individual shows strictly depends on their personal views and mindset.  


Are short guys stronger than tall guys?

Many factors determine the overall strength of an individual. To determine strength, you must consider things like diet, fitness, and genetics. A person’s environment also plays an essential role in their health. These factors further affect the overall strength of an individual.  

What is a short height for males?

In more developed countries, a man isn’t tall if his height is anything below 5 foot 2 inches, which is 158 centimeters. However, some medical journals indicate that anything below 5 foot 7 isn’t considered tall. 

Why are short guys better?

Interestingly, guys who aren’t on the tall side don’t discriminate against women and seem more open and understanding when it comes to their height. They have no problem being with a taller woman, and would gladly put her on display. Studies have also revealed that such a man tends to be more dedicated to his relationship.

What is the most attractive height for a man?

According to research, the ideal height for a man is 5 foot 8. Regardless, there are many stereotyped beliefs that 6 feet is the most attractive height for a man. This notion has made men shorter than this to be conscious about their height. 

Do girls like short guys?

In general, girls tend to show a stronger sense of attraction to guys that are taller. They feel like they’re more protected around someone with a bigger stature. Nonetheless, attraction can happen regardless, which means girls can like short guys.

To Summarize

Did you enjoy this article? In all fairness, it’s important not to define a person strictly based on their height because there’s more to a person than just their stature. If you have any thoughts on this article, then kindly leave a comment below. Don’t forget to share this article with friends if you liked it.  

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  1. Thank you for writing this article, I am one of those 5 foot seven short guys and that has hangups about taller guys, your article help put things in perspective for me

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