Sexual Positions For Beginners (13 Different Sexual To Try)

Last updated on August 29, 2022 by April Maccario

If you are new to sex, it's normal to want to engage in different sex positions with your partner so that you both can experience maximum pleasure and improve the sexual experience. Also, you may find things a bit awkward or less straightforward than you hoped they would be. 

It's alright. Sex can be a bit overwhelming since there's technically no way to practice before doing it. As a woman, your first time is your first time. And guess what? For a couple of more sexual trials after your first time, you'll still be in the beginner's phase, where the whole show may still seem a bit awkward. 

However, you don’t need to worry. Many people didn’t become a pro the first time. That’s why it’s a good idea to stick to more convenient, yet satisfying, easy sex positions you can easily pull off with your partner.

That said, this article has got you covered with more than a few sexual positions you and your man can explore together as beginners. In no time you’ll be a pro.

13 Different Sexual Positions For Beginners

1. Missionary

Perhaps, the missionary style is one of the most famous sex positions for beginners. It’s also a true classic and is the most practiced in the world. While some very sexually adventurous people have tagged it a boring sex position, it remains one of the easiest positions to get into, especially for first-timers or beginners that haven't had any sexual experience. 

As a lady that just started having sex, it's normal to feel shy or shame, about being naked with someone else for the first time. Therefore, the missionary style allows your partner to take the lead on top while you enjoy all the amazing things he's doing to your body. It's not physically demanding for the lady, letting you lie down and enjoy the ride. In case you need some help, the missionary is pretty straightforward

You, the receiving partner, relax on your back while your partner lies on top by giving him enough space between your legs to penetrate you. If you still feel a little shame, you can put off the light.

2. Doggy style

Some extremely conservative people consider this position something that was adopted from the animal kingdom. Well, to be fair, we are technically animals. That said, the doggy is a hot, sexual position that allows you and your man to experiment with deeper penetration. It's an intense position as it allows the man to thrust deeper with greater force while he's behind you. 

What's more, you and your partner have more freedom to use your hands. As a woman, it gives you access to freely play with your clit, i.e., if you are open to some self-clitoral stimulation while your man pounds away. 

The doggy position is highly recommended by sex therapists as it has many modified versions to change things or spice up the sex life of couples. It can be done while you and your partner are both standing, on your knees, and even lying down with pillow support to raise your hips in the air. 

3. Spooning

Don't you just feel safe and loved when your man lies behind you with his arm around you and even caresses you? Yeah, it's a sweet feeling. Now imagine your man penetrating from the back while you both lie on your sides in that cuddle position. It's another very romantic and comfortable position especially for you, the lady. 

You are lying there, feeling those strong arms grip your waist while he thrust you just as you want. What's more, if your man knows how to multitask, it gives him easy access to use his tongue on your neck, ears, and shoulders as the penetration continues interrupted. I recommend the spooning position for beginners because it is comfortable for both parties and especially for the lady.

4. Cowgirl

There's no harm in trying, but if it's your very first day, the reverse cowgirl might be too much. However, if you are becoming more confident /comfortable with both your man and the sexual activity, cowgirl is an enjoyable sexual position that you and your partner should try as beginners. 

Unlike the missionary position that puts your man in charge and control, you are the one that dictates the pace of the action. You determine the depth you want it inside you, and also how fast you want the penetration. This great position will stimulate your G-spot and is of course, super comfortable. 

It's a win-win with the cowgirl as your partner likes the way you ride him. The position also makes your partner's hands, free to do all sorts of things to your body, from caressing your breasts, to fondling your nipples and even clitoral stimulation, while the penetration doesn't stop.

5. Reverse cowgirl

reverse cowgirl

Without sounding too complex, the reverse cowgirl is an adapted position of the conventional cowgirl. Meaning, that the man can now see the back view of the lady. The feeling might be the same for the man, but it is undoubtedly more fun for the woman because the direction at which the shaft thrusts into the vagina is now at an angle, whether you lean forward or back. Trust me, at an angle, it hits with different sensations. 

Like the traditional cowgirl position, this position is suitable for beginners as it puts less stress on the man and gives the woman greater control of the activity. It lets you, the woman, learn how to enjoy sex at your own pace instead of always doing it at the pace of the man. Don't get me wrong, if you are okay with your man taking the lead and dictating the pace, that's fine. But we are talking about sexual intercourse here, so spicing things up is never a wrong idea.

6. Sixty-nine

It's important that both you and your man also learn to pleasure each other and achieve orgasm without penetration. Sixty-nine is an oral sex position where you and your partner either lie down on your sides, using your tongue on each other's genitals or you lie on him doing the same thing. 

For beginners, oral sex is a good way of setting the mood before the main "dish," Many sex therapists also recommend it to couples to spice things up in the bedroom. Without being distracted by the demands of penetration, this sex position lets couples understand each other's bodies and how you both prefer to be stimulated. It's one of the easy sex positions you should use to eliminate boredom and mix things up in your sex life.

7. Over the shoulders

As the name suggests, the lady lies on her back raising and resting her legs over the shoulders of her man, gaining easier access to the vagina. It's an exciting position as it makes you feel acrobatic without actually being acrobatic. 

What's more, it lets your partner penetrate you deeply, stimulating your internal clitoris. The position is sometimes considered a modified version of the missionary. It grants the man easy access to your vagina, especially when the lady has some difficulty spreading her legs for the man to gain access. 

As mentioned earlier, this position lets couples have more fun with each other as it requires some physical effort. You want to remember it's a position that allows your man to penetrate you deeply since he'll have access to pull your hips towards him and thrust in. 

I understand that deep thrust may not be for everyone, especially when you are just starting, so communication is also important so that both parties can enjoy together. You don't have to act like it's okay when it's not.

8. Lotus

Another enjoyable sex position for beginners is the lotus. I particularly love easy sex positions that allow me to look into my partner's eyes. It's one of the reasons I recommend it to beginners apart from being sexually satisfying. While sex is about pleasure, it's also about connecting with the next person. So, it's more than just penetrating and ramming the penis into the vagina.

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So, how do you go about adopting the lotus position with your man? In a sitting position on the bed or a spacious couch, straddle your partner, facing each other. I also love this position because instead of the usual up and down movement, you just rock your partner back and forth, easy peasy. 

It's not a hard position to get into at all. If you are tired, perhaps after a hard day's work, you and your partner can still rock each other with this position, without having to take a rain check from having some kinky fun.

9. The wheelbarrow

Another exciting sex position that you and your partner should try is the wheelbarrow. Ever seen a construction or farm worker use a wheelbarrow? Yes, that picture you have in your head of the person holding the two handles of the wheelbarrow is similar to this sex position. 

Let your partner enter you from the back, suspending your legs in the air while you support yourself with your hands on the floor or edge of the bed. It's extremely pleasurable, so don't get lost in ecstasy, or you might just fall while your feet start to get curled. It's all part of the fun anyway.

10. Flatiron


Let's switch the traditional doggy a bit that involves being on your knees or standing, while your men enter you from the back. This position is more convenient for you, the lady. You just need to lie down on a flat surface, bed, or couch, and raise your butt for your man to come in. 

If he knows what he's doing he can gain access to your breasts from this position, kiss your neck, ears, back, and make you orgasm in no time. Again, convenience and pleasure are why it's suitable for beginners, allowing you to relax and enjoy the ride.

11. Faceoff

I'm a fan of full-body contact during sex, so believe me when I say you and your man will love this one among other positions as it puts your bodies up close with each other. One partner should sit on the edge of a bed or a chair, while you mount him, hugging him close as you ride him to orgasm in that intimate position. 

This position is incredibly hot. What's more, you get to control the pace and depth. It also gives your partner the freedom to touch almost anywhere on your body, from your back to your boobs, hair, hips, and even passionately kiss you.

12. Reverse faceoff

Like the reverse cowgirl, the reverse faceoff involves switching the traditional face-off by sitting on your man in the reverse position. This way, he can now see your bareback and also has more access to your boobs, and plays with your clit, while you wiggle your waist and ride him to cloud 9. It should be on your list of sex positions for beginners.

13. On the edge

Sometimes, it's more convenient for men to thrust longer in standing positions, meaning more pleasure for you and less stress for your man. The "on the edge" position lets your man stand while you conveniently lay on your back close to the edge of the bed. 

The position is one of the cool sex positions for beginners as you have deeper penetration. It also allows free hands to do more since your partner doesn't need to maintain balance with his hands, as is common with a style like a missionary.

In Conclusion

Good sex positions are key to enjoying sex. It should not only promote easy penetration if the aim is to have penetrative sex, but it should also allow contact of bodies, be convenient, and excite the parties involved. Still, communication is crucial. If you feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable with any of the sex positions, let your partner know so that you can both enjoy the "show." I hope you enjoyed the article. Please drop a comment or two and share it with friends.

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