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Sexting is an amazing way to spice up your relationship, especially when you’re away from your partner. People in long-distance relationships tend to do this regularly to keep the fire burning. 

There are different ways to sext, but you have to know exactly how to get your man’s attention. 

Hot and naughty messages are great, but how do you use just words and maybe some pictures to really get him craving your physical presence? 

Sending one simple ‘I miss you’ message is cute, but when sexting, you have to up your game. You need to be able to make your partner excited and make it impossible for him to stop thinking about you.

What’s better than being able to send one hot, saucy message while filing documents at work, cooking a late Sunday dinner, or even having lunch with your family? 

Yup, there are almost no rules when it comes to sexting, but if you want to do it right, then it’s best to practice with some examples first.

Thankfully, this article narrows down perfectly constructed sex messages that you can use as a guide to get creative. There are up to 113 sexting examples here to keep you at the top of your game, ensuring there’s never a dull moment between you and your partner. 


113 Hot Sexting Examples You Can Use Right Now

1. Ask for consent

Your man wouldn’t resist.

 “I had my mind on you all day. What do you think about sexting on phone?”

2. Incorporate photos

incorporate photos

This will excite him even more.

 “I just took a photo of myself in that lingerie you like, wishing your hands were on my body right now.”

3. Tease him

Don’t just go straight into it.

“I had a dream about you last night, and I’m thinking of the many ways to make that a reality right now.”

4. Create fantasies

Think of scenes; he’ll love it!

“What would you do to me if we were locked in a room filled with candles, and no clothes in sight?”

5. The foreplay is essential 

Build up to the final moment, it’s one way to get things moving.

“You could start with my lips and go all the way down.”

6. Tempt him

Start with something simple like what you’re wearing.

“I have no clothes on right now? Do you want to see?”

7. Ensure he feels wanted

Talk about his body; messages like this will turn him on.

“I miss seeing you with no clothes on. Show me!”

8. Let him know you want him

It shouldn’t only be about you, use the right tone, and make him feel wanted.

“I need you really bad; right here, right now!”

9. Text him how you feel

If the distance hurts, let him know.

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“I miss your skin on mine. I want you so bad right now.”

10. Text him the sweet stuff

text him the sweet stuff

Write with your feelings in check.

“I wish I could have you forever laying by my side; without anything between us!”

11. Let him know you crave his touch

One text isn’t enough, send a picture and use emojis, let him feel how much you want him.

“I’m going to go crazy if I have to spend one more night hugging my pillow, I miss bending over so you can take me from behind!”

12. Show him you can be naughty

He’ll enjoy hearing the naughty stuff you think.

“I’m having so many naughty thoughts about you right now.”

13. Focus on his body

Let his body be the subject of conversation.

“I need to explore every part of your body, from your head to your toes.”

14. Build up suspense

Give him more than one reason to stay glued to the phone.

“I’m stepping into the shower, and I know I’m going to get all wet, I wish you were here so you would hold me up against the shower wall and do those things I like”

15. Send a message about the little moments

They matter a lot too.

“I miss your skin on mine, caressing it non-stop!”

16. Let him understand your pain

If he can relate to it, he’ll need you more.

“I wish I didn’t have to work on the weekends. I just want to lie back and let you do anything you want to me.”

17. Create desire

Let him be a part of your routine too.

“I just had a hot shower, and I’m imagining doing a lot of dirty things with you right now.

18. Try to be sexy

You can talk about what you’re preparing.

“I just got some hot new lingerie just for you. I can’t wait for you to get home and take it off.”

19. Let him know your fear too

You may be too shy to tell, and that’s okay.

“I wish I could tell you all the hot desires right now, but I don’t know if you’d like them.”

20. Be direct

be direct

This way, he’ll constantly be thinking of you.

“I need to have hot steamy sex with you right now.”

21. Talk about a time and place

This will build up the excitement even more.

“When are you coming over? I could use some of you inside me right now!”

22. Share your excitement

He’ll love to know you’re on the same page too.

“I got excited thinking about everything we’d do when you’re here.”

23. Share your sexy dreams

If you’ve had any, this will be a great way to spice things up.

“I just had a sex dream about you last night. It was hot and steamy.”

24. Sneak peeks work wonders too

You don’t have to be too descriptive, just give a sneak peek.

“I’m not wearing any underwear, and I won’t be wearing anything when you get home either.”

25. Go deeper into details

Let him know how bad you want it.

“I need to experience you inside of me. I can’t wait much longer.”

26. Don’t forget about the memories

Remind him about the past encounters too.

“Last night was extraordinary. I could use a redo”

27. Text him everything you want

Your man will definitely want details about what he can do to you.

“I want you to take control of me. I’ll tell you everything I want.”

28. Let him decide vents too

Give him the privilege of deciding what he can do to you.

“Tonight, you can do anything you want with my body. I’m yours.”

29. Let your surroundings tell the story

Your surroundings can be used to add spark to any dull moment.

“I’m in the kitchen cooking, it would be nice to let me feed you, and maybe you can put other things in my mouth.” 

30. Talk about places

talk about places

You can spice everything up by talking about different locations.

“I want you to pin me up against the wall in our living room and have me right there.”

31. Make promises

You can decide to go small or big. Your choice.

“I’ve been bad, and I need someone to punish me, would you come over?”

32. Be spontaneous

Your spontaneous desires will possibly give him ideas.

“I’ve got a bottle of wine and some nice music, I feel like we could make good use of them.

 33. Send a message about positions

When you share how you want it, your partner will be motivated.

"I can’t wait to have your body on top of mine, just how I like it."

34. Talk about how you’re going to feel

He’ll love to know how the outcome of everything will be.

“Thinking of what you can do to me is already getting me wet.”

35. You can talk more about positions

This will easily turn him on.

“I thought of something dirty I want to do to you tonight.”

36. Let him into your mind

Letting him know what you’re thinking is crucial.

“I can’t stop thinking of what you will do to me. I’m ready for anything right now.”

37. Text him exactly how you need it

This will cause him to be eager to try new things with you.

“I just need to ride you and have sex with you all night.”

38. Don’t be afraid to talk about his little man

Men love it when women go personal.

“I want to get into your pants and explore everything down there.”

39. You can go personal with yourself too

Men also love it when women talk sexy about themselves.

“I’m really wet! I need you right now.”

40. Be creative about what you crave to do

be creative about what you crave to do

Don’t always keep it simple. Think of something new.

“I need to feel you inside my mouth.” 

41. Bring up previous nights

This works wonders and will help both of you set new records.

“Sex with you last time was amazing. Can we do it again tonight?”

42. Get practical

Let him know where you’d like to be touched.

“I want your hands running all over my body, and down to my skirt.”

43. Express your feelings deeply

He would enjoy knowing how you feel at the time. 

“I feel sexy and wanted when you’re around, I can’t get enough of you.”

44. Text him what you’re going to do

This will make the situation sound urgent and exciting.

“I want to suck you until you scream for more.”

45. Give him expectations

You can let him decide how the events will go.

“I have a selection of sexy lingerie here. Red or black?”

46. Build up the intensity

Let him know how bad you want him, and how soon.

I need your body on mine as soon as you get into the house!”

47. Use your bad experiences too

Sometimes telling him how he’ll make your bad day better will get his expectations up.

“I had a bad day today, and I just need you to take me to the moon and back.”

48. Include a body part in your text messages

This will allow your story to be more descriptive.

“I want you in my mouth. I want to taste all of you!”

49. Go deeper into body part details

Don’t just stick to one body part, sext him everything.

“Please cum all over me tonight! Don’t hold back.”

50. Let the conversation be more irresistible

You can add some hardcore feelings to spice everything up.

“I just got wet seeing all these messages from you.”

51. Get into the scene

get into the scene

Add more details of what you’ll do when you see him.

“I’m going to drop my panties the moment I see you, or you can just rip it off!”

52. Send a message about the aftermath too

Sext him what you’ll experience when he’s done with you.

“I want you to take me really hard, I don’t want to remember how to walk the next day.”

53. Talk about dominance

Men love it when they have the upper hand.

“I need you to dominate my body tonight. Do what you want. Take control!”

54. Mention how you love it

If he does something you like, then talk about it.

“I love your tongue being inside of me. Can you do that again?”

55. Go straight to the point

You’ll definitely need to text him exactly what you want.

“I just need to have crazy naked sex with you as many times as possible.”

56. Go into explicit details

Don’t be afraid to text him the angles you desire.

“Can you get your little man between my boobs? I enjoy that!”

57. Ignite the passion

Talk about what both of you will experience.

“I need us to moan really loud so everyone can hear us.”

58. Talking about sex toys are great too

Let him know sex toys can’t measure up to his performance.

“My vibrator’s good, but it’s no match to your big hard cock.”

59. Talk about quickies

This will let him know how bad you crave it.

“I wish I had a little time off work. I’m all in for a quickie.”

60. Allow him to be your fantasy

Let him know he’s the only thing you desire.

“I’ve got more than one position I’d like to try when you get home, but it starts with a 6 and ends with a 9.”

61. Think of scenes you’d enjoy

This will build up the excitement.

“I need you to take me in the shower, and have crazy sex nonstop.”

62. Think of office scenes

think of office scenes

These scenarios are always hot and sexy.

“We can have steamy office sex. Just take me on my desk!”

63. Morning sex talks are great too

Talk about what you’ll do to him in the morning.

“I’ll put your cock in my mouth, suck you hard, and we’ll have great morning sex.”

64. Take your ideas to the kitchen 

Kitchen sex is also a thing. Tell him about it.

“You might see me on the kitchen counter this morning. You can have me for breakfast.”

65. Send a message about angles

Describe how you enjoy the angles and methods he uses.

“I enjoy it when you grab my back and slide your cock inside of me.”

66. Share all your sex intentions

Don’t hide any details here.

“I’ll start from your lips, kiss you to your neck, and continue all the way down to your cock.”

67. Talk about places you’ll enjoy doing it

These could be places in your home you’ve never had sex.

“You know that corridor before the storehouse? I want you to grab me from behind and have me there.”

68. Start small and go big

Start from the small details, and work your way up.

“I’ll push you on the bed, sit on your face and grind you until your cock gets hard, and we’ll have sex right there.”

69. Tease him with new ideas

He’ll enjoy knowing what you’ve been thinking about.

“Have we had sex yet on the stairs? You can take me the moment you get home from work.”

70. Get more creative with new ideas

You can ask for consent here too.

“Would you like it if I slipped my hands into your pants while driving, and we could have some steamy sex parked in your car?”

71. Pool sexting ideas are great too

This will allow the conversation to be fun.

“I want to take your cock while we’re in the pool, and jam it into me. It’ll be really good.”

72. Talk about sex in public places

talk about sex in public places

Even if you’re not going to do it. It’s fun making up stories.

“I could sit on your legs in the park, with your pants down and my undies shifted. Your hard cock would be inside of me.”

73. Text him what you can do with your tongue

Make sure you’re phone sexting in detail.

“I’ll run my tongue across your body and make sure you get hard from the sensations.”

74. Create movie scenes

The more adventurous, the better.

“I’ll rub some oil all over your body until you're slippery, and I can grind you good.”

75. Incorporate some sexy food

Don’t be afraid to tell him what you’d love to try.

“I wish to have some whipped cream all over my body. You can lick me real good.”

76. Talk about outdoor sex adventures

Let him crave you more, even in outdoor places.

“I’ll have my hands on your cock at the dinner table. You’ll get really hard, we’ll sneak into the bathroom for more.”

77. You can ask him sexy questions

Make sure they’re quite naughty.

“How bad do you want me tonight?”

78. Bring your memories into the questions

This will give him something to measure up to.

“Did you enjoy that style we did last night?”

79. Give him expectations with your sexy questions

Make him go hard even before seeing you.

“What do you crave to do with me tonight? You can be my bad teacher.”

80. Ask him what he’ll do

This will give both of you something to look forward to.

“Tell me all the naughty things you crave to do with my body.”

81. Ask him about his favorite places

The both of you can think of future plans together.

“Where’s the naughtiest place you crave to have sex?”

82. Ensure you go dirty and personal

ensure you go dirty and personal

Don’t just share your desires; let him share too.

“Tell me all your dirty sexual fantasies.”

83. Play the innocent game

Be bad, but do it subtly.

“Is it bad that I crave to be grinding so hard on you now?”

84. Play the guessing game

Men crave to be surprised.

“Guess what I’m wearing, just waiting for you to come home.”

85. Talk about the sensations you’ll experience

Your man will enjoy knowing how he makes you feel.

“I’m going to scream so loud when you get inside me.”

86. Talk about positions

You can either ask or sext him what you’d enjoy.

“Tell me the position you desire to put me tonight, I’ve got one or two I’d like to try as well.

87. Ask about his plans

Getting him to share what he desires, it creates excitement.

“Your messages have me so distracted, I’ve got one hour of work to go, then I’m coming over.

88. Play the good girl role

Ask him innocent but naughty questions.

“Do you want me to talk dirty to you?”

89. Ask him for his secret desires

Men enjoy being pleased too.

“Tell me anything you crave me to do to you tonight.”

90. Send a message about surprises

Let him have expectations.

“I’ve got a dirty surprise waiting for you here.”

91. Let him know he’ll enjoy it

This will build up the moment.

“I’m going to make you feel so good, you might skip work tomorrow.”

92. Talk about where you’d like to explore

His body should be the subject here.

“I didn’t get to run my tongue across enough places last night. I need more of you tonight.” 

93. Bring up great encounters

bring up great encounters

This will motivate him for more.

“I remember how great it felt when you went down on me. Please do that again.” 

94. Talk about future plans

Let him know what to expect the next time you see.

“Next time we see, I need you to have me so hard, I can’t forget the experience.”

95. Talk about the after-effect

Let him know how amazing he performs.

“I need you to ram up against me; I’d keep begging for more.”

96. Your sensations should be expressed

What you’re going to experience should be written in detail.

“I need you to grind me really hard, my legs would shake as I gasp for air.”

97. Send a message about orgasms

He’ll definitely love to hear this part.

“I don’t want you to stop until you make me cum!”

98. Emphasize on his little man

Ensure your comments cause him to feel good.

“I miss your big hard cock sending sensations to my body.”

99. Think of plans together

You can choose a favorite position and plan for it.

“I love you bending me over and ramming me so hard. Can we do that again soon?”

100. Shower sexting works wonders

Let him know the expectations you have.

“I need you to hold me tight and kiss me, as the water drips against my skin.”

101. Share the crazy details

Sometimes, the crazier the better.

“I need you to put my legs behind my head, and ram me hard nonstop.”

102. Tease him some more

Cause him to crave you badly.

“Tonight, I want to kiss you from your lips down, the only question is how far down I’ll go.”

103. You can be desperate too

This will charge him up faster.

“Tell me the dirtiest thing I’ve ever done in bed, I promise I’m going to do better.”

104. Sext him in the morning

sext him in the morning

Every guy would like to wake up to this.

“I’ve got more than one idea about how we could have breakfast this morning

105. Explain how he’s going to feel

He definitely wouldn’t be able to resist it.

“Let me show you what I’ve learned from pole dancing classes, I know you would like it.”

106. Being intense is exciting too

Sext him some intense scenes.

“I’d enjoy staring into your eyes, while we think of more than one part of the house to get freaky on”

107. Send a message about your body often

This will cause him to crave exploring you more.

“My nipples are getting hard just thinking of what you’ll do to me.”

108. Talk about your sensitive areas

He will definitely understand where you’re going.

“I enjoy it when you kiss the inside of my thighs and work your way into me.”

109. Sext him the best part about his foreplay

This will make him spend more time on you before getting into the action.

“I enjoy it when you take off my panties slowly with your teeth, and caress my body with your lips.”

110. Share more details about foreplay

This will definitely charge him up.

“I love it when you do nothing but rub your hard cock against my clit.”

111. Let your body be the subject of attention

Cause him to crave touching you.

“I love it when your hands run against my nipples, and you feel them go hard.”

112. Tell him what you’ll like his mouth to do

tell him what you'll like his mouth to do

He surely already had plans.

“I need your mouth sucking my nipples, and going all the way down there.”

113. Sext him exactly how you like it

Don’t be afraid to reveal the details.

“I need you to throw my legs on your shoulders, smack me, and dive in deep.”


What does sexting mean to a guy?

Sexting could mean different things to a guy. This is why it’s important to ensure the two of you are on the same page before engaging in it. When you’re sure, this can easily get him comfortable, simply knowing the two of you have similar wants and desires.

Is sexting bad for relationships?

Sexting can essentially spice up any relationship. However, it’s crucial not to do it ever-so-often, so that it doesn’t lose its value in the relationship. Also, keep everything short, so that you don’t entirely ruin the surprise.

Should I sext boyfriend?

Deciding whether to sext your boyfriend is dependent on a lot of factors. Nevertheless, what’s important is to ensure the two of you are comfortable doing it. If so, then do it more sporadically, and not consistently.

How do you sext someone for the first time?

You need to keep everything simple, without going into too much detail. You have to build up to the final moment, and you don’t want to end up scaring your significant other with your sexual fantasies on your sexting phone.

How do guys feel after sexting?

Guys are usually excited after sexting because it gives them something to look forward to. This is most times dependent on what was discussed while sexting.

On That Note

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