Pros And Cons Of Sex With A Stranger (9+ Possible Complications)

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We’ve all been there. You talk to someone online for an extended period of time, and you feel like the two of you were meant to be together. It seems like you’ve known each other for years rather than the few weeks you’ve actually been talking online. In fact, you may have already changed your relationship status to “in a relationship.” Do you feel like you’re already in love?

I know, it’s like love at first sight when you meet the stranger for the first time, so sex doesn’t feel like stranger sex at all. Rather, you feel like this person is “the one,” and sex with them feels like “lovemaking” rather than sex with a stranger.

Alternatively, you may have met someone new at the bar, and things got hot and heavy fast. It’s steamy and fun. It can even be good for you! After all, it is a form of exercise, right? 

You just have to be smart about it. Women who meet strangers in a bar don’t always have the best stories, so we’ll go over some dos and don’ts for casual sex.

We’ll also look at the pros and cons of casual sex. 

The Pros Of Having Sex With A Stranger

1. It can be easier

Yes, there are many pros to making love, but there are also many complications that come with a relationship. You have to talk about your feelings; you have to plan and go out on dates; you have to take the time to get to know each other. 

You also have to help your boyfriend or girlfriend with their problems and listen to them complain about their bad days. If you’re married, you have to do even more work. You’ve got to schedule your lovemaking around his work schedule and around all of your kids’ activities. It’s hard to balance it all and really hard to make it hot and easy. 

When you have casual sex, you can go with the flow, experience each moment as it comes, and learn new things about new lovers as you roll with the punches (not literally, let’s hope). It can be quite simple to have casual sex versus that in a serious relationship.

2. It’s a stress reliever

Physically, sex is a great form of exercise and can do wonders for your health. Having an orgasm can make you have a clear and beautiful complexion, too. Sex can also improve your mental health. The health benefits are numerous; just remember to be safe. If you do, go out and enjoy yourself! Sex is good for you!

3. It can be exciting

It can be exciting

Ah, the passion and excitement of scrambling to get each other’s clothes off in the dark. Your blood is running hot, and you feel like you are about to burst with lust and hotness. You don’t know this person or what to expect. What kind of moves does he have up his sleeve? It’s all very fun and rewarding!

4. Sex is good for your well-being

One study found that college students who had uncomplicated, unrestricted sex reported having a higher sense of well-being than those who did not. The article suggests that if you want to have no-strings-attached sex, go for it! 

However, the article continues to explain that casual sex is still not as good for you as lovemaking is. Having sex in a relationship is still more rewarding than sex with a stranger. 

5. You meet new people this way

It is always possible that you could meet your next boyfriend or even your future husband this way. Having sex with a stranger still gives you the opportunity to get to know a new person, right? That’s a great thing! Maybe not the best method for meeting Mr. Right, but stranger things have happened. 

The Cons Of Having Sex With A Stranger

6. It can be dangerous

Women who have sex with strangers are being intimate with them. There are dozens of stories of women meeting random men online or in bars. Some have successful experiences where they end up getting what they wanted to from the men, but there are many stories where women didn’t even survive the experience with strangers. 

That’s why I’m including a dos and don’ts section in this article, so people know the best practices when having sex with strangers.

7. It’s not always safe sex

Often when people have casual sex, they don’t remember to use protection. In the heat of the moment, they may just not care one way or another. However, casual sex without protection can lead to an unplanned pregnancy and a family life you weren’t expecting!

Also, you risk getting an STD if you don’t use protection. It’s always a good idea to be safe, even if you completely trust the person. 

8. It may make sex less special

Many people who have sex with strangers struggle with self-esteem. They find casual sex to be an ego boost. I totally get it; you are wanted by someone who doesn’t know you. It’s a nice feeling. 

However, often, the more times you do it, the less special it becomes. I know it sounds like an ad for planned parenthood, but that doesn’t mean it’s less true.  

9. Love is not always involved

In my opinion, sex is sex; the act itself can be lots of fun regardless of who it’s with, but usually, if you just met a person, you don’t feel true love with them. Instead, you feel lust or infatuation, and although the physical act of making love is pretty much the same mechanically, it’s very different emotionally. 

Making love can be just as fun as sex with a stranger. It can actually be more rewarding when you are in a relationship with a guy. 

10. You don’t know the person

You don’t know the person

This can be one of those things that cause you to stop having sex with strangers. You don’t know their home or wherever you meet to do it. You don’t know their body and may be in for some surprises with the men. 

As you get undressed with a new person, you may find that you suddenly need to change your mind. This guy is not as attractive as you thought he’d be. There’s something about the way he moves that turns you off - big time! You just never know what a person has going on underneath until you are alone and naked. 

The Dos And Don’ts Of Having Casual Sex

Glamour Magazine wrote an article, sharing stories about women who have casual sex. They also report some great dos and don’ts that were part of Match’s guidelines when having sex with someone you don’t know.

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  • Don’t give out your personal information to a complete stranger. 
  • Do talk to the stranger ahead of time; get to know each other a little bit. 
  • Don’t believe that everything shown in his or her online profile is accurate.
  • Do meet in a public location for the first time. 
  • Don’t forget to tell someone where you will be and with whom.
  • Do practice safe sex.

To Sum Things Up…

Have you had sex with strangers before, or do you plan to have sex with a stranger? What was your experience like? Do you have advice for women who sleep with men they don’t know?

I’d love to hear about your casual sex. Please comment and share this post!

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2 comments on “Pros And Cons Of Sex With A Stranger (9+ Possible Complications)”

  1. I know more than a few women with babies who have no clue who the father is. That one night of anonymous sex just made the rest of their lives drastically different. Money and future relationships are strained for all of them. Advice I received growing up was to assume that every time you have sex that you will have a baby as a result. If that's not good, don't do it.

  2. My husband cheated on me with a woman he met at the beach, when away on a college trip. He called me the next day and I knew he had cheated. I finished our relationship but he won me back.
    I found out years later that when he cheated on me, the sex with the woman he had only known hours only lasted seconds. He ran away from her straight away. She was left alone crying on a the beach. I can not understand why women are prepared to have sex with total strangers.

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